More products for Nikon D900

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  • Sergey Shandar

    To Admin:

    It is not a Russian site, it is just auto translation of this page:

    At right top corner you could see a “Language Options”. So it could translate to French, Spanish, Portugal, German, Russian, Italian.

    • thanks, I updated the post

      • WoutK89

        What I see now, digital camcorder battery? D900 is the Nikon camcorder rumored before! (remember the Video NEF a long while back?)

  • Jack Brickstone

    Please dear God of photography, let it be an 18 mp FX-Body with 8 fps and 1080 24p Video D700 successor. That would be THE cam for the next decade. That would be the final state of perfection. That would be the camera I am waiting for since the invention of 12 mp FX. That would be the cam I would love to buy. That would be the cam you could leave unchanged and beeing set up with additional gimmicks to rise its performance. That would be the perfect balance between too little and too much.
    Please dear god of photography, pleaseeeeeee!

    (A connector to attach HD-Devices would be of great gain also, thus giving me the possibility to record the movie-data directly on harddisc without any problems.)

    • rhlpetrus


    • rhlpetrus


    • Tim


      i can has 100% viewfinder? πŸ™‚

      • WoutK89

        you can has yes, but the D800 can’t πŸ˜›

      • longtimenikonshooter

        you need to have 100% view finder, then you have to give up built-in flash/commander. you just can’t have your cake and eat it too.

        • GlobalGuy

          Why is the prism “bump” have to be so small anyway? Actually, theres nothing wrong with a slightly taller and/or wider prism bump. That 100% viewfinder is important. We need it or a lot of photos come up worse than expected and you basically are throwing away pixels that you paid for because you edge-compensate in Macro, group pics, landscape, etc.

    • Broken Gonad

      Yeah, until the next one.

    • WoutK89

      uh, HDMI is used to connect to HD devices….

      • But

        but can you connect a mobile HD device lets say 1Terabyte directly to a D700 through USB and use it as storage as if it was a mere CF card?

        Sounds simple, why don’t they do it that simple?

        • WoutK89

          Oh, you mean storage…., HDD (Hard Disc Drive), HD is High Definition technically speaking here on this forum πŸ˜› And there is the possibility to do it by Wi Fi, but you need to be near a place that can receive still

          • well

            I wish they would build in a simple USB solution. Just plug in and shoot or take footage as much as you want

          • WoutK89

            As much as you want, sounds like you NEED the 64GB cards, supported as of this week

    • eikelben


    • as much as i’d love to believe that, i just can’t. people are never satisfied. never.

    • Mike

      +1. My sentiments exactly.

  • rhlpetrus

    Michel Lammerse (who first mentioned it won’t be with same sensor as the D3x) is still calling it D800:

  • Arne

    I don’t give much (anything realy) for the Samyang lens having any bearing on a D900 coming soon. Why ? Look at the list.. no “D3s” and what is “40” ? lets start a rumour that a new “40” camera is coming. Hilarious.
    That being said I myself believe that a successor to D700 is coming but not that the Samyang typo has anything to do with it.

  • Hi,
    Sorry, this as nothing to do with the D900, but does anyone know a FREE software able to open Nikon D90 raw files ? (I have photoshop 5.5).
    Thank you :o)

    • Nau

      Camera Raw – from Adobe

      Fast stone viewer – free viewer

      • Did not work :o(
        But thank you for sharing :o)
        I can’t believe that Nikon did not give a software to open the raw files with my D700 or my D90, that’s a real rippted off.

        • longtimenikonshooter

          you’ve got to be kidding me. nikon’s View NX raw converter is shipped with all nikon dslrs. if you don’t have it, just simply download it from nikon site.

          • OMG !
            The one I had with the CD never worked, so I just download it from your link, OMG !
            What a difference ! I transfered the RAW in TIFF, now I can see much more details (and I see a big difference between the D90 and D700 at ISO 800)
            Thank you sooooooo much !

    • juanlopez

      nikon view nx-freeware

      • Anonymous

        Oh my….

