Nikon D900 accessories (part 3)

I know this is getting boring, but I wanted to make one additional point - all of the D900 compatible product listed in the past few days had one thing in common: the only odd model in the description was the D900. Not the D700s, D800 or D400. If the intend was to attract more keyword searches, they would have listed all Dxxx possibilities for maximum exposure. In almost all entries the D90 is listed separately, which means the D900 was not a typo.

Here is another one - a remote control that supports Nikon D900 (again, all other models are valid, except the D900):

BTW Nikon removed the second D60 entry on their website.

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  • Dweeb

    I wouldn’t doubt Thom’s prediction. They still owe us last year’s primes and the D700 was going for 2600 in Canada, only 100 more than NYC for a camera that spent the year at $3300. I just hope this one is a real step up, not just some incremental upgrade. You know, I can write email and make phone calls with it? 😉

    • Dweeb

      A posting error moved me up to post one. So I’ll be able to use the iSlate as a live view device won’t I? Cool. Now that’s progress, not just upping the pixel count slightly.

  • Alex

    Admin, this is not getting boring, this is exciting stuff. We all want a D700 replacement – even the people who just want a D700 at a lower price – and any sign of it happening soon is a good thing.

    • Anonymous


    • Mike


    • Reza Gorji

      I agree. This is not boring at all.

  • Ron Scubadiver

    Thom Hogan has stated on his site, without elaboration, that we should expect lots of new stuff from Nikon during the first two weeks of February.

    • WoutK89

      He is talking about goodies, more accessories? I wouldn’t call lenses or bodies goodies. Bring me the goods and I am in! 😉

      • Ron Scubadiver

        You have to be kidding.

        • WoutK89

          Yes I am, but still, goodies sounds so cheap for something we all have been waiting for!

          • Ron Scubadiver

            I think he really knows something but is under an NDA. That forces Thom to be ambiguous. Some days I don’t know what I would want it to be, a baby D3x, a baby D3s or the “compromise” of 18 mp with S700 low light performance.

      • Anonymous

        Thom is not under an NDA. He has some sources but not deep sources. Remember, it was NikonRumours which broke the D300s. Within 24 hours, Thom was following along, as was Rockwell. It was all about a D400 up until that moment. What Thom is good at, though, is predictions. He understands the business, its cycles and can predict a lot of the plot points accurately on that, alone.

    • low

      it is so hard for thom hogan to ‘announce’ new products in feb? i mean, cmon its PMA…canon is doing the same thing!

      • WoutK89

        Haha, I was thinking the same, we need exact numbers of what is coming, 3 primes and 2 bodies, 1 FX and 1 DX, then I will believe him 😉

  • zeeGerman

    Thanks for the great work mate! I believe I smell my new body!

    • WoutK89

      Or did you take a bath? 😛

      • zeeGerman

        Hmmmm, good question. Maybe I should take more than once a year a bath… 😉

  • Philipp Hilpert

    make it happen.
    + some new primes soon!

  • PJS

    D900 is most likely a marker, not a model.

    • Jim

      what is a marker?

      • PJS

        A “marker” is a number to hold a place in the inventory list. Once the product is formally introduced, the “space” can be re-titled with the actual product number. I’m guessing D800 or D700s.

  • woble

    How and why would third party companies know about D900 (given it exists), let alone have a product that supports it. The only people that know about it is Nikon and probably some testers. That is if it exists.

    I say this is just to generate hits. And putting every possible model that might come to existence will give away that it’s just a trick and people won’t be going back because the site isn’t exactly credible.

  • Louis

    SWEET JESUS! all this D900 talk is getting me hot! will some one hack nikon for specs?!?!
    they should have the same sensor as D3s, 7fps FX, 9 DX…… and $3000 – what a dream…… excuse my dirty fantasies!

    • WoutK89

      It became somewhat randy with the D3s sensor part 😀

    • Moondoggie

      That’s the best idea I’ve seen on here. Hack Nikon! Get the specs! Someone else already has! Let’s just spread the fun!

  • daniel

    Wow If this is true it came earlier than I expected! I was waiting for the D800 (in a year from now) but if they release D900 in this couple of months then I am buying!!! I wanted a new AF sensor (covering a better part of the space) but what the hell! NAS FTW!

