Nikon AF-S 400mm f/2.8E FL ED VR lens sample images


100% crop, f/2.8, 1/2000s, ISO 500, D4s


100% crop, f/2.8, 1/2500s, ISO 400, D4s

Here are few sample images taken with the new Nikkor AF-S 400mm f/2.8E FL ED VR lens:

More sample photos can be found here.

Nikon 400mm f/2.8E FL ED VR lens pre order options can be found here.

Source: Nikon France

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  • Sir Gladstone

    seems good

  • steve zee

    i thought that lens was not available till august?

    • neversink

      Steve, these images were shot by Nikon France.

      • steve zee

        meaning prerelease samplers?

        • neversink

          I would say yes, but since it’s Nikon shooting the images, I wouldn’t call them a prerelease, as it is Nikon who also created the lens. They probably haven’t released to anyone yet. But the will prerelease. Fingers crossed here in Africa… Wishful thinking!!!!!!!!!!

          • Eric Calabros

            too much philosophy in a single comment

            • jamesbjenkins

              Too little brain power early in the morning then, perhaps.

            • silmasan

              Too little sense of humor, serotonin levels, endorphins … or something else entirely, in yet another part of the world, perhaps?

            • neversink

              Absolutely, posted this before I had my morning coffee. Now I’m sipping some evening scotch. After hearing the news of more bombings in Nairobi, I feel my brain needs a little numbing. How sad. My heart goes out to the families who have lost loved ones; and to the injured I wish a quick recovery.

          • llllll


  • neversink

    Great looking images. However, I can’t really see the quality difference between my photos on the current 500 f/4 that I use and this lens. I am sure the IQ on the new 400 f/2.8 lens is better than the old 400 and my 500 (the MTF chart says so) but you would really need a microscope to see the differences. I sold my old 600mm (manual focus lens) because it was too heavy — and it was manual, which never stopped me in the old days of film. I needed to replace it with something lighter, and more compatible with today’s digital cameras. i would have preferred the 400 or 600, but they were too heavy. now this new 400mm comes in at 80g less weight than the 500. Can’t really feel the difference. I can actually hand hold, if necessary, the 500mm for about 15 seconds (maybe up to a half minute) but the arm gets tired quickly and my tennis elbow begins to ache if I do that too often. Now if I was in the market today, I might just have chosen the new 400 over my 500mm. (Of course, Nikon will probably redesign the 500 and 600 soon, making them lighter. Shedding two pounds of the current 500 would be incredible, if it’s possible.

    • Eric Calabros

      sharp enough, even with new 1.4 teleconverter. one shoud compare the micro contrast between this combination and 500mm

      • silmasan

        Damn, I really thought that was Frodo.

        • bob2

          Ring…..precious gold ring…..Nikon gold ring….Canon Red Ring??? Nooooo!!!!!

      • neversink

        Yes, I agree.When the 400 f/2.8 comes out, and I have a chance, I will compare them, but I doubt I will buy the new lens anyway. I’m sure its IQ is better than the 500, but in real world photography, how much better???

        • KnightPhoto

          I think you buy it for the handling mostly, although the extra sharpness will be a factor with TCs… I will get the 500 FL someday but prob at least a couple years away for me, I will continue to use my 500VR till then.

          • peterw

            That makes sence.

    • KnightPhoto

      Two pounds off a 500mm would be super. Judging from the Canon updates, the 400/600 shed the most weight (around 2 lbs IIRC), the 500mm slightly less so. I think we can expect 1.5-2 lb range. I have handled the new Canon 500 FL and it felt like a feather compared to the prior Canon model (and your/my 500VRs).

  • 103David

    So, in the first picture, this person looks like a girl, but by the time picture #2 rolls around, you can see her beard and mustache, right?
    Is this some kind of comment on Russian athletes, or what?
    Wow, man, WAY politically incorrect.
    Shame on you!
    Signed, Ted Baxter, News Hound.

    • Me

      The 1st is a woman 2nd photo is a guy! 😀

      • neversink

        I think 103David was being tongue and cheek….

