New Nikon D4s videos

Nikon D4 vs. Nikon D4s shutter mechanism comparison video:

→ New D4s video from Nikon Canada:

A journey to perfection: the new Nikon D4s:

Kai's Nikon D4s hands-on review:

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  • Patrick O’Connor

    Kai is the only reviewer I know who can hide ‘it’s a complete beast’ behind 6 minutes of ‘nothing special.’

    • Well..

      I like his voice but nothing else. He should pay someone to write him a scrip and do the review without seeing his face or the way he is holding his camera.

      Sorry Kai, I know you reading this, but it is what I thought. Good luck.

    • Darkness

      dont get this guy, thinks cynical means credible, it DOESNT! Learn the gear, the tech and the industry and come back when you have. God I miss Rob galbraith…pfff thats better.

    • lord eels

      well, it’s an incremental improvement to one of the best DSLRs ever made, which was also incremental other than low-light AF. so an unspecial beast, the d4s is. and I doubt any prospective d4s buyer cares about “specialness”. those folks shoot leicas and display the packaging.

      • Mike

        The D4s seems to be a victim of the state of the industry right now. And a victim of Nikon’s previous technology advances. It seems the expectation on every new camera from Nikon is that its going to be as big a difference as was the D3 to the D2xs. The D3 was entirely new technology and it absolutely left the D2x in it’s dust. Heck, even the D300 left the D2x in it’s dust. The D3s built upon this new technology and adapted to a quick changing industry, i.e. video. The D4s is a mid cycle refresh of a body and sensor that is approaching maturity. I don’t know if we will ever see a revolutionary change like the D3 presented. And for all practical purposes we may not even need to see such a dramatic change. So when Kai says “it’s nothing special” followed by “it’s an amazing camera and its own right”, he’s right. It is an evolutionary improvement and it is a beast, workhorse of a camera. I come from a cycling background and like cameras, bike components see evolutionary improvements that leave little to be excited bout from one generation to the next. But then difference between 3 and 4 generations previous is huge. Components from a decade ago are hardly interchangeable with components today. While the D4->D4s update may not be huge… D3 to D4s is significant. And the D2xs -> D4s presents a massive change. So to say the D4s is nothing special shows how good we have it. We are getting used to great imaging products. And some here, not all, act like spoiled children.

        With Kai, you can always see he shows his hand on what his verdict of any given camera will be in the first 15 seconds of his reviews. And it biases the viewer from the beginning. When he’s serious at the get go, he’s going to review the camera favourably. When he is overly sarcastic at the beginning you know he ridicule is coming. That said, he’s right about the D4s; it does what it’s supposed to and has many small evolutionary changes that add up to a better package but nothing extraordinary on its own. Sounds good to me.

        • Patrick O’Connor

          I wasn’t commenting on his valid comparison to the D4 but rather the fact that seemed to be his ONLY concern. As I stated earlier, not everyone looking at the D4S is upgrading from the D4.

        • KnightPhoto

          Good post and exactly why I stopped watching Kai…

      • Patrick O’Connor

        Focusing on that point makes the questionable assumption that everyone looking at the D4S is looking for an upgrade from the D4. Also, most reviewers seem to be concentrating on low-light performance while most photographers are more interested in the “Group AF” mode. Kai’s use of that feature isn’t really its intended use, as far as I know (which isn’t much).

        • lord eels

          touché. I was making that assumption. good point on the Group AF.

          • peterw

            which saves you a lot of monney, not? You should be thankful to Nikon ;).

    • lord eels

      Its a fantastic camera!

      • lord eels

        the above post is not the real eels, see profile.

        • lord eels

          you stole my account

  • lord eels

    after seeing the mirror bounce, it’s clear to me now why the d4s burst AF is better.

    furthermore the D4 burst AF can probably be improved by using CL burst mode in 8fps or 9fps.

  • Manvin

    Kai said “Nothing special” ROFL

  • Guest

    Ha, printed backdrop of the harbor with sunny sky so your vacation pictures aren’t ruined if the real world weather doesn’t play nice. The camera is huge. Buy one if you need or want it but, no thanks, I’ll pass.

    • Darkness


  • SK_HDP

    Just got my D4s from Berger Bros Camera. Can’t wait to use it. Charging my Batteries at the moment then heading out for test shoot. If you are looking for D4s OR D4 (I traded mine D4 in – it is as good as new with about 11K shutter count) they have couple in Stock… Really good customer service and on-time delivery – I am very happy with their customer service. Thanks Brad.

  • broxibear

    Mick Rock and the Nikon Df (Nikon Europe)…

    • broxibear

      AF-S 35mm f1.8 G ED FX (Nikon Japan…in Japanese)

      • AM I Am

        I thought that the clothing he’s wearing is for shooting with a Nikon 1.

        • stesk

          I drive Bentley – what kind of clothes should I wear??

  • broxibear

    I understand D4 v D4s high iso comparisons are what some of you crave so here’s Nasim Mansurov’s take and some quotes…
    “SO 12800 and higher is where I expected to see bigger improvements on
    the D4s over the D4. While the D4s definitely looks cleaner, I just
    cannot see major differences here – I would say 1/3 of a stop max”
    “here is where things technically should look different, because the
    native ISO sensitivity of the D4 maxes out at 12800, while the D4s
    pushes that by a whole stop to ISO 25600. The above comparison shows
    “boosted” D4 vs native performance of the D4s. I looked at this one over
    and over again, back and forth and once again, I simply do not see
    major differences.”
    “when looking at the RAW output, the Nikon D4s does not deliver
    significantly improved image quality over the D4. What I see above in
    some situations is a difference of under 1/3 of a stop, maybe not even

    • Hern Berford

      You’re quoting Mansurov’s like he’s an authority? The guy is a clown that picked up a DSLR a few years ago. He’s the new Rockwell. All he does is rehash crap he’s picked up in chat rooms.

      He even does fake reviews like when he used a D4 claiming it was a Df just to get clicks. What a joke.

      • broxibear

        Hi Hern Berford,
        I’m just bringing nikonrumors readers a link they might be interested in, and some quotes from a reviewer who’s posted in nikonrumors before. I’m not judging him or insulting him by calling him “a clown”

        Whether you like Nasim and his views are up to you, but show some respect and manners…you can disagree with him and his conclusions without insults.

    • Steve Hapke

      Check the findings at Grad Hill Blog and then go look at a comparison that turned up here on Nikon rumors from Terry Hanson–I have the 4s, I had the 4, I had a D3, I had a D3s–the D4 to D4s is the biggest improvement I’ve seen for any mid cycle release and is the best 35mm body I’ve seen over 35 years of pro bodies


    Give my D800 Small RAW!!

  • desmo

    Is it just me or is the Nikon canada video out of focus?

    If you business is cameras you ought to get that right

    • reductron

      They probably used an early production D800.

  • stesk

    Nikon uses a photo with a monk and candle lights in a temple and describes this “the limits of the camera”.
    This photo shows the lack of skills from the photographer.
    The flames are blown and there is no atmosphere in this shot.
    The video is also awful.

    Where is Nikon’s self-criticism?????

  • juanillo_76

    A football (or soccer) test:

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