Nikon Capture NX-D beta version 0.9.2 released

Today Nikon released beta version 0.9.2 of the new Capture NX-D software (made by Silkypix). Nikon also updated their User Feedback page with more Q&A:

Q: I don't seem to be able to find a way to use the image dust off function that we have in Capture NX 2.
Q: Add Dust Off with Reference photo on cameras that support it.
A: We plan to equip the official release version with the Image Dust Off function.
Updated on Ver.0.9.2: Functions were added to Ver. 0.9.2 of the beta version.

Q: For noise reduction, please implement the 4 separate luminance and color / intensity and sharpness cursors that were introduced in the last version of Capture NX 2 (better quality 2013)
Q: Noise Reduction (Better Quality 2013) are missing in NX-D.
A: The official release version will offer a Better Quality 2013 noise reduction option. The plan for this option is to allow users to adjust color noise reduction characteristics and luminance noise reduction characteristics separately.
Updated on Ver.0.9.2: Functions were added to Ver. 0.9.2 of the beta version.

Q: Setting white balance: Why isn't the color temperature indicated?
Q: While opening white balance touching menu, application should show the color temperature values captured by camera.
A: We plan for the official release version to include a function for adjusting white balance using color temperature.
Updated on Ver.0.9.2: Functions were added to Ver. 0.9.2 of the beta version.

Q: Would love to see auto white balance options.
Q: What would be nice is additional auto white balance functions you have as in View NX2 such as 'calculated' and 'auto1'.
A: We plan for the official release version to include a Calculate automatically option for white balance.
Updated on Ver.0.9.2: Functions were added to Ver. 0.9.2 of the beta version.

Q: There should be an option to increase Jpeg quality from 1 to 6-7(not to 5 like in this beta version).
Q: Also when you save a JPEG it only lets you save them at level 1-5, not level 1-10 like in Nikon Capture NX2 and I checked and the best quality JPEG is not the best quality as far as compression, this needs to be fixed.
A: We plan for the official release version to offer the same image quality settings for conversion to JPEG files that were available with Capture NX 2.
Updated on Ver.0.9.2: Functions were added to Ver. 0.9.2 of the beta version.

Q: Too slow applying adjustments. Rendering RAW format is really slow!
Q: It seems very slow to modify a picture, though my computer is very powerful.
A: RAW image processing was improved with Ver. 0.9.2 of the beta version.

Q: It prompted 'To use a trial version, your computer needs to have access to the Internet', however I indeed have the Internet access via wireless. I can't evaluate the software now.
Q: Installed the software but the error message appears: 'to user trial version, your computer needs to have access to the Internet'. However, my computer is always connected to the internet.
A: Improvements were made to Ver. 0.9.2 of the beta version.

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  • Eric Calabros

    NX-D sucks, but I feel its first time we tell Nikon do something and they really do it
    It would be epic if we could experience this kind of feedback-response in hardware:
    Q: I miss that button on my D3 A: that button added to D4 replacement

    • A: We will be putting a proper focusing system in the Dƒ2

      • Robert

        No better a split screen….is immediately needed and welcome! 😉

    • Thom Hogan

      The cynic would say that Nikon is picking questions for which they were already working on the answer.

      Most of the things here are about bringing NX-D back to the level of features in NX2. Unfortunately, the big feature of NX2 was U-point technology, so even if NX-D adds back all the other things that NX2 was able to do, we’ll be taking a step backward. With a new UI for the third time. This is the definition of running in place and getting nowhere.

      • Res

        I wonder if the U-point is missing because that technology was effectively transferred to Google when they bought their standalone plugin suite…

        • Thom Hogan

          Yes. Which tells me that someone didn’t negotiate the contract right. One thing you never want to happen is promote a technology that can “go away” on transfer of ownership.

      • neversink

        Very humorous. I would actually say it is like the the old maxim of: taking one step forward while taking two steps backwards.

        • Simon Bergman

          Except one thing. There is no step forward, just several steps backwards

      • stesk

        Convert your Nef files to TIF and import them in NX2, This can solve the problem in the future.

      • Maji

        I think I read a question answer section for a previous version where Nikon answered they will NOT incorporate some of the user requests. I still think that Nikon is cherry picking questions, but it is more to give a better picture of the features (and to shed a more positive light on Nikon).

      • yrsued

        My issue is that NX-D is a Dumbed Down Version of NX2.

        There is NOTHING intuitive about it.

        I guess I’ll be learning LightRoom!!

  • Xavier Duquesne

    Still missing the U-point though

  • IndyReader

    Not going to waste my time with this one.

