What to expect from Nikon in the next few months

Nikon Rumors
The next big wave of Nikon announcements will happen in January/February 2015 for the CES/CP+ shows. There is also the PhotoPlus show at the end of this month, but I doubt Nikon will release any new products one month after Photokina. As of today, I expect the following products to be announced in the next few months:

New "high-end" Nikon Coolpix camera(s) with 1" sensor

I have been reporting about a new Coolpix camera with 1" sensor for few months now. I am not sure about the exact name - it could be P1000, P8000 or P700. There could be more than one new camera with 1" sensor. Here are the rumored specifications:

  • The new camera will most likely use a new 1" Aptina sensor (first Coolpix with 1" sensor)
  • At least Expeed 3 imaging processor (Expeed 4 is also a possibility)
  • Magnesium body
  • Comfortable grip similar to the Nikon P5100 and  P6000 models
  • 24- 120mm or 24-80mm equivalent fast lens (f/2, maybe even f/1.8) with 3 ED and 1 ASP glass elements
  • 3.0" or 3.5" LCD screen
  • P A S M mode
  • Built-in GPS with Google maps
  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • Price: under $1,000

New Nikon DX DSLR

There must be a new Nikon DX DSLR camera - D7200 or D9300 (especially after Canon announced the EOS 7D Mark II). I have not received info on a new DX body for months - it seems that everything is put on hold.

Nikon 1 lenses

I also expect a new Nikon 1 lens roadmap to be announced soon. Nikon has introduced all but one of the 1 Nikkor prototype lenses that were on display once the system was first introduced. The missing lens is the macro 1 Nikkor:

Nikon 1 macro lens

Nikkor lenses

  • A new tele lens - maybe a Nikkor AF-S 300mm f/4G VR or something to replace the already discontinued Micro-Nikkor 200mm f/4D IF-ED.
  • Nikon could respond to the Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8 DC HSM lens with a new fast DX zoom lens. The announcement could happen with the introduction of the next DX DSLR.
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  • BrainBeat

    These new 1″ sensor consumer cameras are starting to get a bit interesting. As they all seem to be paired with a decent zoom range and sub f2.8 at their fastest. They could be the ideal walk around / parents camera to get some decent photos in all situations. This is especially true if they can fit in a pocket too. The only problem is their price places them in mid level crop sensor market.

  • BrainBeat

    As for a new DX I do hope it is sooner than later and is a good step up from my current D7100. That there may be a new DX is the main reason why I have not gone an bought the D750 yet as that would require getting some full frame glass too.
    I still thing if the do make a top end DX they should go for a smaller resolution (~12-20mp) too so it can give a closer to full frame noise level and allowing the higher burst rates many seem to want.
    I sadly think this is not likely to happen as Nikon and many consumers would think higher MP count is always better.

  • Nikola Borissov

    Hm. No word on anything like a nice, compact, lightweight AF-S 135/2 or preferably a 200/2.8, even with no VR? Not a fan of zooms. These are the only lenses I am missing, now that there finally is a great 20/1.8.

  • dclivejazz

    I’d be very interested in 24-70 2.8 with VR. Love my current 24-70 but the VR would be very welcome for low light applications.

  • megadon357

    I would really like a CX mid-zoom with the same quality as the 6.7-13 wide zoom. No reason to upgrade from the V1 yet.

  • Simon Speich

    Nothing on the replacement of the 500/600mm like they did with the 400mm?

  • Birdman

    What’s the need for a DX only body? Can’t the new FX bodies shoot in crop modes comparable to the DX crop? I will say that I loved shooting FX lenses on DX bodies tho… The center of the lens is the best part.

    • Ceasar Sharper

      Well Birdman your are right but I’d like to add one additional point: there are some DX shooter who anticipated the transition to FX by buying FX Glass and then pulled the trigger on the D800. However, many still own a D300 and would like a suitable back body. When the D800 is on the backend of a 500/600mm it’s hard to do a quick lens switch to get something shorter for an anticipated grab shot. Mt D300 is a poor back up under low light situations.

  • Birdman

    How about a DF style body with a DX sensor? But more like the Fujis in size… That way, we get fuji size and use nikon FX lenses on a Nikon DX sensor… Happy medium.

  • Leonatin Vasile

    24-120 zoom is too short. Comparing with Panasonic/Leica (zoom x16 or Sony zoom x8) will not be so practical.

