The upcoming full frame DSLR camera will be called Nikon D750

I can now confirm the name of the upcoming full frame DSLR camera: Nikon D750 (see also the rumored specifications).

I am also pretty confident (over 95% probability) that the new Nikon D750 camera will have a 24.3MP full frame sensor and will be released for Photokina. I am still not sure about the focusing system and whether or not the sensor will have an AA filter.

If you have any more details on this new camera, you can contact me anonymously here. You can also anonymously submit any pictures by using any of the listed services (BayimgRapidshareAnonfiles).

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  • PGi

    According to some guys who have made good predictions in the past the d750 will have 24mp sensor, tilt-able LCD, thin body, shoots 7 f/s and weighs at 752g.

    • FredBear

      Weather sealed?
      High desirability but low probability: interchangeable focus screens?

    • Stephen Corby

      No way it is 7 FPS… that would be a slap in the face to sports shooters right now. They need a sub $6500 camera with a high RAW fps. Sony A77II can do 12, the new rumored canon will do 8! If we don’t get 8 or 9 then it is clear they are intentionally hampering their own product in order to not hurt D4S sales. That would be tragic.

  • Radu

    Hello dear Nikon. Make for us an action camera with D4s sensor and AF system without filming.No retro stile….! Hahe you a good sales!

  • Breakfromfb Brock

    More of the same old crap

  • Antonio

    If a picture posted by Mirrorless Rumors has something to do with reality it will be a disappointing body design, with a prism and viewfinder’s ocular looking like the entry level models, and neither viewfinder blinder nor AF button. Just hope Nikon will not do this and come with a price tag as the one referred here before.

    • nobody

      That image seems to be a D610 with a photoshopped LCD screen.

      • Antonio

        @FredBear and nobody
        I’m already convinced it’s a fake. It would make no sense for Nikon to call something as D7xx compromising a more professional button layout and external command facilities…unless they would like to shoot the feet and destroy a reference associated to a more solid and prosumer/professional oriented kind of model’s segment.

    • FredBear

      NR has already said that the picture is not to be taken as representative – it’s a ‘stock photo’.

  • ahhhhh – but frames per second, speed writing to the card and card capacity are the deciding factors… and of course ISO performance. Meet those differences between the 800 and the D series and I’ll bother to rent one for consideration. I’ve rented everything below my D3s and hated them all

    • Alderaan

      The D3s only has a 12mp sensor though.

  • Jim Huang

    How Nikon named its camera is so confusing compare to Canon dSLRs. T^T

    • mikeswitz

      Finally a real reason to switch!

    • Richard70115

      No round ocular, no seperate af on button huge bummer, only tiltable screen (i thought and hoped they were using the swivel display of the d5300 just more robust developped/enhanced)…..if pic true…..and probably it will have the u1 and u2 modes on the dial not shitty memory setting banks just guessing due to the fact that it seems they are using the design/button layout of the cheaper models d7100, d600………brief sum up:

      SAY NO / -:

      no round ocular
      only tiltable screen
      no seperate af on button


      probbaly U1 and U2 modes

      PS: I am still hoping pic is a fake…..want the round ocular and a seperate af on button…

    • David Peterson

      I strongly suspect this is not a real pic.

      But if it is, that flip out screen is very interesting…. and in a very unusual place!

    • Stilllearning

      Sorry look at the D610 picture. Identical except for the flip screen. I believe it is fake. Besides NR said command layout like the D810.

    • fake

    • catinhat

      If true it would meet my expectations. Probably nothing more than a D610 with a 51-point AF, faster processor, and a flip screen. It really should be called D620, calling it a D750 would be like calling the D7100 a D350. On the other hand, calling this a D750 would send the clearest message yet to those who wanted to hope against all evidence that the D700 is dead, and, by implication, D300 too.

      I wonder what admin thinks about this pic.

  • Stilllearning

    Beginning to wonder about the tilt LCD. Mechanics have me wondering how it will actually work. On the D5300 it has no command buttons on the left side. Don’t see them doing that to the camera. Unless it tilts down and up only.

  • TovaKarvu

    I knew it! I called it. D750

    • Neopulse

      Knew what?

  • PayAttentionNikon

    I know this image is fake but I HOPE Nikon doesn’t put this type of flip screen (Selfie type) LCD on the D750. They need to do it like the Sony A580 was. Spinning out and then around (Sony a77, Nikon D5300) is A WAY worse user experience than the flip up or down type on the Sony a580. We want durable and useful in a FF Body, Not set up to take Selfies. Teenage girls have phones for that and we don’t need that on a D750.

    • PayAttentionNikon

      PLUS, Having the screen directly below the eye piece like o nthe Sony A580 feels MUCH BETTER when shooting photos or video in live view than flipped off to the side of the camera like the Gh3,Gh4, D5200, and D5300. Seeing your image way off to the left like that makes it feel weird when composing a shot compared to the lens location that is actually seeing the image.

