The upcoming Nikon D5 DSLR camera will have a 20 MP sensor (plus more leaked D5 pictures)

I received few more Nikon D5 pictures from Asia. You can now see the third Fn2 button and the back layout of the camera. The Nikon D5 is currently in production in the Sendai manufacturing plant in Japan. I can also now confirm the 20MP sensor I initially reported back in February. The top of the new Nikon D5 camera compared to the D4s:

Update: more D5 pictures are available here.

And the back of the D5 compared to the D4s:

Here is the updated list of the rumored Nikon D5 specifications:

  • New 20MP FX sensor (confident)
  • New focusing module with larger coverage and 153 autofocus points (confident)
  • Native high ISO of 102,400 (confident)
  • 15 fps (not sure)
  • Body design similar to the D4s (confident)
  • 4K video 60/30fps (not sure)
  • Full HD slow motion (not sure)
  • Update: 2 identical memory cards (not sure CF or XQD, I was told that both memory cards slots are identical and looked bigger than SD - maybe something got lost in the translation)
  • Announcement expected in early 2016 (confident)
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  • Yeah, Nikon should have exchanged Mode with ISO many years ago! I hoped for an OLED-screen á la Phase One for the looks of it, but hey, who needs looks if you can have the power!

  • Nice work on the images and specs of the D5 NR. Very Sexy Camera. Not a body like this, but it would be nice if the FF D750/D810 sized cameras would have a side hinged flip screen like the D5500’s have and not like the D750. Much more useful for vertical Live View use such as vertical portraits and shooting from the hip.

    • JasonsArgonauts

      As a wedding photographer I never thought I’d use the flip screen on my D750, but it’s brilliant for low angle stuff where you don’t want to get filthy on a wet floor! 😉

      • malchick743

        Except that the screen’s flex cable is explicitly visible and not protected, so any wrong move could damage the cable and pretty much cripple the camera’s operation.

        • JasonsArgonauts

          I didn’t say it was bombproof, just that I’ve used it a couple of times since buying the D750. 🙂 Plus I’m not sure what kind of wrong move would involve me poking my finger down behind the screen to dislodge or snap the cable. 😉 I do worry about the long term durability of the cable, but I’m yet to hear of anyone having one fail without some sort of user error, eg; pushing the screen too far back/down by catching it on clothing etc. My screen is flat against the body throughout the day, apart from one or two controlled situations where I flip it up to get a funky angle.

    • malchick743

      A side-hinged screen design seems to have better protection on the flex cable as well, but complicates implementation of the camera’s side (covered) terminals. The D750’s current screen design is good enough for a pro body, but needs better protection with the flex cable behind.

  • Clifford Martin

    Too comments for me to read them all to see if anyone has commented on the apparent lack of a viewfinder shutter to block like from the viewfinder, as the lever for it isn’t showing on the D5 photo but is in the D4S photo.

    • TechJunkie

      There’s indication of the shutter in the back. Someone pointed out that it’s a small switch to the side of the viewfinder instead of on top of it.

      • Michiel953

        Always assume the designer isn’t stupid.

  • TechJunkie

    A confirmation of which memory standard they chose on this body would be nice. It’d be weird to switch back to all CF. The door *does* seems a little bit shorter…

    It’d also be nice to see some software features like focus peaking or zebra patterns to show up. I don’t know why that’s hard to add in as software update on Nikon’s part for older cameras. Interchangeable finders would potentially be a great option.

    • neversink

      The confirmation will come when the product is officially announced. In the end, we will have to live with Nikon’s decision. I hope it supports all XQD cards. The old ones and the new 2.0 series and any future versions.

  • donaldejose

    Perhaps the interchangeable finder or eyepiece is a right angle attachment to provide a high or low viewpoint as you can obtain with a flipping LCD screen?

  • Victor Biro

    Any word on integrated WLAN capabilities?

