Nikon D300s LCD screen leaked?

Should I say BREAKING NEWS: I just received this - a picture of Nikon D300s LCD screen?


The image was taken from an official Nikon USA site. Note also the date: May 14, 2009 - this picture is new!

Update: note also the SD card logo on the lower left side of the screen - dual card support (the initial Nikon D300s specs were correct).

Here are some screenshots of the actual Nikon D300 LCD screen - it clearly says D300, not D300s: dpreviewdigitalreview

Let's see how long it will take Nikon to remove this picture.

What do you guys think? I say Nikon D300s release probability just jumped to 99%.

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  • DrB

    What is a 24mm f/1.4 actually for? Hand-held midnight landscapes?

    I can’t to think of too many applications for such a lens that the existing 24mm f/2.8 would be unable to handle already. The only real use I can think of is hand-held low light interiors (e.g. inside a Cathedral). Pretty limited really.

    • d40-owner

      How about indoors party shots for all us amateurs out there.
      Then again, for the $$$ it will cost….

    • How about street shooting @ night? My D700 would LOVE to be out in Tokyo @ night w/ a 24mm f1.4 on board.

  • Just to chime in…

    I’m pretty disappointed. I was hoping we’d see a D400 or D750 with a decent movie mode to compete with the GH1 and 5DmkII this year from Nikon. But the rumoured specs for the D300s make it sound like a D300 with the D90’s crappy movie mode. Not good. There’s absolutely no reason to believe that the D300s will have addressed the horrible rolling shutter artefacts of the D90.

    I think my next camera purchase will be a GH1 with a Nikon lens adapter (all my lenses are Nikon) for shooting video with a lovely shallow depth of field (video production is my dayjob)

    Sorry Nikon. It looks like you’ve dropped the ball on this one for me.

    • 3space

      1080p @ 24 fps, different codec, fixed the rolling shutter…. anything less will be a let down in terms of video.

      I will never sell my nikon lenses but I will be force to buy a 5D until nikon gets it right.

      • Anonymous

        I’m in the exact same boat. If it is the case of an updated d300 with d90 video mode it’s useless to me. I won’t budge until I see an answer from nikon to the 5DmkII and this isn’t it.

      • Ken Elliott

        3Space > “1080p @ 24 fps, different codec, fixed the rolling shutter…. anything less will be a let down in terms of video.”

        I fully agree. I have no need for video unless it is 1080p @24 fps without a rolling shutter. I suspect Nikon is working on that, and I wonder if we will see a real F-mount video camera with a FX or DX sensor with XLR inputs, etc. Not a dSLR with video, but a real HD camcorder. Not _THAT_ would rock!

        Fath, lose not, my fellow Nikonians.

        • Ken Elliott

          Uh… make that

          “Now THAT would rock.”

  • Nikon

    Doesn’t it convey some irony, that your best-rated post so far is not really a rumor, but communicates the mere fact of a pic found on the Nikon website.

  • Joe

    Do you guys have eyes? It’s freaking photoshopped , look at the color “White” of the other text and look at the two that are “apparently” Nikon D300s.

    Come on…I am not that color blind…

    • Alex

      You’re an idiot. It’s on the NikonUSA website. Why would they photoshop their own pictures to say D300s? Also, I think you ARE color blind… I blew the image up in photoshop, and all of the text looks identical to me.

  • Nikon

    It seems like a kind of dialectic that something that is clear is worth as much as it is only because things are controversial. Facts and controversy, one couldn’t live without the ease that the other offers.

  • carl

    Hmmm…I’m not seeing this on the Nikon website. Has it been taken down ?

    • imissmickey

      It’s taken down alright. There is a D5000 histogram up there now.

  • zen-tao

    …Other fake in the wall…. (may be slung by Canon to sink definitively Nikon)

  • funny

    wow looks just as lame as it was promised.