  • ashleydudd

    Hey guys,
    Let me clairfy what happened. D900 would been a successor of D700. It had D700+720P video. They made a prototype of it and tested so hard. But they’ve heard Nikon Rumors and Ken so they decided not to go with it. Currently, they are working on more pixel counts and higher resolution of video. Additionally, they’ll come up with shaped body ’cause they felt it looks little agly. So, sorry for those who off site products since they did not left phone numbers so they didn’t get call in time. Sorry for the bad english. English is not my native language but Japanese is. I live same town where the Nikon headquarter is.

    • []V[] i k e

      You are our spy then πŸ˜‰ our own 007. What about the battery grip ??? and by the way where do you shop for your Nikon stuff?????? send us links πŸ˜‰ doesn’t matter if in Japanese.

      • stevross

        ashleydudd, where you buy nikon stuff??? link pls! πŸ˜€

      • ashleydudd

        here is the camera shop for me. they have best price in japan.

        • I’m planing to go to Tokyo.

          Does them have a physical shop?
          Can you link me the adress in google maps?

          Thank you!

          PD: They have gorgeous prices!

          • []V[] i k e

            Yeah, I would like some info like that too. Nikon rumors should have sort of database of best shops in all countries. I go to Japan too this year.

          • ashleydudd

            Some of the prices in the store front are for used equipment. You see the description said AA or B means used equipment. The new equipment prices are usually higher than USA. For example, D3S is about 5600 dollars in here.

          • ashleydudd

            You guys come to Japan, please stay in my house for free. I even let you meet my sister in low who is working for Nikon. She can take you down to the local camera shop.

        • []V[] i k e

          the google translation doesn’t work well on this site. but I have to say all the prices are pretty cheap. I just managed to check for D90 4
          666 euro in Europe
          465 Euro in Japan

      • WoutK89

        No 007 with a D πŸ˜€ D007 πŸ˜›

    • I live in the same town Microsoft live, I already run Windows 2018 on my computers :o)

  • The remarks about languages, English, Spanish, German, Japanes….etc….are ridiculous !
    We should all speak French, beautifull and sexy language, anyway, who invented photography ???? Two French guys !

    • Astrophotographer

      i thought it was Henry Fox Talbot in England :-O

  • Here, if you whant 25% discount on your D900, Alibaba is a great magician !
    This is RIDICULOUS, I’ll believe in the D900 when I’ll see it on NIKON website.

  • Rafael

    In my opinion, Nikon told some 3rd party manufacturers like grips etc, that a D900 was coming out in Jan 2010, but as usual Nikon is late, but the 3rd party companies are coming out with advertisement for their products cause Nikon told them a D900 was coming out in Jan 2010. (my own guess)

    Im looking forward with much very much anticipation and anxiety about this D900 camera that I hope provides full frame and more than 12 megs, but if its still a 12 megs camera my disappointment its going to be HUGE.

    I own a D3x that I dont want to take out to the streets much, cause of its insane price, so I badly want a FF camera that will provide more than 12 megs for the work that I do, (and that is not crazy expensive!! around 3.5k would be ok) so I could go to work without having to bring a Gun to my photoshoots to protect my D3x.

    note: Dont talk to me about insurance, I live in a Country where insurance for photographic equipment sucks.

    • longtimenikonshooter

      carry a gun for protection? you’ve got to be kidding me. i have carried much much more expensive camera systems walking around. how about $32,000 digital back on a hassy? i never needed any firearms for protection.

      • Rafael

        yo do if you shoot in the streets of Mexico City and other cities in Mexico , my friend

        • Caramba

          Mexico is a nice country, but only on Postcard.
          It is way to dangerous there, even a Shotgun won’t help you.
          My suggestion: try to emigrate to safer country (for eg. USA or the Country above, France me thinks) take your family and your Nikon with you.

