The new Nikon Quick-Draw Strap is now shipping

The new Nikon Quick-Draw Strap is now shipping and is currently in stock at B&H. The strap was announced with the D4s in February and was developed in cooperation with BlackRapid. Product description:

"The Black Rapid Quick-Draw Strap from Nikon is an ergonomically designed and comfortably padded gliding shoulder strap that holds a DSLR with an attached lens. To use your camera, simply glide it up the strap for secure and convenient access. When you want to keep your DSLR from moving around there are locking bumpers surrounding the DSLR to limit your camera's range of motion. It also includes a quick-release stabilizing strap under your arm for even more stability. A carabiner-style locking connector holds your DSLR via the tripod socket on the adjustable length strap and allows for quick detachments."

The smaller version (Quick-Draw Strap S) is still not available.

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  • strapped-for-cash

    Sorry Nikon not paying $100 when the Black Rapids straps are 25% less.

    • AM I Am

      I paid $40 for mine.

      • QuickDraw

        Where’d you get it at? Wait.. wou got the Nikon Quick Draw for $40 or a standard Black Rapid for $40?

        • AM I Am

          Sport Black Rapid, about 4 years ago, one of those one-in-long-time specials.

    • Ms.KrystalMeth

      1/2 …do research…The Internet is your friend.

    • ZR1

      The Sun Sniper seems like a better buy with the steel cables and overall comfort and price.

      • AM I Am

        I’d still wait for DxO Mark scores.

        • ZR1

          I wasn’t aware that DxO Mark rated camera straps.

  • LarryC

    So, an extra $25-30 over the BR just ot have a gaudy yellow “steal me” banner on the shoulder pad?

    • Are we sure it’s the same strap?

      • yrsued


        It IS the same strap!!

        BR is OEM for this product

        You only pay for the “N” Name and the Yellow Trim

        • AM I Am

          There’s also the I Shoot Raw version of the same thing.

          • AM I Am

            For $75.

            • AM I Am

              At least Fro doesn’t scalp (pun intended).

            • reddit kid

              Yeah but difference is, Fro is a knob. No one wants to walk around with his slogan on on their gear!

            • DLS

              Cut off the logo. That is what I did.

        • From Nikon’s website:

          The Quick-Draw Strap and Quick-Draw Strap S were developed based on quick-draw straps invented by photographer and BlackRapid founder, Ron Henry, and popular throughout the market for their incredible convenience. The straps have been further refined to offer even greater convenience.

          • Global

            I wish Nikon wouldn’t use that gaudy Yellow square on everything. They can simply put their name in thin yellow color, if need be. Yellow is so bright that the intensity and visibility is much higher than with any other color, including red. It also looks clownish at most events.

        • UA

          I haven’t seen BR with a safety strap attached to the camera. Is there such? I’ve always felt quite unsure about the BR using only the screw connector to secure camera. It’s possible to get it loosen on an active situation.

          • jtan163

            Especially as there have been many reports of BR connectors breaking. So much so that they sell an accessory to save your camera when their overpriced, poorly engineered sub standard connectors fail.
            Oh and carabiner gate lock
            Kinda weird how their product is so weak nd badly designed that you have to have a SYSTEM to support your camera strap.

  • whisky

    to be fair, people pay a lot more to be branded Leica owners.

    • Spy Black

      So is that Nikon’s future? Overpriced items made by Panasonic?…

  • Ernesto Quintero

    Another announcement from Nikon and it’s not the D400. : – (

    (just joking) Now I just want the D800s w/grip.

    • Delmar Mineard Jr

      There will never be a D400. Check out the rumor forum for the D9300, that is the replacement model for the D300/D300S.

      • reddit kid

        Ahhh, Rumours are set in stone then. Who needs facts!

        • Delmar Mineard Jr

          But these rumors always come true. When they are based upon inside “fact”, they happen. Go back and read the release information and it clearly states it’s the D300s replacement.

        • Mansgame

          Fact is there is no D400.

      • Steve

        Thom already hinted of a D9300 as well. Weird, he also mentioned a D7300, not a D7200.

