Nikon Europe websites down

Nikon UK and few other Nikon sites across Europe were/are still down:

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  • Neil

    I’m still hoping it’s the 80-400 replacement.

    • Oh that is a sorely needed lens. I can’t see paying $6000 for a 200-400. If Nikon wants to prevent me from buying a 500mm f4.5 Sigma, they will make a fast focusing useable sharp lens in this range.

  • low

    dude im wetting my pants!

    • Mike

      Low, what happened to it has begun?

      • GlobalGuy

        Apparently it begun in his pants.

        • Twoomy


          • Kevin Y


      • low

        not till my resource gives me good info. but most of the time i just say it cause NR does a great job at finding info.

  • Del-Uks

    “Nikon UK and few other Nikon sites across Europe were/are still down”

    Just refresh (command + R) the site page.

  • Alex

    It looks like it is back up now… and the D900 looks awesome!! Holy 32 megapixels!!! Sorry, I am just dreaming 🙁 I was looking to see if there was anything new… nope, i didn’t see anything new there. I am watching this site like crazy.

  • Del-Uks
    • I have this lens on my short list and it’s been out of stock for months. I think it means either and update or discontinuation. There are plenty of 105mm DCs though.

      • Del-Uks

        According to Ken Rockwell : “The very similar 105mm f/2 DC is also a good choice, but not as good for portraits or for softening backgrounds because of its shorter focal length.”

  • Lei
  • Zoetmb

    I bet the webmaster at Nikon is laughing their ass off! Take the site down for a bit and watch everyone wet their pants.

    • Daf

      Think is – they must be incompetent to take it down at all.
      A large Corp website should never have to go down.

      Always bemused why this happens so much.

      • Louis

        ok why is everyone being all shitty about a few hours of down time? literally every website ever made goes down every once in a while be it for maintenance, due to hacking, or other reasons.

        google youtube yahoo microsoft and so on have ALL gone down before, and often the downtimes have lasted as much as 24 hours – it’s nothing new, much more something nearly inevitable.

        nevertheless i too wished i’d see the D900 posted on there when it came back! haha 😉

        • Daf

          Hmm that’s true.

          Just seems to happen more than most.

  • Anthony

    It has begun!

    • low

      no sorry, not this time.

      • optimaforever

        it is continuing!

  • Gary

    I’m surprised that any professional website has to be down at all these days. All you need are multiple servers…you have your public site up, and you create your replacement on another set of servers…you then flick the switch and make those pages public…it should be a seamless rotation of web pages.

    • SZRimaging

      You don’t need multiple servers. In IIS, Apache, Tomcat, or whatever you run, you just make another site, such as which is then mapped to be only accessed inside your network via your domain controller. Do it all the time for our company. Not to mention, if you are running a powerful CMS, all your previewing can be done right inside the CMS.

      Oh, and I am the Senior Web Developer for the largest ski resort company in the US. So yeah, I know a thing or two.

      • Stephen

        Really? Cause I always hated your guys websites. I’ve been a marketing consultant for several large ski resorts in the US. So yeah, I know a thing or two.

        • EB

          Oh snap!

      • Gustaf

        really? hook me up in a ski resort buddy. wanna test the d900 in the snow!

  • Ron Scubadiver

    They just forgot to pay their bill to the host. Maybe they should run a teaser like Canon did for a month before the 5DII was released.

  • Gary

    Ron…good point about the teaser. However, perhaps all of these rumors are the real teaser…maybe Nikon wants some leaks out there…it would be very smart of them to do so. I’m surprised more companies don’t rely on some smart leaks as a marketing strategy.

    Also, as to the timing…if I were Nikon I’d announce ASAP…make your splash and then allow it all to sink in…to permeate throughout the channels of commucation…they announced the D3s before Canon did their 1DmkIV and it worked out pretty well…right now I’d say the D3s is getting all the buzz, although that’s mostly due to the fact that it’s a superior device.

