Nikon D900 rumor (continuation)

I update the previous Nikon D900 report too many times (check it out) - I will just continue with this new posts since some of the RSS subscribers may not get all the updates:

  • M Lammerse talks on dpreview that "there are new Nikon item numbers added to their system" and he continues further "Follow up of D700 (D800) for February and 2 new lenses for February as well. Expect however at least 3 new prime lenses and 2 new zoom lenses. There are 2 prime lenses not ordable anymore for them, he expects them to be replaced this year."
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  • Me

    Mmm, interesting

  • Dan

    “Follow up of D700 (D800) for February and 2 new lenses for February as well.”

    Are those for announcement or release in February?
    If they are for release, when can we expect an official announcement?

    • PHB

      I would expect it to be announcements. With the Olympics coming up there is going to be a two week dead period for any type of product launch. So I would not expect any announcements in Jan at all.

      Can’t see a D800, it would be out of phase. The next cameras are logically the D700s and D90s. If there is a D3x sensor in the D700 body then it would be a D700x. Once they go to D900 they have to work out a whole new numbering scheme so I can’t see them hurrying to do that.

      Logically the next pro generation is D4/D400 with a D800 following and then to be replaced by a D5/D500 with a D900 following. Then in the lower end market the D90 is replaced by a D7000. Going to D900 now would essentially mean that they had to intoduce a whole new numbering scheme.

      Two lenses sounds tasty though. My hope would be the 80-400 replacement and the 85 f/1.4 AFS.

      • If I were Nikon, I would definitely be eager to invent a whole new numbering scheme. Their current one is a disaster of short-sightedness. What’s next? D2000000? Products are D. An awful lot of characters for remarkably little information.

        How about ? Why yes, I believe I do fancy a 2010 F600! Nice upgrade from y 2006 D450…

        • Ok, sorry… this forum does not sanitise comment inputs. But I can’t tell you which ones because it would sanitise them.

          I meant to say:

          If I were Nikon, I would definitely be eager to invent a whole new numbering scheme. Their current one is a disaster of short-sightedness. What’s next? D2000000? Products are D “a digit” “an arbitrary number of zeros” “an optional letter”. An awful lot of characters for remarkably little information.

          How about “design year” “sensor size (D or F)” “body weight in grams”? Why yes, I believe I do fancy a 2010 F600! Nice upgrade from y 2006 D450…

  • GlobalGuy

    As a matter of speculation (given the new Nikon naming numbers) — is there any reason why D800 might actually be skipped in favor of D900?

    Anyway, good sniffing this out, Admin, its a worthy rumor to pique interest.

    • Ed

      The numbering was exactly what I was wondering about too.

    • Astrophotographer

      They may be reserving it for another camera later this year.

    • Ennan

      the only reason that comes to my mind is that the D900 might be a high resolution camera i.e. 24mp. The D800 could be a low res, high ISO job.

  • this is starting to get my interest.

  • Jim

    Would a d900 be listed that low in the list? Seems like a d900 would be placed much higher.

    • Flash to the Bone

      It’s probably there because it’s called D60 as for now. Would be really awkward if it was a D60 right between the D3 and the D700.

  • Anonymous

    perhaps D800 replaces D700 later this year (spring/summer), and D900 is the D700 version of the D3x sensor?

    Just a guess.

    • I was thinking the same.

    • KT

      I think all that debate of D700s vs D700x (12 MP vs 24 MP and video capture vs. no video) will be addressed in the form of D800 vs D900. I just hope they don’t go wild with the price

      • lox

        “I just hope they don’t go wild with the price.”

        It’s Nikon, what do you expect? Anyway, we’re Nikonians, we’ll buy it right away. 😉

        The D800 + D900 as small versions of D3s / D3x seems plausible to me, let’s hope for the best.

    • Ubiquitous

      I agree and makes sense.

      If the different sites are seemingly updating their websites, Sunday night (no leaks this way,) is the announcement imminent, like tomorrow or tonight at 9:00 PM (PST?) Nikon does make announcements about new equipment, on Mondays.

      • yes, they have announced new products on Monday but never during the first week of January (as far as I know)

        • The sooner the better, my opinion.

        • Ubiquitous

          Thanks. There is always a first time, though 🙂 Sellers in eBay are marketing specifically for the D900. I have never seen this before an official announcement. If this is so, it must be the best kept and widespread secret ever or everyone has has an NDA with Nikon, except me. 🙂

          • Zoetmb

            eBay sellers marketing accessories “for the D900″ means absolutely nothing. They just want ‘hits” when people search, whether they search intelligently or stupidly.

            I can’t believe Nikon has this placeholder on a live site. They really are incompetent when it comes to the web. It takes two seconds to FTP a page from a hard disk to a host. They can have the placeholder locally and upload it to the live site when the official change takes place. What they do is absurd. NikonUSA must have some third-rate webmaster working out of their bedroom or something.

