Deal of the day: refurbished Nikon 1 J1 with 10-30mm VR lens and Adobe Lightroom 5 for $149.99

Nikon 1 J1 cameraAdobe-Lightroom-5
Nikon USA is still trying to get rid of their Nikon 1 J1 inventory and this is the lowest price I have seen so far: refurbished Nikon 1 J1 camera with 10-30mm VR lens and Adobe Lightroom 5 software is currently listed on eBay for $149.99 with free shipping (Lightroom 5 is currently on sale for $80, but the original price is $136 - you are basically getting the camera+lens for free). Limited quantity available. White and red models are available. Shipping outside the US is available.

Update: Nikon 1 AW1 camera is now in stock.

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  • Eric Calabros

    Its an official insult to all those people bought this at otiginal price

    • This probably explains also why Nikon did not want the J4 in the US – they probably still have huge stock of J1, J2 and J3 cameras.

    • Global

      How is this an insult to people who bought it?

      You bought a consumer good. What happened to your VCR player? What happened to your CD player? What happened to your cassettes and first pair of headphones? What happened to the “boom box” you owned? Trash that stuff?

      Yeah, its just electronic waste. You bought the BEST AUTOFOCUS electronic waste at the time, and you enjoyed it. So be happy. Otherwise, wait 2-3 years before you buy any piece of electronics.

      That’s how it is. Its very fair. And not an insult. Nikon is still supporting this system. So it hasn’t done anything unethical at all.

      • LarryC

        Agreed. I bought my first DVD player for when they finally “dropped” in price to $600, knowing the prices would fall much further. I never regretted having bought it.

        I don’t get people who want to buy technology the day it comes out then get upset when the same item is almost given away a few years later. You’d think by now people would understand how this works. And I applaud companies like Nikon who often choose sell old technology for peanuts rather than send inventory to the trash compacter to protect pricing on newer versions.

        • Andrew


      • Eric Calabros

        Your argument is funny at best. VCR player lost its value when its technology lost its relevance. but this camera is not technologically out dated, heck it has more DR than current J4! .. these crazy price cuts just send a message to early buyers: we could give it to you at far lower price, but we didnt! We punish every one who decides to buy our product in its early days!

        • phil

          It’s consumer electronics.
          Take any iPhone generation. $600 unlocked when announced, $200 4 years later. Those phones still work as well and are still better than some dirt-cheap lowend android phones.
          If you expect your camera to hold (or gain value), buy some limited collector’s edition Leica for $20+k.
          Every “normal” camera will loose it’s value.

        • Andy Aungthwin

          Lightroom 5 is hardly outdated. In fact it is the latest version.

          The J1 however, is 3 generations old. Go and price an iPhone that is three years old.

          BTW, why are you so annoyed? How does it effect you?

          • Global

            Ha.. — no one said Lightroom 5 is out of date. However, this discount does indicate that a new version is set to come out soon.

            And Lightroom does go out of date every year, when certain cameras don’t get supported.

            • neversink

              Nope. LR is great about providing updated versions of current software to their RAW database.

            • Global

              Good to know — but Adobe has (in the past) changed support for Olympus and other cameras with various Camera Raw databases.

              Maybe they have have a different way of using the database now. But I swore there were some issues — maybe they were resolved.


            • Andy Aungthwin


              Did you somehow miss the point that people who bought LR at full price could have bought it last year for 50$ and now for even lower?

              Do you see anyone anywhere complaining about this fact?

              And I’m still using LR4 which according to you should be way out of date but guess what? Adobe give me their ACR update so that I could use my D800.

              “..this discount indicates that a new version is set to come out soon”.

              Guess what else? With or without a discount EVERYTHING from Adobe or Nikon or whoever will have a new version set to come out soon!

            • Global

              I wasn’t mocking Lightroom or the Nikon 1. And yes, I said “Ha.” And yes, a new version will come out soon.

        • Global

          Eric, you have to already know that Nikon & Canon will charge 200-300% markup whenever they can. IF the product is successful then they will hold those prices steady.

          IF the product is not successful, then they will need to deeply discount. Now.. early adopters take a risk, in order to have the “latest thing.” The tech could sink (Beta Max) or it could hold steady (VCR).

          But you pay for the privilege of having it “right away” — you are NOT paying for “stocks and bonds” that hold value. The camera does 100% everything that was promised to you when you bought it and deemed it worthy of the price you paid + you enjoyed it longer than anyone else and before most people by buying earliest. Just because other people now can get it for less, 2 or 3 generations of gear later, does not change that equation.

