Japanese pricing for Nikon’s 100th anniversary commemorative items

As I already mentioned last week, Nikon has still to announce the pricing and details of their commemorative items and it seems that this will all happen tomorrow, so stay tuned for details. Here is the Japanese pricing on some of the items, shipping should start at the end of  July:

UPDATE: the US pricing can be found here.


  • Nikon D5: 1 million yen (around $9,000)
  • Nikon D500: 350,000 yen (around $3,100)
  • Set of three Nikkor lenses (14-24, 24-70, 70-200): 1 million yen (around $9,000)
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  • Nyarlathotep

    Sign me up…. Too avoid these limited “offers”

  • Sawyerspadre

    Hopefully senior management didn’t spend too much mental bandwidth on figuring this out.

    “just give them a 50% premium, done”

  • Fly Moon

    Who would buy those?

    • sickheadache

      See Below

    • Those who bought back then that golden 14-24 on golden DF.

      • fanboy fagz

        yea, very classy!

    • Afzal NA

      Footballers who want to look good with a camera

    • Kreh

      Collectors. Shortly after the limited editions sell out they will be worth slightly more than the retail price – if they have not been used. Meanwhile the vanilla versions are still on sale, still at discounted prices if you look hard enough, and after a year of hard work they are worth significantly less than the retail you paid for them.

      • ZoetMB

        Why shouldn’t the vanilla versions be worth less that what we paid for them? They’re very available new and ours are used. That’s always been the case. Only a shortage of a very desired camera or lens would raise the price above what we paid.

    • ZoetMB

      Nikon has always made special commemorative editions, although they were mainly sold only in Japan, such as the following:
      2005: SP2005 Black (Nikon Eye Candy) w/35mm 1.8 lens. Sold in Japan only, 2500 units, US equivalent price $6000.
      2000: S3 Year 2000 Black. 2000 units, $6000.
      2000: S3 Year 2000 Limited edition. 8000 units. $2295.
      2000: FM2n Year of Dragon Millennium (w/50 1.4). 2000 units.
      1998: F5 50th Anniversary edition. 3000 units (300 for U.S.) although KEF once reported that only 2000 units were made. A used one eventually went for as little as $889.
      1994: FM2/T Year of Dog. 3001 units
      1984: FA Gold w/50mm 1.4. Had lizard leather. Either 500 or 2000 units, depending upon who you believe. Sold for ¥500,000 ($2145).
      1977: F2 25th Anniversary
      Approx 1976: FM Gold. 300 units.

      Some of these held value, some didn’t.

  • sickheadache

    WTF..why is Nikon acting like Hasselblad? How much is that $6500 D5 selling for? 9 Grand…and the $1,500 D500 selling for..over 3 Grand?..will Nikon do what Hasselblad done for their customer’s..give a Free “DUMBASS” Tattoo on the forehead?

    Oh My Lanta..Nikon!

    • If this is the real US pricing, it is indeed ridiculous.

      • Andrew

        I would not be so fast in saying the price is ridiculous 😉

        Don’t you own a Rolex watch? The Yellow Gold Rolex Daytona is selling for $23,500. Don’t focus on the price, but on the word “Gold”. Who knows what precious metals these artifacts will incorporate. Count me in as an investor 😉

        • It’s a regular D5 camera without any gold in it for $3k-$4k more than the regular model. The only difference is the color and the 100 years stamp. Different than a Rolex watch, I can also guarantee you the price of this D5 will not be going up over time.

        • sickheadache

          Andrew…Come see me over at the corner..I have a special price for the 46th Anniversary of the Ford Pinto…I got a 1971 Ford Pinto in Gold for 10 Million Dollars…I hear that is an explosive value.

          • ZoetMB

            You know what? If you had a 1971 Gold Ford Pinto in mint condition, it probably would be worth a lot of money. I once owned a 1973 AMC Gremlin. It didn’t blow up, but it was one of the worst cars ever made. Mine was no exception – everything that could possibly go wrong in a car went wrong, except for the AC. Wheel bearings, rings, oil leaks, electrical shorts, even the seat backs collapsed. But if someone had a mint one today, it also would be worth a lot of money,.

            • Allan

              And you could sell it to the Museum of Failure in Sweden. (Has anybody ever gone there? Does Nikon Rumors have readers from Sweden?)

            • sickheadache

              Everyone 1..2..3…Slap to Foreheads. Eyes Rolls, and Oh My Lanta.

    • Meiken Chan

      The only thing that’s worth it is the Nikon Holy Trinity lens set, which would cost around 9K anyways

      • VanHoff

        “Around”? like 2200 bucks less!

        • Meiken Chan

          Oops forgot to convert Canadian into USD

  • GearHeavy

    Based on those figures, the premium leather camera strap should go for about $500 and the crystal Nikon about $1500. All items come with T-shirt printed “I AM…Sucker”.

    • Eledeuh

      Based on Nikon’s own newsletter, the leather strap should go for a bit more than $100, not $500 (¥12.800 including tax), which is still very expensive, but not entirely unreasonable depending on the quality.

  • VanHoff

    And when the Nikon F mount changes in the not so far future, guess how much money collectors will be able to collect from this bargain!