    • hje

      well yes: None
      Nikon announced to develop a D5, a SB-9000 and a WT-6. There would be no need for a WT-6 if the D5 would’ve WLAN…

  • My D5 body proposal years ago (one of the first link when googled for D5 pictures) had already 3 Fn buttons 🙂
    Thanks for inspiration Nikon 😉
    My proposal also counted with Android as GUI OS ;-))

    • Please no Android, or you’d have Google Play Services eating half of you battery in 12 hours…

      • Fly Moon

        Bedsides. Didn’t Samsung tried that and failed miserably?

        • TheInconvenientRuth

          Samsung? Nikon even tried it with the Coolpix S800/810 and quickly ditched that bad idea…

    • Fly Moon

      Really? Android? Why don’t you go play with your Nexus phone camera?

    • neversink

      Trying to impress someone?? I’m surprised Nikon hasn’t hired you to be their next CEO!!!!

      • lefantome

        Seems you very much like to appoint CEO candidates for Nikon 😛

  • Joseph

    Admin, any news about the potential D810(s) you reported a while back?

    • No I have not heard anything since, I said it was only a possibility, with a grain of salt.

  • Pavvyben

    Not sure if anyone has noticed yet, but where the old ISO function used to be on the bottom display – I think Nikon have followed Canon by making it so you can create separate folders in camera for your photos, which for event photographers could be great!

    • Huh? Nikon supports separate folders in all its pro models (at least D300, D800 have it). It’s just not accessible via a button, but it is via a shortcut in the custom menu, so it can be just 3 button presses.

      • Pavvyben

        Well it appears they’ve incorporated it via a single button now, like the 1DX

        • Ah, I see, it was not clear from your original post. But I wonder, not being an event photographer, how much use this functionality gets that it helps to have a dedicated button? Just curious.

  • TJM

    Look at the back door. Unless Nikon has changed the eject mechanism for CF cards, the door is too short. But it’s the perfect size for XQD cards.

    Any rumor on internal GPS?

  • Dibyendu Majumdar

    Looks like the entire back cover of the viewfinder might be removable. Wonder if that means:
    a) An electronic viewfinder option, with mirror up
    b) Phase detect autofocus from the sensor
    c) Hence high frame rates
    Maybe with the optical finder the highest framerate is 12? (CH12).
    Also the CF card door seems shorter than D4S so 2 XQD cards?
    The person who took these pictures – looks they he hasn’t used the camera … or else he would be sure of the CF card type and not state that it looks bigger than SD.
    In any case – great stuff!

    • Proto

      yes, it seems to have two clamp-type fixture on the view finder… to remove it… so maybe 153-point digital AF on electronic viewfinder?

  • An American in Canada

    Can’t wait to lust over this after the first recall… Plus, I’ve been looking for an excuse to have my D800 converted to full spectrum.

    • JasonsArgonauts

      Haha, good call! 😉

  • JJ168

    Just my observations:
    – It still has no user customize C1 C2 dial.
    – It also does not appear to have the mirror of Pv, Fn buttons on vertical grip.

    Other than that, looking forward to see the final product.

    • Thom Hogan

      Nikon Pro cameras have Banks. Nikon Consumer cameras have C# settings.

      • Stephen Corby

        Can you explain this, I have a D750 that has the C#. What is a “bank”?

        • Thom Hogan

          The D750 is not a pro camera. It uses the same design form as the D600/D610/D7000/D7100/D7200, which is a mode dial with C# on it. The only two current pro models are the D810 and D4s (though technically the D300s is still available), and they use “banks” in the menus to configure the camera quickly.

          Personally, I don’t think either option Nikon currently uses is exactly perfect. The C# model doesn’t allow for switching exposure modes but keeping other settings. The Bank model isn’t set to switch both the PHOTO and CSM menus simultaneously, and the exposure mode nuance is a kludge.

  • Neopulse

    I hope they are both XQD. It’s already been proven how good they outperform CF and they are great for emptying out buffers and better for 4k video imho.

    Speaking of 4k it HAS to have 4k, it’s the standard almost now in professional cameras. Hell, even cellphones have them.