        • jtan163

          I think the 7300 thing is about getting their model numbers in line.
          “D3300, D5300, D7100 – hey that last one must be two generations old…” sort of thing.

    • quick

      You should buy the strap now, D400 is round the corner. (forever?)

  • nikonstraps

    Previously, Nikon did not recommend using straps that connected to the tripod mount of the camera. I guess this means Nikon thinks it’s okay now?

    • reductron

      Nikon also thinks it’s ok to fog the lens with your breath.

    • JG

      I think it’s bogus to hang a heavy camera/lens combination from just the tripod mount as well. Can you link us to where Nikon previously recommended to avoid that single attachment point? I see in the ad for their BR-inspired sling they include a safety strap for “peace of mind”.

      • LarryC

        I only use the tripod mount for my D800 with prime or short zooms. I use the lens tripod foot on longer heavier lenses for this reason. Works very well.

      • jtan163

        Well the tripod mount is presumably designed to ttake the camera’s weight so it it kinda makes sense.
        Bearing in mind that many tripods and other support allow you to mount your camera sideways and upside down, e.g. for macro work.

        But maybe the tripod mount design was contracted out to black rapid….

      • J Calvert

        I’ve been using BR straps for over 3 years, with my D700, now D4 and the 70-200 2.8 lens. I’ve never had a single issue with the strap or camera.

  • Daniel

    There is a chance your camera will fall off. Read online how many people have had that issues. Your equipment, your choice though.

    • nikonstraps

      What happens if I use this “Nikon” strap and my camera falls off. Will Nikon cover the damages?

      • Daniel

        I am sure they will cover your strap 😉

      • reddit kid

        Do BlackRapid or any other strap developer? What a pathetic question. Really!

        • openheim

          Go back to reddit.

        • MRomine

          BR paid for my repairs. I had an early model BR that was attached to a D700 w/24-70 2.8 that came unclipped from the body and fell 3-4′ onto concrete. The lens and body sustained several hundred dollars in repairs. They had me send the repair invoice to them and the paid it in full no questions asked and sent me an updated and improved strap for free.

        • nikonstraps

          Yes, in fact BR and other strap manufacturers have covered camera/lens damage costs in the event that their straps fail. Idiot.

        • Mansgame

          lol reddit. Are you a 19 year old suburban sheltered white kid who is the expert on everything?

      • Hank

        I had an older model BR strap and it came unscrewed after running around a music festival all day. Broke my SB-900 and my 17-55 f/2.8G. I contacted Black Rapid and they told me to send them the repair receipts. They overnighted me a new strap and paid for the repairs with no fuss.
        Black Rapid are a great company and they stand behind their products.

        I wouldn’t buy this Nikon version, but I really like my regular plain black strap.

        I’m not surprised about all the naysayers spouting off about a product they’ve never used and a company they’ve never dealt with. Just the typical Nikon Rumors know-it-all crybabies. Nothing is ever good enough for them.

    • Nyarlathotep

      BR altered the fastener design a while back to make that failure much, much less likely, but more to the point, this is true of any system with one point of failure. When using any of my harness systems, I add a secondary strap to avoid the chance of this happening at the cost of about a dollar or two.

      • Always double up. I have a peak design wrist strap and a Spider holster. I still have a fairly good range of motion with my wrist attached to the camera, clicked into the holster. I feel safer knowing that if one system fails, the camera is still secure.

      • LarryC

        I bought my older CarrySpeed strap over the BR simply because it came with a screw-close connecter and a back up strap.

  • FelixC

    What ever happened to the NAL-1? Vaporware?

  • Ms.KrystalMeth…Ok Thanks i found your replacement strap for less. oh my lanta Nikon

  • James Donahue

    99..are you out of your mind?

  • mouonline

    99 dollars +tax for that shit??

    • Global

      They think it “replaces a bag” — so they charged the FULL price of a bag, lol… terrible price.

