Nikon 1 J4 mirrorless camera to be announced soon


The last Nikon 1 J3 model with the 32mm f/1.2 lens

After the V3, Nikon will also announce a new J4 mirrorless camera. I do not have any other details at that point. Stay tuned for additional information.

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  • Sports

    Nikon has a machine that keeps spewing out new bodies between $400 and $800, and they don’t know where the STOP button is.

    • stoooopid

      Even that would be fine, if it was $400-$800 bodies that anyone wanted, or were willing to pay that much for.

  • Larry Holt

    They already have a J4, its called V3.

    • Pat Mann

      No, this will be the one with the built-in finder, to clarify the distinctions in the lineup between the J and the V.

      • Larry Holt

        I never thought of that. A J4 with a built-in finder. That’ll really clear things up. Thanks for the laugh. LOL

      • That sounds dreamy!

    • MyrddinWilt

      The V3 has a tilt and turn display which I very much doubt the J4 will have. But other than that, it would be kind of stupid to stop people buying an EVF accessory for it.

      I expect the J4 will have the following features:

      Fixed display
      14.2 MP sensor (like the J3)
      $600 list without EVF ($200) or grip ($200 if offered)

      If you pay the extra $200 for the V3 you get more MP, a faster processor that can do 1080p, the tilt and turn display, the next gen autofocus.

      I expect the V3 and J4 to be heavily discounted from the git go. But the V3 discounting will come in the form of making one or both accessories free. So the all in kit will be $800-$1000 down from the initial $1200. The J4 will sell at $400 for the one lens kit.

      Nikons strategy makes a great deal of sense. It is going to be some time before the EVIL concept is mature enough that the performance of the cameras is fully competitive across the board with DSLR. The Autofocus upgrades in the V3 might be the start of something important.

      When they are ready, a discount mirrorless F-mount body with a DX sensor makes a lot of sense. Removing the mirror box saves a lot of expensive engineering. But it will come out as a DX body first because they would need a completely new sensor to support the autofocus scheme.

      • Larry Holt

        To have a V series without a built-in finder makes it nothing more than an expensive J series. And totally useless for me. I was ready to buy a V3 when they came out with one. They try to promote it as a sports and wildlife camera. Really? Without a view finder, they need to have their heads examined. Then they announce a very promising lens, the 70-300mm with no decent camera to put it on. ๐Ÿ™

      • KnightPhoto

        Good post Myrddin, I hope it comes to pass as you predict.

        Myself I am prioritizing the new 70-300 and hope to shoot with it for a month or two with my V1 before I pull the pin on the V3 as well. My preference is to get to know the lens first on the camera I already know well (V1) and then fold in the V3 subsequently. I’m hoping to have the lens May 8th for a 6-day day birding trip into the Okanagan Valley of BC, Canada. I also shoot FX but I like a light fast extreme FOV rig to supplement it and typically make use of both thru the course of a day. E.g. a quick exploratory hike, grab the V3/70-300 and go. Something good found (wildlife) and chance it will stick around, e.g. a good bird on territory, hike back and get the FX rig.

  • screwloose

    YES! Another Nikon 1 camera! Finally! The missing piece everyone has been asking for.

    • manhattanboy

      You forgot at the right price point too!

  • SMH

    I don’t know how many ex-friends I would have if I told them to spend their hard-earned money on a Nikon 1 camera instead of a D5100 plus lens and SB-700.

    • Eric Duminil

      I just told a good friend to buy a J3+10-30+18.5 1.8 for 490โ‚ฌ.
      As small as a P&S camera, but with a bigger sensor, a better lens and better AF.
      Not everybody wants to lug a DSLR around or have direct access to every parameter. And you cannot get a D5100+lens+SB for that price.

      • Moose

        D5100: 300 EUR
        35mm f/1.8: 120 EUR
        YN-565 II: 100 EUR
        At 520 EUR, it’s not that much more.

        • Eric Duminil

          You’re comparing new Amazon prices to Ebay prices and cheap chinese copies?
          I agree that D5100+35mm+SB700 is a great combo, but it’s just in another bulk and price range than Nikon 1.

        • Anonymus

          Where do you get a 35mm 1.8 DX for 120โ‚ฌ? I’d buy two!

