Nikon D700s/D700x/D800/D900 confusion

Lame D700

In the past week I received so much conflicting information about different camera models possibilities (D700s/D700x/D800/D900) that at point I cannot say for sure what will be the actual number. And then today I found out why - the rumor is that this time Nikon has sent blank bodies out for testing, without model number and nobody from the testers really knows what the final version will be. I am not sure if they have done this in the past (Leica labeled the M9 as M8 when they sent it out for testing).

Whatever the model number, the consensus seems to be higher resolution and full HD video. I have not received ISO sensitivity, viewfinder coverage or any other details yet.

Jeff-c and Thom Hogan mentioned that Nikon rotates their model numbering scheme and we are currently in the "odd cycle" D700, D90, D3x, D5000, D3000, D3s, D300s. The next one is the "even cycle" D4, D400, D600, D800. If this is true, D900 could be the real name, especially if it has higher MP that the D700.

Thom Hogans predicts release in the first two weeks of February.  PMA starts on February 21st, 2010. Michel Lammerse posted online his own predictions of what will be coming from Nikon.

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  • LGo

    OK … we know that the new Nikon will have an 18mp FF sensor. We also know that it will support 1080p HD video – with far better performance than the current corp of video-capable Nikon dSLRs.

    Putting these two together and knowing that Nikon is not averse to out-sourcing its sensor from another supplier (even from a competitor like Sony), I now realize that the 18mp FF sensor must be the one made by Kodak … the same one as installed on the Leica M9. But with Nikon’s great track record in tweaking the D3x and D3s sensor, this sensor in a Nikon body likely perform much better than what is is capable of producing in the Leica M9!

    What I am not certain now is whether the new Nikon body with the 18mp FF sensor will be in a rangefinder body (like the Leica M9) or in a D3s or D700 type body.

    Given that Canon will soon be releasing a 3D (combining the best of the Canon 7D and 5D Mk II), then Nikon will most likely release this in a D700-type body to be competitive with the Canon 3D.

    Given that the Kodak 18mp FF sensor is a CCD, it will not suffer from the rolling shutter effect that afflicts the current crop of CMOS-equipped Nikon video-capable dSLRs. So 1080p HD video is eminently possible in this new Nikon FF body.

    So did I just solve the mystery surrounding this new Nikon FF 18mp body with 1080p HD video slated for release in February?

    This is one body to watch out for … with Nikon expected to announce this new model by February! 18mp, FF, high-ISO capabilities, 1080p HD-video supporting 24fps and 30fps, no rolling shutters …. wow!

    This would make an excellent addition to my D300 and D700. There will definitely be no D3s for me anymore. 🙂

    • Bob

      well I hope it has the standard Nikon DSLR body with the new camera

  • Bill

    I don’t know about you people, but I am going to hold out for the Nikon D1200XXX
    36 MP Total High DNR, ASA 25 to 32,000 (NO noise), full frame, 4 inch viewfinder, Projector built in with high Def resolution that will project movies by Wi-fi onto a 12 ft x 12 ft wall, all for only $ 249.95. Neck strap and battery optional for $3,349.50.
    Guess I will get some rope for the neck strap and a 12 volt auto battery with converter and bypass the $3,349.50 HEH!!!

  • Chris

    As for the new Nikon cameras what about the D3x which is cool but the iso isn’t as good as the D3s so when will the D3Xs turn up, I would think it will be before the D4 as if you follow the trend of D2, D2x and D2xs Nikon should do a D3xs too. No matter what camera No.’s are (D700s,D700x or D800) of semi pro end. The D800 should be out after the D4 is for a basic idea look at Sony’s camera’s and their MP size, Nikon may be the same.

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