Nikon Quick-Draw Strap and Quick-Draw Strap S announced

In addition to the D4s and Capture NX-D, Nikon also announced the Quick-Draw Strap and Quick-Draw Strap S developed in cooperation with BlackRapid. The price of the strap is $99.

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  • killam

    It’s time to replace my carryspeed strap!

    • Fred Flintstone

      Yes, and many thanks to Black Rapid for putting Carryspeed out of business!

      • I’ve used both, and I’ve never understood why Black Rapid became the hugely successful one. Both straps have to be locked in place to keep the camera by your side, but Carry Speed had the awesome automatic sliding unlock when you lift the camera feature, while Black Rapid requires unclipping before you can raise the camera.

        Personally, I’m quite fond of the Spider holder system over straps.

        • solartempest

          Agreed. Spider pro holster is absolutely fantastic.

        • Fred Flintstone

          I’ve never used Black Rapid, I have a Carryspeed and it works quite well, then I went to look for a new one and found that they had gone out of business, too expensive to defend the case Black Rapid brought against them ;-(

        • Fred Flintstone

          Oh and while we’re on straps, I have an older fast access strap from these guys, the clip was a bit rubbish but they seem to have improved it: you can get them on eBay

    • Martin

      Unfortunately this BR/Nikon strap isn’t arca swiss compatible.

      • Márcio Teixeira

        If you put an Arca Swiss Clamp instead of screwing to the camera, then yes is Arca Swiss compatible.

  • Cloke

    Since it’s Nikon brand, will they honor the warranty if the think happens to detach and fall?

    • Morris

      IF you dont (1)… (2)… (3)… (4)… (5)… (6)… (6a)… (6b)…
      yes they will!

    • Cloke


    • Zinchuk

      The standard clips on a Black Rapid are crap. I use two medium caribiners and loop them through the gap between the battery compartment cap on the D4 and the frame on the Really Right Stuff L bracket. It bangs the hell of out the battery cap, but works well. You also have to be sure to hook the biner so that it faces out, not with the gate towards the the camera. Learnt that one the hard way, twice. Each time, broke the SB-910 flash off the D4.

      • I’m not sure I understand. Do you have a picture? I’ve just ordered the Elle blackrapid, along with the tether kit and the lockstar. I’m about to rid myself of the default Nikon strap that comes with the D600 but I am paranoid about my camera crashing to the ground when its just connected via the bottom of the camera.

  • banzaii

    John Wayne comes to mind.

  • PG

    This must be what was holding up the D400 engineering team. It’s full steam ahead on that project now! :~)

    • Johnny Dough

      Yes, they were strapped for time

  • Mike

    Nice! Hope it comes in black though. Nothing like walking around with electrical tape to cover up “Nikon” on your camera only to have a blazing yellow shoulder strap. Then again, one could just get a genuine Black Rapid strap. :~)

  • Shawn

    I wonder how it will compare to the competition? I have recently bough a similar product from Black Rapid and it has taken a lot of pressure off my neck. As it is Nikon I would not be surprised if it was even more expensive too.

  • Joseph Li

    isn’t there any kind of patent stuff against nikon producing black rapids? there’s already a bunch of knockoff straps on ebay for cheap…..and now Nikon is making their own knockoffs

    • Gary S Evans

      I guess Joseph Li didn’t read the part where it states in the text that both straps were “developed in cooperation with BlackRapid.”

  • Ricky

    The Quick-Draw Strap and Quick-Draw Strap S were developed based on quick-draw straps invented by photographer and BlackRapid founder, Ron Henry,

  • Márcio Teixeira

    I like it that they will use a design already with given proof, but as I can see from the Quick Draw S they added a fail safety in case the swivel lock break from the metal or the screw gets loose from the tripod mount (I think that Black Rapid does not have fail safe integrated in his products).

    I have a Black Rapid RS-Sport were the screw is attached to a Kirk 1″ Quick Release Clamp with Loctite Blue 242. Then on the D90+MB11 I have a Kirk L-Plate were the Quick Release Clap attach. As fail safe I use OP Tech Uni-Loop, one on the metal part that slides on the Black Rapid and the other on the L-Plate Hand Loop hole. Here my Fail point may be the MB-11 Screw getting loose or the Allen screw from the L-Clamp getting loose.

    • Márcio Teixeira

      Sorry, I should say D90+MB-D80, the MB-D11 is from D7000, my mistake.

  • Nashville

    Not a fan of the black rapid straps, the stupid clip on the back is a deal breaker. I use a Sun Sniper Steel and Bear Pro (or some other ridiculous name) and love it.

  • I love how in Nikon’s recent comments, the income lost due to 3rd party lens manufacturers, like Sigma was deemed “insignificant”. But not the lost sales from Black rapid straps. I suppose this fits in too nicely with the business model slinging higher margin goods. I can just see it. Lets make the same strap, but move it one letter down the alphabet, from R Strap to S Strap. That’ll do it!
    I’ve been using R Straps for years, without any issue. Forgive me Nikon if I don’t immediately make the jump back 😉

  • Aeroengineer

    About a month ago I asked Black Rapid about using their strap on my D800E, given the internet chatter about this being a means of carrying the camera that Nikon did not bless. They replied that they were aware of no tripod mount failures that had occurred when using their strap and that they had an upcoming deal with Nikon.

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