Few Nikon related videos

There is not much going on right now in Nikon's world. Every major photo gear manufacturer is preparing for Photokina where most of the important announcements will happen this year.  I am working on few new guest posts. In the meantime, here are the latest Nikon related videos from YouTube:

→ Nikon launched their first DSLR TV commercial in India featuring Priyanka Chopra:

Taking Aim - a story told with the Nikon D4s from Nikon Malaysia:

→ New Nikon Behind the Scenes video were released:

→ Behind the scenes with the Nikon 1 AW1 and Ted Grambeau:

→ Another Nikon AW1 behind the scenes video:

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  • Yoyo

    Thank you for posting something! We were afraid something had happened … 🙂

    • That’s why I posted something today 🙂 I am basically not a big fan of posting something just because and prefer to stay quiet for few days.

      • neversink

        Silence is Golden

      • AlphaTed

        Never sign an NDA !!!! Lol.

        • I never had and never will (Leica may be a small exception).

  • doge

    Man, every time I think about buying a Nikon 1 camera, I think about how easy the decision would be if they hadn’t created a smaller sensor for it.

    Had they taken an extra year and developed a mirrorless DX sensor camera, they never would have had the issues the currently have with these cameras and the lack of sales. I would have jumped immediately, even if I still needed a lens adapter.

    I would love to buy that AW1, but I won’t, because I don’t want a smaller sensor. Literally, none of the other specs on these cameras matters to me. They ruined them with this new created market of the CX sensor. Such a waste.

    • fjfjjj

      “It’s not gonna replace my professional cameras” says the Aussie surf photog. There is Nikon’s whole intention. Another year wouldn’t have changed their minds.

    • sexyjon

      They already have a DX sensor mirrorless camera. The Nikon Coolpix A. There is no excuse not to buy one right away.

      • Spy Black

        …if you never think about changing lenses…

      • I have been waiting for a nice price drop on the Coolpix A.

      • But it is not an interchangeable lens system – only a fixed 28mm, and $1,000-plus. If it were an interchangeable lens, I’d buy it too, but too limited for me with a fixed wide angle. I did just get an AW1 and am very happy that I can take and use this thing ANYwhere, but no, it certainly won’t replace my wonderful D800!

    • The Nikon 1 has become a permanent companion to my d610. By itself as a primary camera it’s not much better than a point and shoot really, but coupled with some great glass via the ft1 and shot in manual/raw/base ISO, it turns in some really astounding results. Most of the recent images on my flickr photo stream are from my v2. It’s my go-to body for macro and super telephoto work.

    • The average consumer has no idea what sensor size means, beyond marking telling them “full frame” is better. The AW1 makes sense for action shots, because you want the deeper DOF that a smaller sensor gives you, though only pros and enthusiasts really understand that aspect. The average consumer will see a weather-proof camera they can take anywhere, and they can change the lens.

      Canon makes a DX sensor compact, as do Sony in several variations. Sony NEX sales would be far better, if the demand was really there. Fuji provides even more choices, though the average consumer has little to no knowledge of the company.

    • Mat Miller

      I rented the AW1 for my Hawaii trip. BIGGEST mistake ever….At least they gave me a full refund (without asking) on the rental. Should have just bought the underwater bag like I originally thought.

    • Andy Aungthwin

      You really have no idea what you are on about. And you keep repeating yourself.

      The whole point of the smaller sensor is to have a small system.

      You and all the other idi0ts are stuck on this small sensor = garbage.

      Have a look at the video of the guy shooting the surfers. Now imagine doing that with a DX sized sensor and waterproof body and a 28-85mm (eqiv) lens.

      The guy was able to put the whole camera and lens inside his wetsuit!

      How about you showing us how YOU could swim out with say the Canon mirrorless DX body and lens in a waterproof case and shooting surfers and the like.

      Only then you are going to get it that there is a huge market for the CX cameras.

      Incidentally, have you actually used the CX format?

      I have 30x45cm prints from a V1, D70, D300 and D800 that people can’t tell which is from which.

      • fjfjjj

        Most people couldn’t tell pathologically excessive depth of field and hideous diffraction if it swam up beside them and took a bite. The D800 was not made to satisfy them.

      • zoetmb

        I don’t buy it. There are a number of very small-bodied cameras that use a DX or even an FX-sized sensor. By your logic, Nikon’s cameras should have been physically smaller than four-thirds cameras because the sensor is smaller, but they’re not. And Nikon’s DX SLRs are not really smaller than the FX. The D600 is only nominally larger than a D7200.

        The reason why the Nikon 1 doesn’t use a DX sensor is simply because Nikon was afraid of erosion of sales of the DX line. But my bet, is that eventually they will (maybe they’ll have to change the name to the Nikon 2).

