Another full frame Nikon DSLR camera coming for Photokina

The latest rumors I am receiving point to another full frame camera announcement for Photokina. We are talking about a new DSLR positioned somewhere between the D610 and the D810 models. Here are the expected specifications:

  • 24MP full frame sensor
  • Tilting LCD screen
  • Wi-Fi support
  • Expeed 4 imaging processor
  • Very light body (probably similar to the D610 and Df, maybe even lighter)
  • Priced around $2,500 (the current Nikon FX camera price points are - D610: $1,896.95, Df: $2,746.95, D810: $3,296.95, D4s: $6,496.95)
  • Potential announcement at the end of August or early September
  • No idea on the model name - it could be D620, D750 or something completely different
  • The probability rating on this rumor is currently at 70% - I am pretty confident that this camera is coming, I am just not sure about the detailed specifications (if you have any more details, you can contact me anonymously here)

I have hard time understanding what Nikon is trying to achieve with this model - the Nikon Df is already positioned between the D610 and D810. My only explanation is the D3300/D5300 configuration, but with a full frame sensor: D610 with a fixed LCD screen and the new camera with few more features and a tilting LCD screen.

Many Nikon fans have been waiting for a "real" D700 replacement since 2008. Even after the D800, D810, D600, D610 and Df cameras were announced, they were not considered by many as a true D700 replacement (I personally think that Nikon has provided enough upgrade options for D700 owners). Maybe this new Nikon DSLR will finally be the "real" D700 replacement?

How about a new Nikon DX DSLR camera? So far it doesn't look like we will be getting one soon, but there is still hope:

Nikon D9300

Since the last (and only) D9300 rumor I received back in April, I have not heard anything else on this model (the information I received was from a very good source). It could be that the D9300 was code/internal name for the already announced D810. I really do not know what is going on with the D9300.

Nikon D7200

Just to make it clear: I have never received any reliable information regarding a new D7200 camera - the D7200 rumor was started back in January by the Japanese magazine Impress and it was just the next logical step for the Nikon DX line, nothing more.

The lack of DX DSLR leaks/rumors so far makes me think that a new APS-C based DSLR may not be on the horizon, at least not for Photokina. The show starts on September 16th, so we still some have time (and hope).

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  • peterw

    The difference between 24 megapixels and 36 is not so big. Price difference of 2500 to 3100 is not so big eighter.
    D7100 adds a bit of resolution (or whatever you want to call it 😉 ) on its 24 MP in respect to D800/D810 and such a much much lower price. There is a niche for that. I’m curious as to what this camera will bring that D610 and D810 don’t offer.
    Light weight… perhaps not a DSLR but some kind of mirrorless F-mount baby… taking out the pentaprism, the mirror and the shutter makes a lot of difference. That would be a great tool (next to a real DSLR).
    Maybe… the F-mount is optional… And a different mount can be chosen… That would make it a real rival to this new Sony. And to the Leica’s I guess.
    But then, why not 36 MP? This would make an ideal tool for slow repro and macro photography.
    Perhaps only 24 MP to gain speed?
    (Why all this after discontinuing Capture NX2 🙁 )

    and what a massive attention for this rumor… 😉
    a good summer to all of you

  • Michiel953

    546 comments 547 including this one), a d I haven’t been able to work up an appetite for this new camera. I wonder why.

    • Vin

      I actually really do like the sound of this, FX with tilted screen options, light as D610, or lighter, with good video features, I am in!

      • Michiel953

        I’m not interested in tiltable screens, nor videos. I like to think I’m into photography, but I’m probably just flattering myself.

        Anyway. What I’d like is a camera that’s a bit (150 grs?) lighter than my D800, comparable build (no 610 then), better handling (810) , same or better IQ (800E or 810)…

        So… Best stick to my D800 then.

        • Vin

          I like my D800E, but I would also like something in between my DX camera’s and Fuji APS-C, something good for low light and could be very useful for videos, and low to the ground stills or video. Just saying, just because we may have a D4, or D800, this camera could be very useful.

    • broxibear

      Because discussing the rumour Peter posted is one thing, but endless posts about why a cameras is called x instead of y is like using your own urine to wash your clothes because the water supply stopped.