          • Rafael


            Im happy in Mexico anyways, besides I like senoritas here, but the point I try to make is that for us Mexicans that earn pesos (not dollars) buying a D3x is a ver strong effort, and I just wish Nikon made a 18 megs FF camera for around 3,500 usd that would be nice for us in developing countries

        • longtimenikonshooter

          Last June, I walked nasty streets with two cameras on my shoulder, D3 and D3x, in places, such as Genoa, and Mogadishu. Never encountered any problems in many developing countries.

          • Rafael

            My due respect, but still you probably have insurance that covers your equipment even overseas, and also you probably earn american dollars or euros, which make acquiring photo equipment for you much easer than for a person in a developing country.


            Insurance in Mexico is the very worst, since getting mugged on the street is not very unusual, insurance companies ONLY insure photo equipment that is stored in your studio, you can get an insurance to take it outside in the street but its extremely expensive, I think Nikon should consider us , photographers in developing countries who also LOVE photography and want to get the very best results as first world photographers, and last but not leas that also LOVE Nikon Gear.

          • WoutK89

            So what you say is, give us the netbook version of a DSLR, since they cost barely anything, yet they do what most people use their computer for, typing, chatting and internet?
            (PS it is already there, D3000, costs barely anything, yet takes very decent pictures)

  • dave

    I seem to recall that the D300s was incorrectly called a D900 in some SE Asian publication prior to the actual announce. Wish I could find the reference. I also note that those adverts that include a D900 and D300 do not include a D300s. I also note that the Sigma advert includes a D3, which has been replaced by D3s and a D900 but not a D700, so I suspect D900 is a typo of D700 here. I will also not that Sigma’s official description does NOT include the D900.

    I’m not saying a D900 isn’t coming, maybe even soon, But get a life people. Finding typos on obscure web sites isn’t proof of anything and doesn’t even constitute a rumor. As for Amazon buying D900 adverts on Google, they have D400 adverts on Google as well and B&H has D400, D500 and D800 adverts on google. A lot of companies are trying to capture mistyped searches these days. Try mistyping your favorite popular URL these days and more often than not you get an advert web site instead of a 404.

    • Interesting Point

      D900 is actually D300s (by typo or misunderstanding)

      then it makes sense why there is no news or photo or spec about D900

  • zeisshead

    dave: Case solved!

  • Anticipator

    Ahhhh…. somebody out there just fake a picture or something!!! lol

  • Chris

    I don’t want video in my DSLR, I just want more Nikkor lenses, and at better prices.

    • Willy Woodpecker

      I want MORE video possibillities in my new DSLR. I want real good cinematic-quality in my footage. For me its a very usable feature, which i would miss else. Look, you get a 36mm full frame sensor for a few grands. The next possibility to get a fullframe digital cinematograph with interchangable lenses comes from ARRI and costs hundreds of thousands. So why complaining instead of beeing happy?

  • Rock Kenwell

    Why does any of this matter? I use a far superior medium – she goes by the name FILM and produces superlative images that I have never seen matched by digital and never will. The Mini Digital Age is over folks – was fun while it lasted – but come on back to your film cameras now.

    And do you know the best thing about this? You got it… I won’t need to write anymore detailed, FILM v DIGITAL essays! Kiss my face!

    • longtimenikonshooter

      In Leonardo Da Vinci’s time the primary medium for two-dimensional art was wood panels. Then it was canvas before film was invented. Can you get any films with ISO rating 6400 and above? Can you get instant feedback from films? Even Kodachrome closed shop.

      • Rocky Ken Well

        You say that but if you read what you say you read that you are incorrect in what you say.

        You are a long time nikon shooter but I have been taken pictures longer than that with nikons and my trusty old minolta before that so that means I make pictures that are truly art within the true sense of the word and not just snaps with an expensive toy.

        I also have my own website which is very highly rated by people ‘in the know’.

        I am very important in my opinion. I also chant. Do you chant?