    • Allen_Wentz

      “…set up to take Selfies?” Are you serious?

      Plus do note that the LCD on the D5100 does easily position directly below the viewfinder tight and flat against the body, facing out for chimping or facing in to protect the LCD (IMO a far better protective solution than plastic covers are).

      • Alderaan

        Can you put a plastic cover on the tilting LCD?

  • PayAttentionNikon

    For all of the people Scared of Flip Screen LCD’s PLEASE READ THIS…
    I have been shooting with numerous Sony cameras with flip screens since 2007 and after Years of use, who knows how many 100,000’s of images taken. NEVER ONCE did I break a flip screen or even hit it hard and think to myself “Wow, its a flip screen and I just hit it really hard, Im glad it did not break on me” GET REAL and don’t look for anything to criticize when it is a VERY useful feature.

    • Guest

      Sorry…I know you’re sold, have had great experience with on Sony bodies and hat’s great but Nikon has never ever put one of these things on their pro bodied cameras including all of the single digit D’, D700, 800, 800E and the just released D810 and I think they don’t because doing so compromises body integrity and weather sealing. I hope to goodness they don’t put it on this new body but I think they probably will. The light body bothers me a great deal to begin with. Adding a flip screen closes the door for me.

      • PayAttentionNikon

        The Nikon D810 is for you then (you even mentioned it). Surely you didn’t need me to help you figure that out since you are so scared of evolution.

  • OttoVonSchriek

    My specs:

    – 24Mpix sensor with V series hybrid AF technology, improved by virtue of larger sensor size.

    – Very high res EVF

    – Monoque carbon shell as previously used for D5300

    – Tilting mirror like sony

    – Very high power processor to deal with >10fps @ 24Mpix

    – Double SD slots with paralell writing of odd/even images for high speed shooting or duplication for slowwer speed work.

    – With extension tube is compatible with existing F mount lenses, extension tube also has extra tripod bushing in a forward position.

    – Without extension tube can use a new variant of F mount for short flange back.

    – At least a 35mm fast prime available in the new mount at launch.

    – Video connector for 4K recording possibly customised to use special cables for different functions including input for audio for onboard recording at lowwer rates.

    – Full creative lighting commander functions.

    – No top panel LCD display (body is slim)

    – Weather resistant and dustproof.

    – Larger grip with extra battery slot included as standard; uses the EL14 format as used on smaller bodies, camera strap has spare battery pockets like old film holders.

    BUT REMEMBER….I also predicted that the D810 would be a mirrorless, and I have a long history of getting things wrong, so this guess is probably less reliable than a politician in an election campaign! Let’s see if I can’t do better this time 😀

    • rt-photography

      im sure you wrote the list for fun or for a crazy non realistic expectations but I dont think any of the features you listed will be in the new camera haha funny list. I like it.

      • KnightPhoto

        Have to agree with you, these specs are way out there. V-series hybrid AF technology will someday be coming it’s fair to expect, But a Nikon Executive is already on record (NR article a while back) for the current difficulties of bringing Nikon 1 AF tech to FX – much tougher to do. Might require EXPEED5 or EXPEED6 computing power for that. At the same time this same Executive also indicated the difficulties of 4K. He said it might come on the Nikon 1 series first when it does come.

  • Neopulse

    Hate to point out the obvious, but if this doesn’t have the 16MP sensor of the D4s then it isn’t a true successor. The D700 had the sensor of the pro line D3/s line of cameras. And if this doesn’t have the low-light sensor of the D4s then it should not be thought of as the successor because of that particular difference. Honestly, if I had to choose, it would be the D4s sensor in a more affordable body.

    • KnightPhoto

      Fine, but we’ve discussed that to death. There are already the D4S and Df cameras that have the 16mp sensor. There is only the D610 that has the 24mp sensor. From a product line and marketting perspective a 24mp sensor makes WAY more sense.

      • FredBear

        Looking at the results of my 16 MP E-M10 vs the D600 I certainly prefer the extra resolution.
        The D600/610 sensor has excellent IQ and enough MP for my needs. If they managed to improve the SNR output further and put it into a more durable body with WR then I’ll certainly buy one.

      • Neopulse

        I guess we’ll see in the end what they decide to do. If the 24MP sensor outdoes or very close to the Df then it will be worth it. Along with choices on different RAW sizes would help. Maybe with more options hopefully for those who want an update from the 12MP sensor, but not as big as the 24 & 36MP files that have been discussed many times before. Especially here.

        Plus the D600 also was released not too long ago and soon after was the D610 with a nice update to it’s features. So it’s safe to say that there are still many 24MP FF bodies out there.

  • Mrpong

    Pro body must not include tilting LCD !! Having tilting screen makes a body too fragile!