    • Steve

      F mount isn’t going or changing. If you want proof go check out which mount the new flagship 28mm f/1.4e is for…

    • ZoetMB

      As a collectible, changing the mount won’t matter. All you have to do is look at the auctions that are held and look at the prices that scarce models of the old Nikon rangefinders command. These are not for use, they’re for collectors and in that world, it’s scarcity that determines the price. Check out the auctions in the link: http://www.tamarkinauctions.com/results

      Now I would never personally pay these prices (I don’t even like Nikon’s regular prices), but I’m not a collector. And there are many people in this world who have way too much money and for whom price is no object. (If there weren’t, Leica couldn’t exist). So my bet is that these actually sell out pretty quickly since every such special edition Nikon has ever made (although most of them were replicas of the rangefinders) have sold out quickly and are extremely hard to find.

      • Marc W.

        Except with digital, I don’t think they would be a collector’s item. Look at the used prices for D70, etc compared to a F6 that’s completely still usable with new films = new advanced sensor.

        • ZoetMB

          Means nothing. You can’t compare the pricing when the intention is a practical use of a working camera with the pricing of a collectible. And besides, it’s scarcity that determines the price for collectibles. Nikon can command a high price for these anniversary editions because they’re only making 100.

          Look at the Apple 1 computers that have come up for auction. You can’t really use them for anything practical, but they still go for a lot of money. In fact, there’s one being auctioned off today that’s expected to fetch $500,000.

  • jake337

    Are you ducking kidding me?

    • sickheadache

      What the Cluck?

  • Marek Kunicki

    I’m not surprised with the prices here, considering Nikon’s prices on everything else. $600 to grease a lens, $450 to calibrate a lens, it’s all b/s.

    $2500 extra for a differently colored paint job….

    This is why I’m starting to switch back to Canon.

    • TheInfinityPoint

      Wait really?!? $450 to correct for lens de-centering? I was thinking of sending in one of my (unfortunately, out of warranty) lenses…

  • Tony Arroyo

    Haha only 100 available, I guess only millionaires will be able to get the limited edition, not the hardworking photographers that have helped build the Nikon name!!!!

    • ZoetMB

      Hardworking photographers generally don’t collect special editions of cameras because hardworking photographers actually use their cameras.

      • Tony Arroyo

        haha good point and agree!!!

  • Scott M.

    If you actually bought one and used it…it would immediately lose value as a collectible and all you would have left is a great product at twice the price. Or never use it and sell it later as an investment. But how long would it take to see a return? Silly thing to get unless money is no object to you.
    Better to make a special camera that has some kind of special enhancement, like a D500 @36mpx or 15FPS. Or trinity set of lenses that are all f/2.4 Those would sell.

    • TheInfinityPoint

      No all you gotta do is switch the outer plastic coverings with the “100” on it with another vanilla D5/D500, kind of like when people started switching the name plate on D800/D800E’s.

  • Chewbacca

    I hate to say it but this company is getting harder and harder to ubderstand. They need a rebranding of sorts and I’m not sure this is the way to go to.
    I can’t even understand how this decision was discussed and followed through on.
    There is most likely going to be a few camera companies that exist in the not so distant future and I’m not sure this ridiculous collector item stuff is doing Nikon any good. I wish them well.

    • sickheadache

      I wonder also. These Suits at Nikon…must be so high up in the Nikon Tower of dumbness. These guys who come up with this mess and over at Hasselblad, placing their own badges and a piece of wood on a 1000 dollar camera and then sticking 5 grand on it…If you truly bought that camera or any others like it…you are a dumb cluck with no brain cells of reality.

      These guys who are driven to work in a Mercedes Benz Maybach 650…have no clue how a business really operates. Scary dudes at Nikon and true dumb clucks at Hasselblad.

      • Chewbacca

        If they want to pat themselves on the back that is fine, They have a long history of success. this just seems like a release for corporate executives with no thought put into who got them where they are today. I might not be so critical had they not just cancelled a very good looking Dl product, released a gopro and seem to be be slipping in public perception. But, if this is all they come up with for their anniversary then I think its a sign that they are still trying to find their way in a crashing industry. I’m still betting on Nikon but I keep saying that phrase over and over again lately.

  • Mistral75
    • Simon Chen

      $100-$150 for the camera strap. A bloody camera strap!!!!

      • BVS

        $100 for the strap. To make it easier to swallow, just remember it’s:

        “Carefully crafted with premium Italian leather using artisanal techniques”

        “Foil-stamped with the Nikon 100th anniversary logo and one of Nikon’s iconic company logos”

        “Lined with a soft suede-like material that won’t fade”

  • Fiatlux

    Let’s see this the same way as Leica collector items: an easy way to help the bottom line by tapping in the collectors market.

    If it helps Nikon funding the development of other new fantastic stuff like the recent 105 1.4, why not, even if 100 D5 are not going to make a big difference at Nikon’s scale.

  • mark_texas

    So does anyone know if the US items already sold out, or have they just not gone on sale yet. All of them show “Temporarily out of inventory”

    • ZoetMB

      Not on sale yet. They all can be pre-ordered.

