New Tokina AT-X 16.5-135mm DX Wide-Range Lens

Tokina AT-X 16.5~135mm F3.5-5.6 DX

THK Photo Products, Inc., announces the Tokina AT-X 16.5-135 DX, is a 16.5-135mm f/3.5-5.6 AF lens designed exclusively for digital SLR cameras with APS-C sensors.* This lens gives the digital photographer an ultra wide-range zoom lens that has the equivalent angle of view to a 25-200mm.   

This Tokina compact super wide zoom range begins at 16.5mm and offers the photographer a wider angle of view than most lenses in its class that start at 18mm. This makes the lens better suited for scenic and travel photography in addition to being a great standard lens for most general photography situations. 

The AT-X 16.5-135 DX’s optical design benefits from the latest advances in the industry. Three aspherical elements, one all glass precision-molded element and 2 compound elements yield high contrast. Additionally two Super-low Dispersion (SD) glass elements correct chromatic aberration.

The AT-X 16.5-135 DX has a newly designed high-precision mechanical zoom cam system minimizes play and eliminates zoom creep.

Focal Length: 16.5 - 135mm
Maximum Aperture: F/3.5-5.6
Minimum Aperture: F/22
Construction: 15 element in 9 groups.
Coatings: Multi-layer coating
Angle of View: 81° - 12°
Minimum Focus Distance: 19.7 in. (0.5m)
Focusing system: Internal focusing
Macro Ratio: 1:5.43
No. Aperture blades: 9
Filter Size: 77mm
Lens diameter: 3.46 in. (84mm)
Total length 3.1 in. (78mm)
Weight:: 21.5oz. (610g)
Accessories: Star bayonet hood (BH777)
Mount Availability: Nikon DX digital/CANON DX digital

Expected Availability: Nikon- June Canon- July 

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  • web

    Looks good but need image stabilization. Why bother introducing anything w/o it these days?

  • 1984Landcruiser

    This would have been a hot item about 3 years ago. Now it is likely to be lost in the muddle of consumer grade lenses.

    Let’s see how it performs wide open (the Tokina 16-50 f2.8) is notoriously soft there and let’s see if they solved the CA issues that show up in some of their products.

    I have the Tokina 12-24 f4 and love it.

    David – an Atlanta Nikonian

    • LOL don’t mention the 16059/2.8 near a pentax forum they get vry defensive… actually it was the final straw for me..

  • Tom

    I’ll be interested to see how the new cam system works but it is a shame there is no IS/VR. That’s a deal breaker on a consumer zoom.

    Have you seen how short the focus throw is ? I wonder what kind of motor it’ll have…..

  • Ken D

    The focus and zoom collars go the wrong way – that’s a deal breaker. My Nikon 28-200 (FX) zoom collar goes the wrong way too and it really irritates me


    Where is the focus clutch like whats on all the other Tokina lenses?

  • Not PRO, so do not hold your breath.

  • Barbon

    Yeah, and finally: fractional focal length designations!!!! Way cool!
    Still awaiting the new 69.8-201.2/2.79 VR II nikkor!! :DD

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