If the Nikon D5 will be announced at CES, it will be tonight

Update: the D5 announcement will be tonight, Nikon New Zealand already posted the info on Facebook.

If Nikon will announce the D5 camera during the CES show, the press release should come out tonight around midnight (EST). I have been receiving conflicting information on the actual release date and on the memory cards configuration inside the D5: the two XQD option is guaranteed, a version with two CF cards was tested but I am not sure if it will be officially announced. The latest updates on the D5 specs are:

  • 12 fps/14fps with mirror lock-up
  • retina touch-screen
  • native 4K video

The previous set of rumored Nikon D5 specs can be found here.

See the full list of rumored Nikon products here.

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  • JG

    Thanks for the heads up, if it is available will order one.

  • don’t disappoint me Nikon

    • manhattanboy

      If Nikon was smart they would release it during CES. Canon is not releasing their 1DX update until later, so Nikon would have at least a month of solo news coverage about the D5

  • FountainHead

    If Miss Universe ever asks me out, it’ll be in the next three minutes.

    I’m hopeful, but…

    • T.I.M

      3 minutes ? it take you that long ? maybe you should try the blue pill !

      • FountainHead

        It wouldn’t take me that long.

        But Nikon NZ now makes me a believer.

  • RX78

    its kind of strange there’re gonna make CF x 2 version, maybe gonna have like dual XQD and CF+XQD ?

    • RX78

      anyway, its very exciting to see the D5 announce, can’t wait , can’t wait …..

    • TonyDee

      the fastest CF cards are no longer faster than the fastest SD cards. They have either moved to CFast, or SD

      • RX78

        huh ? CF can go up to 160? MB/s ,I thought SD only can do 95?

        • SD UHS-2 can go *much* faster (I hear, don’t have one).

        • PhilK

          Lexar has an SD card that they claim does “2000x” or 300 MBps read speeds (unspecified write speed), and Sandisk has a card that they claim does 280/250 MBps read/write. (UHS 2 class 3)

          I still think that XQD/Cfast are likely more durable and “professional” formats than SD is, regardless the read/write speed.

          • Davidvictormeldrew Idontbeliev

            Hope some company could do an adapter for XQD slot that you can plug in a SDXC card – that would be handy for some of us who have large collections of SDXC cards.

          • RX78

            Well, maybe D5 gonna have dual SD , lol
            If the UHS-2 can go that fast, I guess it doesn’t matter using XQD or SDXC UHS2 then? 😉

            • PhilK

              I’m inclined to think that XQD is still a more robust format than SD in general, tho I haven’t examined the specifications in detail to verify that. But SD is a very old card standard, I don’t think the physical spec has been upgraded in many years, only the filesystem (and perhaps sector translation) details to enable support for larger capacities.

        • TonyDee

          Feb 2014 – Sandisk 250MB/s write, 280 (read)

  • KnightPhoto

    Can’t wait to see about AF details and whatever that exchangeable finder is. Touch screen would be welcome, they are handy (and can be configured as desired (for focus point moving and even focus/shutter release or even turned off when desired).

    • PhilK

      I think the finder will be fixed, it looks to me from the leaked pics like it just has a slightly different removable (slide-up) fascia behind the eyepiece optics than previous models, perhaps to attach a new right-angle or magnifying add-on accessory or something.

  • T.I.M

    I already pre-ordered 2 !

    • RX78

      lol, why not pre order 5 then you have 100MP!!

      • Tomo Bagaric


      • El Aura

        You actually could rig them up into a setup where you later stitch together the output of multiple cameras to a larger image (MP-wise).

  • HibikiRush

    Touch screen, great, it finally feels like 2016 in the pro DSLR world.

  • akkual

    As it’s first 4K for Nikon in DSLR, it will be something shitty like at 15fps, hence the mix up with the frame speed. Touch screen? Only thing I can think of it being useful, is selecting focus point in live view, which is awfully slow with joystick in Nikon DSLRs. But I am interested. If Nikon would price this reasonably (below 5k), I might even be interested, if the high ISO performance is epic.

    • Michael Laing

      I very much doubt the D5 would only do 15fps, the J5’s 15fps 4k was seen by most people to be silly I doubt they would do the same with their top of the range DSLR. My guess is 24/30fps but you never know, they might try more. I suppose a lot depends on what the processor is like

      • akkual

        Yeah, it’s just that Nikon’s track record on their first something video -launches haven’t been very successful so far.