  • Batıkan Şenay

    i just hope they ditch the damn Sony XQD and go for double CFast cards or atleast CFast+SD or even CF+SD as long as they get rid of that XQD

    • Neopulse

      Wouldn’t make sense since the D4 and D4s already incorporated the new XQD format. If anything it’ll most likely be both XQD or XQD 2.0

    • Eddy Kamera

      Rooting for Cfast is just counterproductive. It’s not the fastest card(XQD is faster), and not compatible with CF either. Both are relatively new tech, so nobody has any significant popularity advantage yet. Will it be cheaper? we don’t know yet. I just don’t see any advantage over the XQD. I can understand why somebody would prefer the old CF, but not CFast.

  • Neopulse

    Waiting for the modular design camera Nikon. When will you make this come to light already?

  • neversink

    A lot of comments here about EVF. Now why in the world would we need EVF on a DSLR? We have live view for when the mirror is locked up and when the mirror is in default we have our viewfinder, which beats any EVF today. Even at 15fps, that is slow for a mirrorless. In comparison, my Nikon 1AW1 toy does 60 fps, but there is no EVF when one is needed.

  • Native high ISO of 102,400, that’s pretty intense.

  • Ray Justice

    Peter, Corey Rich posted on Facebook today the following “en route to Mexico for a top-secret shoot in the jungle”. Wonder if he is shooting the campaign for the new D5…

    • Hmm, I think it is too late to shoot the promo campaign for the D5 if they will announce it in 3 weeks. We shall see. Maybe he is just doing some sample pictures/videos.

      • Eddy Kamera

        If they announce it in 3 weeks.

      • TheInconvenientRuth

        I’d bet McNally is shooting the promo shots again

    • Sports

      OMG, it’s the D400 !!!
      “D-jungle 400” LOL

  • Curtis

    There is a new movie menu that is not on the D4. You can see the new movie camera icon on the left in the “image size” photo.

    • Thom Hogan

      Just conforms to what they did with the D7200 and D750.

  • saywhatuwill

    And now the Osborne Computer syndrome takes place and nobody buys their current model since they KNOW the F5 is for real and will be coming out “soon.” Hopefully Nikon won’t go bankrupt before the new model comes out. Yes, I’m joking.

    • neversink

      Nikon is still making a profit. But their profit keeps shrinking. Growth is the key factor, and I don’t see them growing just yet.

    • Thom Hogan

      Having been a principal at Osborne, I can tell you firsthand that the syndrome you refer to is a myth. Sales of Osborne computers did not fall when Adam announced the Executive early (or the Windows version of the Executive a month later). Adam’s reason for preannouncing the next generation was internal politics, basically an FU to the board after removing him as CEO. As for the company’s failure, it was due to undercapitalization, not lack of sales.

      • John Picking

        Thank you, Thom!

      • captaindash

        That’s really interesting. Thanks for the bit of trivia!

  • Komalkumar

    CH is 12 – thats what the images are showing… not 15

    • Continuous High 12fps (JPG)

      • Komalkumar

        I know what it means… as we are making out what the specs are from the images…. it also shows that it is 12fps not 15 as speculated…

        • Thom Hogan

          Folks, remember that the high end camera has tended to be modal on high speed: one speed where all functions are available, a higher speed where some functions are unavailable (typically continuous AF). So AF12 could be the first, and AF15 could be the second.

          • Bob Newman

            As I observe above, very possibly full speed for E lenses only (this one’s shown on a Sigma, which is G lens).

    • Jeff Hunter

      Good catch!

  • To me the design looks more rounded around the vertical grip and I think the top plate may be made from the same carbon composite thermoplastic that the D5300 and D750 are made from.

