Nikon D300 sold out @ Nikon Service Point Munchen

Nikon Service Point Munchen is sold out of Nikon D300 (Ausverkauft = sold out):


They used to sell them on eBay as "final sale", but now everything is gone.

Update: Nikon D40 and D60 are also labeled as "final sale".

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  • Trevor Nelmes

    In the UK, our largest electrical retailers, DSG – I suppose like your US Best Buy, did a sale on the D300 and it has now been removed from their catalogue. They still have the D60, D90 and D700.

    They were selling them for the US equivalent of $1450 plus tax. Before this they cleared out their stocks of the D300 and lenses kits. One of their competitors cleared their stock nearly two months ago for a similar price.

    I have also noticed that the D300 body has been falling in price at amazon Marletplace resellers (new versions), now down to well under $1400. plus tax.

  • shivas

    so are they phasing out the D300 for the D300s?? That means the D300s should MSRP for the same??

    What did they do for the Nikon D2X and D2Hs or D2?? Keep them all out or phase them in and out?

  • steve

    Appears Amazon only has two D300 left.

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