  • This Black Rapid is actually great have used it with heavy D3s+70-200VRII 🙂 for 12 hours weddings , and btw now with the yellow Nikon logo I am expecting Canon trolls start to complain the red one is missing 🙂 for their toys

    • DLS

      Go buy an “I shoot Raw” version and cut off the logo. You have your red version.

      • 🙂 see anything is possible

      • Mansgame

        And encourage that guy who’s only claim to fame is his hair? nah.

  • rich

    Now about a nikon rumors BR strap for like $50, that would sell like hotcake here. put where there’s smoke there’s fire on it too.

    I own a generic BR knock-off (rainbowimaging). It unclipped itself when you have a flash weight swinging down. My 85mm 1.4 front element took a little nick and the sb-700 went into repair. So I got a BR sport the next day. The different is you have to have a scew lock on the clip which BR does. Now the knockoff I see have them too, so check. I also have a dual camera BR. Love that I can use my manfrotto tripod quick mount on all the time as it is compatible with BR. It hooks into the twist screw.

  • mosswings

    Sigh…a Luma-Labs Cinch works so much better and automatically keeps the camera from banging around because it supports it at two points: the left lug and the tripod mount. And it’s cheaper, with no visible logos. And you can make an approximation of it by just buying a Arca plate with a strap lug on it and using your favorite regular strap. Have to give credit to Black Rapid, however, they know how to market their products.

  • reddit kid

    wait, what? People are still using straps in 2014? so unfashionable.

  • Arthur Tazo

    This is like MIO. It changes everything.

  • Steve

    LoL @ $100. There’s the exact same strap online for less than 20 bucks. Nikon really trying to milk the fanboys for all their worth.

  • No One Really

    But this strap is Pure.

  • Spy Black

    $100 for a strap. Who buys this shít?

    • Kynikos

      I spent $65 on a BR strap. Best accessory I’ve ever bought.

      • Spy Black

        Glad you’re happy with getting robbed for that as well, but you may want to read down this thread a bit to the comment made by stillfree.

        • Kynikos

          OK, what’s your answer to walking around with a camera on your body, Son?

          • Spy Black

            Well, you seem happy with what you have there, so roll with it, but definitely check your base plate depending on you body because it may be getting damaged. If so, just get yourself regular simple damn strap for $20! OpTech (for one) has an army of them around that price, neoprene or otherwise.

            • 0mega

              Optech are cheaper, but not by that much. Also, they use plastic connectors which easily break, have no metal string to prevent theft, have no pouch for accessory… I could go on. It’s not the same product for less money.

            • Spy Black

              I’m not saying it’s the same product for less money. I’m referring to just a strap.

              The metal string is false security when someone is trying to rob your camera, but if it makes you feel better…

        • 0mega

          Are you aware that there are straps with a metal string inside them, so you can’t be easily robbed? Best accessory available for any camera worth $1000+, period.

          • Spy Black

            I think you’re falling for a false security there with that metal string. Besides, there are apparently some potential problem with that design, as I was trying to point out.

            Whatever floats your boat however.

  • Jed

    Why not BlackRapid Sport for $74?

    even for brand-thirstiest, BR is a fancier strap brand than Nikon. IMHO

    • Spy Black

      Why not buy a strap for $20? That’s already more than you should be paying for a strap…

      • Jed

        Why not use a camera without strap?
        Well, I do use without, most of the time. Exception is when I go shooting rugby with two cameras.
        But the point here was that BR, which for me is an industry standard for such straps, costs $74. Why would one buy copy of it for $100?
        I know the answer – that yellow brand name on it.

        • Spy Black

          Just make a note of the comment made further down by stillfree and check your base plate. That $20 strap may start to look real attractive. 😉

  • Art

    I have to admit, the BR craftsmanship is excellent. The general design is excellent. Even so, I have a love/hate relationship with the several BR straps that I have. Why? The strapping material is too slick and the clips don’t “bite” the strap enough. Given that, after I’ve used my camera a bit (and let it hang at my side a bit), the strap slips and lets the camera drop lower and lower. Perhaps it is just me but that is my experience.