    • JasonsArgonauts

      You can’t tell that from these pictures. Nikon would lose to many customers by using plastic for the top plate. Mid section would be a good idea, but the top and bottom get the roughest treatment. Even though the carbon fibre plastic would be stronger and more durable, people (the professionals that the camera is aimed at) wouldn’t trust it…

  • jojo

    The apparently removable VF is intriguing – those interchangeable viewfinders (waist level, high mag, etc.) on older pro film SLRs were really useful for some specialist jobs. But how about another idea – there were reports a couple of years ago of a Canon DSLR prototype out in the field with some sort of hybrid VF for still and video use (never came to market).

    So how about something similar with interchangeable VFs – Optical Prism VF for stills, or replace it with an EVF for live view and/or video. It would enable either video shooting or 1st curtain electronic shutter stills with eye level VF – impossible with current DSLR designs.

  • That LAN beside the rear Fn3 button… Is that a button also or just a light indicator? Anyway, this is a good sign that it might have a built in wireless connectivity module?

    • Jamez

      as mentioned above, it’s likely a quick access button for the network (or WT-6) menu. Zero chance of integrated wireless when they’ve already announced the WT-6

      EDIT: as mentioned below, (and in your comment) – it’s just the text lan, so perhaps just the default setting for Fn3 button

      • JasonsArgonauts

        Why not? Why couldn’t they have an immediately local network and an extended version when using the WT-6? Every camera made so far that has come with integrated WIFI has a limited range, using the WT-6 would enable you to leave your camera at a football baseline (for example) and still trigger it/recover the pictures, while an integrated LAN would be useful for photojournalists, especially since they won’t have to be careful with a small module sticking out of the side of their new D5’s USB port. I’m not saying this is how it will be, but you can’t say this won’t be the case either. That’s the thing about rumors… 😉

      • Thom Hogan

        A button that is double labeled is contextual in Nikon’s designs. FN3 is the default and normal action, LAN would be the button’s function if nothing is appearing on the rear LCD.

  • Thylmuc

    20 MP. I find it noteworthy that sensor resolution at 20-40 MP for 35 mm cameras seems to stabilize in a range that was also possible with film, depending on the type of film used. The same seems to hold for the recordable brightnesses, but not yet fully for the gamut.

  • Joachim S. Müller

    So Nikon goes from D4 to D5. While we still wait even for the D400.
    They want us to switch to Canon 7D mk2?

    • JasonsArgonauts

      If they were going to announce a D400 then it was always going to be after the D5. Anyway, what’s wrong with the D7XXX cameras? Nothing apart from the name. And feel free to switch to a Canon 7D II, with it’s crappy high ISO and terrible dynamic range.

      • Joachim S. Müller

        Well, I would say 4 should come before 5, but whatever.
        Maybe the name of the D300(s) successor will not even be D400.
        It’s nothing wrong with the D7xxx, they are just no semiprofessional cameras. Too slow, slightly too small, not enough buttons to directly and quickly configure stuff.

        • JasonsArgonauts

          What I meant by ‘after the D5’ is that they wouldn’t butcher their own sales by jumping in with a D400 with a great frame rate and pro-level direct-access controls just before releasing the same thing (albeit full frame). Just because the D5 is at a completely different price point to the D400 (or what it would be) is irrelevant to lots of moneyed-up amateurs-There’s plenty of people who would buy a D5 in the absence of there being a D400, even though it’s likely to be 3x the price. I know what you’re saying about the D7XXX range, but they’re not really slow to use (and have the same great U1/U2 presets on the dials as the D750), it’s only really the frame rate that’s down a bit too far for a lot of people. The build quality is great on them and many people prefer a smaller (and therefore lighter) camera body. Still-I DO understand what you’re saying…

          • Joachim S. Müller

            Yes, my wife has a D7100, I use frequently. But I still use my D300s and wish for a successor.

          • captaindash

            It’s more about the experience of using it (and FPS, of course). Hold a D300 in your hands, then a D7xxx and tell me they are the same ‘level’ of camera. I still break out my D300 every now and then if I’m shooting just for myself in decent light. It’s just a joy to use.

    • AYWY

      7D2 is having a bit of a recent sale I think, if I remember the report correctly. Go get it.

      It didn’t seem to sell as well as Canon hoped it would.