        The AW is a special-purpose camera, so that might be an exception, but in general, my belief is that Nikon blew it with the CX camera format, especially at the original prices.

        • One of the points of mirrorless is the short flange to sensor distance, allowing for adapters to bring a multitude of lenses into compatability (see Sony, especially their full frame units, for their intercompatability with other mounts, sans autofocus). Correct me if I am wrong, but a apsc mirrorless Nikon would still need an adapter to bring F-mount lenses to the proper flange distance (unless the unit was super thick). So Nikon probably said either we have 2 types of lens sets for apsc, or we can go where 4k is going, which is to 1″, and have a step up in that game. It’s no fluke the V series begins with the same letter as video, its absolutely an awesome system for video. I know, I own a V2.

        • Andy Aungthwin

          It ain’t about the size of the bodies. It’s about the size of the lenses.

          I have a Sony NEX 5. The lenses are huge when compared to the CX lenses. And expensive!

          Bodies need to be about the size of your hand otherwise it actually become too small. The camera makers wouldn’t be able to put in all the dials which can be turned easily nor would you be able to push all the menu buttons.

          If the 1 system uses a DX sensor what would the point be? Nikon would end up making lenses that are not much smaller than what they already have.

          So all you’d get is a smaller body!

          Go and pick up a NEX and a V2 with their respective kit lenses attached. Only then you will see what I’m talking about. And then check out the sizes of a 70-300 equivalent zoom.

          • Mike D

            That’s why so many photogs believe Sony nailed it with the combination of sensor size, body size, and lens size of the RX100 II.

    • stoooopid

      The CX format is a good idea. I have owned, then sold 2 1 system bodies. I just can’t handle the low IQ. It really is not much better than a P&S. But if most of your shooting is outdoors, in good light – this is a fabulous system. AF is blazing fast. It is just indoors in low light where it really suffers (unfortunately that is where I shoot most often). I get why Nikon did it. It is a very small system – and very fast. But yes, if it had better high ISO – I would have kept shooting it (I don’t really care what the sensor size is).

    • Anthony Papagallo

      bought a 1 series camera on the strength of many reviews, its utter utter garbage, my iPhone takes better pictures.

  • mok

    I had today dream. D9300 came out 🙂
    Strange because I am not really waiting for it, have another model which am happy with.
    There was one more camera which came out but dont remember which 🙂
    Dont remember also specs, but it was DX 🙂

    • Guest

      I had a better one but in mine it was called D500

    • tertius_decimus

      I’ve seen no D710 in my dreams. 🙁

      • neversink

        That’s because there is a D800, D4 and Df. Have your choice, but D700 is a great camera, but these others are better (except for the Df). Now dream on…. The D700 has been discontinued quite a while ago. RIP

        • Mike D

          Been waiting for a 8 FPS, large buffer, DX body for my numerous Nikon (sports) lenses. Gave up waiting and just pre-ordered a 12 FPS, large buffer, DX, Sony A77 II. Looking at the 70-400 to go with it. Will still use Nikon for all my other, slower needs.

          • Sports

            Sounds interesting.
            When you receive it, then, maybe you could share your view on it.

  • fjfjjj

    My perfect hair and makeup. My staring directly into the sun through the viewfinder. My Nikon.

    • guest

      ooooo, catfight! lol

  • Global

    Are there any whispers of a Nikon 1 AW2?

    I would really like Nikon to push the controls and advanced features on the Nikon 1 system in same direction the V3 series is going — and developing a nearly-Nikonos class AW series parallel.

    I’m not sure that the S-series makes any kind of sense.

  • Guest

    Yippee!, The topic has changed!!!!

  • Malaysia?

    I liked a lot the second video but that doesn’t look like Malaysia, rather Deep Northern China – guess putting that name is good for advertising as the reader after the MH370 is quite curious now.
    It was a good producer and BTW she is very pretty too.

    • EnPassant

      Just because the video is for the Malaysian market doesn’t mean it have to be filmed in Malaysia. The text on the back of the girls clothes when she is aiming with a bow says Bhutan! Clearly that is where it was filmed.

  • The first video reminds me how most of the world pronounces Nikon with a short “i” instead of the long “i” like we do here in the States.

    • Guest

      Simon & Garfunkel pronounced it correctly in the hit song “Kodachrome”. Betcha Canon wish there was a hit song about them

      • zoetmb

        No they didn’t…they pronounced it with a long “i” – the U.S. pronunciation. “I got a Nī,kän camera…” not “I got a Nee,kän camera”. And by the way, that long “i” is correct as far as Nikon is concerned, since their U.S. TV commercials use the long “i”, but maybe the original U.S. importer of Nikon made the mistake and once it was made, they felt they had to keep it.