          If your view of camera equipment is that it should be the same as the Stock market, then I fear for your 401K.

          • umeshrw

            Nicely said. True too. Just that it doesn’t change the fact that nikon kept these cameras much more expensive than was standard reasonable pricing and reduced the prices drastically when they didn’t sell. Shows the people what the cost prices are and how much more they paid and that is bound to leave a bitter aftertaste. The main outcome of this thing is that the people are just going to wait till the prices drop to reasonable levels even when the product is good. Just like some people wait for a sale to buy clothes. So in the end nikon loses. May be that is what is happening and instead of taking the right message nikon has decided to punish the U.S. market by not releasing J1 there.

        • neversink

          False. VCR player prices game down as more and more people started using them and improvements were made in the technology. Same with CD players.

        • Ronan

          Must be nice to live in Lalaland…

      • ronin

        OK, I get it. The lesson is: shut up and eat it.

        Your used value of your camera fell through the floor because of Nikon marketing’s predatory pricing strategy?

        This is how it is. This is very fair.

        Fine, Nikon. We’ll remember this next time. My not buying a camera from you is not an insult, and nothing unethical at all.

        • Aeroengineer

          Predatory pricing is intended to destroy competition. Fire sale pricing has a different intent. Do you really think this is a move by Nikon to kill its competition?

        • Global

          This is not predatory. This a wonderful opportunity for hundreds and hundreds of people to pick up a camera that they couldn’t afford before.

          At least 600 people will have a camera they couldn’t previously afford. AND software. Meanwhile this is the 1st version of the camera — which is now on its 4th generation. This is a 3 generations old product.

          How is that predatory?

          Not everything has to be sold to super high-class wealthy people. Some people who can’t afford technology when it comes out 3 years ago would also like the chance to buy something.

  • sam

    sounds like a very good deal–held off on getting LR for $80, but snagged this one up

    • I agree, the LR5 regular price is $149, so you are basically getting the camera for free.

      • Interested to know how many of your readers don’t already have LR, Peter. Seems like an indispensable tool to me…been using it for years now.

        • Global

          We have it — but older versions, because we don’t always upgrade our cameras. I have Lightroom from when I bought my D700. Haven’t upgraded since.

          But I could see someone who just bought the D800 or Df, etc, strongly considering the upgrade.

          • neversink

            LR5 is much better than LR4 or any previous versions. It made me switch from both C1 Pro and Aperture 3 which I used together.

            • JG

              LR5 is NOT “much better” than LR4. LR3, yeah, But so is LR4. But I did jump on this deal because I was just about to “upgrade” to LR5 anyway!

            • neversink

              I really didn’t like LR4 when I ester it, but I do like LR5 better. Maybe I missed something???

            • JG

              I own and use LR4.4 daily (mind you, LR4.4 not LR4, it got updated pretty quick). I’ve got an LR5.3 trial and don’t notice that much different. Yeah, some things are different but it’s not a huge upgrade is what I’m saying.

            • Eric Duminil

              LR5 is also noticeably slower on my computer than LR4. Which was also slower than LR3.

      • stoooopid

        If it was Capture NX2 and the J1 – I would be all over that.

  • Mansgame

    Too bad I already own Lightroom or I’d get this as a door stop.

    • Andy Aungthwin

      Given that you could have got LR 5 for $50 last year wouldn’t you be paying 100 bucks for a door stop?

  • doge

    Is this camera worth a damn? Say for someone who has a D40, would it be a fun exercise to get this camera?

    • Global

      Photographically, the Nikon 1 is better than a D70 or a D200 (in many respects). It also has has video.

      By contrast, the D3100 is a stop better than the Nikon J1. So if you prefer the DX format, a D3100 could be preferable.

      As for a D40 — you’re probably on par. The Nikon 1 could be considered a very rough exchange for a D40, but that also has video (yet lacks a fully developed lens system).

      D40 gives you far more lens choices. Nikon 1 gives you video, is smaller, and similar quality to a D40 but has less lens choices at the moment.

      • Global

        (For what its worth, some people felt the Nikon J1 was slightly better than the D40 in image quality & if someone owns a D40, this might be a chance to sell it — buy a Nikon 1 adapter, so you can use your DX lenses on it — and if you LIKE the Nikon 1, then later on upgrade. This would virtually be a NET ZERO cost, until you choose to upgrade).