    • SZRimaging

      Network Attached Storage?

      Yep, going to need that for all the images I’lll be shooting off the new body. If it is real.

      • Neil

        Nikon Acquisition Syndrome

        • WoutK89

          I am still in denial 😉 I don’t have NAS

        • SZRimaging

          I know what it means. I was just trying to be funny by using the more common meaning.

    • PHB

      I can’t make any sense of a D900. Not unless Nikon is planning to up end its entire numbering scheme in the near future.

      That said, accessory makers no doubt pay handsomely for info on prototypes. That is how they got hold of the iPod specs in advance. But that type of access can be risky, companies frequently build dummy products to throw the competition off the scent.

      I cant see why Nikon would call a new camera the D900. What do they call the replacement? Why would they need to distinguish it from the D700 and the D800 at the same time?

      I guess there is an outside chance that they have decided to one up Canon and rush out a 48MP sensor camera for those who need 48MP but don’t care about ISO or FPS. If they didn’t care too much about yield, they could probably get a 48MP sensor to deliver ISO 1600 if they can apply the new microlens technology. They could certainly get to 2fps, maybe 3-4fps. That may sound rather a lot to pay for the resolution, but the H3DII only delivers 50MP, ISO 800 and 1fps.

      Priced at $4000 they would certainly get some takers.

      Does not seem very likely to me, but what else would a D900 logically be? The next incremental update of the D700 should be either a D700+ or a D800, or very possibly a D701. Using the name D900 would imply it was a leapfrog move, which this does not look like at all.

  • I can’t wait, I suspect nikon is going to have a good first Quarter!

    Again with Daniel – $3000 +/- a few hundred seems to be the logical price-point for this new body.

    • GlobalGuy

      What body. There is no body. And the closest thing sold for $2600. Why do you guys have to support pushing the price up by $500 bucks each time a new model rolls out. Bad enough a D3x costs a million dollars and your first born child.

      • WoutK89

        Introduction price: 2799 euro,

        • WoutK89

          lowest price at the moment: 1859 euro, then 3000 euro does sound expensive!

      • Sorry, I was thinking in Canadian Dollars…

  • Anonymous

    i really don’t see a d900 coming this soon.. No way they’ll have improved features over the d3s. d700 to d900 better have some Mpx upgrade and 1080 video. if iyt only adds video and card slots, it’s a d700s. Why would nikon release an 18 or so mpx dXXX body before a 18 or so mpx dX body? I’m questioning this one.

    • Anonymous

      oh by dX i meant like d1, d2, d3 not dx format

      • WoutK89

        Thanks for explaining 😛 Ignore my post below

    • WoutK89

      The jump from 12 to 18MP is just nonsense, just cause Canon does it, doesnt mean Nikon should too. Break the herd mentality!

      • Mike

        They had a 4mp D2 and jumped to 12 mp D2x. That was a huge jump.

        • M!

          @mike “They had a 4mp D2 and jumped to 12 mp D2x. That was a huge jump.” There was no “D2”. you mean D2H?

          • Mike

            Yes, thanks for the correction.

    • Ubiquitous

      If there is a D900, it would be the much awaited D700x under a different model number. I guess it would come with the 24 MP D3x sensor, 1080p video, and cost around $5,000. If they would have released the D700x, at a lower price, with 24 MP, and would have cut into the sales of the newly released D3s.

      • Christina

        $5000 is waaaaay too pricey for D700 level customers.

        I am expecting that a D700 replacement would be in the neighborhood of the D700 original price. Come on, they have to compete with the other manufacturers that provide FF for far less than 5 grand.

      • For $5000, why not just buy a D3s?

        • WoutK89

          because, he NEEDS 20+ MP 😀

  • Astrophotographer

    One thing though. All we have are these accessories for a D900. There’s been no leaks like past cameras. Is Nikon getting tough on NDAs?

  • WoutK89

    Where are the D3X and D3S in the list?

  • Kevin Y

    could just be blowing smoke and getting attention for what i think

    • I wouldn’t put any trust into those test charts, the “D900” was just tacked on because it’s starting to get some attention.

