Weekly Nikon news flash #261

Nikon 1 AW1Nikon Df
Nikon D3300Nikon D4s
Four TIPA awards for Nikon in 2014: ‘Best D-SLR Entry-level’ to the Nikon D3300, ‘Best D-SLR Professional’ to the Nikon D4S, ‘Best Rugged Camera’ to the Nikon 1 AW 1 and ‘Best Premium Camera’ to the Nikon Df.

→ The user's manual for the delayed Nikon WR-1 wireless remote controller ($549.95) is now available online.

→ New $100 price drop on the Nikon D7100 (the new body only price is $1,096.95 at Amazon, Adorama and B&H).

→ The price of the D3300 also dropped by $50 (the new body only price is $596.95 at Amazon, Adorama and B&H).

→ Here are also the latests price drops on refurbished Nikon gear: Nikkor 24-120mm f/4 lens for $999.95 (reg: $1,296.95); Nikkor 50mm f/1.4 lens for $389 (reg: $439); Nikon WU-1b wireless mobile adapter for $32.95 (reg: $46.95).

→ New Nikon UK summer cashback program.

→ Nikon at Milano Design Week 2014:

→ New Nikon Behind the Scenes videos were released:

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  • AM I Am

    The Df a premium camera? Now TFF.
    Oh it’s premium because you actually pay premium for an overpriced camera. Now I get it.

    • Joven

      by definition, a premium is a high value or a value in excess of that normally or usually expected. So, yes, the Df is in fact a premium camera.

      • Reality Check

        Brilliant rationalization… this is not Nikon under-delivering on the Df, it’s the consumer over-expecting that spending $3000 for a camera should also buy a premium 51 point AF system with 1/8000 sec shutter and 8 fps or better.
        Here’s some news for you, Joven, second-tier products are by definition not premium products.

        • Joven

          And here’s some news for you, Leica cameras are $6,000+ camera bodies with 1/4000 sec shutter. Louboutin makes $1,000 dollar heels. Monster charges $45+ for an 8ft HDMI cables.

          Just b/c you don’t agree with what it offers at its price point, doesn’t mean people aren’t willing to pay a high value or a value in excess of that normally or usually expected for a certain aesthetic or characteristic. You know, that thing called a premium?

          • Reality Check

            It’s true, there will always be fools. But it’s also true that fools but their money are soon parted.
            So please enjoy shooting your Df while wearing your Louboutin high heels… we’ll all be having a good laugh at your expense!

            • Spy Black

              If he can spend that kind of money on those things, he’ll be the one getting laid, not you…

            • Reality Check

              I think you mean “she” not “he”, Spy Black. Joven is either a chick or a very fem hipster so we are not competing in the same market, haha!

            • Joven

              I’m neither female, nor am I a hipster. I’m just not a self-centered fratboy who thinks that all products should appeal to him. So I have to be female b/c I know that there are $6,000 heels in the world? Do you just not spend any time around women? Am I a hipster b/c I referenced Leica, despite it being a clear example of what people are willing to pay extra for? Maybe I’m just a person who works in the marketing field, and feels very comfortable with the idea of market segmentation and consumer profiles.

              The difference between me and you is that I’m comfortable enough with myself and my gear to not get offended by a camera that I don’t own are want winning an award I don’t care about.

  • Herman

    I really don’t understand this weird hatred towards the Df… you guys don’t even own one and chances are you haven’t even used one long enough. A bit pricey, yes, but if the tsumani didn’t delay the release of the camera and it came out when the D4 was king, you guys probably would have been all drooling over it for what it is as a mini D4 at half the cost.


    • My only complain is the price – for this amount the camera should have 51 AF points and 1/8000 shutter speed. That’s all.

      • Herman

        that I agree, 51 AF and 1/8000 would make it a perfect implementation of a modern classic camera. But then again, I just wish they put in the video feature so that I could use it for my cinema work 🙁 I think it’s a trend how the manufacturers hold out features to save for the next version.

        I picked mine up used for $2k. At that price I have no complaints

      • ShaoLynx

        My no. 1 issue with the Df is the AF.
        It’s D610-class and the camera comes with no AF assist light, so the Df is worse in that department. Rather soon AF stops working in low-light-low-contrast situations.
        So an AF assist light on-body would ease that problem.
        For now the only solution consists of adding a speedlight.
        BTW: That solution also takes care of the hipster look of the camera. 😉

        PS: I bought mine new for 1900 € (admittedly: grey market, I guess).

      • Exactly the focusing and shutter systems don’t fit to the price.

        And yet the dials could be improved: able be unlocked specifically. And the little aperture dial on the front is fiddly. I’ve switched to using the back command dial for aperture.

        It’s what I have in my bag right now. I love it and shoot it every day.

        • ShaoLynx

          Agreed. The metal sub-command dial (on the front) is not the most comfortable to use: the metal teeth tend to ‘bite’ after a while. But it does work using just your index finger.
          Then again: I personally find it more ergonomical to use the main command dial (thumb wheel) and since I’m mostly an A-mode shooter, I also swapped both command dials, controlling Aperture with the ‘thumb-wheel’ — on all my DSLRs.

        • Eric Calabros

          In this image, you only need 1 AF point!
          Just kidding 🙂

      • koenshaku

        Yeah auto focus sensitivity is -1 EV with focus issue lamp soon as I read that in the spec list I turned a blind eye.

      • Spy Black

        I just wish they would have taken ALL the guts from the D610 and put them in that body and charged ~$2500. I would much rather have the D610 sensor over that the D4 sensor. A D610-afied Df would be awesome.

    • AM I Am

      It’s also well documented and extensively reviewed the clumsy implementation of the dials. Supposedly what all the Df’s bread and butter was going to be about.