        • Ken Rockwell

          You might think you are important Rocky, but in my opinion my opinions are even better than both your opinions. I have a website too and my brother flies fighter jets whilst simultaneously shooting arborists with a cannon and star trails with a nikon. He doesn’t believe in the moon landings but I do because, well because, I was there shooting Nikon (unofficially of course, though the President did make the request at the time). Of course my images were too amazing to be seen by the public but a few select people at Nasa have seen them. Two of them were temporarily blinded by the images as I had actually captured the light from the moon in my images as I am so amazing. The camera I used still has some light from the moon in it and if I hold it upside down in a dark cupboard you can see the shape of the moon light in it – really amazing, but then again thats the kind of person I am… amazing. I don’t chant but I do know everything about cameras and most other stuff too.

        • longtimenikonshooter

          Nikon Corporation was established in 1917, and the first 35mm camera was made back in 1932 for the Imperial Japanese Army.

        • mdm

          Been reading these “rumors” for 3 months now, 95% BS…
          Just a waste of time…

          • Alex

            that makes the rumors, not “rumors” which implies they are so-called rumors, but you don’t really believe they are. But if you type in surely you expect them to be rumors, and not necessarily cold, hard facts, which sometimes these rumors turn out to be.
            You can always start up – nobody is preventing you. Or you can just get lost, either way, it doesn’t really matter. But don’t come on here and complain that rumors are just rumors.

    • Rafael

      evidently you haven’t tried a D3x

    • Ronan

      Digital > Film and its been like that for around 4-5 years. Get with the time old man. And get your facts rights.

    • Digiboy

      I can’t go back to my film cameras, cuz i sold them all on fleebay long time ago

  • Film vs Digital is a pointless, useless and endless discution.
    You get much better results with digital than film, nothing else to say.
    The only thing I miss about the film is processing porn pictures from customers when I was working in a lab !

    • Anonymous

      yes my dear
      those times are over

  • Bob

    I’d never go back to film. Period

  • Gary

    Regardless of what it is called, it does seem that a new camera, to replace the D700, is coming in Feb. Both M Lammerse and Thom Hogan on dpreview support that. M Lammerse still thinks its going to be called a D800.

    As we get closer to the date there should be more and more substantive leaks coming out.

    • Alex

      Feb would be a good time to release it, it seems like Canonrumors believes the 1Ds4 will also be released in Feb. I know they aren’t really competing cameras, but the majority will be more interested in the D900’s price.

      • I just got a tip from a 100% reliable source:
        The new Nikon D800/900 will be relase Monday Febuary 29 at 11AM (PDT).

    • digital is better than film? i love how all of you can simply throw out the idea of film, ” it’s too hard, it takes too much time, i want my pictures now, now now now now now!”, you all sound like little children. you see, photographers are spoiled, they can instantly see the result of their work with digital, which is a shame in a certain way, because you can’t value an accomplished digital photograph as much as you can with film. digital also isn’t permanent, it can be erased within a blink of an eye, gone, even by mistake, and then you’re f*cked. now what? you all need to get off your high horses, film will always triumph over digital, its look, its feel, everything. film is straight to the point, no bullsh*t about megapixels, certainly no nonsense about video either. i’d take a 4×5 view over a d3x always. it is such a shame how technology is destroying the original essence of this art, and 95% of those in the field are too eager to bust a nut over the newest 40mp camera than try out different formats of photography. i have way more respect for the guy that shoots with an FM2 and a 50mm f/1.8 than the hot shot with a D3x and a 70-200 f/2.8.

      • Gorji

        Why do you use foul language? Your entitled to your opinion.

      • nau

        and you tell all this why ? do you feel better after this post ? anything else you want to talk about before jumping out of the windows ?

      • Ryan, I edited your comment to be more “user friendly”. Please watch your language. Thanks.

  • Richard

    With the release of the rumored 1Ds MKIV, Canon will have plainly stepped ahead of Nikon in sensor production insofar as resolution is concerned. If the autofocus issues of the past are not resolved with the 1D series it will matter comparatively little to sports/action/PJ users though. For nature/wildlife/landscape users Nikon have fallen behind quite a bit. While true that there are a number of Nikon users producing fine images with the current top-of-the-line Nikons, one has to wonder just how these developments will impact the second tier of users.