      • Brierfield

        -24 MP FF sensor in a body the size of the D90
        -lightweight composite body (like D5300)
        -tilting LCD screen
        -Expeed 4 processor
        -7-8 fps
        -3 or 4 programmable function buttons
        -Wifi and GPS equipped
        -51 Pt. autofocus
        This camera would sell by the boatloads IMO.

        • rich

          do you work for free, I don’t think people at nikon do. Maybe in 2-3 years but $1,500 will get you a refurbished d6xx or sony a7 wo/lens. Your spec is closer to something for $3,000.

          • Actually, it’s closer to the D5300. The only difference frame rate (5fps) and auto-focus (39 points).

            I’m pretty sure Nikon could do that for $1500, and that’s my hunch on this rumour. It’s the new D400, entry level FX camera, which is basically a D5300 with an FX sensor.

  • fjfjjj

    It’s true. Nikon can’t build a 17mm PC-E, and can’t service my Europe-purchased camera in the states. Weak.

  • Curtis

    I’m hoping for the A7s sensor in a Nikon body.

  • Martin L

    Would make sense, Nikon currently has nothing to go against the 5D markIII, the D810 is too slow, the D610 AF system is sub-par; so a D610 with the D810 focussing system, Expeed 4,1/250 flash sync and 1/8000 max shutter speed would make sense, especially if it is priced competitively when compared to the 5D.

    • How, exactly, is the D810 “slow” compared to the 5Dm3? There is precisely 1fps difference, which vanishes if you put a grip on the D810. The D810 has a bigger buffer, too, apparently. And you’re shooting 50% more pixels.

  • Jeffery Choi

    I sold my D700 recently, and I’ve been in limbo since. I’ve considered an X-T1 (I’m not sure if I trust Fuji long-term, and I obviously don’t upgrade that often), a 5D3 (I really wanted to love it, but I really do prefer Nikon’s ergonomics vs. Canon’s, and while I read differently online, the LCD on my D700 seemed so much sharper zoomed in compared to the 5D3), and a D800 (I was decided on this option until this new rumor!), but none seem quite right. I don’t see it mentioned too often, but one of the deal breakers for me with the D600 (aside from the autofocus, which gets discussed a lot), is the one button, 100% zoom to focus point on playback. I think it’s unfathomable that a D600 doesn’t have this option. Lot’s of “lessor” cameras feature this, and I wouldn’t even consider another camera without it. I know that I’m only coming from 12MP, but I would think this feature would be even more important (to check focus) on higher MP bodies.

  • D700s

    I’m ready to preorder.

  • Captain Megaton

    I’m going to have to agree with admin on this one: weird decision, but IF its coming then as D5300 to D3300. The thing is though a) the D610 is no D3300 and b) the used market is already flooded with D800 at $2k. The only killer feature they could pull off is weight. Make it as light or lighter than the Df and things get substantially more interesting. (for the walkaround crowd at any rate)

  • Rafa R

    man… I just paid my D810 and now this… shit I would have waited, dont need all those 36 MP , 24 is plenty! that new camera does sound exiting, D700 revival!

  • From reading the comments it seems that people want a all the features of a D810, but with a slightly lower resolution, but the frame rate of a D4s, in a body which is smaller and lighter than the D810, and all at a lower price point.

    Assuming that Nikon could (seemingly) break the laws of physics and achieve all of this, why on earth would they?

    What people need to understand is it’s about selling cameras to markets at a specific price point.

    The D700 was introduced at $3000, and then discounted over time. The D800 was introduced at a price of $3000, and now the D810 is $3300.

    This is why the D800 is the D700 successor. If you spent $3000 on a camera X years ago, Nikon want you to spend at least $3000 replacing it X years later. It’s not complicated.

    Nikon are never going to introduce a camera which cannibalises the sales of their profitable high-end cameras in that way. Why on earth would they? It makes absolutely no business sense at all.

    The D700 wasn’t conceived as a smaller, cheaper, D3, because it shared the D3 sensor. It was conceived as a 5D competitor, and it used the only full-frame sensor Nikon had at the time.

    There is not going to be a “D710”. Just get over it. The replacement of the D700 is the D800/D810. How do I know this? Same price, same same size, same features, same target market. What’s everyone hung up on? Frame rate? Why? Because they want a D4s without buying a D4s.