    • Spy Black

      If you like to be in control on your camera, a J1 isn’t going to cut it. A D40 at least gives you full control of your camera. If that’s the case stick with your D40.

    • groucher

      It’s far better than a D40 because it does up 60 fps at highest jpg res. That allows you to do things that aren’t possible with any other camera outside the 1 series. It’s an essential camera for anyone interested in photography such as birds in flight where very fast action is to be captured. The D40 doesn’t come close in that respect. If that’s not your thing then don’t buy it but don’t criticise a very useful camera for some people.

      • Global

        Another way to put it — the D40 and J1 are in the “same class for stills, but they do different things.” The J1 has an edge in many respects (speed, video, etc), the D40 in other respects (especially lens choices). The D40 is very slow.

    • Mansgame

      The sensor even while more cropped is a little better than the D40.

  • 523 sold? How many do they have? My guess is that those are not refurbished. They just label them as refurbished in order to sell them that cheap.

    • Don Hogfan

      Agreed. Old unmovable stock. Or else ebay just got screwed .

      • now is up to 540 cameras sold – this is almost 1 camera per minute

    • greg

      i hope you’re right! i just bought mine… i needed LR, and the camera is just for fun (hopefully a slight upgrade to my canon S95)

      • Let us know when you get it – I think it will be a brand new unopened box.

  • Spy Black

    Just give it away for free already. Well, considering the stock price of LR, I guess they basically are. Desperate, desperate, desperate…

  • Hmmm this is tempting. I have no interest in the J1 at all but for that price…. be easy to resell that and lightroom.

  • Spy Black

    Not even the Polaroid camera sales were this embarrassing…

  • I got a 1AW1 for its unique underwater raw capabilities. Watch out for shadow noise – it’s bad.

  • rt-photography

    looks like a nice sale. I already have LR, even though I use a different app. but those who need a pocket camera and software. its a nice deal.

  • phil

    I like the part that says “Limited quantity available”

    and “1,129 sold in 24 hours”

  • Yes, I have never seen so many cameras being pushed for a short period of time. There is no way Nikon got so many refurbished J1 models. They are just trying to clear their inventory.

    • MyrddinWilt

      I bet you find that they come is a different box to the original. I got a ‘refurbished’ V1 like that. The camera itself seems new.

      Refurbished sometimes means bankrupt stock and sometimes means returns. It can also mean the camera was intended for one market and sold to another. The camera hasn’t been made for a long time now.

      Its a good price. If only there was support for the Nikon 1 series in the API software…

  • nwcs

    Now where is the person who said Costco sells these by the pallet-load in the US? This is not just a fire sale but a “last day in business” type of sale. It’s a good deal, though. I still have my V1 and have Lightroom but if I knew of anyone who needed something (and could handle lightroom) I’d recommend it.

    • MyrddinWilt

      They were selling that way three years ago when the model was current.

      These aren’t from costco though, they had the two lens combos.

      $150 is a good deal, but this is now a model that has been discontinued since August 2012.

      I suspect Nikon offered bodies to a lot of retailers who never worked out how to sell them.

  • megadon357

    I bought one. I was fixin’ to upgrade from LR4 anyway, and will give the J1 to my daughter.

  • Sports

    The included Lightroom seems to be some OEM version “for bundling with”, but that shouldn’t be a dealbreaker, I hope??
    As long as it’s not a trial version ……

    Can this program be upgraded to 5.3 or 5.4, or whatever? For free, or for $$? Any ideas?

    • dclivejazz

      Yes, you can download the updates for LR 5 for free from the Adobe website.

  • Carsten Saager

    Why not Capture NX?

    • umeshrw

      Because they wanted to hand over the business to adobe on a platter as this move shows.

    • Markus

      Imagine the people buying a D800E. They also pay the price for the Capture NX2 Version included.
      Then they are told they should “uprade” to Capture NX-D which obviously is not worth a single bug!
      I am one of them and feel quite sc****d by Nikon! A revised version of Capture would be nice, but not a castrated Version of Capture

      • Carsten Saager

        I ebayed the licence that came with my D800e, Lr5 preview was already out and had the Moiré brush that was the motivation for adding NX to the D800e

  • uggyy

    Limited quantity available / 1,606 sold in 24 hours Can they have that much stock?>>>

    • I was wondering the same thing – I think Nikon USA just dumbed their last stock of J1 cameras on ebay basically for free.

      • uggyy

        Looks it.. I wonder what cost price on the Lightroom 5 is or did they just get a bulk helping from Adobe. I needed another LR5 licence lol ,,ne heading over the UK so thanks for the heads up NR, appreciated.