      • llll

        Captain Obvious over here!!

    • Un-PC

      Wow. I hadn’t noticed. Thanks for pointing it out.

      There is no way I’d ever get this lens. Every picture with a person in it is very unflattering. It makes it look like they are grimacing and making funny faces. Not what you’d want on a pro job.

    • peterw

      France is in Europe: they must be Austrian singers.

      (google Wurst and Kopenhagen)

  • phil

    umm, those 100% crops appear quite soft to me

  • Rami G.

    first two crops are the ugliest samples I have seen for a long time.

  • dilbert

    Oh my God, that new lens adds awful jpg-artefacts that spoil sharpness?!

    Could not tell from those crops if it’s a tokina 2-2000mm or the 2.8/400 nikon thing…

  • Totally disappointing, I’m sticking with my 18-55.

    (Before anyone gets a stroke, I better add a smiley)

    • Rob

      You’ll be fine if they make a 40 megapixel D3400 just crop away.

    • Rau Muống Xào Tỏi

      18-55 ? Is it the legendary kit lense ?

      • Pat Mann

        They will be releasing a new DO lens cap version with the D3400.

    • FDF

      18-55 and a small car that gets you close enough to the subject 🙂

  • mealtrip

    Well yeah… the big news is the weight reduction. Looking at the MTF’s, I wouldn’t expect too much real world difference at 100%. It’s mostly the same lens, but lighter.

    • guest

      About that weight reduction… Wasn’t there a kind of recent post here on NR about a Nikon tele breaking in half when dropped in cold weather?

      • Carlo Santorini

        Steady on grashopper.

        It was dropped from the back of the ship in Antarctica, from over 10m height. Just about anything would break when dropped from that height.

  • FredBear

    Subjects look either angry or surprised.
    Guess Nikon must have told them the price of this lens 😉

  • jagx

    uglyfunny pics!

  • HMF

    hey, someone has to warn Ken Flopwell: he said this lens is not for sports…

  • saywhatuwill

    Always one in the crowd who says that.

    • lorenzo

      make two.
      I agree with Phil: the crops are soft, the 2nd most.
      Consequently in my opinion that lens is not worth $12K.
      But one can still see a cavity in his tooth #10 😀

      • saywhatuwill

        If you’re used to the D800/D800E and PP sharpening then yes, of course they’re not very sharp looking. You’re conditioned to seeing individual microscopic mites that live on everyone’s eyelashes. However, if you use a D4 then they look fine.

  • Spy Black

    They need to find scarier-looking crops…

  • denty

    really like the rendering of yellow in the teeth and eyes…

  • neversink

    Oops… I posted an inaccurate post here… please ignore….

  • How do you embed Flickr images like that? It would sure help me out on my own blog.

    Nice lens!

    • Press the share button (looks like a rectangle with an arrow) and hen embed the iframe/html.

  • fjfjjj

    Did Nikon figure out a way to implement Unsharp Mask in their coatings, or did someone actually sharpen these and expect us to judge a lens by them?

  • mark papke

    How is this one better than the other one? I never heard any complaints about it, actually I heard a lot of good things. Is this newer version really necessary?

    • peterw

      yes, significantly lighter and better with tc 20 EIII.
      look at the Canons. Nikon is following.

  • Incredibly sharp. Really, the only thing that would hold the shooter back now are atmospheric conditions.

  • lorenzo

    BTW, in case one loses it, did you notice that just the hood is $999.99?
    If must be made of tissue from human kidneys 😀

    • yoyo

      No it has a covering of skin derived from the wings of a rare species of bat from Madagascar. Not many people know that.

  • TheInconvenientRuth

    The FL coating is very much needed as a precaution to wild lettuce attacks. I heard that there might be a venomous variety in dark parts of the Indonesian jungle, the sap eats through Nano-coating in seconds…

  • Nikon User

    Fake photos. We need to wait for the real samples from users, not from Nikon.

    • TheInconvenientRuth

      My cat is already training to sit perfectly still.

    • Fake photos? How do you know?

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