Nikon D4s camera currently in stock

Nikon D4s DSLR camera 6
The second batch of Nikon D4s cameras is currently shipping to retailers. The cameras is currently in stock at:

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  • David

    PurnimaDigital (HK via UK): 4908€
    Digitalrev (HK): 5830 €
    PCH (BE): 6149€
    Cameranu (NL): 6149€

    • Manvin

      Look at these price:

      Amazon Japan: ¥ 583,200 = £3,442.89 (uk) / $5,693.56( USA)
      Adorama: $6,496.95 = £3,929.37
      UK: £5199.00

      That’s crazy price!!!

      Note: i use XE Currency Converter.

      • Naval Gunfire

        Electronics are really cheap in Japan, not exactly surprising. Especially when you consider the the D4s is made in Japan so it hasn’t had to be exported which hikes up the price straight away.

        • Manvin

          I never been to japan, I’ve always want to go there one day – hopefully when D5 come out – do they sell english version? i guess not

          • David

            Menu > Language that’s all you need.

            • Manvin

              good thinking – one issue, if you buy from Japan – they will not be cover warranty in uk but only in japan !!

            • David

              Manvin San, I never said that you should buy in Japan instead of in the UK, i just replied your question on the language settings. All depends if you really need one now or if you can wait a little. The price will drop by 15% quickly and/or Nikon will come back with some Rebates to boost the sells before summer.

            • Manvin

              David, thanks for your answered. I’m just pointing out regarding japan warranty for other users.

              Yes you are right, pre-order is always expensive – once the sales is slow down – the price will fall down as well.

            • Manvin

              good thinking – one issue, if you buy from Japan – they will not be cover warranty in uk but only in japan !!

    • fjfjjj
  • Eric Calabros

    Amazon pages are sometimes funny:
    “What Other Items Do Customers Buy After Viewing This Item?
    Transcend 32 GB Class 10 SDHC Flash Memory Card $18.96 ”


    • doge

      Don’t forget, “Frozen (2 disc blu-ray / DVD + digital copy) $19.96”

  • LeadWrist

    How is this a rumor? This smells of being too factual for my liking. I would suggest changing the title to something like, We belief there may be Nikon D4s in-stock.

    • *believe 😛

  • lord eels


  • Manvin

    That’s great news, now I’m gonna look forward to try out Nikon D4s. i hope calumet store is still open in UK.

    • Zoot

      Calumet UK is still open. Thom Hogan recently commented that it is a separate concern from Calumet USA, and is not affected by the sad demise of the latter.

    • broxibear

      Hi Manvin,
      Calumet is one of the few retailers in the UK who don’t have the D4s in stock. You could read into that in many ways, coincidence, Nikon refusing to give them stock, the UK Calmut also in trouble ?…I don’t know.
      Almost all the other retailers advertising the D4s in the UK have stock (Jessops, WEX, Dale, Grays)

      • Manvin

        I was lucky enough to received Nikon D4 just one day before Jessops went out of business – somehow they have put up the wrong price on the website – £3999.00 it was suppose to be £4250.00.

        Now I’m wondering what if Calumet is willing to sell piles of goods at the lowest price?

        • broxibear

          Hi Manvin,
          That’s funny because something similar happened with me. I ordered a 70-200 f/2.8 G VRII to pick up at store from Jessops, but when I went to pick it up they said the price was a mistake and refused to sell it to me. There was a Jacobs (now no longer in business) a few streets away, I talked to the manager, showed him my print out from Jessops and said if you can match this price I’ll buy one from you right now…he said ok and I got it from them.

          • Manvin

            Hi Broxibear,

            I’ve notice lots of e-commerce websites who sell at the wrong pricing, some company do honour pricing and some don’t.

            • They are selling Grey Market items that do not qualify for warranty in your country. It’s shady.

            • Manvin

              This is absurd, at end of the day it still made by nikon HQ? this is only one way for nikon to make big buck out of repair services.

            • Yes, basically you have to send it to Japan for repairs, but it will be $$$ if you want insured shipping overseas and back – and that is crazy

            • any kind of a “deal” at this time is probably Grey Market so watch out. Check the box, warranty cards, make sure things are right.

