Another Nikon Coolpix concept

Those two Nikon Coolpix concepts are designed by Nikolay Komaro:

Via Tuvie

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  • Good. Take note Nikon: stick a aps-c sensor in it that’s say 8-10 MP with acceptable ISO 3200 performance and I’ll give you $450 so my mom can finally use a digital camera.

    See the thing is, she needs to be able to point and shoot her point-and-shoot. It needs to keep the aperture wide open and bump the ISO up on it’s own. It needs to be high so she can stop having blurry-cam photos since it’s beyond her to learn about shutter speed and the motion of real world objects.

    Also note: the same logic applies to my sisters, father, aunts, uncles, coworkers and EVERY one else who is unwilling or unable to learn about basic photography.

    The recipe is painfully simple. Stop with the feature creep and make the simple damn P&S that the world needs!

    • dito

      Beauuuuuuuuuutiful words!

    • Micke

      I’d be willing to go for a 4-6MP camera with ISO-performance of the D300/D90/D5000-sensor, with a prime 35mm f/2.8 lens. Pretty much what Sigma tried with their DP-series. Although they failed, miserably.

      I think that’s basically the only compact camera I’d be willing to consider. Except for waterproof P&S’s, as they serve an entirely different use from my DSLR’s.

  • Char

    Looks like a good idea to me. Not for me, but I guess there are hundreds of people out there that would love such a camera.

    I especially like the selection options for the image size. Oh, and by the way, most people rate the cameras by “takes good pictures” or “does not take good pictures”. And whether they do or don’t is largely decided by the automatisms that are included in the camera cause people are unwilling or unable to make use of the right aperture and shutter speed.

  • alan

    not the most appealing camera but the interface looks intuitive and slick….

    for some reason the design reminds me of Kodak or Epson….

  • eh??

    didn’t anyone notice the icons got backwards on the TV screen?

    print have email icon while email have printer icon.

    • me

      noticed it.
      classic fail 😉

  • anon. a. mouse

    those look like disposable cameras

    • Niloy

      And that points us to the sad truth that only disposable cameras have dared a distinct and different look?

  • Phoggy

    I think it looks cool.

  • Peter

    The guy who designed this, doesn’t know the meaning of the word proportions!

  • MG

    Really don’t like these designs …
    Hope to see something more “retro” as a small S3 with an aps sensor.

    • Joergen

      Yes, thank you 🙂

  • mike

    on most P&Ss isn’t the lens on the right side of the front to make room for the right hand? To me it looks likes there’s too much unused space on the left side where the lens should be.

    • fotomik

      Exactly, I spent a few minutes staring at the camera, thinking “Something is wrong here…” Also the grip is slanted in the wrong direction.

      But still, the concept of “YES” and “NO” buttons is excellent, the control-set that we have now in almost every camera is too much for older people.

    • Phoggy

      Actually, if you imagine holding this camera, it is perfectly ergonomically designed. The natural way some people hold these things is arms out in front of them, right hand on the top right corner, and left hand on the bottom left corner. Don’t need much room on the front right side because only the middle finger goes there and the camera is gripped with the thumb and the middle finger, with index finger free to press the shutter. It’s not like the old film point and shoots because you would see your own finger in the way of the lens, if that was the case. Your left hand can support the camera by being able to fully grip the left side

  • rad

    The top one reminds me of a vintage, all metal body SLR from the 70’s while the bottom one kind of reminds me of kodak or epson, but more like the sony model just tripping on acid, P 200 line.

  • Designers surname is KomaroV

  • Anonymous
  • The first one is ok, but the second one looks like some old HP compact… except it seems to be made for left-handed people… why did he put the lens on this side of the camera??? Looks a bit like one of those designers that never leave their drawing boards

  • Joshh

    but-fucking-ugly, i think if Nikon actually made this, i would never buy ANY Nikon product, it’s just that horrible.

    • PJS

      That would be BUTT-f***ing-ugly, and I agree!

  • Freehawk

    Maybe call it the “Pontiac Aztec”

  • Isn’t big icons kinda… double?
    I mean, if an icon doesn’t work when it’s small. It’s not a very good icon.

    And what’s with the aversion against onscreen options? I think the designer is being a bit too nostalgic. It’s okay to be inspired by older designs to make the transition to digital a bit easier but i think we’re a stage further than that. Digital is becoming widely accepted and he’s a step behind with these designs.

  • kristupe saragihe

    ugly..I hope it never made to the factory.

  • Miq

    The first camera looks sooooo damn cool! It´s totally awesome. If it ever were produced, I would buy it just because of the design. Unlike the rest of you 😉

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