Weekly Nikon news flash #346

Nikon USB flash drives 2Nikon USB flash drives 3Nikon USB flash drives 7
Nikon USB flash drives 4 Nikon USB flash drives 5 Nikon USB flash drives 6

Nikon USB flash drives 8Nikon USB flash drives 9Nikon USB flash drives
Various Nikon USB flash drives available on eBay.

→ Topaz Labs is offering 35% off on all Topaz products with coupon code ‘TOPAZ2015‘.

The Lensbaby Velvet 56mm f/1.6 limited edition lens for Nikon F mount will start shipping next week.

→ Price drop: the Nikon MB-D12 battery grip for Nikon D810 is now $309 at AdoramaAmazon and B&H.

→ Thom Hogan agrees with me: “this Nikon-buys-Samsung rumor makes little to no sense to me“.

→ More interesting stats from Flickr.

→ Room with a View – from the International Space Station by Christoph Malin: some of the footage is rare original D3s / 8mm fisheye material by Dr. Don Pettit.

→ Video: which Nikon gear couldn’t you live without?

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