    • GlobalGuy

      No. They hate this because it stops people from buying whats on the market right now in favor of “what could be” on the market tomorrow. Honestly, I personally don’t think it makes a hugely economical difference for lens-based industries, but it has killed other tech companies. The way to go is to keep everything a secret as much as possible. IF something leaks out, you need to come with a bang or you need to deny everything, depending on how much inventory you need to move before the new arrival is ready.

      • Lawliet

        OTOH how many people are hanging onto current gear because there might be something around the corner?
        I’m thinking of some of the older lenses – having a 85/1.4 or 135DC would be nice but not mandatory, buying it and have the revamp released 3 weeks later would be annoying. But if you knew that the replacement is a while back in the queue…
        Announcing something along the Canon FD-EF change would be a killer, but having a clear roadmap for an established system wouldn’t hurt much while allowing customers to plan according to their needs.
        (And think of AMD/Intel, every once in a while they tell us what they have in mind on a larger scale.)

  • f/2.8

    Prime! Prime! Prime! Prime! Prime! Prime! Prime!…

    • matt2001


      You should make your username f/1.4 😛

      • Make it f/1.2 that would be interesting

        • Steve

          or f/0.95, Leica style.

          • Dom

            medium format DSLR!

      • f/2.8

        Just keeping it real. I use two f/2.8 zooms for most everything for now.

        Waiting for the primes.

        The Admin teased me bad on this one.

  • Otis

    Site is back up–no announcements,

    Let’s see what Nikon USA does in the next hour or so,

    • Maddog

      Nothing as of 10:45 p.m. PST-As Admin has noted before if Nikon is going to change nikon USA they usually do it at 12:00 a.m. EST so I would have seen it by now. As Homer would say “Doh!!”

  • Tim

    Hmm. When I looked yesterday, the Nikon Rumors website was down. I waited with baited breath. Then this morning the cat was out of the bag. The NR site was down to upload the news that some of Nikon’s sites were down. But now all is in order and I can breathe normally again. Coffee time I think.

  • Hum… the site (UK) seems to be partially running, if you refresh a few times it posts the page you want. So the site is under some kind of strain.

  • It’s true, the site is partially running.. you can 6 models PROFESIONAL (d3x, d3s, d3, and 3 model with no grip) 🙂 (D700, D300s and ????)

    D900 🙂 I hope so.

    • Peejjay

      D700, D300s and………… D300!

  • Gordon

    The D60 is now removed from the Nikon Australia website, it was there the other day when I checked.

  • yura

    they just announce the new lens cap.

  • freverend

    sites back on… nothing new right?

    • ben

      no begining, no end …. just a rumour i guess.

  • jeff
  • J
    • J

      Sorry, it’s back now. Please ignore my post

  • Lemoncut

    Nikon Europe is online… but there is no D900..

    • mdm

      When Nikon announced the 300 VRII in Slovenia last month, it took Nikon Germany 4 (four)!!!!!!! long days to put that “News” on their Homepage under “News”. And as of right now, they still run a christmas ad on it.
      They’re not just slow in designing new stuff….

      • mdm

        …6 hours later:
        they removed the Christmas ad NOW.
        Did they read this???

  • ben

    not sure is nayone posted this already. On Thom Hogan’s site ,,

    He mentioned the following ,
    “New Nikon goodies are coming. Some time in the first two weeks of February we’ll have lots to talk about. Lots. ”

    take note : he said ” Lots to talk about. Lots”. Tom seems to be so sure. Maybe NR admin is witholding some info from us …. huhuhhu.

    • ben

      oops sorry for the bad spelling

    • WoutK89

      Yes it has been noted in the Thread before, or was it already before that thread 😛 It is in the D900 rumors somewhere 😉

      And I think Thom Hogan is bluffing, if he could name numbers (2 lenses, 3 bodies for instance) I would believe he knows, but now, he is just calling what we all know, february is PMA time.

    • tester

      I am new to community. why has “Thom Hogan” more infos than others? Is he working at nikon?

