Nikon Philippines is promising an “important announcements in the days ahead”


Nikon Philippines is promising on Twitter and Facebook an "important announcements in the days ahead". I expect the Nikon 1 S2, Coolpix P800 and P700 to be the next camera announcements from Nikon. This could of course be just a local for the Philippines announcement.

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  • Eric Calabros

    Cant say S2 IMPORTANT

    • david

      nikon d4x

  • ano

    per haps I am dreaming but I hoped for D9300 because sony is preparing to launch A77 II in next days …

  • Morris

    We announce that there will be no D400 but instead a new magical J4-5-6 ! ! !

  • Morgan Glassco

    The whole “thanks for your understanding” bit makes me think this is some important bad news. Sorry the D600 repairs haven’t fixed the issue or something along the lines.

    • AlphaTed

      My thoughts exactly.
      Can be a good or bad news. The thank you for your understanding sounds like a bad news.

      • Cyrille Berger

        More like the thank you for your understanding sounds like non-native english speaker.

    • Jon Ingram

      I recently lived in the Philipines for 6 months and while there are many fantastic English speakers, the idioms are pretty different. So I wouldn’t read too much into it (but you never know).

      • Morgan Glassco

        I considered that as well. I would much rather have some exciting news coming…

    • Blanked

      The local distributor closed shop months ago without any announcement. A new company has taken over, hopefully with better service and prices.

      • Morgan Glassco

        Seems like an appropriate lead to that announcement!

    • Paul Vincent

      As of now there is no representative for Nikon Phil, main distributor here got bankrupt (from what i heard). Due to very very poor after sales service and corrupt practices. So no legit service center, no support whatsoever from Nikon here. Its been like this for 6-8 months I think. Now there’s a new management that will represent Nikon Phil and hoping this will be the start of something better for us who still use Nikon. There are now only a handful professional photogs who are still using Nikon. Everyone else switched to Canon. Main reason, we feel the support of Canon here. I myself contemplating on switching to red if only I havent invested so much already on Nikon gears.

  • doge

    Nikon is pleased to announce the Philippines plant will be switching to 100% production of the new Nikon 1 S2. Along with 45 different versions of an 18-300 lens.

  • RMJ

    D400 !

  • itsmyname

    “thanks for your understanding”..
    What the hells that mean ?

    • Ronan

      In the case of the announcement, a lost in translation.

      In your case, poor grasp of English 101.

      • itsmyname

        They are so backward its not funny.

  • Lubos

    D610s, updated AF to 51AF nicely spread, Expeed 4, 1/8000, 90k RGB sensor and fine tuned 24Mp for better ISO. 🙂 what a wish….

    • Saffron Blaze

      That would be the mythical D700 replacement.

      • El Aura

        Or the D800 equipped with the 24 MP instead of the 36 MP sensor (which should up the frame rates). But that is way too close in feature set to the D800.

        • Douglas Pavani

          AKA D610s

  • Andy

    Well, they could also be opening a manufacturing facility there.

  • Blanked

    There is no Nikon Philippines, only a local distributor. The previous distributor shutdown months ago.

  • PeterO

    How do they decide which Nikon country gets to make announcements? How about “important announcements”? If S2 and P800 are “important announcements”, imagine what they’ll have to call the D9300. Nikon’s marketing needs to come up with something new to grab people’s attention. “Stay tuned for an important announcement” may have worked back in the 1950’s but seriously…..

  • Zebula

    “Thank you for your understanding” that we built no FX-Lenses anymore….

  • BassOmatic

    Is the announcement that there is a Nikon Philippines? Cause I had no idea.

  • AM I Am

    Hopefully Nikon Philippines announces that Manny Pacquiao will take on Ashton Kutcher.

  • D600 owner

    i hope they will recall and replace d600 with dust and oil problems.

  • pinoyhen

    This is not about a product announcement rather it is about the official distributor in the Philippines. The previous official distributor (only one company) has closed its stores. Here in the Philippines — it is better to buy from the grey market instead of the official distributor because their after sales service suck so bad. The money you save buying from the grey market you can use for future repairs. Sometimes unofficial stores have better service. No wonder there are so many Canon shooters in the Philippines.

  • timarts

    This announcement is most probably related to the change of distributor. The “thank you for your understanding” part I believe is because for about 6 months I think, Nikon PH has been rejecting service/repairs, and most of those that they’d accepted were returned with the same issue/s, no repair was done.

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  • Nikon user

    Nikon Philippines sucks and this one is just going to announce there new store. Nikon sucks really bad in the Phil.

  • Peter Read

    It’s been more than a week and there is still no update on their Facebook page. Doesn’t seem right to make a pre-announcement about ‘an important’ message and then stay quiet for over a week. I agree with the host of other comments here about Nikon Philippines. They really need to do a MUCH better job of selling the Nikon brand at a reasonable price (even grey market here is more than US pricing but Nikon PH pricing is outrageous – sometimes 150% more than in the US), providing proper service and helping to promote and drive Nikon as a leading brand.

  • Peter Read

    This post has now been removed from Facebook. I have it on good authority that there are some big plans lined up to improve Customer Services in the Philippines for Nikon but the Big Announcement notice was issued prematurely so to avoid further confusion and irritation (mostly from me) they elected to take the notice down and revisit the notification in due course.

    It has been confirmed though that there is a new company handling Nikon here and they are really keen to make a good impression. It looks to me like Customer Services is high on their agenda which is great news.

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