Nikon rebates (Australia & Canada)

I got some information about an upcoming Nikon D5000 rebate in Australia (valid: June 15 - July 30, 2009):

D5000 Body Only : A$ 100
D5000 + any AFS lens:  A$ 150
D5000 + 18-55VR +55-200VR:  A$ 200

Nikon D5000 was released less than two months ago.

There is also a report that the Nikon D5000, D3 and D3x prices were reduced in Canada at the beginning of this month:

Nikon D5000 + 18-55VR +55-200VR for C$ 999 (C$ 60 less than the original price)

Nikon D3 and Nikon D3x:  C$ 250 rebate

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  • funny

    I have been hoping for some rebates this summer for the US but even those rebates are kind of dissapointing. where are the lens rebates for the high end stuff nikon?

  • Chris

    I think it has been a bit overpriced in Australia – it is only A$200 short of the D90!!

    Rebate is probably more to do with the exchange rates – A$ is doing well at the moment. I just wish I took advantage of the last run of decent exchange rates as there were a few lenses I wanted that were a couple of hundred dollars cheaper than they are at the moment.

  • Jutje

    And how about US will there be a Nikon D5000 price rebate ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • Any news on rebates on the rest of the range in Australia? D90 in particular? Didn’t end up purchasing before the price rise, and now that the exchange rates have improved its not just the D5000 that is impacted…

  • Jsoft

    This is from

    Nikon Canada Inc. has today reduced the manufacturer’s recommended retail price (MSRP) on the family oriented Nikon D5000 digital SLR kit with Nikkor AF-S DX 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G VR zoom lens to $999 Canadian.

    This is from…here

    Nikon D5000 + 18-55VR +55-200VR for C$ 999 (C$ 60 less than the original price)

    Which one?

  • shivas

    they are still retardley expensive. . . I was going to buy a D90 when the price hiked up to $899 everywhere. . . .so I got a $599 D200, hmmm. . . .and the D5000 is hardly >>>> than the D200.

    They need to get their heads outta their asses. . .the 35 1.8 is backordered everywhere and marked up by 50% at retailers that have it, the 10-24 is overpriced and soft, what the HELL are they doing. . ??!!

    On a positive note, if the 24 1.4 comes out soon, I’ll fall in love with them again 🙂

  • Update: Talked to a local camera store about the upcoming rebate in Australia. They assured me that they (either Nikon or Maxwell, the Australian distributor) told them the rebate will apply to the D90 as well. Looks like I might be in luck after all! And I only need to wait a week!

  • Gra

    The rebate for D5000 is from the Nikon Australia website. Maxwell’s haven’t been distributors in Aus for a few years or so. Since about end of D200 onwards…they wholly own their subsidiary down here.

    I seriously doubt any D90 rebate exists. The price point between D5000 & D90 was only a few hundred AU$ at best. I’d be thinking Nikon Aus wants to differentiate between the two models. I imagine it was fueling confusion and rumours and that that the new D90 was being replaced already. I’ve seen D5000 for just a bit over AU$1000 body only…dunno if the rebate applies over the top of this.

    Will be checking madly for any D3/D3X rebates locally, because I’ll be paying AU$12,500 for mine.

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