    • Geoff

      I was thinking maybe D800 is being reserved for the gripless D4 (as D700 is to D3).

    • Or maybe D900 is a more powerful version, and they plan to come out with a reduced version (without video perhaps?) later on. But it doesn’t really make sense…

      • WoutK89

        D900s with “s” for stripped?

  • Astrophotographer

    With PMA at the end of February this is sounding very likely for presentation then.

    Now what are the specs?

    • WoutK89

      “Bigger, better, and more bad-ass” 😛

  • Anony-mou

    It has begun.

  • edch

    Well, to my disappointment, there is still no rumors about new flash-light.
    But I’d glad to see some new zoom lens.

    • zeeGerman

      I guess you hope for a replacement for the SB-600? What do you expect form a new flash light?

  • Well……….let’s see, anyone interrested in my 13 years old car+2 bicycles+27″ color TV+tripod+flash meter ?
    I”ll do free shipping in Florida.

  • Roger Moore

    The product number doesn’t match the pattern of other Nikon DSLRs. The other DSLRs all have 5 digit (25xxx) product numbers, not 4 digits like 2588. The highest current number is 25466 for the D3s. So if this isn’t a random mistake, they’ve also made a typo with the product number; 25488 seems like a good guess about the number of the new camera.

    • Roger, Nikon uses (or at least used) 4 digits for their website links, they may have another numbering scheme for retail, see this link with some examples:

      Maybe they changed that with the D3s.

      • JasonH

        On the Nikon page you linked to all the “live” cameras have 5 digits in their page code now, even the oldest ones like D3, D90, D60 and D40, Nikon must have rebuilt their database because you’re correct that they used to be 4 digits. So now this one mysterious duplicate link is the only 4 digit one. Is it a placeholder or a just data entry mistake when they rebuilt the database?

      • Roger Moore

        They have 4 digit product numbers for lenses (1xxx for AI-s and 2xxx for AF and PC-E), but 5 digits for digital cameras (25xxx for DSLRs and 26xxx for digital compacts). It’s possible that they used to have 4 digit product numbers for their digital cameras, since their remaining film cameras are 4 digit.

    • Jim

      Roger Moore – I just came to the same conclusion before spotting your post.

  • Gary

    M Lammerse on another post talks of this new camera being aimed at competing with the Canon 5dmkii; he’s predicting a price of around 2500 Euros…


  • Jim

    i looked for the google keyword, and nikon d901 and nikon 899 do roughly the same thing as nikon 900. Not sure that the google thing is material.

  • tibor

    wat I need, is more dynamic range & deeper colors – 16 bit . 24MP would be nice, but 18 is already more than enough.
    I also would like to see a squared sensor & panoramic digital camera comig out. (maybe on te ricoh modular system)

  • There is already listings for the Nikon D900 accessories on Ebay !
    Things are going fast !

  • Fingers Crossed!

  • Ubiquitous

    To me, this is all academic. I’m taking my beloved D700 to my grave. All I need now is the M9 and just three lenses – 2 luxes (24 and 50) and one cron (35). The problem is that I need to come with 20K ($$$$$$$…..$$$$$$). I have good news, though. I already started on my second 20K – I gave up on the first one.

  • Anonymous

    if this is true every other camera company in the world will go out of business

  • Rocky Ken Well

    I knew this was coming but I won’t be buying one. Sure it will be newer than my D700 but will it be any better? No. Will my Leica blow it out of the water every time? Yes. I always say quality and simplicity over new and more fangled.

    I brought you all simplicity for Christmas remember? I saw a few postings around the web about that gift to you all and I am sure many have been converted.

    Incidentally, I recently wrote an article which once and for all kills the Digital versus Film debate. It won’t surprise anyone that Film won – by a mile!

    • Steve

      I know you’re being sarcastic, but I think Ken speaks the truth. Why do people like to make fun of him so much?

      • Anonymous

        Because he does not speak the truth, he steals ideas from other reviewers, often opposite one to another, throws them here and there in his site, and shouts aloud he is the only reviewer “speaking the truth”…

        (shoot D40, no, wait, Leica, no, maybe film cameras, ah well, better Large Format cameras with slide scanner, but huh, new D3x is out, too expensive, don’t buy it, but I bought it, nothing beats it, yo yo!)

  • Anonymous

    oh man with the vancouver olympics coming soon I don’t have a camera yet (been cameraless for a while and shooting film) and this camera needs to come out now.

    • f/2.8

      Don’t worry. there’s another winter Olympics in 2014. I am not sure if there will still be film for your camera tho.

