First Nikon D5 rumors

Here are the first Nikon D5 camera rumors:

  • New 20MP FX sensor
  • 173 autofocus points
  • Same processor as the D4s
  • Body design similar to the D4s
  • Currently scheduled to be announced in the second half of 2015

With the D5 Nikon is also rumored to announce a new 24-70mm f/2.8 (PF?) VR lens (this lens has been rumored for a while, see also this patent application).

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  • dyswim

    The new sensor seems likely a further evolution of the D4s sensor rather than Exmor, which is interesting. Can they hit Canon’s frame rate with Expeed 4 doing 20mp? They must be confident of the new focus system to introduce it on a Dx series body, very interested to see what it will bring, plus any other new surprises.

    If they do release a 54mp D5x I wonder what implications there will be for the 2016 D900 (or D820). Presumably we’d be back to the D3x/D700 bifurcation on megapixels. Nikon would have been forced down this road anyway, just as Canon has been with their new cameras, as a semi-pro body at 50+mp would be too much for many users. So, perhaps something like: D5x (54mp), D5 (20mp), D900 (36mp) and then 24mp below that.

  • PMT

    Gotta ask, why is Nikon pushing out a D5 but still has no answer for Canon’s 7D Mark II? Waiting for a comparable Nikon product is getting old and switching everything to Canon for the 10 fps on a pro-sumer camera is getting more and more appealing. Spending what could be the down payment on a new car on flagship camera when the last flagship will be just two years old is not.

    • bgbs

      Probably for the same reason as Canon has not released a high MP sensor for over 10 years. These companies usually starve you until you can’t take it anymore, and when they release it, they assume that like a hungry lion, you immediately jump on the precious item and literally start ripping it off shelves until you are satisfied for good.

      • Eric Calabros

        a bit violent description, but true.

      • PhilK

        Actually I think a key reason why Canon has not stayed competitive at the very high MP side of the DSLR race is that they manufacture most of their full frame DSLR sensors on their own fab, which does not have small enough process technology to build such sensors.

        So with the newly announced ~50MP models, either they finally upgraded their fab process tech, or they are having someone else build them.

  • bgbs

    Same EXPEED processor? Cannot be. New D usually means new EXPEED. In this case D5 should come with EXPEED 5, otherwise it will be a D4sx.

    • Eric Calabros

      Which verse in the Bible is this?

      • Blrfl

        Nikonians 5:20: “And lo, successive generations of thy pro body shalt not useth the processor of thy previous generations, lest ye stirreth up a crapstorm on the Internet.”

  • Oh dear, 173 AF points?

    Sounds like they’re going to try some sort of hybrid system, there’s no way you could cram that many AF points in without going right to the edges. Even then, at the size of the current AF points, you might be looking at two AF points working as if they’re a single point.

    This could spell a Canon 1D mk3/mk4 level autofocus disaster, …or it could be the most revolutionary thing in the history of autofocus. Hmm…

    • dyswim

      My thoughts exactly — they must be pretty confident to go with the new system on the flagship, though.

      There was talk of a new focus system I recall prior to the D4 generation, I wonder if this is an evolution of that earlier tech.

    • Andrew

      The new group area AF in the D4s should work quite nicely with the new 173 AF points, allowing one to move from one object to another quickly around the frame such as in sports (like soccer) to easily pick out one player in a cluster of players.

      The fact that Nikon and Canon are both in Japan, it is hard not to think of them as having wind of what the other is working on though their proprietary technologies may be concealed. So then it may have become a race to significantly perfect the AF performance in their newer cameras. It will be interesting to see whether Nikon enhances the AF performance in video mode.

  • Duarte Castelo Branco

    this camera with the a7s sensor and 4k internal (taking advantage of bigger body to dissipate heat) would sell so well

    • Neopulse

      Not really. Would save more money buying an A7s than paying $6.5 grand for a camera to just use for video.

      • Kyle

        That’s kind of what Canon did with the 1DC…. big DSLR body and internal 4K. Crazy MSRP at $12,000 though. Now that it’s on sale for $8,000… it’s still crazy IMO. Especially with the onslaught of 4K camcorders for less than $1,000.
        It would be something if Nikon introduced a D5 with 4K internal at around $5,000 or $6,000. Doubt it though.