    One web site calculated that the 1Ds MKIV could have a sensor with a 38 MP sensor based on the sensor density of Canon’s current crop sensor technology which makes the rumored 32 MP sensor seem credible.

    I, for one, would like to see the rumored D800/D900 be an answer to the Canon 5D MKII. While this might leave Nikon in a temporary position of not having a great distinction between it and the D3 lineup, one should hope that the release of the D4 would resolve that problem.

    • ashleydudd

      are you talking about canon sensors? I read whole bunch of problem on canon high mega pixel sensors. One of them was 7d and 5d’s pattern noise problem.

      • There is a noise problem with Canon’s sensors ?
        Is the sensor making more noise than the shutter ?
        That could be a problem in events like weddings or concerts.

  • doctor_charly

    Interesting what a buzz it makes…i hope there will be a new sensor on that D900 with high dynamic range, and a good codec for HD video, wether 720 or 1080p…

  • tibor

    that’s the only real improvement I’d like to see as well. & inegrated pre-prod graduated gray filters (possible with a liquid crystal panel) & NEF video for better post-prod.

  • Bill

    Seems Samyang didn’t like the D700. I see they forgot to list the lens fits the D700.

  • []V[] i k e

    I have seen 200- 350 Euro Price drop on 24-70 f2.8. This is strange as it is January. Maybe new 24-70 with VR II ??????????????

  • ben

    hmmmm… it’s been quiet the past few days … so is NR admin … is this the silence before the storm ? or does this just mean that there is really no new camera or new lense coming out soon ?

  • Bill

    Ryan, Ryan, Ryan… is great, film is good. Seems like you’ve been soaking your pot papers in Fixing solution too long. Digital is the greatest thing going for photography since the days of Velvia and Agfa Ultra 50. Digital?
    well, it just keeps getting better and better….film however, is getting very hard to have processed. Labs are becoming expensive and hard to trust with doing good work. I have 5 digital cameras along with three Nikon film cameras, a Hasselblad and a 4×5. I have not touched my film cameras in 6 years, except to keep the shutters and winders moving and active. Oh, and I GAVE away my Beseler 4×5 enlarger. Keep shooting your 4×5. In the near future, digital will surpass 4×5 in sharpness and dynamic range and while we digital people pass you on the trail with our 15 lb packs with 5 lenses and two digital bodies, an you struggle with your 4×5 , three lenses, 15 film carriers, changing bag and hood shade cover all weighing around 35 lbs. without the humongous tripod added in there, WE will offer you a bottle of water that we still have extra room for. I think a great place for you to place your posts, might be to Ann Landers type colums to concentrate on your anger management issues.

  • Bill

    Ben, it has been quiet. I think if there was anything out there of any substance in the land we call REALITY, Nikon would be jumping on it to stop their severe bleeding over the Canons being sold like hotcakes with all their new models out.

  • LGo

    OK … we know that the new Nikon will have an 18mp FF sensor. We also know that it will support 1080p HD video – with far better performance than the current corp of video-capable Nikon dSLRs.

    Putting these two together and knowing that Nikon is not finicky in its source of sensors, I now realize that the 18mp FF sensor must be the one made by Kodak … the same one as installed on the Leia M9. But with Nikon’s great track record in tweaking the D3x and D3s sensor, it will likely perform even better than the Leia M9.

    What I am not certain now is whether the new Nikon body with the 18mp FF sensor will be in a rangefinder body (like the Leica M9) or in a D3s or D700 type body.

    Given that Canon will soon be releasing a 3D (combining the best of the Canon 7D and 5D Mk II), then Nikon will most likely release this in a D700-type body to be competitive with the Canon 3D.

    Given that the Kodak 18mp FF sensor is a CCD, it will not suffer from the rolling shutter that afflicts the current crop of CMOS-equipped Nikon dSLRs. So 1080p HD video is eminently possible in this new Nikon FF body.

    So did I just solve the mystery surrounding this new Nikon FF 18mp body with 1080p HD video slated for release in February?

    This is one body to watch out for! πŸ™‚

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