    • M!

      get a D3S…

  • D900 interesting

    D900 would be interesting
    looks Nikon wants to give a heavy blow the Canon’s product
    if this is true, Nikon would lead the mid level FF market for 3 years (just guessing)
    a FF D90 body would be more interesting

    • anonycow

      It would be heavier than a d300, and at such a premium as to make the idea look completely daft. It would require removing stuff in the D90 body that would probably kill it as anything but a “full frame d5000” and maybe that’s being generous; in short it would be a status symbol, that’s about it.

      • Djonah

        Why is a FX larger then DX? didn’t know that the old film camera’s are bigger then a D300…

        • anonycow

          Not larger, heavier, also, electronic sensors are differently made compared to the old analog ones, and nikon tends to build the electronic elements in such a way that not all depends on a single circuit, so the sizes of the old equipment are not comparable – also it’s larger, and since they’re fitting a sensor that’s twice the size, yeah.

  • Ubiquitous

    It is 9:00 PM – PST – and nothing, yet. I do not think is going to happen, today.

  • Please PLEASE full frame with video….

  • Gordon

    Canon are trying to beat Nikon to the punch it looks like.

    Canon must know Nikon have something big to announce in the coming weeks.

    • Great. More announcements mean m ore competition, and we consumers benefit more 😀

  • Tim

    Oh PLEASE, release the update to the D700. I need a gear upgrade (D2h) and am holding off the D700 in favor of the D8/900 FF updade! This is just painful to watch. Seems to be around the corner, and yet miles away. 🙂

    • Gustaf

      i’m in the same dilemma man. hope nikon make their move quickly as the south africa world cup is just around the corner

      • bla

        Oh my… if you need an upgrade, you need an upgrade. D2h to D300(s) would already be a massive upgrade. It’s not like the D700 will suddenly be a sorry piece of camera when a D800 or D900 hits the market. Once that D800/D900 is on the shelves, rumors start on the next camera, and you’ll never buy that “much needed” upgrade. Silly to keep waiting.

        And if you NEED it to cover a major sports event…? Which other camera than a D3s did you have in mind?

        • Tim

          I personally shoot sports yes. The D2h still makes good images (the bottom line is that people need images, i have not met one mag that looked at the EXIF and said “sorry your camera is too old”). But regardless, the update is imminent for me. So i want FF and on bit of a budget. That said, the D7/8/900 is obvious. I do not think that the D700 is a sorry camera, im just on edge. I am ready to buy.. im just holding off. And frankly, if i waited this long i can wait for a month or two right? 🙂

  • Roger Harryson

    Thanks admin for these updates. Since this seems to be more than wild speculation or hope, I appreciate your effortts to give Nikon users some info which we can use in our own update-path for our gear.

  • getanalogue

    folks, how about the D 900 would be the FF version of a D 90? Would make sense and could compete with Canon 5 D Mk II. Larger viewfinder necessary though

    • mdm

      Version of D90??? meaning yet another 12MP???
      Nikon has the very best 12MP lineup in whole wide universe already!
      They really need to move on now

    • WoutK89

      How about this for a speculation:

      D800, 18MP, Video, built-in flash, D700 viewfinder

      D900, 24MP, Video, no built-in flash, 100% viewfinder

      • Djonah

        I’d rather have a build in flash that works as a commander then video…just my 0,02

      • another anonymous

        it is sad to have 18MP without 100% viewfinder

        • WoutK89

          People, it is speculation 😛
          But doesn’t it sound logical for Nikon to make such a move? To differentiate the two cameras.

        • WoutK89

          Also, what about D800 has 2 slots, 1 SD and 1 CF
          While the D900 has 2 slots of CF

          • Anonymous

            …because its faster than SD,for bigger files!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • andi

          I never got why there is any non-100% viewfinder at all.

          • Anonymous


          • WoutK89

            Cheaper to produce, and the camera body can stay smaller with the same magnification in the viewfinder.

  • Patrik

    Seems like it will be a D700 with the D3s sensor in it. If you try the link:
    It goes directly to the D60 page, and does not complain about a broken link. This means that Nikon will use the name D700s for a product, and that will most likely be a simple upgrade of the D700. My guess is it adds a little video, two card slots, and of course the upgraded 12Mpix sensor… Nothing all that ground breaking. I will wait for the 24Mpix body…

  • Daf

    Although a bit geeky it would be interesting/curious to see where they go with this numbering scheme.
    Of course the D90 has already reached the end of the line – they can’t do another D100.

    • Daf

      I wonder why they started with a D70 at the amateur/intermediate range. Bit strange.

      • WoutK89

        Same as why they started with D700 I assume.

    • mdm

      they simply don’t have a scheme, except for the one-digit top-models

      • WoutK89

        D70 below D100, D50 below D70s, D80 below D200, D40(x) below D80, D90 below D300, D3000 below D5000. No scheme, feature wise I see a scheme in numbering. Maybe no logical scheme regarding the numbers themselves, but lower number in those ranges means “lower” specs

        • mdm

          Lower number = lower specs would mean, the D700 should really be called D30, while all those two-digit models should have been 4-digits since day one…

          • WoutK89

            hehe, you didn’t read my post completely 😛

            x below x, meaning, those two compared, not all compared!

