The new Nikon AF-S TC-14E III teleconverter and Nikkor AF-S 400mm f/2.8E FL ED VR lens will start shipping on August 28th

B&H has now updated their Nikon AF-S TC-14E III teleconverter and Nikkor AF-S 400mm f/2.8E FL ED VR lens listings - both new products will start shipping on August 28th, 2014:

The Nikon AF-S TC-14E III teleconverter was announced in May (see a specs. comparison with the previous model).

The Nikkor AF-S 400mm f/2.8E FL ED VR lens was also announced in May (see sample images and specs. comparison with the previous model).

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  • John Tangney

    I was really hoping for early August, but still glad to at least get a more accurate date.

    • W

      Funny I was hoping mid Aug and am really bummed out.

  • ubergoober

    The new 400 only went up by a third. sometimes I think the release new lenses just to raise the price…

    • D. Trump

      Yeah right, that FL glass just grows on trees !!! Get with the 21st Century and stop whining because you can’t afford one…

      • Global

        Maybe not on trees, but the raw materials for it to be added to glass cost about $100 per ton. And there are only 2 fluorite elements in the whole thing.

        • Eric Calabros

          I’m waiting for your $800 400mm f/2.8 FL lens

          • Beso

            Enjoy the wait. Good glass has a tendency to hold its value and the price of this new release will likely mean the current version will do even better than it has on the used market.

        • Allan Smith

          ummmm..FL lenses are made from a crystal that is grown. The grinding process also takes 4 times longer as FL is very fragile. Hence the expense.

          • And you started your post with ummmmmmm…. Because….?

            • Allan Smith

              Simply because the post I responded to stated that the raw materials that is added to glass to make FL lenses was only $100 per ton. As we all know, fluorite is grown.

            • I understand… It’s just I hate posts that start with um… It makes even a valid point given by a widely read commenter sound like a cooped up neckbeard. (I know because the neckbeards where I used to work all started their “retorts” with ummmm…. ) And they never read anything other than service manuals… Nor went outside unless absolutely necessary, for that matter.

            • Allan Smith

              Well I only go outside when there is motor racing to shoot. 😀

        • morcheeba

          I know you’re not stupid enough to miss the cost of processing, which is obviously going to be significant here. So why post something that doesn’t help the conversation?

        • Neopulse

          Yeah, but doesn’t take into account the transportation, fuel, worker/s, research involved, factory workers, quality control, etc.

          It’s like saying an iPhone is made of silicon, plastic, glass, LEDs, etc that the raw material total would be in pocket change yet they charge $500+ for certain models. You understand?

    • untergoober

      true, but now you can save $20 on Elements!

  • whisky

    i’m interested in the TC, but only if it performs on the 80-400mm G much better than the TC-14EII. i think i can wait a few months to discover if it’ll throw oil onto anyone’s sensor. 🙂

    • Mansgame

      How do you like the TC-14EII on the 80-400?

      • whisky

        it’s not the worst drop in IQ i’ve experienced with this TC, but it becomes especially noticeable at the long end.

        on my D800e, FOCAL software suggests i need to fine-tune the combo to -24 @550mm for best results, but my AF fine-tune maxes out at -20.

    • JXVo

      The TC-14eII is not that great on my 500VR so keen to see some reviews of the new one. Will buy it if there is an improvement.

  • broxibear

    Whenever they come out maybe they won’t be selling many in Europe.
    “Nikon Corp on Thursday cut
    its full-year operating profit forecast by 16 percent, blaming
    weaker-than-expected sales of digital cameras in Europe.”

    The latest Financial Results and Presentation Material from Nikon can be found here, they were published a few hours ago, if you like reading that sort of thing…

    • Jon Irving

      Not sure I believe your premise, ALL photo makers are experiencing a contraction – do to camera phone popularity

      • broxibear

        Me saying “Whenever they come out maybe they won’t be selling many in Europe.” was tongue in cheek, the rest is straight from Nikon.
        It’s not so much that sales and profits are down at Nikon Imaging, they knew that was going to happen, it’s how much more of a drop it is than they predicted.
        There’s far more to it than just camera phones.

        • Eric Calabros

          last quarter they blamed Asia, and now its Europe’s turn. There is still couple of continents for rest of the year

          • Douglas Green

            The good news is, their sales in Antarctica have not dropped at all, in either units or dollar value.

    • d810_shooter

      Didn’t you hear about Ukraine?

      People in Europe need to save up to buy weapons so to fend off the Russians from attacking further west…. that day would come again.