    • Alderaan

      Plus tilting LCD’s are for selfies which is gaieeeeeeeee

      • Allen_Wentz

        You guys fail to understand the large value of tilt LCD for shots like:
- well above or well below eye level on a tripod
- handheld above a crowd

        – very low angle, such as looking up at wildlife under a bush, or macros from inside a light tent
- candids, where aiming a camera can be like pointing a gun to some subjects.

        • Alderaan

          Tilt screens are just so gimmicky and nooby. The functional advantages they provide are outweighed by the increased risk of damage and the gross aesthetic.

    • Allen_Wentz

      I have pro bodies (D2x and D3) and bodies with tilt (D5100, various Coolpix) and use bodies hard in all kinds of conditions. Tilt has never proven to be a weak point for me and I have never seen it reported as such in any generalized way.

    • T53

      Agree…compromises body integrity and weather sealing. There is a reason Nikon has never put it on any of its pro body cameras.

  • sean dackermann

    This is my thought on whats happening… for what its worth of course.

    Nikon took a step back and nearly tripled their product line of standard full frame cameras since the D700/D3 days. They wanted to gather more market share and also create more distinct lines. You now have your pro body for the workhorse type photography in the d4(s), you have your pro body for the studio/fashion/landscape photographer with the d810, you have the retro full frame lets pay homage to our roots nikon df, and now you’ll have the sports/action photographers camera with the nikon d750.

    From now on, nikon will have one entry level, one retro, one sports, one studio and one flagship full frame. You wont see the model deviation in the d4 because theyll have a specific body for everyone (and if you dont like it, forget about it)

    Nikon d750 –

    Stereo 1080p in 24,30,60, and 120 (instead of 4k)
    Full built body (thats the dinger)
    Newest 51af system OR the introduction of a new system
    And other features corresponding with nikons newest bodies

    Why didnt they release it sooner? Because they learned that the d700 did cannibalize d3 sales. The d4 being on its S refresh has had plenty of its sales (nobody bought a df over a d4, they made sure of that) this camera will be the newest sports/action camera and show nikons new hierarchy of full frame bodies.

  • Silence

    I think it will be D610 sensor, 7 fps and D4S AFS

    • Fly Moon

      Good enough for me. I have a D800E and wouldn’t mind a lighter FF option.

  • ben

    My best quess is that it’s FX version from D300. Smaller than D700/D800 and hell lotta higher fps and EXPEED 4 -processor.

  • swgdesign

    Is it just me or is anyone else confused at the way Nikon releases camera at the top end pro-sumer / amateur-pro?

    This d750, d800 and d610 are all a bit of a muchness in my opinion; they all have pros, but they all also have fairly major drawbacks too – not one of those models does everything (AF, file size, FPS) brilliantly.

    I’d have probably bought a d600/610 if the AF system was the 51 point system. That was the only thing that put me off.

    Now, I will wait to see if the elusive D300s replacement or D7200 is announced at Photokina and forget full frame for now.

    • True. A *proper* flagship DX is still not available. D9300 has to be it. Only thing is.. with the D750 announcement due anytime, when would this be announced?

  • Dr_Bonk7

    OK, it’s a ‘nitpick’, but i really hope the D750 has the 800 style view finder. I think this camera is a winner if it hits as described. this a competitor to the 5D Mark III?

    • Neopulse

      Personally I prefer a bigger viewfinder hands down (.80+). Better for manual focusing with MF lenses and for macro photography also. And including optional focusing screens made by the company itself rather than 3rd party.

  • Dr_Bonk7

    OK, it’s a ‘nitpick’, but i really hope the D750 has the 800 style view finder. I think this camera is a winner if it hits as described. this a competitor to the 5D Mark III?

  • Stilllearning

    Laugh for today. The die hard on DPReview ‘it’s going to be a D620’ has outdone himself. Quote.
    “I would think that the ‘D750’ (which of course, has a snowball’s chance in hell of being called a ‘D750’, and only a very slightly larger chance of existing) would add very few additional sales for Nikon. It would be sandwiched by a lesser cost 6FPS 24MP model and a slightly higher cost camera which will do 6FPS at 24MP, has top end AF and will do super high res as well. That seems to be a very niche market indeed. Nikon made it’s niche market play with the Df.” Unquote.
    So NR I hope you are right because there are plenty of people in line to force feed ‘Crow’ down this guys throat. I don’t think I have ever encountered a more arrogant guy in my life and I know there are plenty.

  • karel moonen

    Please no flip screen!

    • Allen_Wentz

      Please, please a flip screen. Don’t you guys ever shoot from other than eye-level? The benefits are very substantial.

      And please don’t blather about how a tilt LCD ruins the durability of a pro camera. There is no general history from Nikon’s other tilt bodies to suggest that.