      • “well documented and extensively reviewed” by people who couldn’t make a living as photographers, so decided to write about cameras instead.

        • Herman

          Haha… I’m going to stay out of this one 🙂

        • R

          Is that a well documented fact too?

        • phil

          Neil van Niekerk:

          “And now we have the Nikon Df (B&H), a throwback to a previous era. It looks great, but the handling is clunky. You have to reach with your fingers for the shutter dial at the top … unless of course you wisely settled for the 1/3 Step setting, and use the front and rear dials. Being so accustomed to modern cameras, I found the Nikon Df slightly awkward to use when shooting.”


        • AM I Am

          Neil Van Niekerk, Thom Hogan, Chase Jarvis,…. should I keep on?

      • Rr

        I honestly feel that way about canon camera as but it doesn’t make it fact.

      • ShaoLynx

        I disagree:
        – all dials work differently: correct, so I’ll never confuse one dial for another (and I’m smart enough to figure them out). Thats an advantage in my book.
        – In A-mode the shutter speed dial is irelevant: correct. My reply to this: 1) in A-mode I’m not concerned with the shutter speed. 2) check out *any* Nikon DSLR (with two command dials): do you see the pattern? => It’s always been like this! But now that it’s on a separate dial instead of the main control dial (thumb wheel) it’s become an issue? Not for me.

        The only issue I have with the dials is: no “A” on the ISO-dial, so you have to use the menu to toggle on/off auto-ISO. Solution: I assigned that function to the Fn-button => solved.

        • Michiel953

          I haven’t tried out the Df for very long, but its ergonomics haven’t won me over yet. There’s a lot of similarity, on the surface, with the FM2/F3 sort of camera, just bigger.

          When you’re used to a D800, the two things that need accustoming to most are the placement of the shutter button and the shallow grip. Very F3 like, but progress has been made since. Maybe even more important, I didn’t really notice the weight advantage when walking around with the 600grs 24/1.4, and that’s the sort of lenses I have.

          That sensor is something else though… A good premium product to me!

    • Kynikos

      Are you a fan of the matching lens too?
      Hey, if you’ve paid $1,000 too much for the hipster camera, what’s an extra $100 too much for the hipster lens, right?

      • E

        Lets start being racist towards cameras now…calling people hipsters based on the camera they like is essentially being a bully. Nice stuff.

        • phil

          to be fair, the camera appeals only to:
          a) hipsters
          b) elderly people (nostalgia)

      • groucher

        The smell of sour grapes isn’t the most appealing odour.

  • broxibear

    The spring cashback in the UK still runs for another 3 weeks too, details here…

  • neversink

    According to TIPA, Nikon is doing somethings correctly. Not sure about their category “Premium” in which the best in class went to the Nikon Df, whichI feel is an overpriced and overhyped camera. I guess that’s what’s premium about the Df. Congratulations to Nikon on their awards….

    • NoMeJodas

      I wouldn’t interpret too much into the TIPA awards. They have trillion different categories and awards to make sure that everyone gets some. For example the D4S is this year’s best “professional DSLR” but the Pentax K-3 is the best “expert DSLR”. So what does that tell us exactly? Nothing.

      • David Weinehall

        Assuming they’re using the words professional (someone who lives off of something — in this case photography) and expert (someone who’s at the forefront of knowledge in a field) correctly, I’d say:

        * An expert camera has all bells and whistles. Megapixels galore, HDR, gazillions of autofocus points, 4k video recording, maybe built-in image stabilisation, etc.

        * A professional camera has most features, but with the user interface almost completely focused on a few key features. A professional camera focuses on work flow, ergonomics and reliability. The camera should be fast, both in terms of “from power on to ready to shoot” and in terms of shots/second.

        Of course that all assumes that the profession is journalism. If the profession is studio photograhy it’s a wholly different ballpark entirely…

        • NoMeJodas

          Lots of assumptions. But as long as there is no published information from TIPA either on the criterion used to classify the different products into their different categories (why was the D4s competing in the professional and the K-3 in the expert category? Were there any other candidates at all?) nor on the measure used to choose the winner, this whole TIPA thing will remain as transparent as an elephant in a porcelain shop. Add to that the fact that TIPA was founded and is funded by some photography magazines that surely have some sort of dependency on the advertisement income brought by exactly those awarded companies and you’ll get the whole picture 😉

  • Andrew71

    “The price of the D3300 also dropped by $50 (the new body only price is $596.95”

    Sadly you cannot buy the D3300 body only in the U.S. I would probably have one if you could.

  • Kynikos

    I just love how the word ‘racist’ gets pitched around these days.

    • nwcs

      It’s easier to say than having a real argument.

    • clifflwms

      The comment wasn’t “racist” but it WAS stupid. for people to decide who the camera appeals to, and label those people, is extremely arrogant. People like it for lots of different reasons, those reasons are up to them.

    • reductron

      The roper spelling is “rayciss”

  • Royl

    That’ is great. The Df appears to be up to its billing. With the right lens it can be your FM or FE. It is all there. Set to manual, use the lens aperture ring and the shutter control dial, set the film speed, and off you go. It can play the new style game as well for people intelligent enough to adapt. It is a beautiful camera, and I am going to buy one. Lots to like here, most particularly that D4 sensor. And no bloody video, thank goodness. Anyone who wants that stuff has other options. Thanks to Nikon for giving the rest of us a choice.

  • neversink

    Hey, my kids say I’m elderly and the Df doesn’t appeal to me….. But I’ve got thick skin as I am getting older each day

  • Spy Black

    I wonder if the price drop on the D7100 and D3300 are indicative of the announcement of the D7200/9300 and D2300…

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