      • zhen

        Another victim of the west propaganda. Please don’t begin this trolling.

        • Eric Calabros

          a victim of shirt-less Putin propaganda detected

          • Elvir Redzepovic

            Am NOT russian, but let’s compare how many deaths did Russia cause around the world and how many did say USA ? Vietnam, Korea, Aghanistan, 2x Iraq (plus sanctiones that killed 500 000 CHILDREN there), Libya shall I go on ?

            • Eric Calabros

              Yes, go on, cause it doesnt change the fact that Putin is a jerk

      • groucher

        Not even incorrect. It’s the idiotic EU that started this mess in the first place from which we need to be defended.

  • My 300mm f4 arrived just a few hours ago, this is definitely raining on my parade.

    So how many $12,000 lenses does Nikon sell? Doesn’t every sports photographer on Earth already own the functional equivalent?

    • Ernie

      They get replaced almost as often as bodies, lots of hard knocks!

      • Knock knock! Who’s there? Bill. Bill who? Bill for $12,000!

        • Ernie

          Hello, here’s you check for $37,000 from FiFA for coverage on Team USA…

          • boulderghost

            So, not trolling here, but i’ve always wondered? Do sports photogs actually make 6+ figures a year and can afford D4s’s and 12k lenses every few years? Are there hundreds or even thousands of these high dollar shooters out there or is these lens targeted at well heeled hobbyist who shoot wildlife and can tell a huge difference between a Tamron 150-600 5.6 and a Nikon 400 2.8?? Why not bump ISO? Are dim shots of fast moving birds really that marketable? Are all NFL shooters making big $$$. Chime in and school me. I’ve always been curious.

            • groucher

              There’s definitely a ‘pecking order’ at our local bird sanctuary. The real he-men twitchers have big camouflaged lenses. Those in the know use the Nikon 1 – for its 60 fps burst – with the 30-110 mm lens but they are looked down on.

            • MyrddinWilt

              Nikon 1 is definitely the tool of choice for birding. But if you are doing other wildlife, gorillas for example, they much prefer the big iron like this 400mm f/2.8 so that when they spot you in your hide they have something with real clout to attack you with.

            • Eric Calabros

              Yes they do

            • scottinfocus

              I think many of them get gear loans from their agencies and I don’t think any of them make near 6 figures.

            • Allan Smith

              One main reason these guys use Nikon glass is the fact that it is fast. Really fast. I do a lot of shooting with a 600 F4 and soon discovered that it is pretty difficult to go back to other inferior lenses. The nikon 300, 400 and 600s are lightning fast to focus. Not sure about the 500 as I have never used one but I would presume it would be the same.

            • Mike M

              Well, for starters, they (in the working pro’s case) write them off on their taxes, it’s a business expense. Which means their adjusted gross income is lower than most people with a “normal” job. For seconds, many of them don’t own the gear, they’re either borrowing it from CPS/NPS or their employer, or a rental house. And yes, there are plenty of well heeled gentlefolk buying these up as well. I mean think about it, most of us reading articles like this would buy them up if we were well heeled, wouldn’t we?

            • Neopulse

              Primes are usually faster than zooms. That’s why there are also premiums on such gear. And also sports photographers a lot of times rent gear locally, there are countries that break one’s balls when carrying photo gear across the border. And usually renting is ideal since the boss or buyer will compensate their spending.
              Not sure about the 6+ figures though for sports photographers. Maybe there is and isn’t. I guess it mainly depends how hard you work to earn such money.

            • broxibear

              “sports photography is not a feasible job for 99.9% of the people doing it. There are very, very few people who can support themselves solely
              with action sports photography. Most of the people who do are staffers at Getty, the AP, Sports Illustrated, etc. The pay rates for sports
              photography just aren’t there.”


    • zhen

      Unfortunately the new converter doesn’t fit 300/4. I’m also an owner of such a lens and i’m eager to get it renewed.

    • bwoodahl

      Why is it raining? The TC-14E III can be used on the AF-S Nikkor 300mm f/4D IF-ED.

      • Bengt Nyman

        No. The listing that claims full compatibility is wrong. Older FE and FE-S lenses are not fully compatible with the new TC-14E III. See limited workaround above.

      • macmcb

        Bengt Nyman is correct: The Nikon AF-S 300mm f/4 is NOT compatible with the new TC-14e III. The camera (D4 and D300) LCD shows fEE error when the teleconverter and lens are attached.

