Nikon answers questions about the new Capture NX-D software

Nikon answered several question regarding their new Capture NX-D software (you can give Nikon your feedback or ask a question here):

Q: I don't seem to be able to find a way to use the image dust off function that we have in Capture NX 2.
Q: Add Dust Off with Reference photo on cameras that support it.
A: We plan to equip the official release version with the Image Dust Off function.

Q: For noise reduction, please implement the 4 separate luminance and color / intensity and sharpness cursors that were introduced in the last version of Capture NX 2 (better quality 2013)
Q: Noise Reduction (Better Quality 2013) are missing in Capture NX-D.
A: The official release version will offer a Better Quality 2013 noise reduction option. The plan for this option is to allow users to adjust color noise reduction characteristics and luminance noise reduction characteristics separately.

Q: Setting white balance: Why isn't the color temperature indicated?
Q: While opening white balance touching menu, application should show the color temperature values captured by camera.
A:We plan for the official release version to include a function for adjusting white balance using color temperature.

Q: Would love to see auto white balance options.
Q: What would be nice is additional auto white balance functions you have as in View NX2 such as 'calculated' and 'auto1'.
A: We plan for the official release version to include a Calculate automatically option for white balance.

Q: There should be an option to increase Jpeg quality from 1 to 6-7(not to 5 like in this beta version).
Q: Also when you save a JPEG it only lets you save them at level 1-5, not level 1-10 like in Nikon Capture NX2 and I checked and the best quality JPEG is not the best quality as far as compression, this needs to be fixed.
A: We plan for the official release version to offer the same image quality settings for conversion to JPEG files that were available with Capture NX 2.

Q: So sad. Only in english language.
Q: Wird Deutsche Version nicht verfügbar?
A: We plan on providing support for the same 11 languages (Japanese, English, French, German, Spanish, Dutch, Swedish, Italian, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, and Korean) that are supported by previous software applications with the official release version. (Nach offiziellen Veröffentlichung von Capture NX-D ist Deutsche Version verfügbar.)

Q: There is not one compelling reason to use Capture NX-D other than native support for Nikon Picture Controls.
Q: Picture control functionality is rude like in ViewNX.
A: We plan for the official release version to offer the same Picture Control settings, including Quick Adjust, that are available with Capture NX 2.

Q: Capture NX-D does not offer any of the decent functionality of Capture NX 2 - it is missing. MAJOR things like U-Point technology.
Q: There is no selection control point (U point) capability - I NEED THIS.
A: We do not plan to include U Point or Control Point functions in this software.

Q: High Pass is the best way I know to add the right touch of capture sharpening.
Q: The absence of a high pass option for sharpening is a serious mistake.
A: We do not plan to include a High Pass function in this software.

Q: Please add a Gaussian Blur filter as in Capture NX 2.
Q: Lack of local editing and a reduced set of tools, such as High Pass Filter and Gaussian Blur just to mention a few.
A: We do not plan to include a Gaussian Blur function in this software.

Q: How can I use my Color Efex Filters ?
Q: I will change software, without U-Point and nik Color Efex filters is totally useless.
A: We do not plan to include support for third-party plug-ins, such as Color Efex Pro 3, in this software.

Q: I cannot find a red eye removal tool.
Q: What does replace red eye reduction of Capture NX 2? In no way NX-D can replace Capture NX 2!
A: We do not plan to include a red-eye correction function in this software.

Q: I am disappointed with the loss of the Auto retouch brush feature.
Q: I think it's necessary to have a tool as 'auto retouch brush' or 'image dust off' for raw images (like in Capture NX 2) because law pass filter can have dusts, CAPTURE NX-D beta have no tool for that and I don't want to clean my low pass filter for one or two little dusts.
A: We are currently looking into including a dust removal (auto retouch brush) function.

Q: Stay backward compatible with .NEF files that have been edited with Capture NX 2.
Q: Please explain in the manual what happens when CNX-D opens a RAW image already processed by Capture NX 2. - will it discard CNX2 adjustments?
A: We are currently looking into support that will reflect adjustments, including those using Control Points, performed with Capture NX 2.

Q: It's a standard to display the zoom factor here as well as +/- zoom buttons.
Q: There is a slider missing by the 'Bird's eye' for zooming.
A: We are currently looking into including buttons for zooming in and out using the navigation (Bird's Eye) palette.

Q: Too slow applying adjustments. Rendering RAW format is really slow!
Q: It seems very slow to modify a picture, though my computer is very powerful.
A: We have identified the issue, and are working toward improvement.

Q: It prompted 'To use a trial version, your computer needs to have access to the Internet', however I indeed have the Internet access via wireless. I can't evaluate the software now.
Q: Installed the software but the error message appears: 'to user trial version, your computer needs to have access to the Internet'. However, my computer is always connected to the internet.
A: We have identified the issue, and are working to resolve it.


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  • Jaro

    I plan to switch to photoshop

  • Davis5

    My question: why the italian user cannot use this beta software due the permanent connection problem? IP selections?

    • ITA

      Because of Rocco Sifredi 🙂

  • Jenny

    Just keep using CNX2. The only problem will be if/when you upgrade your camera body, which won’t be supported, or maybe some lens correction.
    Even if CNX2 doesn’t work on future versions of WIndows, you can always use VirtualBox and install your previous Windows as a guest OS.
    Photoshop isn’t a real alternative after Adobe used Vendor lock-in (aka the Creative Cloud). Adobe can embed encrypted code which could cripple your photo’s and make them unusable with anything other than Adobe products. Don’t think they haven’t discussed it already – you know how cynical software giants have become these days.
    Maybe it’s time to have a serious look at other alternatives, both commercial and FOSS (Free Open Source Software).

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