          • Vladimir

            In Russia you can have this prime for 6400 rubles (trusted official dealer). Given current exchange rate is 50 rubles / 1 EUR – that’s just 128 EUR. Other items are dirt-cheap also ๐Ÿ™‚


    I am waiting for the V25 before I jump in on the Nikon 1…

    • Ereshoping

      The rate their going…about this time next year ๐Ÿ™‚

      If Nikon ever make mobiles there will be a new model before the old is fully charged.

      Appears they are now going for quantity more than anything else.

  • Steve

    Nikon goal is to make the 1 line as confusing as the DSLR line.

    • nwcs

      Considering you can get every model from S1 to V3 brand new I’d say they succeeded.

    • Mike

      DSLR line isn’t really confusing.

      • nwcs

        These bodies are still available today as brand new.

        D3100, D3200, D5100, D3300, D5200, D5300, D90, D7000, D7100, D300s, D610, D600, Df, D800, D800E, D4, D4s, D3x

        Mix that in with all the coolpix and nikon 1 out there and you have a real mess.

        • KnightPhoto

          Despite Thom’s recent article on this same topic, it seems to me this whole “confusing hangover” argument to be more of a USA-thing in particular.

          Locally here in Canada we have a reasonably crystal clear D3300, D5300, D7100 lineup. Yeah there’s a bit of an n200 hangover but sales will take care of those in short enough order.

          • nwcs
            • KnightPhoto

              How does that matter ๐Ÿ˜‰

            • nwcs

              Have you gone into a big box store to see what’s in there?

          • PeterO

            Sorry, but that is so not true. As for the “short order” part, that’s only wishful thinking. Just check out the Best Buy, Future Shop, Henry’s, you name it flyers. They’re still trying to get rid of the older models.

            • MyrddinWilt

              Dealers have been selling off new copies of old Nikon bodies since forever. There were dealers advertising the F3 and F4 alongside the F5 and that continued long after Nikon stopped actually manufacturing them.

              Nikon hasn’t been making the D3x for some time. But there are still a few left in the channel. And thats fine as far as Nikon are concerned because there are some buyers who have to have a very particular body because thats the one they tested with or they want them all the same. I did some experimental physics back in the day, if I was back at CERN doing a physics experiment that originally had 4 D3x bodies and one went dead, I would not want to replace that with either a D4 or a D800.

          • PeterO

            Uh, no! They’re still listing the D5000 and the D600 and 16 other assorted models like the D3X and D90 and D300s

          • PGi

            Thom is right,it is confusing and Nikon never needs more than just 4 or 5dslrs.

          • KnightPhoto

            I did a determined search at other than my regular dealers. The one-prior models that I could dig out of the woodwork are all price-differentiated. So that is not confusing at all: here’s the one-prior generation for a 100 bucks less – this appeals to a certain element of consumer. Not a big problem and overblown as an issue. At my dealers, you have to special order the older stuff and get it in 7-10 days. At dealers that actually do have the old ones you can use standard sales techniques – so if you’ve got a clearly price-sensitive customer in front of you, you bring out the one-prior model and the current model and let them choose.

            I do not see the local flyers flogging the one-prior models. The flyers here are all about the new stuff. Again not confusing.

            The level of ACCEPTED negativism towards Nikon on this forum is unprecedented and does not match the real facts. Just read guys negative posts, filled on the one hand with conjecture and the other with BS ๐Ÿ˜‰
            I can point out all too many examples of BS negative posts. Look Nikon produces good stuff across the line, their product offerings are pretty leading edge and better across the board than Canon. Absolutely I too would like more/better features but if you can shoot any of the current models and get some great stuff, you aren’t trying hard enough.

            The BS negativity goes like this: waaah I want the model 123 with pedantic features 678910 and unless I get that Nikon has lost their way and is failing as a company. Then without skipping a beat the same poster says wahhh Nikon has too many different models they offer, has lost their way, and is failing as a company. Well which is it, iterate or don’t iterate? Oh no need to answer, I get it, iterate, but in the exact model you want. Riiiiiiight.

            And how many times do we have to repeat that just because Nikon does not produce a DX/FX mirrorless yet, that doesn’t make the 1″ sensor line bad. Nikon is on record in these forums recently about the challenge of on-sensor PDAF on DX/FX sized sensors. So clearly there are still some technical challenges in readying the larger mirrorless sensors, but just as clearly Nikon is working on it. Pay attention out there guys.

            • nwcs

              Yes, some sarcasm is on this thread. But Nikon has done it to themselves with their customer-hostile attitude. They don’t do themselves any favors.