    • There is a 28-300 for those of us willing to accept the compromises.

  • Dennis

    Any news or idea if Nikon AF-S Nikkor 200mm f/2G ED VR II will get updated in the near future? Thanks.

  • bardamu

    I’m a Canon shooter currently (sorry) but I’m really hoping that Nikon will release a macro lens for their AW1, also some sort of interesting flash setup and perhaps an underwater housing. It would be ideal for intertidal and subtidal macro photography, plus seascapes. I know some other macro photographers feel the same way. I even know a few hardcore UW photographers who still shoot film, reason being that a modern DSLR with housing and strobes is just too bulky and cumbersome for their tastes. Sooner or later mirrorless will solve this and be a cult hit with UW photographers.

  • Wally in Austin

    1 inch sensor any word on use of CLS and compatibility with SB 4-900 series of external flash?

  • Ames

    I think there’s no 200mm f4 update, because it’s hard to compete with sigma 180mm

  • takacsgabor.com

    I do not think Nikon’s going to announce a new DX body. They have D610 to force FF over DX, D7100 is way too young, and much cheaper, too. If they present the D7200 now, they will have a body in customers mind ‘same old’ as 7DmkII. What do they miss if they keep the ~2.5 year update period like before, and introduce D7200 in Sept. 2015? They miss one Christmas season and one summer, not a big deal IMO. But then, all they have to do is put Digic4 (so got the 10 fps speed and very good NR algorythms) and semi-articulated screen in D7200, and they good to call – just after one year of it’s introduction – the 7DmkII outdated. 4 years of dominance just by marketing. Logical, isn’t it?

    • Douglas Green

      Well, Nikon may THINK they can force people to Full Frame, but they might be even more effective moving people to Canon and to Sony/Fuji/M43 Mirrorless.

      The succeeded in forcing me to Micro 4/3 last year.

    • Captain Megaton

      D7100 is the oldest model in the current lineup. It will soon get a refresh at the very least.

      Nikon is not forcing anyone. It is simple: if they put out a D9300 DX camera at the price of a D610: will it sell well enough to make it profitable?

  • creampuff

    A 1″ Coolpix would be really nice. But $1000 is too expensive considering you can buy a Lumix LX7 for $300. I know the Lumix is a 1/1.7″, but you can also do a lot with the $700 you save over spending $1000. Let’s also hope Nikon give it a nice fast lens.

  • tor2

    1 inch p&s: make a 28-90 mm eq. lens witch is sharp wide open. Please 🙂

  • Douglas Green

    Knowing Nikon, they will try to charge $300 extra for an EVF on the 1″ sensor Coolpix, so it’s going to be non-competitive vs. either the RX100 Mk III and the Panasonic LX100

  • Sallie

    Is the Coolpix 1″ sensor camera ever going to materialize?

    It seems like it long overdue.

  • BirdPopper

    I would love for Nikon to do a Pro Body DX… Like an updated D2x.

  • There’s more of a buzz on here about the DX format, (replacement for the D300) than anything else, so that has to speak volumes on that there certainly is a solid market for a “pro-sumer” body. With Canon announcing the release of the EOS 7D MarkII, I would think it’s a no-brainer for Nikon to have something waiting to compete; otherwise, you may see many make the transition over to the dark-side.

    • BirdPopper

      I have 3 DX Nikons…. And for what I do, The 7D MKII, Is what I have been waiting on Nikon to produce. I am really concidering buying the canon.

      • Me as well, on both counts, I own a few DX bodies, and they have served me well, but that is exactly what I have been waiting for from Nikon and my window is from now til Feb. If they don’t announce a flagship DX body aka D9300, then there will be some Nikon gear available for purchase, and I’ll be making the move over.

        • BirdPopper

          Gene, it sounds like You and I are in the same boat… I will more than likely keep my Nikon gear and use the 7D MkII as my dedicated wildlife kit.

          • Yes, similar situation. I will keep one of my Nikon’s and sell the other along with my 70-200 to recover some of the cost. The one I hold on to will be my back-up, and the 7D MII will be my work-horse with the Canon 70-200 for all the sports I do. Keeping my fingers crossed Nikon comes through, but not holding my breath.

  • Adam Montana

    A new 200mm Micro Nikkor would be awesome. I’m waiting or years now. I don’t understand why Nikon is so lazy about lenses. That thing is 21 years old.

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