          • WoutK89

            And another thing a number below x, meaning x-1 (x minus one), so D30 can never be above D80 if you say: x is lower than…

  • I’ll still waiting D700s.

  • Djonah

    Just a tought…imagine that the D900, however not really logic since the number is higher than the 700, represents the low end FX nikon…an FX in D60 style body with 2 command-dials…
    wouldn’t that be a bomb?

    • anonycow

      Likely, not, you imagine the amount of corners that would cut? The weight it would add (D300 to D700 led to a drop in a hell of a lot of stuff), the fact that the body is, in many ways, built more for DX than legacy 35mm. It would make this “35mm D60” pointless just by virtue of weight and slowness… The “full-frame” Rebel was a mirage nothing more

      • WoutK89

        D300 Weight: Approx. 825 g
        D700 Weight: Approx. 995 g

        Please no, don’t let us carry 170 more grams Nikon 😛

        So a D90/D6-, with FX inside: D90FX 820 (is + ~200 g) and D60FX 695 (is + ~200 g)

        They would move up approx. 1 class in weight, the same as the D300 and D700 has in difference. But I don’t think a D60 will really increase by 40% in weight, just because it will become FX.

        • anonycow

          If it doesn’t have that kind of weight jump (and you forget that 35mm lenses are heavier than 23mm lenses by a chunk for the same quality)

          Besides, format co-dependents seem to forget that weight and smaller size along with quality increases is why 35mm eventually won over Medium format as the dominant standard even among actual professionals (people who get paid to shoot, not idiots who buy their gear for the status symbol – and I’m starting to agree with Ken Rockwell on that point, the photographers who have a format dependency aren’t professionals, they’re technicians), not because it was some magical quality.

          As for cut corners, here’s what the D700 loses – viewfinder magnification (good luck with the 0,5x viewfinder), it loses video (not that I’d cry terribly), and it loses half of its speed.

  • Quatschmacher

    Regarding the whole numbering system, I was wondering whether Nikon had indeed developed two new models and were deciding which one they would put into production. This could tie in with the recent questionnaire they sent out (I filled one in). By having two models ready, they could use the results from the survey to decide which one the market really wanted AND be able to release it in a fairly short space of time. Just a thought.

    I do like the idea that a D900 might be a full frame D90 sized body. I did suggest that in the survey and I’m sure I’m not the only one (also suggested a digital FM3a would be great too, one can only hope).

    • WoutK89

      I would assume a D90 style FX will become a D9000 or something like that, if the D90 line will become D7000. Also, As I mentioned earlier, it could indeed be that they are prototyping, and both work great, maybe even similar to each other, and wondering which one to continue on. But I think it highly unlikely they will have enough produced by february already, so will be february announcement, and late release? (We don’t want another D5000 mistake, do we?)

  • Chris

    Some things I would like to see on a D900 or whatever it´s called:
    – better buttons & layout (like D300s)
    – 100% ff
    – 18 to 24 MP FX
    – ISO equal to D700
    – 2 slots (CF/SDHC or CF/CF)
    – 1080p24/50/60
    – AF@video (please better than D300s) and full man. controll (apature etc)
    – autoISO with max shutter dependend on current focal-range of lens used (ie 1/mm rounded up)
    – “old” autoISO-logic (not the one of D300s) for use with flash
    – in body HDR
    – in body bluetooth and/or WiFi (to connect to GPS, PC, … and for remote)
    – USB 3.0 & HDMI 1.4
    – a small groove at the base to fit the ring of the BlackRapid-connector (?)
    – a price @~ 200$ over old D700 starter-price

    and maybe an option of 15% off for users of D300/D700 ;oD


    • WoutK89

      Only users, not owners of the named cameras? 😉

      Also, you say ISO equal to D700, why not better? There is no improvement if the ISO stays the same.

      And, you want 24, 50 and 60 fps video, you forget about 25 fps then, if you want 50, you want both 😛

  • Caz

    Amazon bags might be a hoax. Users can go in and submit changes to Title/Description. I submitted a change, added “D800” on this bag ASIN B0017JWLAA .

    I’ll post back if it goes through or not.

  • Roger

    Nikon already needs a new number scheme!!! What about the D90? They will release the D900 to change the number scheme at the same time.

    • WoutK89

      That sounds possible 🙂

      Maybe that’s why Nikon is “holding back” on releasing new cameras, and stick with “s” updates

  • fxed

    Your quoting “M Lammerse” a dpreview forum member? Why not quote “Uncle Tanosse” or “Danny Thomas”.

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