  • tap0

    Hi Admin, I am from India, and this is Nikon’s first TV commercial with a DSLR , she has featured in numerous ads with Coolpix cameras… Probably this is in response to Canon India’s ads featuring the 5D Mark 3 and the 1200 D in India. The Canon ads do not feature any celebrity but are better… btw, Priyanka Chopra is a Bollywood actress, and no, I am not a fan…

    • thanks for the update

    • AM I Am

      Looks like every place has its Ashton Kutcher.

      • Patrick O’Connor

        Really? I don’t think she looks ANYTHING like Ashton Kutcher… 😉

  • Sports

    Is it really true that Nikon (and others) stay quiet for months before Photokina? Were things just as quiet last time, and the time before?
    I hope it will bring an avalanche of products,but activity has been low for a while, and there’s still more than four months to Photokina.

    Hold back everything that long, while the average Joe has no idea that Photokina exists?? To get what benefit?
    At times, Canikon really are suspiciously quiet.

    • PeterO

      Yes Sports, they are quiet because these monolithic, slow moving companies continue to live in the past when it comes to marketing and advertising. Instead of using social media to create a buzz around their upcoming products, they continue to use the “surprise” announcement. Some say that they don’t want to give away any secrets. We all know this to be BS because they know exactly what the other is working on and will be announcing. You only have to look at their history of announcing the same level products within months of each other. I know, I know, it’s the Japanese way. Dollars to donuts, both of them will announce Pro DX cameras this fall (but let’s pretend it’s a secret).

    • zoetmb

      Traditional photo companies don’t release products every few months. They release them every few years. And they want to release them when and where people are paying attention. And the technology and photo press pay very close attention to Photokina. The average Joe doesn’t have to know that Photokina exists. They only have to see all the publicity that Photokina generates.

      Look at Apple – they tend to make announcements only at their own big events or at their annual developers’ conference.

      However there is a disadvantage to releasing everything at Photokina – you can be buried under all the other announcements. So what we usually see is Nikon and Canon making most of their announcements in the days or weeks just before Photokina.

  • Zen-Tao

    Rumour from CAnon: New kind of foveon sensor.
    Rumours from Sony: Esferic sensor.
    At least you should spread some fake rumour to honour your website name: “nikonrumours”

    • umeshrw

      Just for trp? And lose credibility?

  • tertius_decimus

    Good advice: Nikon, you don’t need no Ashton Kutcher, no Priyanka Chopra, no other Hollywood star to gain what you want. Just listen to your customer’s voice. Sometimes things are simplier than expectations. Seriously.

    • zoetmb

      Unfortunately, in the real world, they’re not. The fact is that such marketing works and always has. No one will ever admit responding to it and everyone will talk about how much they hate Aston Kutcher, but in the end, it works. That’s not the only type of advertising that works, but also remember that Nikon isn’t just looking for its current customers to buy; they’re looking for customers who they don’t yet have to buy. I would bet that you’re completely out of the demographic that those commercials were addressed to, as am I.

  • neversink

    So, if the Aussie photographer says the AW1 will never replace his professional equipment, why in the world is he mounting a full frame lens on to such a tiny camera, when as he admits, compactness and waterproof qualities of the tiny camera are why he really likes it.
    Mounting an fx lens on this baby eliminates the ability to use the camera in the ocean and its lightweight compactness.
    Why not just carry an fx body with it since he is a professional. A bit of a contradiction, unintended, in that Nikon promo video. He’ll get much better IQ with the same lens on an fx body.

    • Patrick O’Connor

      Perhaps for the occasional (apparent) reach!?

  • SkyMeow

    I want to know more D800s. I gave up my hopes on D4x.

  • broxibear
  • Hasan Samur

    A sample video from Nikon D4 from my side


  • Boris

    “Preparing for Photokina”??? But that’s in *September*!!! (sobbing uncontrollably)

    • Yes, they will not announce their major new products few months before Photokina.

      • imageClear

        Does this mean that the D7200 won’t come out until September, after Photokina??

        • Sleeping

          Only Nikon knows and they won’t tell.
          D7200 could easily be 2015. Nothing indicates that it’s just around the corner.

      • broxibear

        I wonder if they might just sneak in a lens before the World Cup starts in early June ?

        • Guest

          [ ]

          • I was told that a new telephoto lens will be announced before the FIFA World Cup.

  • ShawnDWalker

    There is not much going on right now in Nikon’s world. Every major photo gear manufacturer is preparing for Photokina where most of the important announcements will happen this year. http://num.to/904.970.893.852

  • Saikat Roy

    Only a movie artist hikes a lot and sees the watch to check whether its a sunrise..

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