    • Jed

      I have been using BR sport for a year now and no such experience. Maybe it is just your copy

      • Art

        Could be. That’s one of the reasons why I posted my comment. I’m really curious if it has happened to anyone else. It seems as time goes on my camera hangs lower and lower …. (Or perhaps I’m shrinking.)

        • dclivejazz

          Happens to me too, but I just readjust the strap. Very fond of my BR anyway.

  • HKer

    I had the BR sport, then found whilst using it, carrying a D3s+24/70 or 70/200 with SB910, the strap required tightening from the back throughout a whole days shoot. Found this annoying as had to take everything off to re-adjust the strap length. So moved across to CarrySpeed FS Pro, great should strap and adjustable from the front. However, found the ball socket was wearing out such that the ball head connected to the camera can fall out. Another user said CS strap had a 5lb weight limit. I didn’t know this and if it did exist why was the strap called “Pro”. Wonder if this strap has a written down weight limited? A lot of pro will use D4+24 70 / 70/200 + SB910, >5lb? Wonder if others found the BR strap loosening when using heavy gear? And will this strap have the same problem?

    • Jed

      I was trying to figure out supported weight of BR sport, could not find. I have one. I have used it with my crop camera+grip + 80-200 f2.8 + SB700. It DOES NOTrequire tighening after 2-3 hours of using

  • rt-photography

    I know many swear by these br straps and it made me want to get one. I had a chance to try one recently at a weddibg. Used a friends br with d3s and it is not for me. The camera at your side just moving all over. My gear got kneed by guests so many times. I bumped into thibgs with it. The idea is nice but i got my repaired d3 back with my loyal old school an-6y and while the idea is nice, for me it was not a good exerience. Many enjoy it and it looks great but I say no thank u. I work with 2 cameras on me and even with the other off my shoulder i can protect it better with my right compared to the black rapidSometimes when i have to kneel the camera has to be put down on the ground

    • mala

      I agree with your comments on the op/tech neoprene strap and bouncing, but I now use the op/tech envy straps – very comfortable and no bounce…

      • Spy Black

        The neoprene straps work better with lighter camera setups. I used one on my Fuji GS645 and it’s perfect for that.

  • Priceless

    A new strap!!!!!!!!!
    And at a bargain price too!!!
    Now everything is right in the Nikon firmament.

  • Larrry

    This Nikon strap has the same FAIL that Black Rapid did with the connection to the bottom of the camera. Aside form random reviews of coming unscrewed and the camera dropping to the ground, I keep a tripod mount permanently mounted to the bottom of the camera, allowing quick setup to monopod or tripod. I know, BR sells a $18 adapter for the Manfrotto RC2, but for the same $18 got an Op/Tech strap that connects to the strap eyelet on the camera. What a novel place to attach a strap! Camera hangs with the right side up read to grab, and at a length easy to protect as maneuvering. Also very easy to walk a room/field with monopod attached and let go if you need both hands for something. The little strap and disconnect that remains on the camera is not heavy to affect stabilizers for video, plus it provides a nice loop to attach a camranger unit for remote operations.
    The Op/Tech could be improved with the secondary under arm strap…but for $18, what do you expect. BR and it’s Nikon twin are just over engineered while ignoring the obvious on connecting to the camera.

    • Delmar Mineard Jr

      I always prefer attachment of any strap to the lugs on the body. Heard about too many incidents of camera falling due to a failed attachment part on those attaching to the tripod socket.

    • doge

      yep. Op/Tech all the way. Plus it’s made in America.

  • jr456

    Wouldn’t touch one of these or the Black Rapid ones. Foolhardy design idea.

    There’s proper neoprene straps that still are over your shoulder but attached to the camera’s strap mounts..where they belong.

    Oh B&H…$20.

  • I’m impressed that, in this case, Nikon has decided to team up with BR, presumably recognizing the quality of the BR’s patented design. It seems wise for Nikon to focus on their core competence and to partner with specialty manufacturers, such as BR, to take advantage of their’s.

  • Breakfromfb Brock

    What a joke.. buy the Black Rapid ( same exact product for less money ) and call it a day.