    • BVS

      Previous rumor was 60/30fps. See link in post.

      • JJ168

        They need to leave the 60fps for d5s.

        • BVS

          But then people will complain that it’s only 30fps.

          • JJ168

            Majority of those that complain are not going to buy it anyway, or will still buy it regardless.

  • D700s

    So tempting to pull the trigger on this. Hmmmm….. I guess we’ll see if anything happens tonight.

  • so basically the new D5 will be all about new AF and flash tech

    • akkual

      And a whole lot of Fn-buttons more.

    • rhlpetrus

      What about sensor? It’s a new one, rumor said 102k Iso should be ok (I doubt that), maybe they were able to keep DR Iso shoulder up for another stop.

      • yes, new sensor but Nikon will be pushing/marketing the new AF system

    • John Mackay

      Flash tech?

      • yes, something with the new SB-5000, not sure what

        • John Mackay

          I knew there was meant to be a new flash but you mean the d5 will interact with the new flash in a way the d4s wont?

          • I was just told “new flash tech” maybe they just mean new flash, not sure.

            • Padaung

              Wireless off camera flash communication (using radio signals like Pocket Wizards, not Nikon’s light controlled CLS) built into cameras and flashes would be very welcome and somewhat overdue. Canon has had this for quite a while already.

  • Clifford Martin

    At only 20mb and 12fps it isn’t much of an improvement over the D4S. Only thing in the specs I see that I like is the dual XQD card slots. Since I don’t shoot video with the DSLR, I really don’t care about the 4K video.

    I’m disappointed it isn’t at least a 24mb sensor.

    • what about new AF? This is the thing i am really looking for …
      20mpx is decent option, i would vote for 24mpx d750 sensor as well, but seems they can’t handle the data throughput @14 fps …
      Regarding video yeah, HD is just enough for me, i don’t need more…

    • Singani Mamiya

      For 15 fps and 28 MP you should buy the Samsung NX1. Or an Nikon 1 V3 for 60 fps and 18 MP.

      • Neither will have the sensor of the D5 (low-light/DR)…

        • Max

          Or the autofocus performance

          • Singani Mamiya

            Don’t underestimate the AF performance of the Nikon 1 series.

    • T.I.M

      for the D5 price you can get a like new D800 plus few nice prime lenses !

      • rhlpetrus

        Very different cameras and uses.

    • KsOfW

      Would be a considerable jump from my D3S but I would much prefer a “D5 light” version that matches my D810 layout (D810S). In some moments, switching between the two leaves my fingers confused.

    • akkual

      Nikon nowadays go with fast update path, where new model is brought every 2y or so. Helps to keep the price high, but also means that many will start to skip models in between. So if you don’t feel for this one yet, wait 2y and you’ll get what you want. And it clearly starts to be so that pushing mirror mechanism to faster than 12fps is extremely difficult. You want more fps, go for mirrorless.. oh but they don’t yet really AF well. Bummer.

    • PhilK

      I have a feeling since it shows the sensor size in the menu leaked today as “20.7M”, that they will call it a 21MP sensor.

    • It’s not they can’t handle the data. There are systems out there that can it comes down to a cost and a company roadmap.

      Tbh there isn’t a whole lot of difference between 20 and 24MP, resolution wise. However when the pixel pitch shrinks by a few microns the light sensitivity decreases significantly. Perhaps Nikon are wanting to still retain the common crown of wide dynamic range and low light sensitivity that has proceeded in the models beforehand.

      There are a few considerations for faster frame rates as well. First off you have a mirror to move (accelerate, decelerate, etc), then a shutter to open and the shutter blades have to be stiff enough that they don’t fold. There are a lot of mechanically moving parts that are all under some form of stress even at 10fps so increasing the fps is not always an option with the current configuration.

  • JasonsArgonauts

    Maybe they’ll release the 2xCF version at 12fps and the dual XQD version at 15fps? Probably not, but it could happen! 😉 This camera will be all about the AF and high ISO capability though I reckon.

    • I doubt CF cards aren’t fast enough for 15 fps. But that mirror slapping up and down must certainly be difficult to overcome.

      • JasonsArgonauts

        Not so difficult that Canon can’t overcome it in the new 1DX2… Well, that’s the rumour anyway.