    That’s the same as wanting a D810 at a lower price, the only difference being a slightly lower resolution sensor. Yeah, because that’s how it works. That’s the only cost difference to Nikon in making the cameras!

    • Martin L

      You said yourself, the D700 was conceived as a 5D competitor. Well, what camera does Nikon make today that can compete with the 5D markIII? I’ll answer that: none. In fact, if I wasn’t so heavily invested in Nikon lens and accessories, I’d make the move to a markIII myself.

      • It’s called the D810. Same price point, same body size / design, same features, including advanced video.

        What makes you think the D810 *isn’t* the 5Dm3 competitor?

        • Martin L

          It’s way too slow for one. Not just in term of pure FPS, although it is slower, but more in term of how many of those frames before the camera stops, and how long before the camera can shoot again. The D810 is a great studio camera, and arguably better at landscape than the MarkIII, but it’s stupid at everything else in comparison to the MarkIII, it isn’t there at all. A D610 sensor in a D810 body could possibly make the camera faster and, more importantly, snappier and consequently compete with the MarkIII, but Nikon doesn’t make that camera.

          • Sounds like you need a D4/D4s.

            The 5Dm3 does 6fps. The D810 does 5fps. Are you seriously saying that you need the extra 1fps to get the shot you need?

            Buffer depth? Here is a comment from another forum: “My 5DIII shows 13 in buffer when shooting raw with a 32gb SanDisk Extreme Pro CF” On CameraLabs they quote the 5Dm3 as having a buffer of “18 RAW files”.

            D810 has a buffer of 28 at 14-bit lossless compressed.


            I can’t find a similar table for the 5Dm3, but I’m sure one exists.

            Your problem, however, doesn’t exist. There is no practical difference between 5fps and 6fps. And it seems the D810 has a bigger buffer, although that is partially dependant on memory card speed.

            • Martin L

              Ok, well, the original release paper I had read did not mention doubling the buffer size on the D810. If that is the case, I am willing to revisit my opinion, enough to go and try a D810, something which I did not plan on.

            • I have a D800, set to 14bit lossless compressed RAW, and I use relatively slow 400x Lexar SD cards. I just turned it on, half-pressed the shutter and it said “12” in the buffer display. This is the same as others are reporting with the 5Dm3. It depends on RAW settings, memory card speed, etc. etc.

            • Vin

              This is a good comparison, you also should be aware of having multiple cards in the camera, one slower one can slow down buffering, but at 28 images in raw at 14. Bit is mighty fine.
              I have found if you point your camera at a baseball pitcher and start shooting, 5.5 fps is slightly slow, but 6.5-7 is getting interesting. So if you had 7-8 fps and your buffer could successfully support 4-5 seconds of finger down, 32-40 images in buffering the new new D810 or this Rumored new camera will meet another critical criteria of action shots. Of course this is one other reason for the smaller raw files. Thanks for looking up recent spec. On D810 buffer with faster CF.

            • Sounds to me like you just need a D3s, D4 or D4s.

            • Vin

              I would love a D4s! But I don’t think I really need one, maybe down the road a little? I kinda like the Df as well.

            • It depends on how you set up your camera.

          • Joven

            The D810 is only 1FPS slower, and if you use a good memory card, the buffer clears fine. Not to mention that if you want to shoot to two cards in the 5D3, then you’re restricting the write speed to Class 10 speeds for ALL cards, even the CF card.

            It’s not arguably better than the 5Dmk3 in landscapes, it’s not even a question. Canon’s shadow recovery is weak, there’s more detail in the D810 sensor, especially in the shadows, and the DR isn’t even questionable.

            I’ve also heard nothing but good things about the new AF system from the D810.

      • Me

        Turn it around. What camera does Canon make that competes with the D8X0?

      • Joven

        All that would happen is that you’d be on the site complaining about the banding, and cruddy DR range of Canon sensors. You seem like one of those people who’s always going to find something to complain about.

    • Alderaan

      I don’t buy the 800 series replacing the 700… The resolution and FPS; they are completely different cameras. In regards to the Mark3; the 610 shares the FPS and resolution, the AF system is at a loss but the sensor performance and price point are a major win. It seems like a pretty good competitor for the Mark 3 to me.

      • The D800 replaced the D700. It’s quite simple. Nikon upped the resolution, and reduced the fps. That’s the decision they made. I don’t understand why people struggle with this idea.