  • stillfree

    i’ve read on the internets that the d600/800 were having issues with the “hang the camera from the tripod socket+heavy lens” something about the Metal frame being thinner than the one used on the D700/300, read about people having issues with backplate and frame bending under weight

    if that issue hasen’t been resolved, and it causes dammages on the body, than why is nikon now authorising people in doing so?

    • I’ve had both the D3s (2 or 3 times) and the D800 die on me in fine drizzle, presumably because of the Black Rapid strap. Nikon USA kept my camera bodies hostage for outrageous periods of time.

      I continue to use BR straps, but I carry a raincoat to protect the bodies.

      • Morgan Glassco

        I don’t get how your strap made a camera succumb to drizzle that otherwise wouldn’t have.

    • Mansgame

      Tripod mounts are designed to hold the weight of the camera when it’s pushing down on it, not when pulling down.

      • yo

        serious? then explain battery grips……

        • Mansgame

          The battery grip either holds the camera in the upright position or vertically while holding the camera. It’s not being bounced around upside down. Since you brought up the battery grip, adding this system to the battery grip creates yet another point of possible failure.

          It’s not a difficult concept. Think of a car’s suspension system. It’s designed with the weight of the car on top. If you put ropes around the tire and yank the car upside down and bounce it up and down, I bet the suspension will fail. Why? Because it was’t designed for that.

    • AM I Am

      I use mine when carrying my camera with a 70-200mm f/2.8, always attached to the lens tripod mount. So, no issues here. How ’bout that?

    • rt-photography

      looks like a disaster waiting to happen. that BR seems to put way too much pressure on that one small point. add to that the force it gets from it moving all over the place freely. give me the tried and true strap connected to top lugs and im good.

      I also noticed when I used the BR, that it took me more time to get a shot than when it was hanging around my neck. the grip wasnt in the same position every time I came to grab it with the BR.

      I think people are looking to reinvent the wheel. I dont see any plus to the BR

      • Mansgame

        Their marketing has gotten in the way of people’s common sense.

    • Morgan Glassco

      The Black Rapid is a tad small which increases the pressure.

      I have a Carry Speed and Black Rapid and have always thought the Carry Speed had a better mount, though the Black Rapid strap is superior.

      See how the plate would distribute the pressure across the body and also allow you to have a tripod mount attached at the same time.

      • Spy Black

        It’s still pulling upwards on the tripod mount point however. I don’t think that would really make a difference.

        • Carlo Pisolinni

          Yup, size of the plate matters little in this case.

  • Z

    My Nikon strap emblazoned with neon yellow Nikon logo thieves can easily differentiate from the Canon ilk stays in the OEM box for the next guy, D800 strap being the worst, seeming even gaudier than the generic std. Nikon strap … why pay extra for this when Black Rapid strap with no Nikon badge does the same for less? Suppose same rationale as rebadged Panasonic … damn, I hate being wordy …

  • Mansgame

    Sorry, the upside down dangling camera which takes up my tripod spot doesn’t do it for me. Sooner or later it will unscrew itself and fall off or I will get tired of unscrewing it to put the tripod bracket on it. Nikon should have got together with Bogen to come up with something.

    • fiziks

      Actually, you can clip it to the metal D-ring on the bottom of your quick release plate (that’s what I do). And the “carabiner” is on a swivel, so there is no accidentally unscrewing of the foot or QR plate. I’ve been using mine for two years and love it.

      • fiziks

        I haven’t been using the NIKON strap obviously, but I have been using the Black Rapid strap. And really, I don’t see the need for that under-the-armpit strap.

        • Mansgame

          It keeps the camera upright using 2 points of support so it’s balanced and keeps the camera at a ready to shoot position while letting me move freely. If need be, i can put it on the tripod in 3 seconds. Oh and it’s free and has the handsome Nikon logo on it.

    • Mansgame

      It still looks like a lot of pressure on the tripod mount for something it was not designed for.

  • Bored

    It’s just one thrilling announcement after another from Nikon. Hard to keep up.