  • Sebastien

    70-200 f2.8 should be really great. But I really wish Nikon to produce an f4 version. I would like something lighter, smaller but more sharp than 24-120. Canon has both 24-70 f4 and 24-105 f4, so I guess it could be possible at some point.

  • Patrick Wong

    Same processor as D4s? pass

  • Nobody Cares

    Everyone is talking about the D5. I’m more interested in the 24-70. If it ends losing weight in the process, I’ll be even happier.

    • Nikon knows that they will sell a lot of them, that’s why I believe this rumor.

      • Neopulse

        Hopefully it comes out with the D5 the new 24-70mm

        • that’s what I heard

          • Neopulse

            Yeah would make sense. Probably they’ll sell it as a bundle where the consumer can save a few hundred bucks in the process to move inventory.

  • Joven

    173 AF points in live view lol

  • AMA

    173? Ok… Is that even possible? That’s like, a lot.

  • Prasad Palaniyandi

    I would love to see,


    1. Same 36 MP

    2. New Expeed 5 ( Dual )

    3. Phase Detection Autofocus

    4. Higher Buffer capacity

    5. More cross type AF sensors, with same 51 config

    6. Higher FPS

    D400 – with 24 MP in same D900 body with same features

  • Roop

    D5 already? I just upgrade from D4 to D4s five months ago. I wish D5 has either 2 XQD card or 2 CF card slot

    • Neopulse

      2 XQD if I had to choose.

    • Are you having a good experience with XQD?

      • Roop

        sorry for late reply, I only use 32GB and never had any problem with that. I had problem with CF card, when I was going through images after few images it was showing error and i had to remove that card to clear that, I replaced that card and didn’t have that problem with new card.

  • AYWY

    So the biggest bullet point now is the new AF sensor. For comparison the V3 has 105 phase detect points and 171 contrast detect areas.

    • Some have suspecited that the V series is a test bed.

  • Hello people of the year 2015. I am a photographer and time-traveler from the year 2045, and thought to let you know what the situation is regarding the Nikons of our time. We now have 4096 AF points (ha! And you thought 173 are enough) and 3GP sensors (as in, 3000 Megapixels). We can now print up to 100ft long photos, so, boy, if I ever want to do that, I’m glad to know that I can. I just need to ask you, does anyone know what “composition” means, I keep finding this term in some old books but nobody seems to know what it means anymore.
    (on a serious note: I’ll take any improvement in numbers. 20MP as clean as 16 are welcome. But when is the last time we had something revolutionary? Probably the D3, I guess. The new lens designs, using the PF element, that are smaller and lighter are far more important news than a 173 AF-point camera. Just my 2c)

    • VikingAesir

      And Nikon still hasn’t released a D400, right?

  • reignoffire

    Df2 confirmed!!!

    • Don’t tease.

    • confirmed by who?

      • Neopulse

        Guess he meant “confirmed” because of the 20MP sensor that most likely will be used on the Df successor.

        • Michiel953

          That was my guess too. So that would be 2016. Of course, the improvements needed on the Df have nothing to do with the sensor, and everything with ergonomics, ease of handling and some philosopical questions about modern technology clothed in retro design.

          Will be interesting to see how Nikon’s designers paint themselves out of that particular corner.

  • JPR

    If these specs are correct, then where is the innovation in Nikon top camera? This is not what will keep Nikon number 2. 🙁

  • neversink

    I am psyched, but I will probably wait for awhile for all the bugs to come to light and be solved. This is going to change things. 20mp is lovely. 173 AF points is a huge advance.
    Same processor as D4s means no improvement in fps probably, but who needs it. D4 and D4s are fast enough. We will have to wait for a mirror less FX if we want faster.
    Not sure there will be an improvement in noise level. Depends upon the new sensor.
    Starting to drool!!!!!

    • jtan163

      Not so sure that same processor means no fps improvement.
      Code can be optimised and I always suspect that they hold a little back so they can give little speed bumps in the next model.

      Also the processor other things might be added e.g. more memory, coprocessors etc.