        • umeshrw

          They sure got helping from adobe in return for discontinuation of a very good photo editor. Now we know why nikon killed CNX2 this way.

      • nwcs

        If they do that with the V2 I may just upgrade…

      • Peapot

        Im curious if some of these came from Japanese retailers. Yamada Denki stopped carrying the 1 series in their retail stores about 2 months back.

    • JG

      I hope they do because I ordered one yesterday (Red!) just when the ad started. It’s been a day and no word from Buydig about anything (unlike Cameta wherein I usually get an email saying “Your camera has shipped!” the same day). Guess Buydig was overwhelmed with orders and my J1 will get to me when it gets to me. I hope.

  • whisky

    this appears to be a win-win-win for everyone.

    1. consumers, because they get a high quality MILC, LR, and an affordable pathway into the Nikon 1 system.

    2. nikon USA. they clear inventory, i’m guessing all those Target and Costco boxes that were sent back. yes, they take a hit, probably a big one, but what they lose in SG & A they win back in marketing to a growing census of N1 users.

    3. retailers, as it probably cost them a small premium on top of their cost for LR.

    btw, does anyone know if the battery also works for the V3?

    • DesertCat

      The official line is that the J1, J2, J3, S1, and AW1 use the EN-EL20. The V3 officially uses the EN-EL20a. According to some users in the dpreview forums, they have tried the EN-EL20 in the V3 and it worked just fine for them. Apparently the EN-EL20a is the same voltage and has just a slightly higher capacity but is in the same format. I’m sure Nikon would discourage it and some people wonder if such a thing would void their warranty, but those that have tried it says that it works.

    • phil

      well it depends on how many units Nikon gives away – should it happen on a massive scale, Nikon would basically undermine the sales of their current models. And the retailers would not be happy either, as they paid much more for their stock of Nikon J1 units, or the current N1 models, that will be more difficult to sell now..

      • whisky

        i seem to recall Apple burying their surplus Lisas in a landfill, and Kodak doing much the the same for photocopiers — just to keep prices artificially high until the product lines were replaced. of course neither had interchangeable lenses in a proprietary mount which might have extended their fixed values.

        nikon will frequently comp old stock with new or refurbished goods which exceed the costs of their retailers losses. in the end, everyone knows the show must go on.

        • nwcs

          They were not surplus Lisas but ones they couldn’t sell. A write-off.

  • montan n

    Will make a great mom’s day gift! Thanks for the post.

  • neversink

    I’d go for this, but I already have Lightroom. Great gift though.

  • Brent Busch

    What the heck, I bought one.

  • Global

    Although this is a Nikon forum, a percentage of jump between brands and it is worth noting:

    If you use FUJI products (X-T1, X-E2, etc, etc) — and just want to pick up a Nikon 1 for the first time… but primarily are Fuji guys — then you might want to think about other Raw Convertors than Lightroom. While Lightroom is OK for the X-Trans sensor, you should also know that Fuji provides a raw convertor for its customers:

    Additionally, there is Capture One and Silkypix, and other convertors, which might do better color renderings than Lightroom for Fuji X-trans cameras.

    • Eric Duminil

      LR5 works great with my X100s files. You can even get Astia/Velvia/Provia/ProNeg from RAW files in Lightroom.
      It’s not a problem anymore. It’s very slow on my oldish computer, though.

  • Kriztoper

    This is actually a insanely good deal. If I didn’t have a V1, I would certainly grab this one.

  • Neopulse

    This is a really good deal, gift the camera to a girlfriend and keep the LR.

  • They complain when the price is “too high” and also when it is “too low” …

  • LRH

    I already have a white one that my wife uses (and I use sometimes for “everyday” shots) but the rubber piece by the mode dial came off at some point, and I wouldn’t mind upgrading LR 4 to LR 5.

    Hard to believe that you can get all of this for $150, something that has image quality on par with (or even a bit better than) the D200 and D60 models, and is as small and quick as it is. My first-ever digital, a Coolpix 775, cost me $185 used on eBay in August 2003 and was a 2 megapixel 3x zoom with image quality probably worse that most smartphones, with a 1.5″ LCD and operation as slow as a turtle.

  • Cameron K. Fong

    I caved and ordered yesterday…..heres to the hope that they come in the white Nikon 1 box not the silver refurb box. I wanted LR5 and may sell on the camera, I already have a black J1 and have been very happy with it.

