Another $50 price drop on refurbished Nikon D500 cameras

The authorized Nikon dealer BuyDig is currently selling refurbished Nikon D500 cameras for $1,446.95 with coupon code DXPRO2X50 (limited quantity available, limit 1 camera per order, free shipping, 45-day return policy, 90 days Nikon USA warranty). For comparison, a new Nikon D500 body now costs $1,796.95 and comes with a free grip and accessories valued at $481.39 (the Nikon MB-D17 grip alone costs $371.49).

A list of all BuyDig coupon codes is available here.

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  • doge

    not bad.

    still seems like a smarter move to buy a brand new one and sell the accessories.

  • TwoStrayCats

    I’m hoping they’ll promo the D5 and throw in a free 105 f/1.4 – limited quantities, of course.

  • I paid full price for a USA D500 several months ago. I love it when manufactures load the market with product so the price drops so much, so quickly. Makes me want to go out and buy another one at full price. Not!

    • Spy Black

      You paid to be the first kid on the block with a new toy.

      • If you are the first buy a high end automobile, it doesn’t drop in price 6 months later. In the marketing world, quick price drops connotes a cheap product.

        • Wade Marks

          Actually, cars do go down in price in that first year…maybe not so much the dealer sticker price, but definitely the price you can get from the dealer, esp. if you negotiate well.

          The D500 was announced in Jan of the year…it’s almost 1 yr on the market. If I went into the dealership after a particular auto had been on them market for almost a year, I definitely would pay less than when it was first announced.

        • Spy Black

          Your high-end automobile drops in price the moment you drive it out of the dealership.

          It makes no difference, car or camera, you paid top dollar to be the first kid on the block with a new toy.

          • Wade Marks

            Exactly. And what you gain by being first on the block is the joy of using the camera for all of these months.

            The camera has dropped $200 in retail price over almost a full year; if you had rented a camera over that time it would have cost far more.

            You have to measure the value of anything you buy based in part on the amount of time you spend enjoying it.

          • Typically, a new car goes up in price with each model year. A new 2016 Subaru Crosstrek costs significantly more than a 2013 when it was bought new with comparable options. A new D500 bought next year will cost significantly less than a D500 bought this year.

            • Spy Black

              I don’t think it works that way for cameras. However if you buy a brand new car, ride it right out of a dealer and directly into another for a trade in, it will be immediately depreciated.

    • dabug91

      I bought a D750 in October 2015 about a month after it came out. 5 months later it dropped down to $2000. I learned my lesson, and told myself I’d wait on the D500.
      Glad I did. 😉
      In fact, I probably would have waited even longer if it wasn’t for the free battery grip, memory card, and camera bag (but mostly just the battery grip).
      The Lowepro 16L is a little too small to be of any use to me for my liking so I’ll probably sell it since I still need an XQD card.

    • James Donahue

      You are not alone.

    • Wade Marks

      One more thing…it’s not like this is the first product that we see this with. We see it all the time with cameras, cars, TV’s, etc…as time goes by the price drops.

      We all know this…so why should anyone be shocked or complain when they buy early, knowing this is going to happen?

      We know the rules…as consumers we can choose. Simple as that.

      Want it enjoy it early and over a longer period of time…pay more. Want it cheaper…wait.

      • BlueBomberTurbo

        Nikons drop rather quickly as of late, though, compared to other brands.

        • CERO

          Technically they dont drop.. they do a Disney.. (aka offer “discounts” all around the year…
          Anyway these deals for refurbs are still awesome.

    • BlueBomberTurbo

      Buy Sony. Their prices take like 2 years to drop. 😉

  • umijin

    Nikon store US has the D750 for $1299 for today only – even better deal!

  • jjj_ri_usa

    An even better deal from Nikon Store: Refurbished Nikon D810 for $1899 (one day only).

  • James Donahue

    Was, exactly is a refurbished Camera, or anything elese.

  • CERO

    Man, Today I was thankful of Amazon of my country.. they had an exclusive offer that the price was WAY LOWER than the US counterpart.
    Usually its way more expensive (full price + import + chargefees+ taxes).

    I mean.. instead of paying the equivalent of 1900 USD.. I paid just mere 1500 USD (with taxes includes, which if you take into account my country charges 16%.. its a huge steal!)

    D500 is on my way!!

    Just wanted to share because I’m excited!.

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