        • Alderaan

          It’s the idea that the 700 series was focussed on being a fast and ‘sports/wildlife-oriented’ series, while the 800 series seems focussed on resolution/studio single shot work… By your logic you could claim any of the DX cameras to be the 700 successor. The performance is not relatable in my opinion.

          • What? The D800 replaced the D700. Both were $3000, both pro-level FX bodies, both pro-level image capture, and both had the same target markets (although the D8x0 increased this with the addition of video).

            There are no other cameras, apart from perhaps the Df, that compare to the D700. Certainly no DX cameras. By definition a DX camera cannot replace a $3000 FX camera.

            I don’t think you understand how products are marketed. It’s not about one feature, it’s about the whole package, and what segment of the market they are targeting.

            • T53

              D700 owners did not gobble up the D800 in droves when it came out
              because Nikon said at the time that the D800 was not a replacement or a
              successor to the D700 but a totally different camera which it most
              certainly is. I don’t think any company, not even Nikon, would slam the door on having that option later.

            • Really? Where did Nikon say that? If the D800 isn’t the replacement or successor of the D700, why did Nikon stop making and selling the D700 just before they launched the D800?

              DP Review:
              “Nikon has announced the D800 and D800E 36MP full-frame DSLRs. The pixel count of the long-awaited replacement for the D700 means it also trumps the D3X as the highest-resolution camera in Nikon’s lineup.”

              The D800 isn’t a totally different camera at all, it’s the same price, same body, same auto-focus, same target market.

              From the DP Review summary:
              “In many ways, the D800 had a difficult act to follow in the 12MP D700, which was (and remains) one of the best all-rounders of any DSLR we’ve ever used. The demand of some Nikon users for a higher resolution model notwithstanding, there was not a whole lot we’d have wanted to see change in an updated model. Thankfully, Nikon’s approach to the D800 has followed a similar mode of thinking.”

              The level of denial by some people is amazing. The D800 is the D700 replacement. There is not going to be a mythical “D710”.

            • T53

              Thought that would get a rise. Truth is…you don’t know. You just think you know. Its why this is called a rumor page.

            • I know the D800 replaced the D700, and I know that from a market and business perspective the “D710” rumour makes no sense at all. Still, that doesn’t mean Nikon won’t do that, even though it makes no sense. As you say, this is a rumour site, and as we all know, rumours are often wrong.

            • T53

              We’ll just have to agree to disagree. Every opinion is colored to some degree by personal bias, one’s own experience, how one would like things to be and most can come up with any number of points to make their point of view attractive and perhaps even convincing. As a long time Nikon Shooter (1968), I happen to think the company’s future in the camera sector will be driven by full frame DSLR’s in the short term and to that end, I believe there is room for a full framer between 16 and 24mp in a pro like body similar to that of the D700 and D800. In my own work, 36mp is overkill and not justifiable for what I do. The Df looks fun but not what I need and the top dog D4S at more than six grand is out of the question. 18- 20 would be perfect which is why I am looking at Canon but I would be loathe to switch so I could live with 24 and a few other particulars that would drive my decision. So I’ll wait and see what Nikon does. Yes, my own needs and my own wishes color my opinion but as one of my editors at NBC said years ago, everbody has one, that’s what makes the world go round. Cheers.

            • OK, here’s a question. Why is 36mp overkill for what you do?

              I’m an amateur, and just use my D800 for travel, and personal events, etc. as well as some more ‘arty’ projects (you can see what I do on Flickr).

              People have had this sort of argument ever since digital cameras were invented. It’s just about specs and numbers. Just like PC processor speeds, or the water resistance of posh watches.

              If you read the review of the Nikon D40 on DP Review they praise it for only having 6mp, rather than pushing it to 8mp. Now, the D3300 has 24mp, a full 4x as many, but DP Review don’t complain about it in that review.

              People argued that 6mp was fine when 12mp cameras launched, that 12mp was fine when 24mp cameras launched, and now that 24mp is fine when we have a few 36mp cameras.

              Personally, the room that 36mp gives you to crop, or in Lightroom adjust the perspective, etc. is just wonderful. You can do that a lot and still end up with a 20+mp image that would make an amazing print.