  • TheInconvenientRuth

    Dear Nikon, with all the advances in technology, I have just one simple, humble request. I really LOVE the backlit buttons on the D4/s. Love them. But can you make them customizable? I’d love to have them in pink…. Arigato Gozaimasu!! orz

    • Neopulse

      LOL on the pink. But also kind of odd since LED technology is advanced enough to be able to customize it to several preset colors.

      • jtan163

        Three LEDs and you can make more or less any colour… why stop at several?

        • Neopulse

          True, I guess it would be nice to do something like that with the upcoming D5.

  • Nikon1isAwesome!

    If the new 24-70 is smaller / lighter and has VR I will be very interested.

  • Ryan McBride

    I think a new 24-70mm is definitely something Nikon should be considering if they haven’t already. (patent application obviously suggests they have).. but I guess we’ll see.

  • FT Images

    I’m really keen to see Nikon refresh the 24-70. Had mine since 2008, its had a hammering & time to replace, almost. Not particularly bothered about VR though. Rather they kept the weight down.

    • true

      VR means you can take 1/16 stills

  • br0xibear

    • Eric Calabros

      Make another one with this: I AM Best of Both Worlds

    • Morris

      am starting to sell a leg

    • true

      I accidentally read that as “experience sense of protection”

  • peter

    Guess these rumors are from the same sorce, A joker indeed.

  • BrainBeat

    If this is all true I am sure many of us will have to start saving for is all now.

    173 autofocus points would be super if they as others have said could cover 90%+ of the frame. As it is now it would seem to be better to use a 7100 when you need to focus on objects closer to the frame edge due to its AF pints coverage.

    I also hope this 24-70 is released soon and is not too expensive as I am very tempted to just get the tamron version now.

  • onthedot

    20mp? Really? Canon just announced two affordable 50mp.

    • Kyle

      with fewer MP, you get better low light performance. Look at the relatively new Sony a7s. 12MP, ISO 400,000 capability. It’s images are pretty usable even in the ISO 100,000 range.
      No way the new Canon’s will be doing that.
      Any time there is low light situations, you need to typically push ISO to allow a faster shutter speed to freeze motion in most situations. (sports, weddings where you can’t use flash etc). Being able to to crank it 12,800 or 25,600 and such and have clean good images is a pretty big deal.

      • Eric Calabros

        Is it necessary to educate anybody on the internet? 😉

        • Michiel953

          Apparently. Necessary? Desirable? Anybody?

        • PhilK

          Necessary? Yes. Worthwhile? No.

    • Wade Marks

      The two Canon 5ds models are not aimed for the same market as the D4/D5 / Canon 1DX market. The 5ds models are aimed for landscape / portrait type of shooting. The D5 will be for faster action…sports, wildlife, photojournalism. Totally different markets. So you cannot really try to compare any D5 with the new Canon 5ds models.

    • stormwatch

      I knew somebody will bs immediately about the NEW 50 mpix Canons – SUDDEN WONDERS IN THE DSLR WORLD! SOMETHING WORLD HAS NEVER SEEN BEFORE!

      But when the true 36mpix wonder, and that is D800 was introduced SOME SUPER DISTANT 3 YEARS BEFORE, canon fanboys were saying – why would anyone want body with so much megapixels, it’s useless! Now 50mpix in Canon is something “worth having”. But, good old canon failed to make a decent sensor and no Sony factory can help the last millenium sensor design. I just wait for the direct comparison of the Dynamic Range with D800 (not D810, it’s the other world in comparison with D800) and new 50Mpix affordable canon shitty wonders and how they handle the shadows :-))))), and I know that it handles them worser than 5DMKIII which was already a disaster. Also, from the first samples of the new canon 50mpix wonders I can only say that I have never seen worser looking skintones in my life, man it’s 2015.

      • true

        to be fair, 5Ds will probably have better DR than 5D3. 7D2 has less of the noise pattern that ate some of the DR from 5D3, so it’s easy to assume this too will have same ammount of DR as 7D2 (which realistically is 2 stops more than 5D3, because dxo doesn’t take the pattern noise into account)

  • KnightPhoto

    Still haven’t worked my way through all the comments yet. Damn this D5 is early, I need to get more mileage out of my D4, coming on 3 years now. Good machine and my first full-size body, any mistakes are usually my own, which is a nice way to have it. I’m guessing this is coming so early cause Nikon finally has the breakthrough AF ready. I’ve been following Thom’s hints on this 3 years now, I gather it means more frame coverage, however they are doing it (and no it’s not on-sensor PDAF). I’d like to see this sell well. I might wait this time for the “S” release, I’m sorta focussed on lenses ATM (aside from a DX camera).