        The “Compatibility Chart” on the Nikon USA web site is wrong. (The chart says “No limitations,” which is simply false.) The Global (…) site has the correct info about the 300/4 AFS. )

        I just purchased both lens and teleconverter based on the false information on the Nikon USA site. (Very disappointing.) I am about to return both lens and converter, and go continue using my old AF 300mm f/4 ED from the 90s. If Nikon ever releases an updated version of the AF-S, I guess I will re-buy the TC-14e at that time. I just can’t see paying new prices for the not-as-good TC-14e II to use on a brand new-but-outdated AFS lens.

        I will try the workaround described by Bengt Nyman before returning my 300 f/4 and TC-14e III. It sounds like the lens can only be set to f/5.6, which would become f/8 with the teleconverter attached. If I could shoot wide open (lens at f/4 so f/5.6 with TC), then maybe. Maybe, but it’s still a big disappointment.

    • Bengt Nyman

      Yes, it is surprising and disappointing that the new TC-14E III is not fully compatible with the 300 f/4.

      HOWEVER, there is a WORKAROUND.

      Set the camera custom function f9 to use the aperture ring on the lens.
      Set the lens aperture ring to 5.6.
      Set the camera in Manual or Aperture mode.
      Set ISO to Auto ISO.
      The camera will now use light metering and Auto ISO to produce a balanced exposure within the range of f/5.6.

      If you can not use f/5.6, light metering and exposure will be off
      accordingly. In this case you have to operate the camera, including ISO, fully manually.

  • enyceckk

    Time to sell my kids and wife. Any taker?

    • McDonnie

      I take both…..

      • Eric Calabros

        Dont be early adopter

  • RumorGuest

    Hi @Nikonrumors, what do you think about thermal noise issue on D810?

    • Eric Calabros

      “there is no way I can recommend the Nikon D810 to anyone”
      I never shoot 200 seconds long long-exposure

  • McDonnie

    New rumors from credible sauces….Fluorine glass on Nikon Trinity Reboot 14-24mm, 24-70mm, 70-200mm

    • d810_shooter

      credible sauces? from a chef?

      Hopefully they would add VR to the next installment of 24-70. my hands been shaking… 😉

      • McDonnie

        shaking or vibrating ?

      • PhotoLaw

        Actually, I purchased the Tamron SP 24-70mm f/2.8 DI VC and haven’t looked back (as in, sold my Nikon 24-70mm 2.8). I’ve always stayed away from Tamron thinking they were low-budget kit lenses, but the SP 24-70mm f/2.8 is really nice, and I’ve been able to hand-hold down to 1/15 … and this is all on an 800E. It’s pretty sharp with only about 10% of the extreme edges giving out at f2.8. Will Fluorine make that much of a difference if Nikon includes it on a new 24-70 with VR… not if it’s going to be $2,300. It’ll be tempting, but the 24-70 is the lens that I seem to beat up the most. I think I’d rather have two of the Tamrons. I was always sending the Nikon 24-70 back becuase the foucs ring and zoom ring kept grinding on one another after the slightest lateral tap. Maybe if the Nikon 24-70 gets a redesign, and Fluorine, and VR… then maybe.

    • Allan Smith

      It stands to reason they would.

    • rearranged

      Fluorine glass on a 14-24 would actually make a lot of sence

  • MaartenL

    Will there be a firmware update for the entire linup of DSLR cameras soon? When Nikon introduced the 800mm f/5,6, all DSLR:s from Nikon had an firmware update because of the new electronic aparture. I think the new 400mm f/2.8 also has an electronic aparture. What do you guys think of a new firmware?

    • Robert

      Likely no. If Nikon follows its trend of designing proper interfaces (as opposed to for example Fuji whose X-series is a catastrophy in this regard) there will be no need for an FW update this time, since the required FW interface is already there from the last FW update.

  • Steve

    That 300VR F/4 that we want will be $2800 USD, sure bet.

  • Mansgame

    $12,000 huh? I guess that makes me feel better for dropping on my 80-400mm f/4.5-5.6 VR It seems like downright a bargin as long as I’m not shooting sports or don’t plan on using a tele.

  • John_Skinner

    12K I would have SO much explaining to do.. I’ll have to settle with the plain olde 400 2.8 and just be happy. There isn’t enough time before now and the day they lay me out for the last time to save that kinda dosh.

  • Tadao_Isogai

    “… will start shipping on August 28th”

    Or perhaps a few days earlier …

  • $12K? I think I’m sticking with my good ol’ 600/4

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