Nikon D40, D300 microsites are gone

nikon-microsites-goneNikon Europe web sites were down again (yesterday and today). The Nikon D40 and Nikon D300 microsites are gone - the screenshot was taken from the main page.

The last time Nikon removed the D80 microsite, the D90 was announced few days later (of course "past performance is not guarantee to future returns").

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  • Zoetmb

    But they’re still up on the “Global” site:

    I couldn’t find any mini-sites on the Japanese site, but they could still be there. And the D300 and D40 is still listed.

    But I did notice that the PIE show (Photo Imaging Expo) starts this coming Friday. I believe that Nikon has released new equipment in conjunction with this show in the past, so maybe we’ll hear something at this show.

  • Remington

    Is this removal of the microsites a historical strategy for Nikon prior to the announcing a new or replacement product? Similar to the 2 year product release cycle?

  • Jay

    What exactly did they release in previous Photo Imaging Expos?

    I tried searching a bit but couldn’t find any info.

  • Tom

    There’ll be a new Tokina lens :

  • Ruby

    To me, this is the strongest evidence of the tide coming in on the D400. Though, I myself would have bet D400 would be announced in the July-August time frame. This suggests it will be coming earlier.

  • john

    please please please~

    crossing our fingers =]

  • Pablov

    Admin, thanks for the post.

    Would be a surprise (at least to me) to have announcements of both D5000 and D400 together because they are very different lines

    Maybe they share some funcionts (Full HD Movie? )

    Fortunately Canon seems to announce a DSLR next week, so Nikon might do something similar.

    I always like to see both brands
    As always: COMPETITION force them to act !!

    Let’s see what kind of Movie mode the D400 includes.
    That may also force Canon to improve their 5D Mark II movie to allow manual settings.

    All would get benefit.

  • billybarty

    if nikon releases a D400 and canon releases a 500D around the 25th of the month, the nikon product might steal a bit of canon’s thunder.

    popcorn at the ready…

  • abouna

    The release of the D400 in no way constitutes the discontinuation of the D300 ala the D40 & D40x. Therefore I wouldn’t consider it very telling that the D300 microsite is missing.

    I’m still hoping that 400 comes out sooner than later, I’m waiting for the D300 price to drop.

    • Pablov

      D400 might not discontinue D300 soon, but it will in long term because it is the replacement of D300

      D40 was already announced to be discontinued.

  • Dan

    Looks like P.I.E 2009 will be very interesting if indeed Nikon will be announcing the D300 and D40 successor along with Canon announcing the supposed new Rebel XRi/Kiss R

  • Anonymous

    The D40 and D300 microsite links are there on the GB site, and the D300 link goes to the correct microsite. BUT, the D40 links take you to random unrelated Nikon sites.

  • Anonymous

    The D3 is missing too! Does that mean a D4 will be announced!?! I would say it is unlikely, so maybe not read too much into a missing D300 yet…

    • This makes perfect sense: the D3x is the replacement of the D3, that’s why the D3 was removed – it doesn’t mean it will not be produced any longer, it just means it is not the latest model.

      • WoutK89

        But the D3x was not supposed to be a replacement, but to be a complementing camera, so that you can choose, between what kind of photography and budget you are on. Also a replacement would be the same price as a D3, which it isn’t.

      • Chris

        If they are going to produce another pro body it will probably be a D3H

      • Pells

        The D3X did not replace the D3.

  • Chris

    Where is the microsite for the D3? D4 must be on the way…

    • Chris, see my response above

      • WoutK89

        The way I see it, is that the D3 and D3x share the same body and menu structures, so can easily be combined in one mini site. That’s all I had to say today. 😛

        • Anonymous

          I think on the US site they do. It is listed as D3/D3x, but not on this German site…

  • Madias

    Its coming , just have to wait couple days…

  • yeah! D400 is coming!
    just waiting a few days! or weeks! or months! or years!

    and yeah! D4 is coming!
    just waiting a few days! or weeks! or months! or years!

    and yeah! D95sx is coming!
    just waiting a few days! or weeks! or months! or years!

    all you know is the name! so calm down!

  • Name

    The D300 camera and kits are removed from a major store in Norway.

    • Anonymous

      That’s weird… A google search reveals that they have removed all their kits with d300 too, the old pages tries to redirect to themselves, leading to no page being shown.

      Norway’s leading internet electronics store,, also is out of stock with a note that the product will no longer be in stock:

  • TRP

    Nothing wrong on the Dutch Nikon site!

  • Jacob D

    When will the replacment of the D3 come ?


  • Char

    Hmmm. Interesting idea. Replace the D3 with a D3h. I wonder, though…. what would a D3h be better at than the D3? What was the D2h, compared to the D2? There was a D2, D2h and D2x, right? Same for the D1? Or was there no D2 (non-h and non-x)?

    • Frederick

      There was no D2:

      D1 – June ’99
      D1X and D1H – Feb. ’01 (D1X increased res. from 2.66mp to 5.3mp; D1H boosted frame rate from 4.5 to 5.0 fps plus deeper buffer)

      • Frederick

        Oops, didn’t mean to post that yet…

        D2H – Dec ’03 (4.1mp, 5fps)
        D2X – Jan ’05 (12.4mp, 5.3fps)

        There was also a D2Hs and D2Xs (in late ’05), I’m not sure but I think they were fairly minor upgrades. They included Multi-CAM 2000.

        • Frederick

          OK, so I guess the D2X already had Multi-CAM 2000. The updates for the “s” models were REALLY minor, as in, viewfinder tweaks, a better LCD and a firmware update.

  • I believe

    For sure I’d say the D60 will be replace this week. For the D300, I still think its too early. But to be announced this week would make sense. Be ahead of Canon. It gives Nikon 2-3 months to have it ready in stores, June/July……..

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