  • Alexy Frangieh

    when acquiresis gonna be painted with ceramic paint, and the color so far is “PanzerGrau”

  • Clifford Martin

    Disappointed that it will only be a 20mp camera. I was expecting at least 24mp and hoping it would be 30-36mp. If it is only 20mp then I hope they at least bump the fps up to 15.

    I also hope they drop the XQD and either replace it with SD or add a second CF slot. The XQD cards just haven’t taken off and are way too expensive.

  • Nikonsniper

    I think JP said about year…year and half ago this was going to happen.

  • RX78

    maybe the chip dealt gigabit ethernet also relate to usb 3.0?

    for most recent model, Nikon is catching up with better spec, maybe D5 will have everything the way we want (like).

  • Tom Jerry

    A very interesting post. Just purchased a Nikon D4s a few weeks back for heavy use this spring / summer 2015. I was thinking that Nikon would finally update their AF design since the D4s still uses a design essentially the same as the D3. Realistically, I expect the D5 to become available in early 2016.

    Ideally I would like to see the following in the next pro body Nikon camera:

    1) 20-24 MP sensor size. The 20 MP fits the bill, but is a bit fewer than I would have hoped for.

    2) Native ISO range expanded from 100-25600 to 64-51200

    3) More AF sensors covering more of the frame while maintaining or improving on AF acquisition speed. Going from 51 to 173 definitely addresses this issue assuming AF speed / accuracy are not impacted.

    4) Please keep the combined XQD / CF slots. I have a couple of XQD cards and numerous CF cards to use for overflow. If you choose to go use a single format for both slots go with XQD.

    5) Use the textured AF-mode button found on the D810. I find it easier to use than the non-textured button on the D800 / D4s. Or even better design an easier way to switch between AF modes. I do find myself switching between AF-modes (Grp, d9,d21, Auto) quite a bit. Maybe this could be reprogramed to one of the joysticks at the back of the camera?

    6) Redesign the Release Mode Dial to be similar to the D800 series so the photographer can verify whether they are in S, Cl, Ch mode without having to look at the top of the camera.

    7) Include an electronic front-curtain shutter

    8) Use the same battery as the D4s

    9) Include built-in WiFi on the camera

    10) Include RAW histograms. This is rumored to be included in new firmware, but just in case it is not.

    11) Keep the fps at the D4s spec or maybe bump it up to 12 fps. More important to me would be to dramatically increase the buffer so one can capture 15-20 seconds of photos the maximum fps before the camera slows down.

    With all of this being said, I am still amazed at the performance of the Nikon D4s when combined with the latest XQD cards from Sony (G-series). For someone would shoots active wildlife having the ability to capture 102 frames of 14-bit lossless compressed RAW before the camera buffer fills is quite amazing. At 11 fps I can take photos for 9 seconds straight without the camera slowing down.

  • Paul

    More autofocus points and 4 (3.8) more megapixels. What else you got Nikon?

  • Chris Nicholson

    173 autofocus points, omg you wont be able to see out the viewfinder

    • PhilK

      Good point, though I guess it will depend heavily on the implementation.

      Personally I just wish for some of the existing focus points to be closer to the edges of the frame, but I understand there are a variety of challenges to do that with a phase detect AF system. (Size of submirror, lens characteristics such as curvature of field and vignetting, angle-of-incidence issues with light at oblique angles to sensor at corners of frame, etc.)

  • jtan163

    171 AF points. I bet that refers to a number of AF points on the sensor, rather than in the OVF.
    On sensor PDAF is a required enabling technology (assuming current public state of the art) for the move to mirrorless and to support better liveview and by extension video.

    It will also allow for better AF tracking, metering facial recognition etc because it will be possible to use the whole sensor to meter and track etc.