              From a workflow point of view, using D800 files (14bit lossless compressed) doesn’t feel like it takes any longer than from my old D300s. And even if it did take an extra 1 or 2 seconds to open one on my MacBook Pro, so what? I’m not a photojournalist who needs to process and send them immediately. The difference in file size between a 24mp camera and a 36mp camera isn’t that much, and storage is so cheap now anyway, who cares? When I started digital photography my PowerBook G4 had a 40GB hard drive. If I bought a new one now it would have 1TB probably.

              Have you ever used a D800?

            • T53

              I admire your persistence. It’s overkill in my case because I don’t
              need that much resolution for what I do and I cannot I cannot justify
              the expense. Yes I have used the D800. I was allowed to take a demo
              out into the streets and fire off maybe 40-50 shots with a store demo (after leaving my valid credit card as leverage to bring it back in one
              piece.) Marvelous Camera. Very close to medium format. Remarkable acutance. Monstrous files. I do a lot of stock work and Getty among
              others, is now soliciting smaller files. Stuff is getting too big for them. What I have now works fine but I am not one to I never say
              never. I might decide to revisit the issue perhaps by looking at a used D800 that has been well loved, but certainly not until I see what
              Nikon has up its sleeve as regards this new release. Have to go work. Enjoyed chatting
              with you.

    • Vin

      From what the rumors are implying it seems this camera will come in at $2499 USD, 7fps, rotation led rear screen, be a plastic composite structure, I am going to hope for 51 point AF like D7100, I think it will be a mixture of D5300, D7100, & D610. Of course it will be missing a few features of D810, .. better question is what will the sensor be? 24mp FX with no AA filter, increased low light ability above D610?

      • I don’t think the rumours make any sense at all. How does this camera, as described, help Nikon sell more cameras? As described it was just cannibalise sales of the D810, so it means Nikon would lose money.

        What makes sense is that Nikon expands the addressable market for cameras. That means selling cameras to segments of the market who are not currently served by the Nikon line up. That means extending the line down, towards the consumer end. The professional / serious enthusiast end is well catered for with D810 and D4s, the mid-market with D610 and D7100.

        If Nikon have any sense at all this will be called the D400, it will slot in under the D610, it will be the FX equivalent of the D5300, and it will sell for around $1500, maybe even a bit less than that.

        They are then opening up full-frame cameras to a new market segment, and they are encouraging existing DX users to upgrade to FX, and they are further differentiating their cameras, and moving them on from low-end cannibalisation from everything from smartphones to mirrorless cameras.

        • Vin

          I agree with what you say, but I am a little dubious of a FX D400 at $1500, but love the idea! It would stand to be a lot more profitable, or at least loved by many, and competitive in the market.

          • Nikon need to do something to move the market, and that would move the market.

        • Donald MacLeay

          I agree, but a low build quality FX camera will not make me give up my D200.

  • Highlight

    Please, D710 with an interchangeable (split prism) focusing screen.

    • Steven

      as markov stated the df2 will probably have it…..if nikon is wise…..df cam the cam best for manual focusing all old lens etc….as he said…

      • Highlight

        I know… but that was not… what I said…

  • peevee

    Higher fps D710 might fit – neither D610’s and Df’s 6fps nor D810’s 5fps are good enough for sports shooting, and D4s is far away in price. 8-9 fps would make sense. Something like D610’s 24mpix sensor plus Expeed 4 can achieve this.
    And maybe 4k video.

    • Put the accessory battery grip on the D700 and you have 8fps NOW.

      • Joven

        But they need 4 more MP lol

        • The D4s sensor is better in more ways than Mp.

      • peevee

        And 12 mpix and no video at all. But it’s a shame that neither D800, D600 or their newer incarnations (+10s) can match this old camera.

  • ernestkoe

    Full frame mirrorless?

    • Michiel953

      Why on earth would Nikon do that?

  • Hopedieslast

    So it seems for me Nikon maybe is and has the biggest surprise at photokina positvely….;)

    And Markov should definetely work for Nikon….;) would be much better for the company, customers and lead to a better nikon future, a glorious….;)

  • KnightPhoto

    OK – what if the one thing wrong with this rumour is that it is a DX camera not an FX one? It’s the D400! Read every other spec and they all make sense for a top-end DX camera. (I’ll credit Aggi in the “financials” thread for coming up with this one) 😉

    Personally I don’t see a huge gap between a D610 and D810 in FX that needs to be filled by this rumoured FX camera. As someone else mentioned process your D810 photos in a batch down to 12mp DNGs and bingo bango bongo you have yourself a pretty darn good D700 replacement.