  • too bad

    sorry guys, the last few were a couple hours too late and missed out.
    the screen shot taken by NR is true and very real.
    up til… midnight or so (when i last checked) it was up on the site,
    now the link is broken or something, (not there anymore)
    anyways, its real. i compared it with all other scrn shts of d300
    and the GUI is basically like the new one on the D5000. confirming much of its recently created time-frame. Now… as for the specs given earlier…. not very impressed and makes me wonder if the jump in price from $1550(of current d300) to perhaps around $1900? for the new D300… worth just a 1st gen video slapped on, dual card slot (? ok not bad), and…. fps silent shutter etc potpourri modifications (well…) i’m scratching my head here. Really liked what i saw and the potentials with the 5dmkii vids, but with Nikon, (yeah’ they’re still a photography based company… guess they’re not scouting out experienced techs from Canon or Panasonic lol) we’ll see if i have to wait another year for a D400

  • Christiam

    fake…fake…fake…. D400 is around the corner.

    • Good luck w/ that. Are you a betting man? 😀

  • low

    lookout 5dmkii!! d300s is after yah! (heheh)

    • d70

      totally different classes of cameras. how could you compare? be real.

  • MrB

    My not-so-realistic “conspiracy” theory: Nikon is still working like **S on the D400 and decided to go for a quick and easy 300 update yet officially release it as a new camera. Then wait for others to release new models that are sliiightly better than 300s and then…drop the fullblown superspec D400 on the market and kill em all. Would have been really cool….but I doubt it.

    • regular

      My own theory is : Nikon looked at Canon’s 1000-2500eur product lineup (in fact they are still looking for it) and ROTF.
      Then Nikon people put the nice shiny D400 prototype in a box, and place the box on top of the cupboard.

  • zen-tao

    FX format is the future. Aps format was developed for early digital cameras and medium segment because full format wasn’t entirely developed. DX can’t deliver more quality than lenses can do. Thus I look forward a new D750, d3s, D4 (I don’t know which one is) cheaper than D3x.. Wishes to Santa Claus.

    • donde?

      FX also can’t deliver more quality than lenses can do… doh…

      And would people stop comparing DX to APS and 135 to FX!
      APS film came long after 135 film has been established (in 1996 vs 1934). There was hardly any reason to buy it, for one because there were hardly any cameras and almost everyone had 135 equipment already.
      If you count popularity DX is to digital what 135 is to analogue, not FX which is a niche market.

      • regular

        “And would people stop comparing DX to APS and 135 to FX!”

        Oh my god, those ignorant people will never stop comparing 24×36 format with … hmm… well… 24×36! What a gang of dummies… i suppose.

        • donde?

          DX surpassed 135 film in resolution years ago. It’s smaller, but it’s also better…. oh my god!! Progress!

          • Jeff

            most 135 films. ASA 50 velvia drum scanned will give you a D3X image (with a little bit more noise)

  • Tim Catchall

    Depressing. Anyone want to buy my D700 and 24-70?

    • Max


      • Tim Catchall

        Haha, well maybe I’ll hang onto it a little longer… it is quite amazing. All I really went to see is a convincing video solution from Nikon. Let’s hope that the D300s features that. I won’t buy one, but I will at least be reassured they know how to do it.

    • I’m not depressed in the least. I’m completely ready and willing to take your 24-70 off your sad hands. Let my monays cheer you up!

  • reese

    Hey guys I’m still waiting for a hopeful firmware update to the D90/D5000 regarding manual controls and rolling shutter issues. Am I just looking for a needle in a haystack or is a firmware fix actually possible?

    • Anonymous

      For manual control there might be hope. For the rolling shutter, I seriously doubt it.
      I guess the way around this issue might be a partial electrical shutter, as seen in the D40/D70, which I would appreciate very much.

      • donde?

        The D40/D70 had CCD chips. Rolling shutter is an issue with CMOS chips.

  • JasonH

    The site is back up, but now with fresh new D5000 example images. I saw the real images myself last night and the fact that Nikon has pulled them confirms this even more. It’s interesting that they could produce a backup set of images so fast, really points to an intentional leak. For my part it keeps me happy with my D300 and content to wait for the true 5DII competitor. Bring it out soon Nikon and my $$ is yours!