    • Stephen Corby

      All Nikon experts have pretty much said the same thing… if you want a DX you need to go over to the 7200 and that line. It’s unlikely a D400 will ever be made. Basically they are giving the birding market over to Canon.

      • Which is sad.

      • ckuklbac

        . . . Which could be construed as stupidity on Nikon’s part. As a Nikon shooter of birds, I am already part of a small minority of bird shooters as observed by me in the field. As Nikon’s sales slip and their market share contracts, an observer might reason that Nikon cannot afford to simply give up on this market as there is a large potential for new, repeat and knock-on business in this enthusiastic and boomer driven market place. But it seams that they have already given up through the act of failing to listen to their customers requests, inadequate or non existent customer research and a severe case of corporate arrogance.

        Shame on Nikon.

        • I shoot birds and I tried the D7100 to get the extra reach, but I found I prefer the D4 because of its ISO performance and frame rate.

          • ckuklbac

            Exactly. The D4 is my go to camera for wildlife for those reasons. I so want a DX sized body that emulates the D4 in frame rate and IQ

            • The problem is that the DX sensors will never give the ISO performance of a FX sensor. The decision is a series of trade-offs, but for me I just go for the FX.

            • ckuklbac

              But if the D7200 could shoot 8, 9 or 10 fps with the existing sensor (plus I would want at least 3 seconds worth of buffer at those speeds!) and IQ in 14bit RAW I would pay double the current asking price for that capability.
              Just a dream, Just a dream, *sigh*

            • Yes, it would be nice, but I still believe I would opt for the D4 because the IQ will always be better. If I need more reach I can add a TC 1.4 and still get better results than a DX sensor without the TC.

            • ckuklbac

              Which is why I am so interested in the D5. I just might have to invest in more glass as well. Still, it’s only money!

            • I am also interested in the D5, but I don’t think I will get one too soon. The D4 is just too good.

        • TheInconvenientRuth

          Oh the old “we have your money and there’s millions of us and you’re ignoring us at your own peril” chant.. I seriously doubt Nikon would deliberately let a genuinely big chunk of profit slip by. THEY have the sales figures… Perhaps the “birding” market for a D400 isn’t nearly as big and stable as you think. If you consult BCN ‘per item’ sales figures for the D300/s, you’ll see that the D300 started strong, dropped off fast and the D300s doesn’t even make it onto the top 20 list, that’s how few D300s Nikon sold compared to the D300.. The D300 sold roughly 10.5 million units in total (7.3 million in ’07; 3.3 in ’08), the D300s didn’t even thouch one million, probably topped out at 650.000… THAT may be the real reason the D400 never emerged. No one bought the D300s, so why bother launching a D400? The repeat and knock-on business simply wasn’t there.

          • KnightPhoto

            The D300S had the same sensor and AF as it’s predecessor. Us 10 million D300 users were supposed to buy that why?

      • Eddy Kamera

        Hahahaha. D400 comment is inevitable.

        Let’s call it D400’s Law – “If an online discussion goes on long enough, sooner or later someone will mention D400”.

    • neversink

      If you want to switch, go ahead. I don’t care what camera I shoot with as long as I can get the results i want and that will satisfy my clients. I’ve stuck with Nikon for years and am still happily satisfied. That’s why any new features are great. But if the D5 is missing something, i really can live with it. it’s not a big deal. What is a big deal is the resultant image. And I love the quality of Nikon glass combined with the sensor on the D4 and D800,

    • mikeswitz


  • nathanphotographer

    I love the 3rd function button and the LAN button, both bottom left on the back. Hopefully you can upload photos directly to your smartphone like on my Fuji X-T1. Two function buttons and the front and one more on the back is great!

    • DSP~

      I still think, that these pictures may be faked.
      Look at the picture showing the lit back screen -> No LAN button, just the text…

      • JasonsArgonauts

        There is no LAN button on any of the pictures. Just the Fn3 button (and LAN written next to it) which can no doubt be assigned to the LAN function and will probably be the default. These pictures are as real as they get.