    Well, either way DX or FX it’s going to be interesting to see what’s going on here.

  • Rhlpetrus
  • I haven’t read all 667 previous comments, so perhaps I’m repeating someone else’s here. But, I was just looking at the Nikon USA website and what struck me was how they group DSLRs now. They have basically three categories, with entry-level being DX only, enthusiast is a combo of DX and FX while pro is all FX. My point is that, for all of our conjecture on here about how the Nikon product line is being filled out, from a marketing point of view they don’t seem concerned about dividing up DX and FX into separate offerings, in other words, entry level FX, pro level DX and so on. So, in thinking about this upcoming announcement and guessing where a hole exists in the current line-up that a new camera might occupy, it might be important to keep that in mind.

  • One of the interesting observations I make in reading the comments here is how satisfied D700 users are with their cameras. D700 replacement? What would that be? Other than upgrading to the D4 sensor, I’m not sure what you could want.

    • T53

      16mp would be just fine.

      • Yes, 16 is plenty. The D4s is a better sensor in other ways as well.

  • George Mahlum

    They should just make a simple non movie capable 12-16mpx body with no frills and no pop up flash and sell it for $900-1200 USD…Kiss formula… Why does the EOS 5D and the Nik D700 remain so popular… because they are cheap (used)…especially the 5D… and its got great skin tone to boot, and it can mount many other brand lenses. also put in a split center focussing screen so that the MF lens folks will be happy!

  • Djidjo

    I feel like I’m in a Point&Shoot store :)))) … everyone talking about megapixels and stuff, wouldn’t you guys care if there is a digital zoom on your professional D610 camera ? :))) hahaha .. This is ridiculous, how can you compare D810 to D4s .. those are completely different cameras. Oh and by the way, 16MP are plenty enough, when you think about it, you will understand it 😉 D4s .. top of the line in Nikon … what do you think, that they are stupid and forgot to put the 36MP sensor in it ? :)))) haha … such kids in photo industry lately .. it’s not even funny anymore.
    Oh … I almost forgot about the new FX camera …. tilting screen ? :))) hahaha… that’s something new, now you will be able to shoot upskirts on a 24MP FX sensor just like a walk in the park :))))

  • Alex

    these specs (except for the price) sound more like a DX body to me.
    i think D710 (a D810 with 16mpx and maybe +fps) will come early 2015, after D180 and D4s sales settle down…

  • Oh

    I think the product which fulfill gap between D610 and D810 is 24MP + focus from D4s + expeed 4 + tilting screen + 7-8 fps is reasonable at 2500 USD price tag

  • Christophe

    I hear here and there about a “real D700 replacement”.
    Could someone explain to me what the D600/D610/D800/D810 are lacking to be the D700 replacement?

  • riskinhos

    “Nikon Df is already positioned between the D610 and D810”
    errrrrrrr no. NOT really,

  • Rafa R

    I just canceled my order for my D810 based on this rumor, I think 36 MP is way too many MP ( I have a D800 ) too much to spend on hard drives, and not every computer handles the D800 files with ease.. so Im gonna wait, if I don’t like the D710 I´ll get the D810 , simple as that.. thank you Nikon Rumors for the info and as I have always said: #IAmNikonRumors!

    • Rafa R

      BTW the ¨small raw option¨ on the new Nikons is a bad taste joke! 9 MP ?!?! wow we wanted small but maybe at least equivalent to DX format file from the same camera, not just a number Nikon thought of.. 9 MP !! WTF

  • Horsethief

    Time is ripe for Nikon to introduce a D4/Df sensor in a new Ds with hi-bred view finder, using the lens introduced with the 2005 SP as a start. That would blow everyone out of the water: Sony, Leica, Canon, Fuji.

  • OttoVonSchriek

    Still looks like an ‘A7’ to me 😀

  • bertbopper

    If it gets the name D750, please make it D700 solid. The D800 is wonderful, but flimsy. The magnesium frame cracks easily on drops. God beware how an even lighter body will stand drops. The D700 I have survived many drops without one serious flaw.

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