New high-end Nikon compact cameras with fixed lens to be announced at CP+

In December last year I reported a rumor about a new series of Nikon compact cameras with fixed lenses that will have different focal lengths and apertures. The cameras have been in development for a long time - rumors have been floating around since 2013. I am now pretty confident that at least two models will be announced at the CP+ show in Japan (February 25-28). This is what we know so far:

  • New line of premium compact cameras with a new name (not Coolpix for sure)
  • 1" sensor, but some models may have APS-C and even full frame (maybe in the future?)
  • Nikkor branded non-interchangeable lenses. The first three versions will be (35mm equivalent focal lengths):
    • Wide angle version: 18-50mm f/1.8-2.8
    • Normal range: 24-85mm f/1.8-2.8 (see lens patent here)
    • Superzoom: 24-500mm f/2.8-5.6
  • Compatible with Nikon Speedlights (cameras will have hot shoe)
  • Optional/external EVF
  • Wide range of accessories will be available
  • The new product line will be marketed as "always in your bag" and will be targeting advanced/semi-professional photographers

Picture credit: Nikon camera concept by Nikolay Komaro (not the real camera)

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  • Wally Brooks

    Big problem may be what Thom Hogan calls leakage. I already voted my pocketbook and use a Panny GX 7 for walking around and mostly leave my D7200 home.

  • SimenO

    Note that the focal lengths are 35mm equivalent, but the apertures are not. This should clear up the misunderstandings:

    REAL focal lengths AND apertures:
    6.6-18.4mm f/1.8-2.8
    8.8-31.2mm f/1.8-2.8
    8.8-184mm f/2.8-5.6

    35mm EQUIVALENT focal lengths AND apertures:
    18-50mm f/4.9-7.6
    24-85mm f/4.9-7.6
    24-500mm f/7.6-15.2

    • nwcs

      It should be noted that aperture did not change as it’s a physical property of the lens. Depth of field *at the same subject distance* is the only thing that makes it appear as if it was a smaller aperture compared to a larger sensor. And you’re also assuming a sensor size. We don’t know what sensor this is.

      • SimenO

        Aperture IS a physical property of the lens. Its the physical focal length divided by the physical measurable aperture diameter.

        The sensor size is according to the article 1″ in this model, with possible other sizes in other future cameras. 1″ also makes sense for the focal lengths written on the prototype.

        It’s not just DoF that changes. Read this about equivalences:

  • Cinematismo Cultura

    Greats news for me, since I have a Nikon S9700 and S9900 (for its long zoom), a Nikon 1 J5 (that I love for its focus speed and IQ), and the Sony RX100 and Canon G7X (both for its pocket size, good video quality and luminosity). Then, sure I will buy two of these new Nikon´s cameras, the one with the wide angle lens and the one with superzoom (for a total focal range of 18-500mm in 35mm equivalence). This couple is all I need in this sensor size range, then I can sell all the others to afford the price. These two new Nikon´s cameras will be the perfect couple to travel, and also they are perfect to go among my D750 and any f/1.4 prime. Personally I don´t care if its name is Coolpix B, Coolpix 1, SuperX, Key, etc. They look as a very useful tools to me.

  • Dewsy Sipos

    Most people using Sony RX line are the vloggers who want quality videos. All nikon have to do expect the 180 degree flip screen is to add a mic in to the mix. No one does that, but every quality-oriented vlogger wants it.
    Here is the full list: good image stabilization for handheld video, mic in, good AF.

    If Nikon delivers this package (and no one else does) they can win it big time

    • nwcs

      Plenty of people using the RX who aren’t vlogging. It’s currently the best all-around pocketable camera. Lots of uses.

      • Dewsy Sipos

        My main info source is youtube, maybe i see more of the vlogging side than any other usage uf the camera. I agree, those have a lot of good inside them. Still: 6,5/10 “pro” vloggers go with the RX line.

        • nwcs

          Interesting but I wonder what percent those people are of the RX buying public?

          • Dewsy Sipos

            That’s a thing i don’t know. But if you have one, and not for vlogging, that’s one!

