Next Nikon announcement rumored for May 15th

Nikon is rumored to have a new product announcement on May 15th. I expect this press event to be for the Nikon 1 S2 camera (14.2 MP sensor with 73 phase detection and 135 contrast detection AF points). Keep in mind that the S2 may not be launched for the US market. I am not sure if Nikon will also introduce the new Coolpix P700 and Coolpix P8000 compact cameras or there will be another Coolpix announcement at the end of the month.

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  • Mike M

    You mean MAY 15th?

    • Marcel Speta

      doesn’t matter 🙂 both begin on “M” letter ;-D

    • Yes, sorry.

  • bald-eagle

    March 15th ?? 2015??

  • PB PM

    So no new gear till 2015 then. :p

  • Bill M.

    Derp post!

  • Do not want.

    So here are pictures of Marilyn Monroe with a Nikon.

    • Anton PupkIn

      Sorry guys, Marylin is considered beautiful and sexy only in States.
      For me she is just another 6/10.

  • Jay Doggett

    I was hoping for more news on the D7200 and the D9300.

  • Dweeb

    Will there be any pro equipment announcements for Photokina or will we have to wait for the next one?

    • AM I Am

      Yes, not from Nikon though.

  • Lamousis

    Anything new about the successor of D7100??

  • Steve

    A new Nikkor 18-180mm for 18-240mm or sure, we all waiting for that, maybe a new 40mm macro too.

    • Deep_Lurker

      A new 40mm DX macro might actually be interesting if it were f/2 instead of f/2.8.

      Likewise, a new version of, say, the 18-70mm would be a yawner – unless it were an f/4 constant aperture or an f/2.8-4. If that were to happen, I’d expect interest to perk right back up.

  • Zohar

    Man, this is so sad 🙁
    Where is a “D800” with a 16mb – 24mb sensor
    I have a D700 and a D3 and my next camera will be another used low shutter count D700 + D3s until Nikon will make and release such a camera. Meanwhile my lens arsenal will grow 🙂

    • James

      What about the D4? Since you’ve already got a camera that size. As for me I’m sticking with my D700 already had it for over three years. Before it I upgraded every two years. The D700 was the camera I always dreamed about before it even existed, a Digital F100, but even better. If I was a tripod hugger I might be tempted with the D800E, but that’s not normally my style, my style is “in the moment” handheld photography which the D700 + a small prime is perfect for.

      • What about the 5DIII? Which is where I assume most people are going.

        • James

          Yeah like I’m really going to sell my whole system and move to Canon… The 5DIII might be nice on paper, but I’ve never been happy with Canon’s colours, and flash metering. While it used to be a different story a few years back, Nikon has up the ante for primes recently, actually in 90% of the cases were a similar spec lens is made the Nikon is better.
          The fact is low shutter count D700 still sell for around $1500 used, that’s only $500 off the cheapest they ever went for new. Where as I’ve seen a low shutter count D300 (pretty much the same camera apart from the smaller sensor and view finder) going for $600 used, the lowest they went for new was about $1500.

      • Zohar

        D4? common, being a XQD guinea pig in not my cup of tea sorry, I think I’ll pass this one.. + green monitor.
        Fact is, Nikon fucked up with the D4 and managed to damage control it somehow with a firmware fix in the D4s

    • outkasted

      yep I agree. I’ve managed to stay away from D600/D610/D800. Ive bought the Sigma 35mm/1.4 (Art) OMG!… and have pre-ordered the Tamron 150-600mm. My current D700 has already had a shutter refurbish but I will refurb it again if need be.

  • Larry Gentile

    I am so tired of Nikon and Canon rumors…. They keep us all waiting about a new D9300 (D400) or a new 7D Mark ll…

  • Roger

    when is about D2300?

  • Andy

    Well, let me tell you something about the D300 and D700 replacement Johnny Come Lately’s, I’m still waiting for a TRUE D1 replacement and a TRUE D50 replacement.

    I’m also waiting for a true VHS replacement. And a True COBOL floppy disc replacement.

  • Robert

    how to understand the Nikon: prefer to sell hundreds of 4DS rather than hundreds of thousands of surrogate d700

  • Anton PupkIn

    P8000, finally p&s from Nikon, that at least on paper is better than its Canon rival.

  • animalsbybarry

    I am not really a Nikon person but the new Coolpix p700 interests me.
    I am sort of ” visiting ” your site to hear all the latest news on this camera.

  • Bern

    Could the next announcement be the D800 update? the D800x or D800s (whatever it will be called)

  • Xudisa

    Tahsis is 16 may. Where is?

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