    • M!

      @invisible man re: test chart. that is quite obviously not a reliable source for any information towards the D900.

    • alvix

      reply from the seller of D900′ charts ..

      The test charts listings are automatically generated for the manufactures products (lenses and cameras).
      It can append sometimes that the listings are published few days or weeks before the product availability.
      We apology for the inconvenience and will correct the listing (if needed) as soon we get more information about the product availability.
      Thank you. “

      • Jim

        I took a look at the seller’s completed listings, and since Nov 20th, there is no mention of test charts for d700s, d700x, or d800. He says these are auto-generated, but doesn’t say where he gets the input. There may be something to this.

      • I think someone is trying to sell their test charts

        • I think so too, but then why not advertising D700S, D700x, D800 or even D3xs ?
          All the others cameras and lenses he is selling charts for, exist and are available.
          I’ll keep an eye on it, it may just be a mistake and will be corrected soon.

  • NikoRyan

    NR Admin, this is *NOT* boring. Please, I am hanging on every word on this D900 rumor. Don’t hesitate to spread this info liberally.

  • Segura

    Dear Admin,

    Please work overtime in getting us some more D900 juice.


    Your Readers

  • Nathan Shane

    It’s so interesting to read everyone’s different theories and thoughts about why Nikon should or should not do things this way or that way. I’m sure that Nikon makes a game plan and has a certain expectation for sales numbers – but that doesn’t always mean that the consumer follows the plan as Nikon had hoped. I’m sure some cameras and lenses sold (less and far more) than Nikon had expected. I know the company I work for comes out with multiple products across various price points and sometimes you get thrown a curve as to what the buying consumer thought was more valuable to buy.

    Anyway, I don’t necessarily subscribe to the idea that an “incremental update” to camera bodies is a pathway that should be strictly followed. That could be sales suicide if you ignore the competition. I think Sony and Canon have really pushed Nikon into a corner by offering their 20+ MP bodies at an fairly affordable price and Nikon has no choice but to respond with a similar spec and similar priced camera. If I were a consumer that had not yet invested into a camera system but was willing to pay higher dollars to get into an affordable 20+ MP system, I’m going to be going with Canon or Sony…why, because Nikon has nothing similar to offer at the moment.

    That’s why I think Nikon has no choice but to come out with a newer camera that can directly compete with Canon and Sony in a similar price range. Granted, I think that whatever Nikon offers would still be more expensive than either Canon/Sony but perhaps Nikon will release a D900 with enough “better” specs to pull consumers away from buying that MkII or A900 and then Nikon will possibly release an additional camera body which is a scaled down version of a D900 (or an updated version of the D700 called a D800).

  • Astrophotographer

    So let’s summarize what we have so far. I think the Bower’s grip and the camera bag on Amazon are too much of a coincidence. I’d give it a 75% chance of being real.

    But what kind of camera? A D900 would almost certainly be FX, it’s after D700. But if this were just a D700 with a D3x or D3s sensor then Nikon would just be announcing a D700s/x. It’s pointing to a major new FX camera. Now remember that posting from a Canon shooter who said Nikon had something major coming early this year that convinced him to switch? I think they’re connected; this is it. And with PMA next month it’s a perfect time for this kind of announcement.

    Does someone know Nikon’s track record for announcing at PMA?

    • Arne


    • nobody

      Combining these D900 occurrences with the retail system info Michel Lammerse is writing about on the dpreview D700 forum, the D900 -to be intrduced in February- may be the model that was expected as the D700x, while there may be later coming a D800 with the specs a D700s was supposed to have. That would be

      a D900 instead of a D700x, with an 18+mp FX sensor, including video, to fight the 5DII, and

      a D800 instead of a D700s with the D3s sensor, second card slot, and video.

  • Maddog

    Did I miss it or did NR Admin not post his percentage guess for accuracy of this rumor?

    • as mentioned before: I usually rate rumors from my own sources, since the readers don’t know previous history of their reliability. All of the above mentioned information is available online and my rating would be as good as yours. I did not receive any tips from my source about the D900 yet.