      • karel moonen

        Problems with your amerture skills with up-skirt shots Al, Eye level is irrelevant. This guy has no problem shooting hi low hand held, experience Al is what I have stick to your point and shoot so you can awww your friends.

        • stanley2

          all of you ovulation’s crack me up….moon-er 😀

          Nikon made an eyepiece adapter for their F’s for over under eye-level shots. the flipper could be a useful thang,,,at times for high-5 shots and anything under their D3 & D4 models are called; prosumer bodies NOT pro bodies kids.

      • Alderaan

        Nothing prevents you shooting from above or below eye level without a flip screen…

        • esolesek

          except that you can never actually control what’s in the frame…hmmm. Otherwise, I agree flip screens can slow other shooting down, and sucker battery power.

        • esolesek

          except that you can never actually control what’s in the frame…hmmm. Otherwise, I agree flip screens can slow other shooting down, and sucker battery power.

      • T53

        Nikon has never put one on a pro body including the just released D810 and for good reason.

  • Scott Plumb

    I was thinking about this addition to Nikon’s lineup the other day, along with those who question the purpose, position, and market for this proposed body.. and If we look at what Nikon has in their lineup currently and match those bodies with the most logically replaced, there appears to be some rationalization in the D750.

    In the D4 Nikon continues its balls-to-the-wall professional sports/action body – of course replacing the D3s.
    In the D8xx Nikon provides a more reasonably packaged ($$/size) high mp studio/landscape/architecture body (their own marketing material here) – which of course was the role filled by the D3x.
    In the D6xx we simply see a new body, or tier if you like, which was not designed to replace anything previously available. Nikon simply wanted to provide an entry level body into their FX family, which is where all their optic history/future currently lives.
    All the lower consumer bodies have their own replacement, so no need to run those down..

    However that leaves just two bodies without direct replacements in the specific areas they were designed and most used, and the association those bodies had with the rest of Nikon’s lineup.
    1) The D700 seen as the little brother of the D3/D3s offering much that those bodies had trading only a little functionality for body and cost advantages..
    2) The D300s considered by many a fully competent high pixel density version of the D700, for all the benefits that provides.

    If the rumored D750 materializes in its alleged form, it doesn’t have to be a monumental evolution, but simply a modern consolidated up to date evolution. In that context it encompasses everything the D700 and D300s provided. It would pick up where the D700 left off, with increased mp, video, newer lighter packaging, greater ISO, ‘action’ oriented AF system, and whatever else the current tech provides. Over the D300s it brings higher density higher mp DX crop (hopefully the 1.2 as well,) more advanced AF, better sensor, bigger VF, and bigger sensor where applicable. Being an ‘action body it should at least maintain fps and buffer, if not slight improvements, and over both should provide better storage and connectivity.

    That continues the same tiered line Nikon has always had with the only exception being that one body takes over the jack-of-all positions previously occupied by two bodies that were similarly redundant anyway.

  • peter

    It will NOT be called the 750. That would NOT fit any pattern what so ever.
    650 maybe, if it is the original planed update of the 600, since 610 got occupied.

  • Baris

    I hope this will be another camera for the professional level like D8x0(E) with a price close or same to the new D810. If the price is about the same and indeed the features are worth it, the selling rates of D810/D750 won’t hurt each other too much and any D800 resales wouldn’t be hurt either.

  • Stilllearning

    Well we are getting near the end of August without any more leaks on when it will be announced. Thanking it won’t be until September now.

  • karel moonen

    Very disappointed a “Tilt-Screen” well that was the make or break on this one,

    • KnightPhoto

      How about a tilt screen but no pop-up flash, that ought to make some people happy 😉

      Only reason I say that is I don’t understand the $2,500 price point, it’s too low – they’ve got to cut some serious stuff out of this camera to make it $800 cheaper than a D810.

  • jeffvanjindelt

    its Nikons 5d3

  • esolesek

    no video? wow, that’s so smart. How about a full-frame dslr in the small profile of the D5300 that doesnt have oil drops on the sensor?

  • esolesek

    no video? wow, that’s so smart. How about a full-frame dslr in the small profile of the D5300 that doesnt have oil drops on the sensor?

  • ValenzTa

    I’m new to the blog, I have been following it a long time ago but never made a post before. So another FX camera, seems Nikon keeps leaving us the DX users behind. I’m not a pro per say, but I would not buy a 750 because of the price, I wonder if they will ever make the 7200 or last resort the 5400. I know there are the other blogs for those models but I just want to know more about what to expect at photokina. Bottom line, Nikon should make more medium range budget cameras instead of the really expensive or very cheap ones. I hope they surprise us in a couple of weeks.

    • KnightPhoto

      There are even many of us FX shooters that would buy a D400 (or D7200). And bring on the 300mm f/4 DO VR while they are at it!

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