    • Thom Hogan

      I’d be very surprised if Nikon didn’t implement the D7200’s abilities towards smartphone usage on the D5. It’s a little trickier as the D5 doesn’t have a built-in WiFi, but the i button menu could be contextual. For those that aren’t aware: press i button, select Send to smartphone.

  • Chris

    I think they’re legit, video specs?

  • AYWY

    Well I spotted some things that are disturbing – joysticks. Meaning…. no touch screen?

    Also no sign that the screen can flip out. I mean, even the tough Pentax FF will have one.

    Just missing such things that would reassure me Nikon management knows what a next-gen camera should be like and what are the things that make a lot of difference.qq

    My hopes are fading for robust Wi-Fi connectivity and transfer options…

    Not that I need a D5, but its relese gives us a hint of what a roadmap for future bodies may look like.

    An organization with no vision in the management ranks has little future. At the rate Sony is going and Nikon is stalling, the A7 III will resolve most of the remaining complaints people have about the A7 series. Then the A7 IV release will be the time when long-time Nikon users ask why they are sticking with a camera company that is on the way from no. 2 to no. 3.

    • Stephen Corby

      I agree no flip screen is a disappointment, but a minor one. I would also say that we can’t 100% conclude there is no touch screen yet. You would still have the direction pad on the D5 even with touch screen. It would be near impossible to select the correct focus point with your finger.

      • Zinchuk

        In many professional environments, a flip screen would last about five minutes before being snapped off. I shoot drilling rigs. Trust me.

        As for touch screens, no thanks.

        • Zinchuk, you’ve made me curious (I’m not a profesional photographer): what’s there to shoot on drilling rigs? The corectness/state of the equipment? Or…?

          • Zinchuk

            Go to and find out.

          • Zinchuk

            Google my name, Zinchuk, and go to my galleries page and you will see. It won’t let me post a link without approval from the admin, and I don’t think he approves links.

    • TheInconvenientRuth

      I prefer buttons, levers, , slider, wheels, switches and joysticks because I can set them without taking my eye off the viewfinder. Try that with a touchscreen…

      • AYWY

        I do that too 🙂 but we want a touchscreen because of a killer feature the D5500 has that really makes a difference:

        “You can set the camera up so you can move the AF point around with your thumb on RHS of the touch screen with the camera up to your eye. very quick and intuitive. Much faster than using the 4-way controller.”

        The D5500 touchscreen even deactivates the LHS so your nose touching it won’t shift the AF point.

        Incredibly useful. And it’s amazing that Nikon themselves don’t talk about it.

        How product management always end up leaving superior features from the “consumer” bodies out of their “pro” bodies is quite… amazing. (U1/U2 vs shooting banks. Does Nikonrumors want to conduct a public poll to see what most users prefer?)

  • R0gue_4cid

    Now when is a d810 replacement coming before I buy one 4k would be awesome to have, this d5 would be way beyond my price range.

    • Admin: When is the next update of the Buying Guide? I too am very interested in rumors of a D810 replacement. There no mention of a potential D810s or D850. A dual D5 and D810 replacement would be very exciting news at CES.

      • I do not have any reliable information to update the buying guide. There is/was a possibility for a D810 refresh, but I have not heard anything since the last time I reported it.

        • Michiel953

          Let’s keep it like that for another two years at least.

        • dclivejazz

          I’m sure a D810 replacement is imminent, since I finally got a D810. Everyone can thank me now.

        • While it’s likely I will give up on a D300s replacement (D400), I will certainly look forward to a D810 replacement with more FX mp and increased mp in DX mode for increased reach; it may be a perhaps a rich man’s D400 🙂

        • Bob Newman

          On Nikon’s usual release cycle you’d expect the D810 to be replaced by the D820 after 2 years, middle 2016, which would put the D820 into timed about the same with respect to the D5 as the D800 was to the D4 and the D700 to the D3. Expect it to ue the D5 AF system, probably the same sensor as the Sony A7RII (can’t imagine Sony Semiconductor Solutions did all that R&D just for one customer – it would be a first if they did).