  • Sia

    If the video sucks on this one too im switching to canon. Dont get me wrong Nikon is like the AR15 of photography but Canon has really stepped it up with the 7D and the 1dmk4. And when will nikon release a fast 24mm……

    • nobody

      Please, please, do so! And please persuade everybody else who wants a video cam to join you! Anybody who wants video should go Canon!

      That way Nikon would be free to make photographers cameras again. Like they have been doing successfully for decades.

      • WoutK89

        Amen to nobody 😛

        • aetas

          Same thing I was thinking.

  • eru

    i am a beliver 😉 100% new camera in Feb , 100% d700 replacement, the only guess are the specs.

  • daniel

    I think they are releasing the D900 first and then a scaled down version called D800, but I can’t imagine it being better than a D3s (by better I mean more megapixels even at the cost of lower ISO or having new hardware), maybe 1080p video and the same ISO and megapixels than D3s.. but who knows.. maybe nikon hs something under their sleeve.

    It could also be just the D700 version of the D3s and nikon just wanting to end the numbering scheme to be ready for thenext gen (D4-D400-D6000 and all that).

    Whatever it is I am buying it.. of course if I can find my way into the US to buy it.. I’ll have to wet my back again.. u_u

  • Ron Scubadiver

    I think they should pitch the numbering system and call it the Nikon F. Its so nostalgic.

  • Ed

    I did see a bag advertised for a D900 and a D4000, but that was only one product. Still this D900 hype is getting interesting.

  • dave

    And now that Adorama and B&H are discounting the D300s must mean the D400 is just around the corner, too! Because that’s the ONLY reason to discount… Oh wait…

  • mark

    So, where are the D900 photos – fake or real??

    • WoutK89

      Quick, get behind your Photoshop and clone in some features you like to see

  • Gordon

    If the new FX body in Febraury is supposed to be a new high MP body, I believe it will be a mistake by Nikon to put a 18MP sensor in it. It will already be behind the opposition and they will not be capitalising on the success of the D3X sensor by re-using it.

    • WoutK89

      Why would they be behind? Why is anyone behind if the only thing that is less, is the amount of megapixels in a camera?

  • Quash

    Keep up the great work, NRAdmin. And thanks for posting this rather than inserting the updates in comments, where we RSS readers miss it.

  • Mitchell Cardno

    I think the reason Nikon is skipped the d800 is following a similar logic that Canon had skipped the G8 in that the number 8 is considered lucky? Just my 2 cents

    • WoutK89

      is it lucky, or unlucky? 😛

  • sgts

    think about it.

    there is no way on this earth sony are going to sell nikon their sensors and let nikon beat them on price.

    the only way nikon will have affordable 24mp is if sony are upgrading their sensors to 36 mp.

    • Nathan Shane

      It wouldn’t surprise me to eventually see Sony be one of the first to offer a semi-affordable 36MP camera but regardless if Nikon uses Sony sensors or not (even using the same sensor as Sony), I don’t think we would ever see Nikon have a price that was less than Sony. Why? Because Nikon has a much better name brand recognition and seem to have better technology overall…they can take the same sensor and get better image quality out of it – which allows Nikon to justify charging a little more money for a similar spec’d camera. When I think of professional cameras, I think of Canon and Nikon first and foremost, Sony just doesn’t immediately come to mind. Even if Sony made the best camera in the world I think their name brand will always take a back seat to Canon or Nikon.

    • geoff

      huh? the 24.6MP Sony a850 is only $2k. the D900 would likely be $3k. how is selling for more “beating them on price”?

      • Nathan Shane

        I was never talking about Nikon beating anyone on price, they don’t do that and they likely never will. They beat others with their technology and image quality and for that alone they will always charge more. Sure, I’d love for Nikon to offer a camera that has higher specs and is priced lower but that’s unrealistic to how they already run their business.