            • Manvin

              This is crazy i do not trust shipping – things do go wrong from time to time.

              no choice 🙁 we already paying too much for local taxes and resale value.

            • outkasted

              Never gray. I had my nightmare. Never ever again.

        • David

          Under English Contract Law they are forced to sell at the price you ordered…. Next time just remind them, a contract is a contract.

  • Spyderman

    B&H is shipping mine… should be here Monday. I hope I can make it through the weekend…

    • jsphoto

      I pre ordered through B&H, but have not heard anything yet. Hopefully mine is in this batch…

      • Jeff Hunter

        Just curious, are you guys upgrading from the D4 or are you new to the D4 line?

        • clifflwms

          Ok, I’ll bite. I’m upgrading not specifically for the D4s, but for the sale value when/if I’m prepared to buy a D5. By then, the D4s will likely still have most of its resale value while the D4 (could be) like the D3. I’m Happy with the D4, but If the focus is even a little better its worth it to me, I shoot a lot of night (College) football/basketball/baseball, so even a little is a lot. Either way, trading up is a win for me.

        • jsphoto

          Currently shooting with D800’s. Love it, but don’t need such a huge file all the time. I am also shooting more video, sports and events that need to be transmitted from site. Seems to be the perfect camera to compliment the D800. If I had a D4 already, I would probably not upgrade.

        • Spyderman

          I am new… I have rented the D4 several times and I am really glad I did – covered a wedding in an outdoor venue that turned out to be in the deep woods… natural light but very low… the low light capacity is what sold me… that and 10fps (not for wedding but for sports, which I also do)

      • Spyderman

        I hop so too! B&H was supposed to notify me, but I didn’t get anything froim them – I only know it’s shipping because I hit “track order”… so far it has made it to Philadelphia!! I knew I shoulda paid for next day air…

  • John_Skinner

    There isn’t going to be ANY stock shortages on this model in anyway, shape or form… This is the ‘lead balloon’ of Nikon. The only people excited about this upgrade are the people with G-A-S and they’re only showing it to justify dumping over 5K on a minimal upgrade body.

    No shoving kids… there’s plenty to go around.

    • Spy Black

      Dude, just think of all the candlelit cat videos…

      • D700guy


      • AM I Am

        Just when I was pixel-peeping your other post, the admin deleted it.

        • Spy Black

          I guess that pic was a bit too racy. 😉

          • AM I Am

            I never got to the point of checking that.
            I got stuck checking those circles of confusion.

    • D700guy

      I agree. This camera will not sell well. Anyone who owns a D4 isnt going to bite, anyone who wanted a D4 probably already has one and dont need this, and anyone who wants to upgrade will hold off for the D5.

      • D700guy

        I think after the initial wave of gadget guys get theirs, this thing will become unsold inventory in most of the retail stores. There were D3x bodies available until just recently and maybe even still.

        • mikeswitz

          I have no skin in this game since I neither need it nor can afford it, But didn’t so many of you predict the same thing about the Df which has proven to be a pretty big seller.

        • Jeff Hunter

          You may be right. I’ll be curious to see how long the current price holds. If we see price declines before long that will confirm weak demand.

      • David

        I guess you are wrong. A lot of D3s users that were not happy by the D4 are now considering buying the “s” one. Many D4 users know that when D4s with be on the second hand market their D4 will not sell well because of a bad reputation (on AF-C for example)…so better to sell now than later. I predict that this D4S will sell very well.

      • I disagree, for people that need night time photography and high ISO capability that do not want to flash everything this camera is a perfect solution. I can take photos at ISO of 8,000 without a blink. My D700 at a wedding was only safe to about 1600-2600 and flash for the rest. I waited specifically for the D4s and did not want the D4. For day time shooters who cares, agree. But I think most people shoot versatile conditions.

    • Mike

      There already is. *poof* goes your theory.

    • Needed a 2nd sports shooter, so grabbed one, glad I did, wish I had 2 of them, love the extra stop, and the focal system is even better than the D4, which I had no complaints about anyway. By the end f next week the thing already paid for itself.

