Nikon D300s rumor update

  • Nikon pulled the site with the Nikon D300s LCD screen image few hours after my post. Today all images from the histogram article were replaced with D5000 LCD screenshots.
  • It appears that the Nikon D300s will have a new histogram zoom feature (selects only certain area of the frame and displays the histogram) which is obvious from the rest of the Nikon D300s screenshots from the same site which I did not publish yesterday:





  • All leaked Nikon D300s LCD screenshots seems to be in 16:9 ratio. It is hard for me to believe that the actual LCD screen will be with a 16:9 ratio (maybe it can be set to display in 16:9 mode or the images are just cropped that way) - here is the current histogram from a D5000 from the same site for comparison:



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  • Anonymous

    Well, I think it’s pretty obvious that if the LCD is in 16:9, then HD video will be a feature of the D300s as 1080p is 16:9. makes sense you’d want to see full frame when shooting, no?

    • DDC

      Yes, HD video would be in 16:9, but the point is the LCD is showing a STILL shot (or at least it appears to me, anyways). A still shot would be in 2:3 format unless the surprise Nikon has in store for us is that they are taking a page from Panasonic and introducing a 16:9 crop mode for still shots. Maybe even multi-format crops?

      • even the display appears to be 16:9 – look at the comparison

        • Segura

          Even the zoom in box is 16:9. Strange . . .

        • iamlucky13

          Indeed. This is curious.

          The shooting info lists the file as medium-sized Raw+Fine JPG at 3216×2136. This is 6.8 MP in 3:2 ratio. I’d bet money they’re not introducing a new 16×9 sensor.

          A new LCD would be a surprise to me as well. Not only is it more investment for a minor refresh, but it doesn’t make sense for D300 level customers. It might be attractive to the entry-level market, but almost anyone buying the D300s instead of a high quality camcorder is going to prioritize picture-taking features ahead of video. Even if adding 1080p video, it only makes sense in my mind to letterbox the video playback, rather than letterbox the still image playback.

          • Sloaah

            Unless…you can show the full photo on the left hand side, with various histogram displays, etc. on the right. That *might* be useful.

          • PHB

            Unless 16:9 displays are a lot cheaper than having an alternative display custom made.

            They can always crop to 3:2 and use the area below the image for data.

          • EB

            Or the image on the website was improperly formatted (either intentionally, or by mistake). Look at the text in the screenshot, seems to be stretched horizontally to me.

  • Parci

    The new zoom feature you are talking about is already present in the D90 (maybe others as well, dunno)… khmm… 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Look at the exposure compensation symbol. It’s not a square (compared to the D300). So I would say that it’s the screenshots, not the screen, that has the 16:9 ratio. Change the screenshot to 3:2 and indeed the symbol becomes a square.

  • anonym :)

    maybe 16:9 and 4:3 can be chosen in the menu
    for video the 16:9 would surely be a “nice to have”

  • Zoran

    As I wrote yesterday adm, the display is 16:10 not 16:9. 16:9 is not relly a working display in any form, not even you 16:9 plasma at home is 16:9, it`s 16:10.
    The reson for the is simpel, video mode.

    • Zoetmb

      You’re incorrect. HDTV is 16:9 (1.78:1), not 16:10. Displays use square pixels and are 1920×1080, which is 1.77777778:1

  • Ola

    If you use the HDMI output to capture the screenshots, wouldn’t that dictate 16×9 AR?

    Computer monitors are often16/10, but tv-screens are 16/9 (1920/1080=16/9).

  • alex

    it’s not 16:9 ratio. it resized that way. like when you watch a 4:3 movie in a 16:9 tv.

    probably they’ve captured them by hdmi and forgot to correct the aspect ratio. the image is deformed, not 16:9

  • zerul

    STOP all.
    it isn’t 16:9.
    pixel size is 3216 x 2136 as in D300!

  • Kwartjuh

    Screenshots are stretched. Rumor busted. Next.

  • grumps

    “Pinch of Salt” (since it’s a remark based on rumor)
    This is actually quite sad! It shows the number of people who shows support of companies doing point release of products to ring in every ounce of profit of a product cycle before a full release. I understand the interest, but as a repeat exercise of consumer support for such products, we (and I do mean “we”) actually take longer to see a full upgrade of a product. Also point product releases is so proven, that I’m not only criticizing Nikon for doing this, but affects the market as a whole.
    HD Video being the latest thing, even so, it needn’t be in every product if it’s not there yet (How we expect it feature-wise)! It just adds a hefty premium!
    I see why this posting will spark a lot of interest, it’s a rumor site, but in large it’s a disappointment there is a community (not everyone) for sustained point releases.

  • rob_md

    What if the “S” stands for “Successor” and it’s not actually just a minor refresh of the D300, but the successor model — a la D400?

    Just conjecture..

  • Zoran

    Ok, sorry about the 16:9, I just did a test with the screen shot. X * 1.333 it become 4:3 and then it looks right. Just like the screen shot from d5000. The numbers looks the same.

  • WoutK89

    dual card slot, adding SD(HC), why not make it SDXC compatible, and make it a future ready product release

    • PHB

      I would think it highly unlikely that the slot does not support SDXC, bu they may well specify SD to save pixels and confusion.

  • Ubiquitous

    Not worth upgrading from D300 to D300s (First post – wanted to say something very profound – failed)

  • Ronan

    Stretched image, failed. Next.

  • Markdphotoguy

    Perhaps the sensor (in addition to the LCD) is a 16:9 ratio for 1080p w/FX lenses and with DX lenses it’ll be only 720p. 😉
    Just kidding, the LCD looks like it’ll definitely would be 16:9 so 1080p looks possible. It’ll be interesting to see what features from the D300s will be firmware upgradeable to the D300 just like when the 70s came out the 70 was upgradeable to the same spec (improved metering, focus, batt life) except for the cable MC-DC1 port and larger LCD.
    Maybe the D300 will inherit a 16:9 shooting mode.

  • zen-tao

    I can’t understand this kind of policy. Leaking news as a tantalic torture. I don´t know why Nikon Company makes a camera with the same videl features than D5000 It doesn’t make any sense. They aren’t improving either any photographical or video aspects. I don’t believe this new. It sounds like a fake. And if it isn’t Nikon company should show his face an refute it. Make better cámeras and quite dripping information.

  • Nikkorian

    The price of the 17-55 2.8 dropped curiously a few months ago (around late last year) and was spared from any price increases this spring. I suspect an update will be introduced with the D300S, since this is THE standard lens with a quality (and price) suiting the top of the line DX camera. Also after six years an update is due, especially since Canon offers image stabilization in their version of this lens.

    What do you think?

    • rwpl

      17-55 VR 2.8 ? ;]

  • Anonymous

    Regarding the 16:9 LCD, my wild guess: Could D300s have a 3″ articulate LCD? Such tech exists since Panasonic has put this onto their lumix long ago. Not sure if there’s enough space on the back of D300 for such a droamatic change though…

  • zen-tao

    16:9 ratio is pointless for a DSLR . Very pretty for panoramic landscapes but I can’t imagine to shotting portrait or architectures in vertical position. Quite a lot photographers are claiming for 4.3 devices to take advantage of the format and optics. It could be possible to mask the CMOS and get a 16:9 frame. It would be positive, but.. a gadget . That sounds A fake , a smokescreen. Nikon has a big job ahead. A all of us are expecting it sat down (zen-tao, in Spanish.)

  • Anonymous

    Please a little more than 12mp, and please tell us when you will edit this 300s Nikon…….

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