  • I have a D80 that I’m wanting to upgrade, and this new camera sounds promising. Based on previous experience, what would be the general time frame for expecting this new camera to be released?

    • Anonymous

      my personal guess is that this camera will hit the streets within 2-3 months.

    • Alex

      The D200 was announced in November 2005, and the D300 was announced in August 2007. I think most people are theorizing that the D300s will be announced in August like the D300, and it won’t be available until a few months after that.

    • Oliver

      Most of Nikon Cameras typically have a shelf life of approx. two years before the new camera is released.

  • Oliver

    I think the D300S would be good for Nikon. If Nikon took this opportunity to release the D400, I think they would lose money on their D300 due to depreciation. I know over time the camera depreciates in value, but I personally feel it is like a car, that if the new wizz bang camera comes out, the value of the D300 is bound to drop – but if it was released as a D300S, the public views this differently than if it would of been labeled with a D400.

    This way, Nikon can release a new product that may be better tailored for the professional, at the same time, not making a big enough significance to reduce the value of their currently line up. I personally am hoping for a D400 releasein the near future, so I can one day get one for $500 (like my D200).


    For video, NIKON SHOULD GIVE A TOP NOTCH SOLUTION ON ALL THEIR CAMERAS that is also very easy to use.
    I suggest for the top cameras (D300, D3, D700, D3X) to add 720p and 1080p at several frame rates: 24 fps, 30 fps, and 60 fps.
    For the audio part, give both stereo sound as a default and add XLR inputs as a possibility.
    For the rest of the Nikon cameras, Nikon should give 720p at at least two frame rates: 24 fps and 30 fps.

    Nikon should put video on all his cameras because its competitors do that and it is very well-known that potential buyers are more likely to buy a DSLR camera that has HD video than one that does not have HD video on it. Therefore, Nikon has no other choice than to add video on all its cameras (DSLRs, P&Ss) if they do not want to lose many sales.

  • imissmickey

    Looking ahead to 2014 – my timeframe for getting a Nikon DSLR – what incarnation of the D90 do you suspect will be out then? Will it be FF by then?
    What size megapixels or any other capabilities do you think it will have?

    • Jeff

      5 years from now? what are you shooting now?

      also no one knows, no one can know, and half of the technology that will be in that camera does exist yet

  • Martin

    Maybe its been said over and over again i previous entries but I’m to lazy to read all the comments, anyway, aren’t the Dynamic range of those pictures very high? I mean look at the sky and then the shadow part of the rocks?

    Btw. worldclass on finding those pics!!! This would not have submerged if it wasn’t for this site <3

  • Chris

    A second memory card slot sounds nice, but if I have to carry two different types of cards with me (each for one slot) isn’t that really handy. Two card slots for the same type of cards, like on the D3 and D3x, is much better! I still hope that the slot card cover isn’t like the rickety of the D700. Anyway, higher resolution, video capture mode and maybe a higher frame rate for sports- and nature-photographers, isn’t enough to upgrade from my D300 to a D300s. Something like included an included GPS-reciver and WLAN-transmitter could make me updgrading.


  • shadow

    guys, my take will be….’d300s’ will come up with a video that will match (or surpass) 5d MkII (1080p @24 fps with longer time) but lower MP(for still shot ofcourse), but much lower price….remember d5000 and d90 can only last 5 min. for 1080 @24 fps while 5d MkII will last 20 mins….d300 will be the answer to this with dual sd and sf card with longer video time using the extra power of MB-d10…

  • shadow

    what i meant was sd and cf card not sf….hehe….

  • NikonMan

    the 16:9 ratio of the pictures could easily be because they were captured from the HDMI output.

    It doesn’t confirm a 16:9 ratio screen on the camera (it doesn’t disprove it either).

    • I guess they captured the D5000 screens the same way, but they are not 16:9.

  • Dual cards? Immediate backup is about the only thing that would have me upgrading from my current 12mpx nikon army right now.

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