At that point I can call the previous Nikon D400 rumor busted. Such HTML manipulations (not even photoshop) can easily be done and few readers have proved it:


Nikon 700x

Nikon D700x


Nikon D500

Nikon D500

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  • I am you

    And now we wait…

  • kikkk


  • C

    Good to hear as I would be disappointed if D400 is like that. Not much difference vs the D300. Heartless as Canon does on 40D to 50D.

  • Ed

    Although I agree that it was likely a fake, the fact that you can easily fake a web page is not proof. Is there proof, as in an analysis of the screen shot?

    • the reader that sent me the screen shot admitted it… I just got his email… there is not much I could do about it

  • Pablov

    Maybe this week we get some good news…

  • Alex

    So now it’s a D500 with 17.3 Megapixels?

    • Marc

      Durka, that was just to show how easy it is to manipulate.

  • No shit…

  • [offtop]

    Nikon CoolPix L10 – amateur space adventure..

    not fake and rumor:)


  • Pato

    I don’t like any of the fake “grabs” around… but if You take a look at the german http://www.nikon.de/family/de_DE/categories/broad/318.html website… You will notice something strange… the Nikon D3 and D300 (Body only) have no text underneath the model number… and You will find the same at http://www.nikon.de/family/de_DE/categories/broad/317.html … D80 and D40 … no text… again… hmm…

    … at http://www.nikon-highlights.de/D3X there is even no mention of D300 and D80… among the links on the left side… at all…

  • Pablov

    It’s something funny or ever curious to see how many post are for discussions or debates if something is real or fake, good or bad, useful or unuseful, but then…. almost silence in other topics

    What weird behaviour have us, the human kind…

  • googler

    I find it interesting if you google d400 on the europe-nikon site, it brings that link as a hit…


    • googler

      oh i just noticed that it says that it can only find the term d400 on links pointing to this page.. most likely from links on this site..

      disregard this.

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