              And Nikon’s products are not clearly superior to Canon’s across the board. Certainly some products are better but not all of them. I can’t think of any Nikon product better than the Canon 1Dx, for example, at what that camera is intended to do.

              The Nikon 1 series, though, is totally spaghetti on the wall. Each V model, for example, bears very little resemblance to the one before, even crossing over with the J line and the forgotten S model. The multiple versions of the 10-30 (and similar focal length variants) while not producing useful lenses doesn’t do them any favor. Pricing them higher than the competition for comparable products isn’t food for favor, either.

        • Deep_Lurker

          How many of these are still being manufactured, as opposed to “merely” glutting Nikon’s warehouses?

          • nwcs

            I’m sure just a fraction. The problem is having so many overlapping models and obsolete models selling at the same time as new ones. It’s an inventory and channel positioning nightmare.

        • Pablo Fernandez

          Just a bit of clarification of when cameras were released and when discounted. I think that only last models D5300 D3300 D7100 D610 D4s may be in production right now.

      • UnknownTransit

        confusing? I don’t think so, just look at the price. You’ll figure out which one is for you.

        • manhattanboy

          It costs more therefore it must be better, LOL

  • whisky

    will this be the larger camera that, apparently, north americans wanted?

  • nwcs

    Makes sense, might as well put even more high priced mirrorless cameras into an ever shrinking market space? Maybe if they actually made these things like Fuji makes them they’ll get some traction?

  • Jebagi Erol Paker

    S2 is in the pipeline I would expect. Nikon values the general consumer more than the gearheads and pros, who constitute a small group and mostly whining in forums, myself included. On the other hand Coolpix range may need be given less update since their sales is in decline due to phone cameras

  • doge

    Nikon is seriously retarded. you can still go buy a J1 for $250 w/lens, a J2 for $350 w/lens, and J3 for $399 w/lens. Why the fuck do they think people want another option? Nobody is buying your first 3 options Nikon. They’re not going to magically change their mind the 4th time around.

    Shit, I’d rather buy the under $500 Samsung selfie camera which was just announced over any current Nikon offering. It’s super small w/pancake lens. It seems to have been designed with a buyer in mind. IE. someone out at a party with friends wanting to take photos and share them immediately (180 swivel screen, NFC and wifi built in).

    Meanwhile Nikon continues to avoid their users and continues to offer products that no one is interested in and no one has been asking about for the previous 4+ years.

    Nikon, you suck.

    • Fred Flintsone

      All valid points but the worry is that no-one at Nikon is listening, they seem to work in a vacuum

  • C

    It is because the Samsung Nx mini is far too strong.
    It shares with the same sensor as Nikon 1, but Nx mini is far very slim, functionally rich (wifi, nfc, 180 tilted mon), wider standard zoom (starts with 9mm, 24mm equivalent in ff), and most importantly, very cheap.
    What a shame for a specialized photo gear company falls behind a new photo gear company so far away. Come on Nikon, show us all your top technology.

    • Wally in Austin

      I hope Nikon understands where they are however dont see any of the vision that brought us the D3 and D 300!

      • David V.


  • Eno

    I have a feeling Nikon will price the J4 at 799 dollars and nobody will buy that over expensive ugly crap! LOL

  • Ereshoping

    Will we get a J400 before a D400?

  • bgbs

    Oh cool, just what I need

  • Radek

    This is just retarded.

    On the other hand …

    I am willing to bet that Nikon is still making money by doing this. There is virtually zero dollars/yen going into R&D of these “updates”. Nikon spits out couple thousand of these soap-bars and sells them to retailers and their job is done … money in the bank.

    Now retailers are stuck with s***load of Nikon boxes nobody wants to buy; they are the ones who is loosing money on this … until they say NO to more unwanted Nikon crap.

    I do use Nikon dSLR and bunch of lenses and other accessories, but this really makes me think hard to ditch them … what else can one do to let them know they are doing crappy job?


    • Mr_Miyagi

      I called the local Nikon shop with whom I have a good relation since I’ve bought a lot of DSLR gear from them and asked whether they’d be stocking the V3. I was told they hadn’t decided yet. My impression is they weren’t very enthusiastic about it. Perhaps they will keep an eye on US sales figures and keep track of phone inquiries like mine before deciding whether to bring some in. I didn’t pursue the matter very far with them.

  • Am I the only one desperately hoping it includes a new kit zoom? I don’t think we have a slow 12-28mm f3.7-6.4 lens yet.