  • JXVo

    CNX2 was very powerful with the U point technology and this was the only reason I stuck with it instead of going to LR.
    Given that the new NX-D won’t have the defining feature that made CNX2 so good I don’t know why Nikon is bothering to offer a standalone image processing software when better commercial products such as LR, Photoshop and others are available and have critical mass. Canon users complain of the same thing with Canon’s software.
    Instead of developing “also-ran” standalone image processing software I feel that Nikon (and Canon, Pentax, Sony, Fuji etc) should rather focus on developing raw converters that permit the retention of their OEM in-camera RAW features (such as Nikon’s ADL and Dust-Off features) when importing raw files into the more universal 3rd party software by Adobe, DXO, Phase One and others

    • Harry

      NX-D approach without upoint and other missing Features finally pushed my decision changing to LR. Nikon is obviously not able to understand photographers needs on digital workflows. With NX-D it’s even worse than in the past.
      Hopeless to mention, but an open policy on NEF Format and full Adobe support really push NIKON ahead and out of this Software struggle.

    • Louis-Félix Grondin

      If this stays free or ships with every of their entry level DSLR it could be a decent software for people who just don’t retouch pictures that much but want to experiment with raw without having to spend > 100$ on software…

  • Gil

    New issue with this new beta 0.92:

    When a nef is displaying in CNX-D,
    1/ picture is pink (like a layer)
    2/ After a while, the picture seem be processing and the pink layer disappears
    3/ When i ajust the WB settings, the pink layer appears again and disappears after display processing

    Cache is cleared
    No pb with with CNX-2 (of course)

    Please Nikon, just update CNX-2!!

  • jackarm

    I sent my feedback to Nikon, then uninstalled the program. When support for CNX2 went down the tubes with NIK’s exit I turned to LR. One day with Matt Koslowski and the purchase of NIK’s suite was my solution. I don’t know why I even downloaded the Beta.

  • Captain Megaton

    I really grew to like the first public beta, its way better than ViewNX2.

  • groucher

    I can live without U-Point, although it is THE tool for getting rid of flare, but the failure to implement NX2’s Selection Brush in NX-D is unbelievable. This tool allows you to select multiple regions of the image, apply any effect/tool and automatically blends. It can be used in +ve or -ve modes for fine adjustments/error correction. No other editing package has anything like it or anything as good. I’ll be staying with NX2 and will edit in 16 bit tiff if NX2 isn’t upgraded for future RAW formats.

  • Marek Jeznach

    “Let us know what do you think of the application” … ehm… You don’t want to know :>

  • Wally in Austin

    Lightroom, Gimp, Apeture, Corel is what I think of Nikon Capture.

  • Arsen

    Please Nikon Release the D800S with Capture NX2 Support before you release this crap.. Then I am good to use the software for several years with U point Technology. I love my D800E and the results I am getting with Capture NX2.. Nothing beats it..

    • Ric


  • yoyo

    Capture NX-Dpro with UPoint coming soon at $499 … 🙂

  • stoooopid

    Anybody know if this will be software that Nikon will charge for, or give away, like View NX2? And if they charge – anybody know how much?

    • Michael

      I don’t think it has been formally announced, however, it seems 99% likely that it will be free, and that it will replace ViewNX2 (and Capture NX2 will be discontinued).

      • stoooopid

        I realize you CNX2 guys are bummed about this. I would be too if I had to downgrade capability. But I have been using VNX2 (was just about to purchase CNX2 before I tried NXD). And to me NX-D is a huge upgrade over VNX2. So I am excited about it.

    • kotozafy

      Who would buy it ?

  • JBT

    No real dust off tool.That’s unbelievable in 2014…

  • kotozafy

    Another major drawback of NX-D is that adjustements are no longer saved within the same file as the NEF file, but is instead saved in a separated folder.

    • Iliah Borg

      Depends on how you look at it. I prefer the originals to be kept intact, and adjustments written to a sidecar. This way it is less probability of the damage to a raw file due to some power glitch, and more predictable growth of file sizes if one needs to work off a CF card.

  • Robert

    Hurry up in order to get a Capture NX2……with U Point……

    Cannot believe that they didn t find an solution agrrement with google (lease payment or whatever….)

    Should be easy possible they will gain/save lots of money from moving the d810 from jaoan to thailand…..lower standards, cheaper labour = more profit/production capacities

    Oh oh Nikon dont let the d810 be a d600…..japan to thailand……

    Let us pray for a well done lightweight d810 (weight of the DF or d600 765-850 gr.)….with meaningful improvements ( better LV, better LCD with higer resolution, better bracketing like d600 3 pictures +/-3, U1/U2 modes,, better low light (-4 af modul working) real quiet mode, different raw formats not useless sRaw)

    Time will tell….

  • ghamden

    It is a waste of time most of NX2 functions are gone … If this is where Nikon is going it explains their financial issue.