      • theLMAO

        yeah with 3 fps, an archaic cluttered in the center 11 point AF system, and many more short comings… and to put the cherry on top it sucks at anything above ISO 400… what a deal :/ yeah…

  • getting boring

    please post the D900 spec
    it’s pointless discussing numbers 800 900 4000 9000
    it’s more important to know what exactly they are ………

  • DDG

    You know there was a rumor here on this web site about the D4 being field tested with an 18 meg res. I wonder if this is the camera that will be released as a D900. It may be the D900 instead of the D4. Having a product in the hands of field testers in Nov-Dec would be in line with a product being released in Feb,. Anyway it would match specs with this rumor.

  • jason z

    what ever is d700x or not, i think if there will be some like d300sx, d700x, some high pic quailty camera i will buy one. i use d3, its not good at shooting hi quailty picture.

    • If you can’t take good photos with a D3 and decent lenses, I suggest you sign up for a photography course at a local community college.

  • Gusto

    Seeing that the 5D2 is the only FF camera to crack the top 20 list in Japan, I’m sure Nikon is in panic mode right now. And these Japanese camera makers take their local market very seriously. One can bet the farm the new D900 will be a 24 MP update. 🙂

  • Warrent

    D900 might be a lite version of D3X. Like D700 is D3 lite.

    • daniel

      Damn you are right!! Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo I don’t want that u_u

  • I am now thinking that there will be no D900 (even with free test charts !) because 18MP or + will be killing the D3s.
    I think that there is more chances to see a D700s.
    That give us more time to save money for a D800 in 2012.
    I will be happy with a D700 priced at $1990 (US $)

    • WoutK89

      Hehe, you made me laugh 😛

      Kill D3s sales, in what way?

      • Ok, OK, I’ll make you cry:
        D3s =12MP FX sensor for $5199.95
        D900 =18MP (24MP ?) FX sensor for $2900 (?)
        Do you want a tissue for your tears ?

        • Jon

          3 years later, how do you feel now?

  • Nathan Shane

    Everyone talks about how a lesser priced 18-24MP camera would kill the sales of other models…this is all about SALES and MONEY. Nikon stands a greater chance to sell far more units and make far more money on a lesser expensive model that offers the higher MP that the public wants than to sit around waiting for the far more expensive models to sell in volume – that’s just not going to happen. I think there are far more potential buyers that would fork over $3,000 for a 18-24MP camera than there are for those who would spend $5200 for the D3s. It’s always about making more money and Nikon stands to make far more with a more affordable camera. Yes, it will be more expensive than Canon or Sony but you will get more for your dollar with the Nikon.

  • NukiKuki

    Nikon naming convention kinda sucks, not very intuitive
    i.e. D80->D90-> so what follows ? D100 but wait that’s already out, oops so now maybe we’ll go with D90 MkII, haha like Canon or maybe D91, haha even funnier or maybe something even more profound

    and their camera classes Dx >Dxxx>Dxx>Dxxxx,
    was that made to confuse or what

  • Jaap

    On Christmas eve I was watching the National Geographic-esque doco while eating dinner and a photographer was using, and I’m deadly serious, a Nikon D4. It only flashed on quickly but I saw it and hardy believed my eyes. I asked another family member what the camera number was and they confirmed D4. I’d just love a scaled down D3x at this point with 1080p video.

    • Christmas eve… should have keep the champagne for new year eve, you may have see a D5 !

  • MacXtor

    I think the D3S is a middleway before the really new big ones is released, like D5 and D5X. This cameras will have new bodies and produce 18-36 mp+ images and high ISO!

    These bodies will be released after the new D800 (or D900) These cameras will maybe have new tech that we will see in the upcoming “big bodies”. If Nikon release smaller pro-bodies (Maybe better than D3S) then they will take a huge lead over canon and canon is forced to produce better mid-models. Nikon is then a huge step ahead of canon and can focus on developing the D5 and D5X instead. (D4 name dosent sound succsess i my ears sorry)

    I hope Nikon thinks this way.
    D800? (New body and lcd grip) 12 mp mini d3s maybe 18mp?, 12800 iso, 1080p video …
    D900? (New body and lcd grip) 24mp, maybe D3X mini+ 1080p video…

    D5? (New body) 18mp 25600 ISO, AF Multicam 4500FX, 1080p video, wifi, gps..
    D5X? (New body) 36mp 6400 ISO, AF Multicam 4500FX, 1080p video, wifi, gps…


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