Nikon D90 rebate in Australia

UPDATE: this rumos is busted, in Australia the rebate is only valid for the D5000. No rebate for the D90.

Just a small update: the rebate program in Australia will include also the Nikon D90. It should be official on Monday.

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  • wow….hope malaysia have rebate soon!

    • Paul Allen

      Hi.. sorry.. nothing to do with this post.. Can you please tell me how much you can buy a Nikon D90, D300 or D700 for in Malaysia at a cheap spot somewhere over there…
      One of my friends is going over there soon.
      Thanks Paul.

  • JMA

    D90 rebate official in France too, 100€ less than usual price, I don’t know how long it lasts, at least July and August.

    More over “90 jours Nikon” with rebates of 50€ per 500€ starting 1500€ is running until June 30th though initially lasting until 14th.

  • Valdis K.

    When manual controls in video will be available ?

  • they are already available – canon bought them out early this month on the 5D2 – works great with old Nikon optics …. TOO SLOW NIKON!

  • Eric

    Its strange with the manual controls. One would think that manual mode would be the easiest thing to implement. The camera does not have to do any calculations expect record data of the sensor.

    Unless they did something very stupid and now have to make a workaround.

  • Stuart

    Huh, I’ll believe it when I see and feel the rebate in my hands….probably as it says, just a rumour…why would any company give money back to those who bought a product…never heard of it happening long after the event…and those who do it with sale of the item, come on, you don’t really believe that advertising crap do you. It’s a way of getting you to buy it…and buyer be ware as there have been a lot of people stung over this get $100 back after purchase, why don’t they just take the $100 off on sale of the goods?

    • A store in Wollongong confirmed this was coming, and would cover the D90 as well.

      Marketing types use this as a way of temporarily adjusting the price when exchange rates have a significant change, or kick starting sales, or … Lots of companies do it e.g. I had a rebate on a MS mouse a little while back. If they drop the price it implies it will stay reduced for a longer period of time. Rebates tend to be temporary.

  • Narna

    The D5000 rebate is real, starts today, come to Aus and buy one 🙂

    Nikon say “Deposited into your account via EFTwithin 60 days.”

    We have had not been informed about a D90 rebate, the supplied information was for the D5000 only.

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