    • Spyderman

      Fortunately, I have a lot of G-A-S, and I need it because my mustang burns up a lot on the way to my shoots… its fast too, like my soon to be 11fps autofocus all the way D4S ;^)

  • Photo-Jack

    Isn’t it amazing how Nikon managed to obtain massive negative press in the recent weeks.
    China and some other sources are still elaborating on the D600 issue. D4s has problems withStorage cards. (isn’t it actually the second time as the D4 generated trouble combining certain CF and XQD cards?)
    The majority of the customers -at least in Europe and Northamerica- seem to rather disdain than to wellcome the latest Nikon 1 interations.In the meantime there is hardly a week passing by, without APS-C and M4/3 cameras and lenses gain attention, several of them allowing for an IQ That cuts into the DSLR market.
    The gratest wishthat Nikon-fans could have is that Nikon replaces their marketing people with some new people who really understand and sense the market.

    • AM I Am

      And your point is?

      • kawai

        I would like to read photos from D4S on my mac, and treat them with Aperture ! Impossible : Apple doesn’t recognize the NEF of the D4S

        • So whose fault is that?

        • You can now use the Free Abobe DNG converter and use them in light room and PS has a new download to recognize them. All brand new campers are going to have file recognition issues at first

    • Michiel953


  • broxibear
    • broxibear

      P.S. Nice tats…that’s not a typo…or is it, lol ?

      • Manvin

        thanks for showing video

        • SV

          yea thanks for the video, but is this guy EVER going to take a hint and learn to mix the audio so it’s not so freaking annoyingly loud? It would be unwatchable except for the trottie hottie.

          • AM I Am

            Nobody forces you to watch them.

      • Spy Black

        No, that’s not a typo there, it would be a typo here:

    • Aldo

      I like Kai… but it would be nice to see some serious pictures from him. Most of the time he seems careless and annoyed at photography cliche. I guess he is more a salesman than he is a photographer.

      • broxibear

        I’ve got a lot of time for Kai, I get a lot of his in jokes and sarcasm being British…I understand it won’t make much sense to many others though, and that’s part of what makes his videos funny.
        To me it’s not about his photographs, it’s about him giving his opinion on the equipment. And because he’s used so many different types of equipment I think his opinion is just as valid, if not more so, than any other reviewers.
        I don’t agree with the salesman tag, if that were true he’d be praising everything since Digitalrev sell all the gear he reviews.
        There are plenty (too many in my opinion) of side by side, high iso blah, blah blah reviews if that’s what turns people on…each to their own and everybody knows Kai’s style by now and if it’s not your thing then you have to ask yourself why you are watching it ? (I don’t mean you personally Aldo)

  • broxibear

    Nikon Professional photographer Scott Woodward heads to Bhutan to push the limits of the Nikon D4S (Nikon Europe)…

    • broxibear

      Nikon D4 vs Nikon D4S shutter mechanism comparison (Nikon Europe)…

    • Many new D4s videos. I think I will make a separate post for that.

    • Bestie Guestie

      “heads to Bhutan to push the limits of the Nikon D4S”?

      Oh, lease.

      • broxibear

        LOL, Hi Bestie
        I didn’t write that, that’s what Nikon wrote as the copy. Push the limits of marketing and possibly the battery would have been more accurate ?

    • I really liked that video, thanks.

      • broxibear

        If you get the chance watch a documentary called “Which Way Is the Front Line from Here?” TIt’s about photojournalist Tim Hetherington, not someone i knew but a friend of a friend…well worth a watch.

      • I just did a separate post on the new D4s videos.

    • wow I LOVE IT!

  • fjfjjj
  • Mine is officially here! I took some high ISO photos in my house last night and pretty amazing!!!! ISO 8000 looks like 1600 on my D700 😀 So excited to use it today at an event.

  • PS make sure to be 100% if buying online if not from B&H, adorama etc that it is not grey market. It will arrive without a warranty card or can have some other language manuals. These people are selling them a few $$ cheaper but they are grey market and useless in US as far as warranty or getting them services in the US EVER which calls for very very expensive shipping charges to Japan. I bought mine at Competitive Camera in Dallas and they had 2 in stock when I was there.

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