      • WoutK89

        No, he shoots Nikon and has “friends” that do too, and via via he knows things

      • n

        no, he doesn’t know, he writes Nikon books and everything else is just a guess

  • Maybe this has been said before: it seems to me that the nikon camera will be related to the new body sony launched, but way better. cheers

    • WoutK89

      DX 14MP camera? D300s is not that old yet, and D90 will most probably get a D90s if they want another camera in that range. D400 will most probably be the first camera with a new DX sensor, unless Nikon will change what it has done before and head a new way. D7000 before a D400, making room for a D400 with better sensor read out and such, instead of the D90 and D5000 performing somewhat better than a D300(s).

      • Thelolz

        And why the heck do you want 14 “megapickles”?? most people with D90, D40, D40x, D60, D3000, D5000 don´t print photos often (or rephrasing they print a couple of photos every winter solistice) so why the heck would you want to have more megapixels if you (and 90% of the cheap DSLR users) won´t be printing …. I hardly see any one ordering lots of prints bigger than 8×10 these days… I hardly see anyone printing 😛

        • Anonymous

          Ssure we print !!!!!!!!!!!!…..and by the way prints are better with the D 90 than D 300 D 300s because of the 12,3 mpx compare to the rest of the line , that is 12,1exept D 3X.;ONLY AF ISO AND IMAGE ANALYSE MAKE THE DIFFERENCE after its all about NOISE!!!!!!Why you think that NIKON stay at 12 because low noise is better than high definition ;because evry noisy pixel is one pixel that you can count off ,even noise reduction cant fix it without lost of sharpness.Thats why Canons users needs a Mac and photoshop and an I phone ,lol,to get good picture as the NIKONS ;but not as good colors, NIKON WINNER EVRY TIME !!!!!!

          • Anonymous

            SORRY THE D 300 s is the same sensor that the D 90 dont ask why?

  • nimda


    • WoutK89

      or just some technical difficulties 😉

    • ha!

      if you knew the first thing about nikon is that their sites get taken offline a few days prior to product updates or new announcements. This is very well known by everybody else…but you 🙂

      • Anonymous


  • tester

    if you enter “nikon d900” you will see “Nikon D600” ad in google using “” from germany

    • So, maybe the D900 is one D600+ one D300 for free !

      • Astrophotographer


        D3 x D300 = D900

        • WoutK89

          D3x + D300s = D900

          Meaning, the D900 is a baby when you cross both cameras. (FX, small body, video)

  • Martin

    You don’t need to take a site down to update its pages. I don’t take “our” site down when I update pages here at work. Furthermore, you can force a refresh anytime. Just go to CNN, BBC, etc and stick around without refreshing the main page. Within a half hour, I bet your page will refresh with new content…especially if it’s breaking news.

    Now, where’s that SB-700?

    • twoomy

      Yeah, but you’re not Nikon. Nikon historically takes their sites down before updates. I’m sure they don’t technically have to, but they have done this all the way back to the D200 announcement. Perhaps it’s a deliberate form of viral marketing. With everybody trying to read tea leaves, excitement about a new product spreads without Nikon having to do very much at all.

    • What’s an SB700? Get a 600 and quit yer whining…

      • Martin

        I don’t want a 600.

    • Soap

      I’d buy a 600 today. Nikon giveth, and Nikon taketh away.
      The 700 is likely to have the 900’s interface improvements over the 600, but expect Nikon to find yet another feature to rip out of their low-end flash,.

  • Louis

    SPECS FOR D900 are out!!!!!!!!
    BASE ISO: 25 – 3,276,800
    15 FPS FX, 25 fps DX
    comes with a FREE 24-70mm!!!

    damnit i’m so disappointed…. will nikon just get on with releasing the damn specs?!?!

    this is makin’ m-m-me SO HORNY!!! hahaha 😉

  • hmmm

    its online.

  • Tim

    “I have been told by a very reliable Nikon dealer not to expect an announcement regarding the D700 replacement until 4th qtr 2010. ” Comes from an Australian website!

    Looks like it might be just lenses in Feb?