  • J. Andrews

    Give me a freaking break. What is the point of this camera if the specs are even remotely accurate? Basically the same camera again? Only morrons will buy this. Honestly, both Nikon and Canon have lost track of what they are doing. I have no idea how they stay in business. Last innovative pro cameras Nikon made were the D3x and later D3s. Since then is the same of the same thing with a bit more sugar and salt. Whatever. Good luck for the D5..

  • Dave

    AF possibly along the lines of the Nikon PDAF patent –
    Very flexible – takes into consideration lens F stop and light levels to select appropriate AF sensor clusters (variable rangefinder base width and size).

    NB patent filed in 2009 – – Updated latest update 2013 – accepting that many patents are shelved – superseeded by newer technology.

  • Nikon need to add full networking/sharing functionality “in-camera” to really sell the D5 to a broader market or to keep their core users focused. Put an android module on the side and have that drive the comms side… even have them sell a D5+tablet duo with “extra apps”… but join the 21st century and allow the top end imaging engine to be easily connected to a users workflow and customers while out in the field.

  • Dino Brusco

    Mmm this are my findings:


    1) 20 MP – to me is fine, however, Nikon, please add 50/64 iso AND remove OLPF (or do you Nikon wants to keep it for next D5x?) so that one can exploit them all as on a D810; on the high side maybe isn’t necessary reaching 800k iso, rather making existing levels cleaner / as clean as possible. Hey, whoever really use more than 25k iso as a STANDARD ???

    2) 173 focusing points or whatever. I don’t care a heck about it. Put as many as you like but PLEASE, leave the best 11 of them placed AT LEAST where they should be supposed to be (rule of thirds anyone?) as it was for D2/F6 series, with ability to focus -3 EV or so. Customers’ eyes posing in dim light will thank you.

    3) Focusing aids in low light (in viewfinder and camera; eventually also af-assist light with manual focusing lenses, yet this is a dream surely Nikon won’t ever favor Zeiss or other brands over their own)


    4) flash sync: why not trying to reach 1/500s natively ?

    5) GPS: not that matters, but it’s strange having it on small p/s and not on pro cameras often used in remote areas of the globe.

    6) A real Quiet shutter, not a machine gun.

    7) lighter body and longer battery life.

  • nguyen manh

    when i hear about something & expensive … there have the people exchange kidney for it , why ? ONE kidney for d5 + holy trinity …are u dare ? :3

  • Best Deals

    It’s all about talent as we know 🙂 If the photographer can’t see it then the camera can’t take it.Doesn’t matter which camera in hand if you don’t know how to use it what’s the point getting D4,D5 or whatever ? I know people using very old cameras and taking way better images then people using high end gear.
    A huge difference in “taking” verses “making” pictures. A highly respected AP photographer friend always said he was going out to make pictures. Some have the eye and others have the tools, when you have both look ou

  • After Canon has published a 50 mp CMOS professional camera, I am waiting for a 50-70 mp FX Nikon, the question is, how many years do I have to wait for it! It will come, but I would expect a leap rather than just tossing.

  • Gogu

    Great news but PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF CHRIST – get rid of the awful colors the D4, D4s, D800, D810, D750 has. The D3(s) and D700 both had absolutely magical colors, but I can’t seem to get rid of the magentish/brown skin tones on the D4 and the dark brown colors of the D810… especially in natural light.

  • Ernie M.

    20MP? Better only be a rumor … Did they release this rumor on Apr 1st????

  • Politics_Nerd

    It’s a news/action camera, people. This whole megapixel race is stupid anyway.

  • karl Ferron

    the D4 and D4S are terrific cameras but this reminds me of car manufacturers doing tiny little tweaks and only every 7-10 years doing a decent overhaul. The digital full frame camera needs an overhaul. You can disagree but 4K footage and a removable optical prism with the option to change to a digital “prism” to get away from having to hold a 5-lb camera at arm’s length to capture video would be great. I would think if we can send probes to Pluto, we can develop a camera such as this.

  • PSAGuy

    The minute it’s out I’ll buy one. LOVE my D4…but this will be tasty.

  • Bill Williams

    It has the same processor as the D4s? Good to know they are advancing the highend platform! So I dont need the movie making frame rate and the Df has the same processor as the D4 and the soon to be D5. WTF?

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