Four firmware updates from Nikon for D300s, D700, D3, D3x

The main fixes/additions are improved white balance, ย support for 64 GB memory cards, some GPS changes.

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  • Neil

    The D300 is already at 1.1 for A and B.

  • The firmware was for D300S not D300

  • Can the firmware transform a D700 into a D800 ?
    (I’ll pay for the shipping)

  • My bad — I read the related post – Please ignore :p

  • Anonymous

    looks like thom hogan is wrong once again with his assumptions, no new lens or camera but firmware updates.

    • Gee, is it February already? ;~)

      • WoutK89

        *Ouch* ๐Ÿ˜›

    • Isn’t he ALWAYS wrong!?

  • Manual video controls on D300s?

    • Chris Allen

      AGH! Still not Manual ISO control on the D300s… does anyone know who we can contact regarding this… we need to push them like Stu and Philip did for the Canon 5DMK2!

  • Oh yeah, and 720 24p D-Movie mode for the D700. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • WoutK89

      And I can make free long distance phone calls with my D80 now :O

  • Ben

    Updating my D700 now…

  • John

    Thom never said anything about announcements in January. He’s looking at the first two weeks of February for (presumably) three new lenses, one new dSLR, and one add’l item (Nikon EVIL?). This is not the event he’s been previewing.

    • Anony-mou

      Previewing, you mean like a damn oracle? Man, some people need a leader I guess.

  • PBrigido

    Great! I love my D700, but I was a bit disappointed in the WB compared to my aging D200. Glad to see they tweaked it a bit…now I can’t wait to get home and give it a shot!

  • D300 A/B 1.10 was published on Monday, 27 Oct, 2008 and doesn’t look fresh new.

    • WoutK89

      Meaning Nikon is like Adobe, letting people that have a perfectly fine working product down after a product cycle…

  • The D700 is down $50 ($2399) at Adorama, the begining of the end ?

    • PJS

      The D700 has been at that price since before Christmas at most vendors…

    • Ben

      I got it for about $2200 new from Calumet last August, was that the end too?

  • Europe Prices

    Everything goes cheaper. D90 dropped the most, D300 and D700, 80 euros in a week.

    I just got the tor. Camera World Magazine for February. Check it out ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I wonder if the GPS updates in D300,700..etc has something to do with the new grip with GPS!!

    • good point, there was a rumor about a new grip with built-in GPS

      • WoutK89

        The GPS update was only for the D700, which is older than the D300s and maybe missed some new menu items or tricks the D300s had as a standard.

        • Nau

          or CanonVirus

          • Nau

            woops that one should go few posts down

      • Grip

        what is the logic number for new grip? It would be better than tho have GP1 in the hot shoe.

      • Anony-mou

        You know, when you think about it, the GPS unit in my Blackberry works great and must be the size of a nail head. Why they need a whole grip is beyond me.

  • Jera

    No manual control for D300s… sux!

    • WoutK89

      But it does let you turn water into whine ๐Ÿ˜€

      • Anony-mou

        Not true, for that you need the USB Wine Tap ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Cybertronic

    Arg… are we ever going to get a FW update on the D90, or is that a lost cause?

    • WoutK89

      Lost cause, the D90 will stop working on 02-02-2010

    • Agreed. The d90 has bad calibratiion info for several Nikon lenses.

      • Jerry

        Which ones?

  • Open the firmware

    Is anyone capable to check the code inside of the new Firmware??

    Any signs for MB-D20 with GPS ?????

    • WoutK89

      MB-D10s, no MB-D20 ๐Ÿ˜›

    • iamlucky13

      I just took a look. The download files are .exe, but it just unpacks a .bin file with the actual update data. Most of it looks like untranslatable binary data, but some of the D700 update is encoded as text as well…maybe for the in-camera help menus? “MB-D20” does not appear anywhere in there. “MB-D10s” does once among what looks like Dutch text, but I’m pretty sure that’s just a chance juxtaposition of two text strings. MB-D10 appears a couple times. “GPS” unsurprisingly also appears several times, but gives no clues to a new grip.

      The D300s update appears to be entirely unencoded binary. I didn’t look at either of the D3* updates.

      That’s the limit of my tricks for this sort of snooping.

      • Grip

        Good to know. thanks. The problem with Nikon is that they do not know how to write software ;( it takes them ages before they update soft and firmware.

        I do not know the code names of the battery grips.I just guessed the MB-D20.

        On the market there are several cameras Point and shoot with the GPS. I checked the Sony-Minolta rumors, and they should introduce something new with WIFI and GPS. Hard to say. Nikon is bit slow in their marketing.

  • JBL

    Damnit they should make this available for the D300 too!

    • Dweeb

      Just going to ask if it looks like development on the 300 is terminal now. Gone and forgotten already. I’d think they could put the extra high HDR setting as a firmware patch. If they wanted to.

      • Anony-mou

        To my knowledge the extra exposure compensation steps are not available in any Nikon camera including with this new firmware. It’s a lost cause, I guess we need to wait 10 years for a simple change of value. I wish some hackers would reverse engineer the firmware ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I know, I mean what the duck? Where’s my D300 update with the few features I want? Like the 64GB cards I can’t use! Or compatibility with the new GPS grip?! Maybe some features of the D300Sโ€”a leveling guide and auto mode for Active D-Lighting?

      Blast it all! ๐Ÿ™

  • Matstar

    Thank you NR for the rapid notice (as usual)!

    I am downloading for the D700 now – Looking forward to seeing WB improvements.

    • actually Mastar, I was 6 hours late this time, unacceptable but I am sick in bed with fever

      • Grip

        Dude i hope you get better soon. I hope you do not have the pig flue ๐Ÿ˜‰ We will need you to inform us about the CES! Are you going to cover it?

        • No, just high fever – almost gone now. I think there is nothing Nikon related to be covered @CES. This year I am planing to be at Photokina and PDN. I am registered for PMA, but still not sure if I will make it.

          • Anony-mou

            What about the 26 Coolpixes they will surely announce at CES?

    • Ben

      Yeah, I probably wouldn’t have caught this without you posting here. So thanks!

  • Anonymous

    sigh no d90 FW update. sad

  • Sweet, my d300s firmware is now up to date. Thanks NR and I hope you feel better soon.

  • Mikey

    RGA%YQ$% Where is the D90 FW upgrade? This is super lame. Seems like Nikon has been ignoring the consumer level market. Not happy Jan!

    • Anony-mou

      I guess you need to keep shooting with your can there…

      • Mikey

        My tin can has a f1.0 so don’t mock it please.

  • Anonymous

    Tell me.

    The D700 was only supposed to do 5 fps without the grip.

    An error in firmware allows it to do 8 fps with and without the grip for bracketing up to 9 shots if you set the “right” settings (or for HDR purposes and up to 9 frames for sport by using bracket flash with it down) Many of us know this and use it.

    If you have installed the firmware then tell me if it still does this? Or if they fixed it and slowed it down to the official 5 fps unless you bolt that brick to te bottom?

    I need to know before I update! It wont let you go back…

  • Anonymous

    Added… The D300 also does 8 frames per sec with the same settings without the grip. So someone thats updated a D300 firmware could also confirm this. (almost definitely!!!)


  • gtluke

    Awesome, thanks!

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