  • Julian

    When they don’t sell so well the prices will surely come down, but personally I’d rather the bog standard models.

  • Vincent

    At least here in Singapore, prices have been released. http://www.nikon.com.sg/en_SG/products/categories/100th

  • Semaphore

    Looking at the comments you’d think Nikon cancelled the existing versions and these expensive overpriced sets are the only way to get these cameras and lenses from now on.

    They’re only putting 100 of these out. It’s like anyone expects you to buy them for actual use, it’s just an expensive collectible for a special occasion. No need to get so worked up over these. You can just ignore them.

  • Steve

    Such a screwy currency. 1 million yen….sounds ridiculous. Albeit $9000.

    • Captain Megaton

      Even more confusing? “1 million yen” is “one hundred ten thousand yen” in Japanese. You’re welcome.

      • Kevin Pan

        Same as in Chinese.

  • Eno

    Nikon does not need this shit!
    What they need is popularity, users to actually be happy with their cameras, not to feel frustration with every occasion!
    What would have been IMO a really good move from their part (besides some revolutionary products for the 100’th anniversary): everything this year to be special painted anniversary products at normal prices, for people to feel some proud in using their already very expensive produces.

    • Sawyerspadre

      Mine are working, and I’m not frustrated….

  • Дмитрий

    Nikon has still to announce the pricing and details of their commemorative items and it seems that this will all happen tomorrow

    mb release d820?

  • Edwin

    This is an insult, certainly not a real Thank-You-For-100-Years-of-Supporting-Us at all. Only very very dumb people get that celebration version. That is money better spend elsewhere…

    • jmb2560

      You can also look at it from another perspective: the idiots who are going to spend that much money for these products will help generate cash that will hopefully be used to fund more interesting projects. This is the Leica way! With so many limited editions runs per year, you sometimes wonder if their entire business is just limited runs with nice boxes…

  • Will be waiting for the gray market of these…. oh wait.

  • Mistral75

    German (i.e. Eurozone) prices:

    D5 – Jubiläumsedition: 8.500,00 €
    D500 – Jubiläumsedition: 2.900,00 €
    NIKKOR 70-200E – Jubiläumsedition: 4.100,00 €
    NIKKOR Triple F2.8 Zoom Lens Set-Kit – Jubiläumsedition: 8.500,00 €
    Kristallglas-Nachbildung der Nikon Model I zum 100-jährigen Bestehen: 1.500,00 €
    Miniaturmodell der Nikon F zum 100-jährigen Bestehen: 149,00 €
    Pin-Kollektion zum 100-jährigen Bestehen: 279,00 €
    Premium-Kamerariemen zum 100-jährigen Bestehen: 109,00 €

  • Max

    If I was Nikon I would (ignoring, of course, releasing a new mirrorless body, D820, etc), rather update the classic 50 1.8G. Make it E and AF-P, a bit sharper, etc and make the first 100 copies thereof in groovy gunmetal grey or whatever that is with the 100 logo.

    Rather than newly printed existing, straps and bodies and lenses.

    • Sawyerspadre

      Except that the new product development teams, and the “what do we do for the 100th team” are not allowed to talk to each other…

  • Nice. But those items are nothing i would care or worry about. I have never cared about collector items but i appreciate a design like the Nikon Df or FUJI X-T2 cameras.

  • sickheadache

    You are truly blessed…and thanks for spreading your blessness to all who can read.

    • Allan

      Blessedness. 🙂

      • sickheadache

        I got a job for you..to correct my blessedness’s.

      • fanboy fagz

        dont be a grammar nazi. stop. sickheadache is unique. he has his own language.

        • Allan

          You’re right.

          Forgive me, sickheadache.

  • ZoetMB

    They’ve been announced in the U.S. The D5 is $8000, the D500 is $2800, the 70-200E is $4000 and the 3-lens kit is $8000. However, while the website does say they’re limited editions, nowhere does it state the number of units they’re producing, which is not really ‘best practice’.

    They also have some swag available: a miniature Nikon F half-scale replica for $140, a crystal Nikon 1 replica for $1500, a set of 26 pins in a frame for $270, and a black or brown leather camera strap for $100.


    • Allan

      Nikon Model 1 – I think is different than a Nikon 1 Model.

      • ZoetMB

        It’s not the recent series – it’s a replica of the original rangefinder from 1948.

        • Allan

          Got it. For a second, I thought it was a Nikon 1 crystal model, giving hope to those who want to see the Nikon 1 line continued.

        • Allan

          1948 – I wasn’t even a twinkle in someone’s eyes.

    • ZoetMB

      There are also posters ($127 to $188, depending upon framing) and t-shirts ($25).

  • Kent Squires

    Pricing is up on Nikon’s website. Prices are less than the estimates posted here. For example: Anniversary edition of D5 is $7999.95. Holy trinity is also $7999.95. For full pricing for those interested, go to Nikon.com

  • CERO

    they could at least give the damn camera more details than just a simply paint job and logo. 😐

    • Allan

      ?racing stripes.

      • CERO

        oh my.. god.. XD

  • Kreh

    Did you read my post?

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