    • nwcs

      Hmm, you might be right on those specs. I predict bolder, though. a 9-31 f/6.3 constant zoom.

  • Mansgame

    Look at the Panasonic GH4 and take a look at the V3. This 3rd generation of V3 is lightyears behind GH4

    • David V

      Spot on. What Nikon are playing at … who knows???

    • mikeswitz

      And are you ready to predict which will have the greater sales worldwide. I’m betting on the Nikon. How about you Mister Marketing Genius?

  • Spy Black

    Hilarious to see a $1000 lens on a J3…

    • nwcs

      Don’t worry, they’ll update the lens soon and double the price.

  • Mr_Miyagi

    If Nikon’s camera lineup is confusing to consumers, think of what must be happening behind the scenes at the factories when they have to set up the production runs for different cameras: it’s 9am Wednesday, so now we switch over to J2, no wait V2, no wait V3…or is it AW1? This is a company that no longer knows who it is and why it is in business. With all these different product lines, I’m wondering whether there is a power struggle going on behind the scenes for control of the company.

  • krg

    Yet another iteration of an entry level camera. Why?

    • msl

      Because that’s what the most people buy.

  • Kynikos

    Nikon. Please.
    All I want is a Coolpix X.

    Start with the Sony RX1 (FX fast prime fixed-lens) and just fix what Sony blatantly screwed up:
    1) add a built-in viewfinder
    2) make the battery removable
    3) make A-mode and S-mode more clever (use ISO more, aperture/shutter less as compensation)
    4) Better AF

    $3000 you say? Take my money.

    • kassim

      Buy a Sony A7.

      • Kynikos

        Too large (once you put a lens on…)

  • Phil

    I own a V1 and do like the V3 (apart from the price, lack of AE bracketing and Micro SD card), but to this day I have still never seen a V2 or J3 in any camera or electronics store (airports included) in the UK or several other European countries I travel frequently to.

  • Clubber LAng

    good Grief

    • clubber lang

      forgot this

  • PGi

    Like thom says the new Samsung literally killed this line of Nikon one very well.

    • Wally in Austin

      Do True and the Samsung Mini is half the cost of the V3. I would like to see a build in EVF version of the Samsung Mini!

  • Wally in Austin

    I would like to see a built in EVF version of the Samsung Mini + few more external controls and I can dump my V1! nikon seems to have lost the vision that borught us the D3 and D300!

    • stoooopid

      The D3 and the D300 are squarely aimed at the pro photographer and the very serious amateur photographer respectively. Nikon does those things pretty well. But when it comes to mirrorless, Nikon doesn’t seem to have a clue that there is competition out there doing things better than them. I hope they wake up soon and come out with some serious competition to the sony e-mount bodies and the fuji bodies. This is a sad effort by Nikon.

      • Wally in Austin

        I am complete agreement

  • Ernesto Quintero

    I’m speechless at Nikon’s thinking here.

  • I smell 4k 8 bit video in this model

    • MyrddinWilt

      Actually the V1 can do 4K video, at 60fps.

      But only for 20 frames… Then the buffer fills and its stuck. The V3 might be getting close. But the reason there is so much work going on with all those next generation compact flash schemes is so that there is a format that can record 4K video at high quality in real time.

      If they were going to drop 4K they would have done it on the V3. After all, isn’t the V for ‘video model’? I think that is going to have to wait for the V4.

      It took Nikon 12 years to get the F series right. They have much less time for the Nikon 1 series but it isn’t going to happen overnight.

    • Also not saying its going to be good 4k buuuut the nikon rep said in an interview the nikon 1 series would be a good candidate for 4k video. I suspect this would be a safe business move for a consumer based 4k launch so nikon can test the waters.

  • Mecworks

    The only time I’d consider buying a Nikon mirrorless camera is if/when it has a traditional hot-shoe and support for Nikon’s traditional speedlights and CLS.

  • Nikon User

    450 buck kit set I am in.

  • jp

    If only Nikon produced such overlapping lense lineup.

  • Sackmeister

    Meh, unless it competes with the Sony AR7, why bother.

  • hoosierdaddy2

    My local (large) dealer still can’t unload their J1, J2, S1 stock, even with the J1 w/10-30 as low as $169.99. I bought one actually…am happy with it at THAT price.

  • Wally in Austin

    Any rumors on cost? the Samaung Mini with kit is @ $500 +- Will Nikon be at $750??? anyone know?

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