    • Christina

      yea, but maybe the dealer doesn’t have the latest info either. If Nikon wants this to be hush-hush, would they tell dealers anything?

      Also, maybe the dealer just doesn’t want to lose potential customers who would hold off buying the current D700, in hopes of a new one coming out to replace it.

      Ah, listen to me. I’m beginning to think in tortured logic, out of sheer desperation. I am a potential D700 buyer who is waiting for the claimed Feb announcement. But I am also keeping my options open until I see what the other manufacturers have up their sleeve. I am holding out for a nice FF in the D700 original price range. Obviously willing to go a bit higher since everything has gone up in price, the shrink of the dollar, etc.

      But, I am having so much fun watching all the developments and news that have started coming out since the first of the year. Amazing.

  • Ed

    I smell 3 lenses coming………….
    85/1.4 G

    • b


  • D90s

    I see a D90s. 😉

    • WoutK89

      Don’t be selfish, show us too 😛

  • john

    You sure have it all figured out anon.

  • Thank you, you seems to be a very nice person.
    Yes, I only print a very little % of my pictures larger than 8×10″, but guess what, when I’m taking a picture, I don’t know in advance what size it will be printed out.
    So I want ALL the picture I take to be able to be printed out very large.
    About prime lenses, I do have a 28-75mm f/2.8 most of the time on my camera because most of my pictures are about peoples and events, but I also have a 20mm f/2.8, a 105mm micro f/2.8 and a 300mm f/4, because they can do the job that the 28-75mm can’t do.
    And finaly, if you don’t like this site, feel free to delete it from your favorites.
    Have a nice day :o)

    • john

      I don’t have a problem with the site. I just didn’t understand why you had to add the last sentence calling everyone dumb.

      Looking forward to the next couple months! Yay 1.4 85mm update please have vr!!

    • Anonymous

      Its not just about how big you want to print.

      Its also about straightening or correcting perspective, removing distortion etc without losing (as much) sharpness.

      More pixels allow this.

      And they DO NOT mean more noise thats just on screen at 100 percent. If you resize a d3x image down to 12 million pixels (after correcting things as required) its as noise free at high ISOs as my D700 is.

      Noise is a result of sensor area v final image size.

      And I get a choice of printing larger if I want. My 14-24 and 24-70 and new 70-200 vr2 are plenty sharp enough to stretch to more than d3x resolution… They are a huge step up from the previous lenses.

      That means that I can crop huge amounts if needed and stil have 12m pixels left to print afterwards without any penalty.

      So I need/want more pixels. Up to 50 would be great. You dont have to use them. You do get a sharper result if you do use them and resize down to similar sized final image though.

      • Christina

        Since I’m still trying to get a full understanding of pixels, resolution, and sharpness, I want to thank you for that very helpful explanation.

        Now, I’m just hoping this new ?D700 replacement? has found the sweet spot between great pixel count, and wonderful low light capabilities. If not, maybe I will decide to purchase a D700 before they are all gone. I currently have a D90.

        thanks again!

      • Soap

        More pixels also mean you’re diffraction-limited at larger and larger apertures.
        So more pixels also mean you start to lose sharpness in real-world conditions.

        D3x’s pixel density is diffraction limited @ f/11. I don’t really want to see that get much worse, but I fear that is where things are headed.

  • Joe

    I hope I see a P7000 soon

  • Anonymous

    From Thom Hogan’s site:

    New Nikon goodies are coming. Some time in the first two weeks of February we’ll have lots to talk about. Lots.

    • WoutK89

      Already mentioned! More on dpreview…

  • Anticipator

    D900 please… we’ve been waiting for so long, we deserve it!

  • Anonymous

    Nikon USA 2189 AF-S NIKKOR 85mm f/1.4G ED VR II (N)

    • WoutK89

      Pictures please…

  • bjokerud

    Has it been down for two days or something? Several sites are still down and you posted it Jan. 4th

    • tester

      good point, is there any update?

  • camerausercollector

    Ebay dealers selling accessories for D900 as well
    check this out, these guys are like ants, when there is sugar or honey they smell and make that sweet sell.

