After the Nikon price hike… a rebate?

Nikon France started a new rebate program (valid from March 15 - June 14):


Not sure yet if other countries will have similar programs.

Update: Belgium Nikon rebates.

Hit the comments section for more rebates reports from around the world.

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  • Bas

    Seems Belgium only.
    D3 = 300 euro rebate
    D3x = 500 euro rebate
    D90 +18-105 = 80 euro rebate
    D90 + 18-200 = 90 euro rebate
    D300 = 100 euro rebate
    D700 = 150 euro rebate
    Pus 23 lenses, speedlights and WT-4 rebates (in dutch)

  • rad

    Maybe it’s just a cover to make people think they’re saving money in the economy.

  • Trevor Nelmes

    Yeh, coz it is so much cheaper to go through the channel tunnel and buy in the UK, much better than the rebates. You can buy the D3x body for as little as Euro 5200 over here. around Euro 7000 in Belgium. Nuff said.

    The UK rebate on the D60 is ending end of next week (which makes the Body plus lens the same price as the body only!).

    When the D200 was replaced by the D300, a major discount chain (Argos) stocked the D200 as a clearance type of sale. It has just started selling the D300 body, and at a low price of £979 (£850 plus tax, = $1229). $1699 after rebate at b&h photo.

    Argos did the same for Sony to shift their excess of A100’s when the A200 came out.

  • “Rebate” in Denmark until march the 31th. Buying a D90, you got a Nikon MB-D80 Battery for free.

    • Mikael Willberg

      In Finland we have the same deal, but you have to buy a D90 KIT to get the battery grip.

  • Gary L

    When the price hikes shenanigans were fist announced, and blamed on the weak $, I predicted/posted – my rambling is on this blog ! – Nikon was hiking prices, just so when time came to discount, what they would be offering would seem like a deal, when in effect they would be charging normal pricing, with discounts of far lower value than led to believe and advertised, IF any!!!!! Some of the regulars might have seen it?!?

    It looks like that is exactly what they are doing. At the time, street prices were $1,350-$1,450. I KNOW, as I almost jumped at a $1,334 deal, but opted to wait for a better deal following what I thought would be a horrible/bad holiday.

    After the price hikes, the USD strengthened by ~10%, only to get kicked following the Fed announcement, and the printing presses being put in OD.

    Now lets see what BS Nikon will be feeding us next and if a price war will follow? It seems that consumer confidence has eroded since then, as have the economic fundamentals. A number of posts here read “I am saving for a D300” so the odds are that some of those will be changing their minds deciding to stay put, their priorities having changed, which will leave Nikon with few viable alternatives.

    Time will tell.

  • billybarty

    if this happens in other countries in the EU, i might have to jump on a D700. the 5D2’s jurassic auto focus is driving me nuts.

  • Willis

    I think we will see more than these rebates in the coming months. Due to actions taken by the Bank of Japan, the Dollar & the Euro have both been gaining against the Yen.

    After getting as low as 86 yen \ dollar, the rate has rallied back to as high as 98 (currently it trades around 95). I think that if the rate can get back up to 100-107, you will see prices go back to where they were around Christmas.

    • Willis

      Update: Dollar resumed its rally against the yen. Back up to 97.13

  • James

    Nice to see more rebates. I will get a D700 when prices gets alittle bit lower. Whats the problem with 5DM2 autofocus? My friends gonna buy it before they raise prices.

    • nah

      the 5DM2 AF system doesn’t have a problem per se. It is just outdated….at least when compared to the D700 AF system which is far superior and delivers. canon didn’t udpate the 5D’s AF system which dissapointed a lot of people.

  • onelike147

    Rebates in Italy:
    Capture NX 2 is included with a D300 or D700

    an MB-D80 grip is free if you buy a D90

  • Lasse

    Nikon Finland:
    Buy any D90 KIT 1.3. – 31.3.09 ==> you get MB-D80 for free.

  • shivas

    I suppose the free grip is a good deal? It’s about $150 on amazon, but that also means you wanted it to begin with, lol!

    Waiting for Nikon U.S. to announce SOMETHING!!! I suspect in the next two weeks?!

  • Just an idea.

    What rebates usually mean? New products coming soon in the coming months!!!

    It is true for the iPhone with new ones that are pretty sure to come in June and O2 in the UK decided to give them at reduced prices!!

    There are never rebates without ulterior motives! Wait and see if it is true again with these Nikon rebates!

  • JT

    anyone else notice that many of the lenses listed on that rebate site are not the lenses pictured?

  • vendetta

    The rebate in France is completly UN-LINKED with the Y/$/€ change. Every year, there is a promotion for a few weeks in France. The more you buy, the more you gain.

  • no us rebate?

    too bad we can’t get rebates on thos overpriced lenses. The 105 macro VR has gone up in amazon from around 600 to nearly 1K already…ridiculous.! The 70-200VR will soon hit 2K! OMG are they out of their minds. who’s going to buy this crap.

    • shivas

      i know, that 105 VR macro was so cheap last year, I’m kicking myself for not getting it. . .so much for saving for it, should’ve done it the REAL american way, put it on a Credit Card, paid interest, and then taken a 2nd mortgage to pay it off to only have AIG sell off of a portion of it to some poor, un suspecting person in ireland, that eventually realizes I defaulted and they have no real money invested in anything. . .

      But YEAH, we’ll get a rebate or something soon, they can’t keep us out like that, I have been itching for a buying for a bit!!

  • ronin

    The yen peaked against the euro 5 months ago I think. This was before the price increases started.

    I maintained here that the price hikes were not related to currency exchanges, but a desperate attempt by Nikon to retain margin during falling demand. Needless to say, I was berated for that opinion.

    Let’s hope that they are now seeing the shortsightedness of raising prices when their raw material and foreign component and assembly costs would presumably have been falling aganst the yen, at a time when Japanese exports are falling off a cliff.


    I wonder
    Where and in which country can I currently buy the D3 for lowest price?


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