  • zoetmb

    I bought my Black Rapid Sport strap for $59 at last year’s NY Photo Expo (as a show special). Love it and have had no problems with it with my D800. If I have a big lens on the camera (like a 70-200), I usually keep a hand on the camera when it’s hanging by my side.

    How we became a society in which consumers voluntarily become walking advertisements for manufacturers, sometimes even paying MORE for the privilege, I’ll never know. Aside from jeans where I can cover up the logo tag with a belt, I won’t buy any clothing or shoe that has a logo on the outside. I suppose if Nikon charged half of what Black Rapid charged, I might consider it. I’ve never even used a Nikon camera strap. When I’ve sold my cameras, the buyers always got a brand new strap, still wrapped in plastic. IMO, nothing says “amateur” like wearing a camera logo, and that’s aside from the security issues, although if you’re wearing a camera, I suppose the logo on the strap is a moot point.

    • Pablo Ricasso

      “IMO, nothing says “amateur” like wearing a camera logo”

      so you wear the one without so you be mistaken for a “pro” ?

  • Spy Black

    Somehow that seems so appropriate on a Nikon 1…

    • FredBear

      Otherwise you can use it for your SD card holder 😉

  • Clubber Lang

    Bleehhh…I usually just carry my camera in between my but cheeks. This technique deters thieves and allows for some creative angles that would not be possible with this over priced thing.

    • Clubber Lang

      Butt cheeks not But cheeks.

      • Spy Black

        How do you know he doesn’t have but cheeks?…

  • Orangenmantel

    Interestingly, there is no notice for this strap in Japan at this moment.

  • Abraham Collins

    To everyone shouting “Steal me!” get a concealed carry permit and a Glock. It’s pretty hard to get mugged when the thug’s sternum is turned into minced meat.

    • b

      Holy gun fixation batman.

    • Steve

      Too much stuff to carry brah

    • Jake Connel

      “It’s pretty hard to get mugged when the thug’s sternum is turned into minced meat….”

      You need to cool down you effin idiot…

  • PeterO

    Photo Rumors is a lot more interesting these days.

    • I agree, even LeicaRumors is more interesting 🙂 NR will get interesting in the summer, right before the Photokina show in September.

      • Piskie

        Ooooooooh, more Coolpixes on the way then.
        Will there be a new strap for them?

        • nwcs

          Yes, a spaghetti strap to match people’s coolpix color. Available in mango, tangerine, kumquat, vermilion, and antique white. But you wait for after Photokina! Camera garter belts!

      • PeterO

        Yup, steady as she goes. I get that a company wants to make a splash at a big trade show, but what about the summer vacation season? Wouldn’t you want to sell as many cameras before the summer months. Then after Photokina comes the wait for availability. Very interested to see what the A77 MII will be like.

    • Mansgame

      We don’t have the D600 to kick around anymore.

  • Strap On

    When will the refurbs be available?

  • nwcs

    (sarcasm) What I want to know is this: Does the strap get dirty in the corner every time I use it?

    • Fred

      Only if used with a D600…

  • AlphaTed

    I’m using the BR sport, 70-200 VR2, and once in a while with SB-800/700. Works for me. Nothing fell so far. It stayed wherever I locked it, behind/side/front or wherever it makes sense at a specific moment. Luv it. Not sure if other strap system will do better, maybe the same, but it works as intended.

  • Bob Loblaw

    Are you all new on this planet?!?!?! Of course you pay more to have a bigger-branded product. You think a Louis Vuitton duffel bag is more durable and practical than a similar one you can find in a Target store? I can’t even believe there are people here complaining about having to pay 25% more for a Nikon-branded BR strap than a BR-branded BR strap. It’s the way things go. Get outside more you morons. (And don’t tell me you didn’t pay $10 more for your Nike t-shirt – because it’s a Nike – over a Target one made from the same factory.)

  • Derek Smith

    100 bucks! WOW. Got the OP/TECH for 20 dollars.

    100 Dollars! WOW. Nikon, you guys are funny

  • jtan163

    No wonder the D400/9300 hasn’t been announced yet – all the R&D and engineering effort has gone into this masterpiece that only an optics company like Nikon could engineer…..

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