          • KnightPhoto

            I’m guessing the 42mp sensor goes in the next round of D750 and a new 54mp sensor in the D820. Allows them to continue to differentiate.

            How about D620 36mp, D760 42mp, D820 54mp?

            • Bob Newman

              The question would be, where is a 54MP sensor coming from? As I said, Sony SS has done a whole load of R&D for that 42MP sensor, and in practice the difference between it and a 54MP will be minimal. Most likely that’s going in the D820. The D760 is further down the line, and who knows, Sony might have the next iteration of the 24MP sensor (maybe 24-28) by then, or they might have a third shot at 24MP. I don’t think Nikon needs 50+MP to compete.

            • KnightPhoto

              You may be right. However the 36mp came out of nowhere and was essentially a scaled up D7000 sensor. 54mp would be the scaled up 24mp DX sensor.

              BSI does throw a wrinkle in there for sure, as none of the 24mp DX sensors are BSI currently.

            • Bob Newman

              Well, it didn’t exactly ‘come out of nowhere’, clearly Nikon and Sony had been cooking it up for some time, and actually, there had been a lot of chatter on the forums for a while about how good an FF camera using the D7000 sensor would be. What was said when the D800 was released was that Nikon had a 1 year exclusive on the sensor, and so it turned out, one year after, Sony released the 7R. I doubt whether Sony would have made the sensor just for the D800, just as I doubt they’ll make one just for the A7RII (which must be much lower volume than the D800).

              As for BSI, I suspect that Sony SS’s next move is to transition their range to BSI, probably without a great change in pixel count, so maybe the 24MP sensors (DX and FX) will co to 28 or so. If so, you might see a D750 sometime in 2017 with 28MP BSI, and a D7300, D5600 and D3500 with 28MP BSI DX.

    • Bob Newman

      If the D4 intro is anything to go by, expect the D820 a few months after the D5 and expect it to be a major upgrade, probably using the same sensor as the Sony A7RII and the AF system from the D5.

  • WA

    Any news regarding wireless transmitter? Can I use WT-5 for Nikon D5?

  • Peter Staples

    It looks like the Multi Selector and sub-selector have been moved slightly to the right. I hate the position of the sub-selector on my D4s, too far to reach so this will be good for me. Does this also mean that the memory card slot cover is smaller, hinting at 2 XQD slots?

  • MB

    According to leaked pictures is seams it will not introduce any Sigma lens incompatibilities … how can this be?

  • Siech

    I want it to be really quiet like the D810 (not like the D750), so I can shoot events without catching attention.

  • JJ168

    Frankly, i am surprised with your response on this.
    I personally think the shooting banks offer great potential on paper, too bad in use they are crap.

    I don’t have to shoot under pressure in various scenarios. However, i foresee the need for other users that may find the user predefined setting very useful.

  • jazon bourne

    Why can’t Nikon just raise the megapixel to 24? They already have those sensors from previous DSLR’s anyway.

    • Eddy Kamera

      Product differentiation maybe?

      • Sports

        Could be true.
        – They’re leaving more space for a high-megapixel D5x (although they don’t seem to build such bodies anymore).
        – If you want the best, they’re “forcing” you to ALSO buy a D810.

    • Thiom

      Speed and ISO – which is paramount for the target audience of this camera: PJs and sports shooters.

      Number crunching 24MP images in the probably still single-CPU processing pipeline aka “Expeed” would most likely bring down the max. fps into the single digit range; unacceptable for most of the potential buyers. Also the current 24MP sensor generation, although not that bad at high ISO, couldn’t deliver the crazy high ISO performance Canikon’s customers for this kind of camera have come to expect.

      Canon, even with their multi-CPU DIGIC-platform, seem to follow the same approach in their 1D state-of-the-art products. Currently at 18MP in the 1Dx. We might see 22 to 24MP sensors with blazing fps speeds and crazy native ISO ranges in the D6 and 1Dx II or whatever these things will be called then.