  • jojo

    I’ve dabbled quite a bit with various mirrorless optional add-on EVF models in recent years (currently have an eos m3, EVF, and a few lenses as a lightweight go anywhere, ready to go kit), but that “always in your bag” expression is a bit misleading for a camera with an optional add-on VF, as it’s very hard to find suitable bags for the camera with lens and that sticky-out VF. To use a couple of Nikon examples look at the Nikon V3 with grip and EVF attached (quite a nice combination, but big for what it
    is); then compare it to the V1 and how little space a built in EVF can take up!

    Imagine how compact an APS-C mirrorless with a V1-esque EVF, and a smaller version of a D5500 grip could be!!! Surely that would sell well, and be a better “always in your bag” camera – particularly with 2 or 3 compact primes. I’m ready when you are Nikon….

  • Nikita

    APS-C would be interesting, not sure about another 1″.
    Just a reminder: no OVF = no sale.

  • If it comes out in March, then that is only six months until the iPhone 7 is announced…

    I’m looking for a Canon S120 alternative… Just enough of a camera that won’t kill my smartphone battery, better night pics, and, integrates with the smartphone easily… (<- That is how to get interest from the camera- phone people).

    The D800 cake is probably very full-filling-frame …

  • nwcs

    I understand equivalence just fine. But I do wonder at the need to bring this lecture up each and every time.

  • BrainBeat

    No built in EVF not interested.
    To me any serious camera needs to have an eyepiece as part of the body. This therefore I am sure will be another flop until they make what we want.

    I am very much in the market for a normal zoom range camera with a fast zoom lens on it but if no EVF I will just go elsewhere. The other key features to be an always in your back camera need to be small and light, full manual controls with 2 well placed wheels like the DSLRs, RAW with a usable buffer, mic and headphones ports, articulating touch screens, and be around $1k max.

  • Ineedmy Bobo

    I’m definitely intrigued by the possibility of a wide-angle zoom one-piece camera. This would be the first of its kind and definitely welcome. But will it be able to shoot RAW?

  • Nobody Knows

    A compact with an 18-50mm FF field of view would be of great interest to me . I have the FZ1000 the Sony 1″ sensor is very capable for low ISO shooting

  • Rick

    it will be curious to see!

    at least then there’s a good chance that canon and nikon will actually try to compete in this market segment. canon’s GX cameras while nice, have an incredible amount of stupid flaws and performance issues.

    the first thing I thought of when I saw the 18-50 .. APS-C maybe?

    however if that’s 1″ and nice and compact, I can’t help but think of that as a winner.

    • Sean

      Agree. Canon seems to need 2 or even 3 attempts just to be on par with the competition, let alone better. Just take a look at the G1X or G7x.

  • Wally Brooks

    another comment why not buy a Sony RX 10 mk 1 used for $500 then upgrade firmware for great video. Thanks Kirk Tuck at Visual Science Lab for suggesting.

  • MonkeySpanner

    I don’t think I could be tempted by any 1″ product. The sensor size is just too limiting. OK, maybe if they produced a small body with the 32/1.2.

  • If it can do great 1080 @ 240fps I’m sold. Oh and has a built in nd, and 100 mbps 120fps, and 4k, image stabilization, raw, face tracking af, manual focus, time lapse, electronic shutter, and is not much bigger than a pck of fags THEN I’m sold 🙂

    • MonkeySpanner

      Doubt it will be 100 Mbps. That would be way higher than any other Nikon camera to date.

  • Let’s assume they are announced end of February and I like one of them. Any thoughts on how long it will then take until I can hold one in my hands?

  • Aaron Pepelis

    I would love to have this camera in my hands by 4/15/2016… but at least for 5/26/2016. Otherwise I have to go with the Sony line or something like it. A pancake f/2.0 would be perfect for my needs with this camera.

  • KellyVanRijn

    Nikon is yesterday’s camera company. Everything they do is a step behind Canon. Instead of marketing dozens of similar consumer grade crap, Nikon should concentrate on fewer models and increased technology and optics to regain its former title as King of the SLR World.

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