Nikon rebates and deals for January, price of D810 up by $200

The Nikon combo rebates for January are now live.

Nikon lens price drop
The Nikon lens price drop is still active.

You can still get 10% back in rewards on selected Nikon products.

The Nikon 1 rebates are unchanged. More Nikon rebates can be found here.

The price of the Nikon D810 went up by $200 (was $2,796.95 before). The D750 and D600 rebates remain unchanged:

The price of the Nikon D7100 also went up by $100.

You can get a Nikon D5500 for $499 at BestBuy this week (in store only, regular price: $850, see pictures above) because of a mistake in the weekly ad. Rainchecks are also going to be honored.

More Nikon deals are regularly added here.

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  • doge

    Those lens combos are so shitty.

  • dclivejazz

    Interesting about the D810 increase. I bought the D800e right before the reduced MRSP went back up, to Get the lower price. A couple months later the D810 came out. Maybe this price increase signals another D8xx update soon. What really cliches it, though, is I recently got a used D810.

    Luckily it’s a sweet camera and I may not feel a need to upgrade it right away.

  • purenupe1

    The d5500 price is zip code specfic as its regualr price in the chicago area

  • purenupe1

    When click the link it asks for GPS access or zipcode for ad

  • WinchesterA

    wheres the source for the d5500? want to try to pick up 2

    • the source is two emails I received from readers – try to get a printed weekend flyer from BestBuy and see if you find the D5500 listing

      • BayouBill

        I can confirm that the D5500 with an 18-55 VR II was advertised in this week’s Best Buy circular for $499.99 (50% off). See attached scan from my Sunday paper. Front of the circular says prices are good from 1/3/16 – 1/9/16. Keep in mind that they usually have copies of the circulars in stacks at the front of the store, though I wouldn’t be surprised if this page was now missing ;-).

      • Dc5mic

        Just bought the D5500 from my local Best Buy for $499, so I guess the price is legit. They even have it on display for that price (attached pic). Walked out of Best Buy feeling like I just stole something 😉 Online it is still advertised at $849.

        • hehe 🙂

        • Adam Brown

          So tempting… If I hadn’t just bought a backup camera body……….
          So so tempting….

          • bluzer

            My local Best Buy didn’t have it in stock. Just wanted me to walk away I guess. But I persisted. They finally agreed to ship it to me if I paid for it right away. Out came the credit card.

      • Josh

        I just picked one up, and it was in the circular and the display stand like the above pic. That price finally got me to replace my D70.

        • pedantic_brit

          No hassle at my local store, $499 on the shelf and in the store. They were holding the last one in stock for a customer who came in while I was ordering one.

      • I got one today! Closest store to my house had the $849.99 price up yesterday and the fat obnoxious sales associate pulled off a convincing act as if the $499.99 sale price never existed. Today I went to the next nearest Best Buy to my house (ridiculously close to the other one) and I checked the sale papers at the front entrance and the outer front/back page was missing and the SLRs were nowhere to be found! I checked the camera section though and lo and behold, the $499.99 sign was under the D5500 on display. The associate checked and said he had one but had to look for it. Took him two tries of digging through the cage but he finally found the tiny box down deep in the very back. Yay! He said the computer showed over -1000 available at their main warehouse (hugely backordered) and he didn’t know why these were suddenly so popular. I informed him it was the price, lol.

        Now I’m testing it out against my D5300 to make sure I want to sell that one off. So far the 18-140mm kit lens feels front heavy on the D5500 based on the lighter weight and shorter grip width (although awesomely deeper for the fingers), seems like it was made to be a perfect fit for the D5300, much better balanced on it. Not a huge deal though since I’m usually holding the zoom ring w/the other hand, and of course bigger lenses will tip them both forward. Really digging the eye sensor and touch screen.

  • Judy

    Will they give a rain check? I went in yesterday to get one and the sales person was unhelpful, said out of stock, couldn’t order, couldn’t ship to me.

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