  • rhlpetrus

    Ok, whining may start, first on list is “only 12 fps”. 😉

    • John Mackay

      If you want a pro high fps camera this is Nikons only version, and no increase is disappointing when considering the price tag. Its not even 24mpix to help make up for it. If 12 shots per second are tac sharp and if the high iso is a step up from anything seen before then its ok. If not its a let down. I want great 4k from it but that shouldn’t be the main upgrade.

  • Brett A. Wheeler

    When can i get a D5s.

  • neversink

    It’s midnight here in East Africa in half an hour – eight hours later than NY or EST. When I wake up, then this should be announced or not. Yawn!!! I want one or two of these. Getting ready to put the D4 on the market.

  • Retina touch screen… It’s about time! Is this the result of the Nikon – Apple thingy?

    12 FPS is well enough for today and future needs (well for me). Thank you Nikon for double XQD! Hallelujah!

  • JJ168

    Just throwing this in the air. To keep the weight down, why dont they make lighter battery that can do 1/2 or 1/3 or even 1/4 of full battery for those time when you dont need to shoot 3000-5000 shots in a day. When the weight is closer to d8xx class body, it will be tempting for some as the ergonomics of full body is really nice when doing portrait work.
    Add this to an improved face detection to eye detection and wider AF coverage, hmmm…

    • Okay, cutting down the battery size is not really a good idea:

      1.) The hopes of Nikon using the same battery from D4/D4s will be annoying as users will have to get new ones again.

      2.) Though you might be saying people won’t be shooting that much photos, I guess you forget that photographers who uses this kind of camera are the ones who needs to capture action… Holds the trigger and burst.

      3.) Battery life is affected by weather and climate. So cutting down the capacity can greatly affect users that are away from wall plugs (like wildlife and adventurous photographers)

      I suggest that Nikon should start considering of molding carbon fiber as the new material for their top grade cameras.

  • Davidvictormeldrew Idontbeliev

    Looks good – can’t wait and hopefully get one later in 2016 or possibly a replacement to D810 – not sure if we get a D400 but the D7200 is not bad DX Camera.

  • outkasted

    ill be up staying tuned like before. Hopefully ill be pleasantly surprised with 2 cameras FX and DX

    • if true, this would be the biggest surprise Nikon has pulled since I am running this site

      • Admin, I like this site, but damn if I don’t wish sometimes that you (and the rest of the internets, not you specifically) are in the blind and we get a nice surprise from Nikon…

        • hehe, this will happen one day eventually

        • Sawyerspadre

          The surprise will be the D400 if it appears…

          • If I’d be in charge at Nikon, I’d build such an awesome D400 that people would forget all the waiting years. I know Nikon could do it if they wanted, but they seem to not want.

            Market is doomed anyway, at least go out with a bang (or ten), rather than Nth iterations of Coolpixes and Dxxxx.

            Sigh, to have the capability but to lack the will (or be in fear of doing)…

            • And they have launched the D500. Yay!

  • growlingpwn

    i really like this web site thx u too do it.

    I would have to sell a rain to buy me this beast but I think that its worth the cost ..
    can’t wait to see that beast perfome

    • Not many of us need or will buy the D5. The interesting part is that the D5 tech will start showing up in other cheaper Nikon cameras in the next 2 years.

      • True. But honestly, if the specs are accurate like you reported. I am definitely owning one. MPx are important for my line of work but always wished that I can have something that shoots fast and very accurate. I hope Nikon won’t fail humanity.

  • Wow, 12 FPS (no mirror lockup). I already get that with my 24 MP, Sony A77II. (Yes, I know full frame is better at night shooting than cropped frame, but I do get longer reach and more MP during the day and twilight hours.)

    • KnightPhoto

      You are on 12-bit raw images or jpeg though aren’t you (on the A77 II)?

      • The Sony is 12 bit RAW. 14 bit has billions more colors but it’s hard to see. The A77 II 24 MP sensor also has class leading dynamic range. This is really important for daytime sports shooting. It will be interesting to see the D5 DR since Nikon sometimes uses Sony sensors.

        • Those extra two bits are very useful while colour correcting “not so perfect” images.

  • bgbs

    Could it be 12fps for cf version and 15fps for xqd version?

  • James

    Finally someone made a retina DSLR as I complained 2 years ago. And it’s Nikon! I love you Nikon! Hopefully this will be seen on future Dxxx series bodies. And of course that new focus system. And as I first saw the body picture, I found it would be smaller than its predecessors which is another good thing. And I hope it will be lighter. Smaller and lighter, yet more powerful, and different with retina and touch screen. Nikon has guts. Keep it up!

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