    Even it is free its not worth it .

    Looks like a lot of people are going to rethink their photo import and process flow.

    looks like Capture One, Lightroom room are going to pick up some users

    Myself i will stick with NX2 till it no longer functions

  • Royl

    It appears this package will need to be used in conjunction with something else, maybe NIK. I have used CNX2 forever, and I like it. I have Df compatibility and D800E compatibility, so maybe the best thing I can do is “nothing”. But I am curious to see this software. If the remarks here are from typical beta testers, it was a waste of time testing. I am going to try the trial version when it is available, but I don’t expect to buy it, from what I have learned so far.

  • Lamar Lamb

    I just gave NX-D a whirl. I know its a beta but unless it changes drastically from this 0.9.2 form I don’t see using it. My current workflow involves using DxO Optics first if needed, then Capture NX to crop, dodge and burn using gradients and the Nik filters flowed by re-sizing and sharpening. Those tools and their ease of use were the reasons I used NX. Doesn’t look like they are there anymore. Granted I’ve only had about a half hour with NX-D but I don’t see yet where NX-D will fit in my current workflow. It doesn’t replace DxO and it doesn’t have the tools I need from NX. Maybe more time will help me figure this out.

  • Ken Elliott

    5 of the 7 answers start with “We plan…”

    Really, Nikon – just give up this stuff and throw your support to Adobe and others who know how to make software. This is not your area of expertise, and it shows.

    • Leipziger

      I guess you missed the bit at the end of each point saying the feature had now been added to the Beta…

      • Concerned

        I can’t believe Nikon are entertaining using this program. A waste of Nikons cash flow.

      • Ken Elliott

        I’d expect these feature to be ready to test in the beta version, rather than added on later. In other words, you usually add the code in the alpha version, and when it seems to work, release the beta. Perhaps I’m wrong, but it just looks like things are being tossed together quickly. But I’m wrong about many things, and this may be one. The shipping version will show if I’m right or wrong.

        • Iliah Borg

          This beta program is mainly not for testing.

    • Iliah Borg

      Why do you think “Adobe and others” would listen to NIkon?

  • Focuspuller

    And just what am I supposed to do with 3000+ NEF’s with NX2 adjustments that will NOT be recognized by NX-D? Converting them all to humongous TIFF’s is the only solution? Can NIKON really think this won’t drive users away in droves?

  • Van

    I cannot believe Nikon released such a dumbed down version of software. 0.9.2 still is not right, i.e. too slow making adjustments and just not user friendly. I employ the latest hardware and software. But they release the slowest of them all. My MacPro uses dual video cards and this program does not even use any of it. Aperture and Capture One does. I need a native Nikon program for color rendition. I knew CNX2 was dated, and was hoping for an update, but this new NX-D is going backwards. They think we don’t know? I own $20,000 plus in Nikon equipment and this is making me more inclined to consider Canon as soon as it is feasible.

    • jojo

      Can’t disagree with your points, but it looks like being some time before Canon’s sensors are close enough to be a feasible
      alternative. It seems more people are switching the other way!

      • Van

        I don’t know about your comment, but I’ve found several pros going to Canon since the 1Dx came out.

    • falumas

      Dual graphics cards on a OS/X computer? Last time I checked OS/X could only use one of the two which is waste of resources.
      In my humble opinion NX-D beats any editing software from Canon, but I do though agree that NX-D still needs some work.

      • Van

        New MacPro has dual cards and their is considerable speed difference in PP that utilizes them. Price wise its not that different to the prior generation and the dual cards come OEM. For video its usable. For stills, I believe Capture One is going to use both in their next release, and Adobe is following. But, Nikon has had plenty of time to make a software program improvement. To bring out NX-D or something less than other PP programs is not professional. But something useable please. In the alternate, Nikon should allow others to have the color profiles at least. If Nikon is not going to bring out a user friendly or professional post program then have others do it right.

        • falumas

          My WinLap has also dual. The integrated Intel one and a Nvida card.
          Windows does the switching between first/second or both. If the program isn’t GPU optimized it will not help (which seems to be the case here) but if a program is GPU optimized it doesn’t have to specificly support two cards to use both.

  • K S

    No U-points, no selective adjustments, no High Pass filters and a sidecar to keep adjustments (and making workflow and file management less smooth) makes it unusable. I’ll have to look elsewhere for software in the future.

  • cantsaywhoiam

    This software is a piece of ****.
    Today I was shooting in B&W (RAW) and when I open the photo’s in CNXD they are shown IN COLOR!!! (Yeah I know I can change them, but that’s not the damn point is it?)
    For ***** sake Nikon SORT YOURSELVES OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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