  • Dino Brusco

    Notice the lens on it is a Sigma…:)

    • Narretz

      You truly are the first to notice this, congratulations!

  • Giacomo Cordisco

    Is it just my illusion or on the rear display CH 12 indicates the Continuous High at 12fps?

  • Did they totally abandon the ISO button? Nooooooooooo….

    • John Picking

      Look closer. Read comments. Right hand top of camera.

    • It’s in a wayyyyyyyy better spot, trust me. The ISO button placement on all pre-REC button Nikons was one of my most sore nitpicks with Nikon, actually, and one of the few things I was ever jealous of Canon ergonomics for.

      • John Picking

        Agree completely! Really didn’t like it on D700, find it a little better with D3 I just got but like the D5 even though they moved most of the ‘cheese’ around to get there.

  • How long ago did they kill the AE-L / AF-L button? D3s? D4? That’s weird? Not that I ever used it for that, but I did like having it there so I could customize it for numerous other things, like turning on bracketing since I despise using my left hand for on-the-fly camera settings changing.

    It was also really nice to have the metering switch *around* the AE-L button, especially on the D700 when the switch was rather easy to turn; it got harder on the D800+ and now I guess they just can’t do that anymore since they have more than three metering modes. Oh well. It’s still better to have the ISO button on the righthand side of the camera; I’ve been thoroughly enjoying that since they offered the firmware update for my D800e. Coincidentally, I bet that’s when they decided on this D5 configuration, 12-18 months ago!

    • lefantome

      The D3s has the button. The D4 actually too, and it’s just changed into a multi-selector which has more functions.

      • You mean the multi-selector that is akin to Canon’s AF point selector? Hmm, I never thought what might be possible with TWO multi-directional selectors. If that smaller one is in fact multi-directional. Can’t tell based on the knurling and spacing around it. Guess I haven’t held a D4s for long enough to notice, only the D3s…

        • lefantome

          When I first saw the D4 I had the same thought as you: where is the AE/AF-L. Read the manual and you’ll find the button only got its name removed and function enhanced 🙂

          • If it’s a joystick that’s awesome, but assigning AE-L or any other similar function to a joystick might defeat most of the purpose of the joystick.

            Either way, I’ll have to request a D5 for review, and familiarize myself with this new control.

  • Bill

    You’d think there’d be better photos…. 😉

  • Ah, I see, thanks a lot!

  • Petr Cech

    i love nikon, but wish they would have something as small as a7

    • outkasted

      Small cameras are nice for a walk around etc… but you also have to realize not everyone has small hands that will grip a small camera. I loved the D600 but ergonomics is a huge issue for me. I remember handling the D600 and D800 at one point. I was aghast on how my last 2 fingers of my right hand would dangle off the camera. Same goes for mirrorless cameras..Sweet for a walkabout camera but I find great pleasure using my D700 sans the vertical grip for a compact walkabout solution. Because the D700 Grip is deep its a lot more comfortable. I have recently tried the D810 and the grip had improved over the D800. Although I’m getting older (47) the minute the camera feels heavy then its off to the gym to do some wrist curls etc… after that everything seems light again 🙂

  • Dino Brusco

    I am missing tour point Nikos. 1st image is D5 and has BKT and Exposure mode on top, second is D4s and 3rd is again D5 with BKT and exposure mode.. Then ?

    • outkasted

      Yeah he had me confused. I was looking for like 3 mins trying figure out what he saw that i did not. LOL

  • not all of those pictures are from the D5 – I posted also some D4s pictures for comparison, that’s why you are getting confused

  • John Picking

    Do you mean the letter spacing on BKT?

  • Nikos Charpantidis

    sorry guys my mistake!!

  • YRaj

    all I wanted several Christmases ago was a D400. 10 FPS Raw, good buffer and everything else of the D750. I got the D750 and I love the bastard!

  • I see, I have missed that, thanks for the link.

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