The upcoming Nikon full frame DSLR will be marketed as an “action” camera


This is not a teaser for the upcoming camera

The upcoming full frame Nikon DSLR camera will not be a replacement for the current D610 model (the D610 was not an upgrade for the D600, just a fix for the sensor oil/spot issue). Nikon will continue to sell the D610 after the new camera is announced. What I am hearing is that this new DSLR will not be part of the D6xx product line and will be marketed as an "action" camera (the promotional material will involve skaters - probably high-speed action shots and video).

The big question for now remains the focusing system, but I doubt Nikon will ruin an "action" camera with 39 AF points and believe that they will include the better 51 AF points system from the D810/D4s (that's just my opinion, I have no info on the focusing system yet). I also expect a higher fps rate than the D610/D810 and improved video recording capabilities.

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  • Sports camera equals minimum 24 MP, 10 FPS minimum with continuous auto focus, and a buffer that can hold at least 50 RAW images.

    • clifflwms

      I’d be surprised if the FPS are that high. Too close to the D4s

  • Guest

    Looks like it’s gona be the D4000 we were/are waiting for ! : )

  • donpnz

    Looks like it’s the D400 we’ve been waiting for ! : )

  • Wondering if they are going to market this as a more direct competitor to the Canon 5DIII, but maybe slightly lower MP (20MP or so) for better low-light and FPS performance? And no AA filter. I don’t think they will use exactly the same sensor as the D4s.

    I would certainly get this to compliment my D800. Also, because of the initial feature set, it will be priced closer to the D810 than the D610…between $2799 and $2999.

  • Andreas

    Now, that it is real: what a disappointment… NO action cam at all 🙁

    • the action comment was mainly based on the promo material

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