    • tester

      but why?

      i dont buy anything yet only marked as “D900 compatible”, first I want to see D900

  • getanalogue

    D 900 = FX successor to D 90 = will beat any actual DSLR by sales figures worldwide. That’s the name of the game.

  • NikoDoby

    Looks like the Nikon websites were down for new firmware updates for the D300S, D700, D3, and D3X
    nothing to see here people, move along…

  • Maybe the sites were down, because Nikon just released new firmwares for D3x, d3, d700 and D300s cameras. Quite nice features to D3 and D700…

  • f/1.4

    The website down because they did not pay the hosting bill, may be?

  • Segura

    Nikon USA Firmware Main Page

    Nikon D700 Firmware Update A/B 1.0.2

    •Auto white balance performance has been improved.
    •Support for 64 GB memory cards has been added.
    •When ISO sensitivity settings>ISO sensitivity auto control in the shooting menu is set to On, the Maximum sensitivity option can now be specified in steps of 1/3 EV, 1/2 EV or 1 EV, according to the Custom Setting b1 ISO sensitivity step value setting.
    •The length of time the camera waits before adjusting focus in response to sudden changes in the distance to the subject can now be selected from 5 (Long) , 4, 3 (Normal), 2, and 1 (Short) from Custom Setting a4 Focus tracking with lock-on. With the increase in the number of options for Custom Setting a4 Focus tracking with lock-on, this item will be set to 3 (Normal) after firmware upgrade. Adjust this setting as needed.
    •When the camera’s AF-ON button is pressed, the monitor turns off and a focus point can now be selected using the multi selector.
    •When the MB-D10 AF-ON button is pressed (with AF-ON selected for Custom Setting a10 AF-ON for MB-D10), the monitor now turns off and a focus point can be selected using the multi selector.
    •A Use GPS to set camera clock item has been added to the GPS item in the setup menu. When Yes is selected, date and time information acquired via connection to a GPS device is used to set the camera’s internal clock. After selecting Yes for the first time, turn the camera off and then on again to reacquire GPS data.
    •When Enable is selected for GPS>Auto meter off in the setup menu, the time until meters turn off is now extended by up to 1 minute to enable camera acquisition of GPS data immediately after the camera is turned on, and immediately after meters turn on. (only with GPS Unit GP-1)
    •When On is selected for Long exp. NR with shooting at shutter speeds slower than 1 s but faster than or equal to 8 s, it did not function properly. This issue has been resolved.
    •The focus point was sometimes not displayed even when focus was acquired with playback of images captured with continuous shooting. This issue has been resolved.
    •When the virtual horizon was displayed with shooting in live view tripod mode and live view was then cancelled, the focus point displayed in the monitor could not be moved. This issue has been resolved.
    •When some memory cards were inserted in the camera, “CHA” was displayed in the top control panel and images could not be captured. This issue has been resolved.
    •When [M] exposure mode was used in live view shooting via Camera Control Pro 2, the electronic analog exposure display did not function. This issue has been resolved.

  • Jera

    Where are the firmware updates?

  • Anonymous

    But thats the point. For any given PHOTO size it makes no difference how many pixels the sensor has. Just its physical size or light capture area.

    ITs like this… A 24 m pixel camera makes an image twice as big and twice as noisy, and twice as sharp. With twice the information. Compared to a SAME SIZED (FX in this case) 12 million pixel sensor.

    But when the bigger image is resized back down to the 12m pixel sized image it has the same level of noise as the 12 million pixel sensor.

    Its only noisier when at its double image area and even then only at high ISO levels.

    When data is printed out on ANY given sized image that the smaller sensor is capable of the noise is the same for both sensors and depends only on sensor area and photo area relationship – not the amount of pixels. But the better detail or resolution remains.

    The advantage is that you captured double the data so removong distortion, etc is less damaging to the image sharpness. And at low ISOs its simply double the resolution without any downsides.

    You can always shrink the image to D3 levels which also removes the noise, and results in a sharper image too.

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