Weekly Nikon news flash #345

Nikon D800 firmware update
→ Check if you are running the latest firmware on your Nikon camera in this all-in-one firmware updates page.

Nikon has booth 11017 at the 2016 CES show, right next to Samsung 🙂


→ It seems that the EU Nikon price increase I reported last month is already happening in Germany:

→ Microscopic predator attack scene wins first place in the annual Nikon Small World in Motion competition.

→ 2015 Nikon Walkley competition photo entries.

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  • Spy Black

    Maybe Nikon and Samsung will announce a joint venture…

    • Just stop it!

      • Spy Black

        Why? There’s nothing else going on…

  • Eric Dye

    Why did Nikon go with a price increase instead of holding out and just not having a price decrease later on? Were they too aggressive with their price drops at first and need to backtrack? Raising prices just always seems like a bad idea with tech products that are already out.

    • akkual

      They don’t seem to realize that EU is in struggling economy phase and Nikon will lose the markets. EU is not poor, but this kind of move will just further crumple the sales, definitely not boost them.

      • Juergen.

        The screenshots are from German dealer foto-leistenschneider.de, not from Amazon.de.

        • I did not say they are from Amazon.

          • Juergen.

            Then it’s my bad!

    • Juergen.

      One has to be very careful when taking Amazon.de as price-guide:
      Amazon prices are known to be very volatile and thus changing rapidly – and sometimes one gets different prices when looking from different computers similarily: Amazon’s price-setting algorithm is _extremely_ refined.

      So at the very moment – only hours after the article – the D810 isn’t available at Amazon.de from Amazon itself, only from third-party dealers (this may change any minute).

      And the D750 at the very moment costs 1838,98 Euro (incl. 19 percent VAT), sold and shipped from Amazon.de directly.
      And sold not-via-Amazon but by German certified Nikon dealer foto-mundus.de the D750 is 1749,99 Euro.
      The very same dealer sells the D810 for 2865,– Euro

      • correct, this is why I said to check the latest price at Amazon

  • LNGS

    I don’t understand the price increase either! Nikon should just hold the current prices for longer instead of increasing now.
    AND: 2999 Euro in Germany? Check out the prices in Switzerland! They have always been lower than anywhere else. (As most tech btw.) I just bought a D810 for less than 2300 CHF = 2100 Euro two weeks ago. Regular Swiss 3 years warranty.

  • animalsbybarry

    So Nikon and Samsung are right next to each other at CES
    Samsung is exiting the ILC marked and Nikon will unviel a new profesional grade ff mirrorless camera with all the featuers of the NX camera plus improvements and a new Nikon mount, and F mount adapter.
    Insiders belive Nikon bought Samsung NX technology….and one rummor site stands alone claiming to have broken the exclusive story that Samikon would definitely not want us to know
    So Samsing and Nikon both say the rumors are untrue….and since no rumor is totally accurate I guess that denial is technically correct.
    I had some doubts about this rumor, but I am now inclined to believe tjat the mirrorless rumors are at least more true than the Samikon deniels, even if not 100% accurate.

    • jtan163

      Is this SamNIkon the D400? 🙂

  • sickheadache

    No…The Big News will be from Sony. A99 Part Duex. 42.2mp and Fugly as usual.

    • MonkeySpanner

      And a translucent mirror to ensure they have a 1/2 stop disadvantage.

      • Daniel Högberg

        Oh no, not another trash-lucent mirror again!

    • AYWY

      Not sure why they’ll continue to do it. Unless they think that when Canikon switch to mirrorless they would leverage on the larger size to “do more things”. So keep the SLR body size around just in case…

  • paul

    and canon is next to sony

  • ragamofyn

    I heard a rumour that Samsung is dropping its camera division because — and here’s the big bombshell — SAMSUNG IS BUYING NIKON!

    Samsung’s market cap is $199.4 billion USD, while Nikon is $5.25 billion USD. Nikon is to become the photography arm of Samsung and Samsung smartphones will soon feature Nikkor optics and micro-VR mechanisms.

    (note: this post is complete BS that I just made up… or is it?)

  • Hanudiyan

    Those 2 booths under 11906 booth belongs to Samsung, too. Maybe these 2 are for their mirrorless camera?

  • ZoetMB

    Since Samsung seems to be exiting the camera business (or at least the DSLR part), the fact that they’re next to Nikon is not really relevant. I think what’s more relevant (or at least interesting) is that GoPro is next to Nikon and that their booth is slightly more than half the size of Nikon’s. Also note that the map is just a tiny portion of the show. There’s over 4100 exhibitors at CES. Average 1 minute at each and it would take 68 hours to see the whole show.

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