  • Ok, it’s over. BTW they sold 2000 pieces!

    • whisky

      i’m confident they could have sold many more at that price.
      maybe Nikon saved some for their brick & mortars on Mothers day.

      • MyrddinWilt

        Givn the price I think it is pretty obvious they were selling as fast as possible.

        I would not expect more to appear. 2000 pieces suggests a container full got misplaced somewhere. Thats a lot of cameras.

  • Sports

    I ordered one – good timing, actually, as I was THIS close to getting Lightroom for 80$ two days before. It’ll be fun to try a 70$ Nikon 1.
    I think I’ll skip the 240$ F-mount adapter 🙂

    I saw the offer countdown getting really close to expiring, but then it just extended itself. When I ordered, it said that it would go on until June 4.
    And now it’s closed ….. Oh, well.
    I guess they can call it a success, so which of the other 1’s will be next??

  • JP

    J1 cleared out. Now Lightroom 5 + J2 for $150,- c’mon!

    • nwcs

      Might as well make it a V2. If they have that then I may just get it for $150 body only (or with 10-30). I was looking at the used prices out there, way too high.

  • Ronan

    You don’t even need to wait 4 years anymore.

  • Pavel

    I’m one of those who didn’t need this camera (D800 + MFT Oly) but for the money… I order it yesterday.
    Now, it’s been shipped and should be delivered next Wednesday.

  • John Wiering

    A few days ago I was concidering to buy Adobe Lightroom… Then I saw this offer. So I ordered it right away. It feels like getting a Nikon J1 for free. Great offer!

  • Z

    Been bashing Nikon 1 since day 1 … now that I got one for virtually nothing, I’m conflicted …

    • Cameron K. Fong

      I changed my mind about them after I was given one to play with. This will be my 2nd J1 if I don’t find a good home for it

    • Z

      LR comes with insert containing the activation code. Direct download version 5.4 installed smoothly.

      As for the camera, definitely a refurb. in a std. Nikon refurb. box with 90 warranty. Sloppy refurb job, with bit of grunge on the lens cap and near the front element.

      IQ surprisingly, quite good, while UI sucks.
      Electronic (Hi) setting is also impressive.

  • Hoosierdaddy

    And I thought I “stole” a refurb J1 with 10-30 around Christmas for $170…

  • John

    They are def refurbs. I got mine today and there is a minor (light) scratch on the top of the screen and it is in a refurb box with 90 day warranty.

    • Guest987

      I also got mine in a refurb box. Even so, it looks like new to me. Any chance Nikon re-boxed new cameras so that they couldn’t be re-sold as new, and also to limit their warranty liability? I don’t know why they would have 2,000 red and white refurb J1s and no black or silver?

  • JG

    So I was at an event today where I really didn’t need a DSLR but that’s all I have. It would have been perfect to have the J1 I ordered (be here next week) so I could have joined all those around me holding my camera out at arms length taking snaps.

  • GuestStar;)

    Can someone, who already got it tell me how the lightroom licence comes? thanks

    • guest987

      DVD with paper insert listing the serial number. I downloaded the software online and successfully used the serial number to activate (I have a Mac with no DVD drive)

      • GuestStar;)

        ok thats comforting, thanks

  • Tom

    Is the Lightroom CD a original Adobe-CD with activation Key at the sleeve or “self-burned” with handwriting activation key?…:-)
    Can i sell Lightroom on ebay? Is a prrof of purchase in the package?

  • Shaun V.

    Just got mine in the mail today. Doesn’t look refurbished at all. Looks brand spankin’ new. I’ve purchased New Nikon lenses with somewhat dirty mounts before, but both lens and body mount is spotless. Not a mark on the thing. Now would anyone like a copy of Lightroom 5 for $50? 🙂

  • PhotoDude

    My order arrived today. The J1 was in a white box for refurbished camera; however, the first picture I took has a shutter count of 1. Not sure if the counter was reset or no picture has been taken. The contents looks “opened”, ie, the camera has a minor stain and the camera strap also has a minor and the 2 plastic buckles were missing.

    The LR5 was OEM in a shrink-wrapped case.

    • Reality Check

      You can check the true shutter count by uploading a picture taken by the camera to In my case the count as shipped was 528, however the J1 itself looks flawless. The accessories inside the refurb box including manuals all look to be untouched inside their tape sealed plastic bags.

  • Brent Busch

    Just found out the hard way that this deal was packaged with the crippled OEm version which is worthless for an upgrade. Not so hot of a deal now. I’m pissed.

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