Nikon D4s listed at Adorama as a 24MP camera

Adorama lists the Nikon D4s camera with a 24MP sensor, 11 fps and 51 points AF system.

Update: the listing is now removed. I believe this was a mistake - I expect the D4s to have the same 16MP sensor from the D4.

The camera was listed to include:

  • Nikon D4S HDSLR Camera
  • Rechargeable Li-ion Battery EN-EL18
  • Battery Charger MH-26
  • USB Cable UC-E15
  • USB Cable Clip
  • Camera Strap AN-DC7
  • Body Cap BF-1B
  • Accessory Shoe Cover BS-2
  • Eyepiece DK-17
  • Battery Chamber Cover BL-6
  • UF-2 Connector Cover
  • UF-1 Connector Cover
  • Nikon View NX2 CD-ROM
  • Nikon 1 Year Warranty
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  • Ray Justice

    Admin, I just received an email from B&H photo about my notification on the nikon D4S. They now are stating the D4S has been discontinued. Here is a copy of the email:

    Dear Customer

    you for your interest in the following item:

    Nikon D4S DSLR Camera

    (B&H # NID4S)

    are receiving this message because you asked to be notified when this item
    becomes available. We regret to inform you that this item has unfortunately
    been discontinued. Please check back on our website for
    similar or possible replacement items.

    We apologize for this
    inconvenience and appreciate your understanding.

    What’s up with this email. And the word discontinued was in red. Does this mean they are pulling their part number because it really is 24mp?
    What do you think Peter?

  • Zeckson

    Guys, look at these! Fantastic pictures! All of them are well taken! I could feel the Olympic fire burning! Wow! I wonder which are the ones taken by the D4s? 😀

  • dds

    type in the sku# inkd4s into adorama search box, it’s still there

    • Scott M.

      I think it is real-No one really believed the D800…
      24mp 11fps D4X?
      Can’t wait to get one

  • Marki Mark

    Funny because I received an email from BH today indicating that the D4S is discontinued.

  • Nikon Pro

    I think Fuji is killing Nikon Left and Right! Nikon seriously need to be innovative! NO WIFI etc in pro cameras that really helps. Too bulky all the cameras! I get backache whenever I rent Nikon D4 and 70-200 F2.8 lens. They have made hell, its time to learn from mistakes NIKON.

    • Naval Gunfire

      How many pro sport shooters are using a Fuji camera these days?

      • Nikon Pro

        Yes, they are not using because fuji still doesnt have sports glasses, but as per cosumer cameras they are way ahead in innovation. Nikon was forcing customers to buy wu-a1 etc wifi dongles and not providing inbuilt WIFI. Now they have started inbuilt wifi. Nikon technology sucks and they are doing catch up with Fuji IMHO.

        One day will come where Nikon Pro users will start using Fuji cameras and lenses. That day is near! My prediction never failed so far.

        Nikon will be doomed if they stick with old technology and carrying same weight to year on year to their new cameras.

        • Naval Gunfire

          I get the feeling you’re in love with Fuji…

          No manufacturer makes a particularly light 70-200 f2.8. Fast telephoto lenses like that have a lot of glass inside them and until we find a way to work around that they are going to be heavy.

          I’m not sure I can see the day where all Nikon Pros will jump over to Fuji in all honesty. Fuji offer nice cameras for the amateur and the enthusiast but they don’t have anything that competes at the top end of the market. They’ve tried making top end pro bodies before and whilst they did it reasonably well they didn’t capture much of the market. You have to offer something really innovative to get pros to switch (like Canon did with working AF in the 80s) and sticking wi-fi in the body really isn’t going to cut it.

          I don’t think adding wi-fi to a camera is much of an innovation. I’m pretty sure Fuji wasn’t the first in any case.

          • Marty H

            I support Nikon Pro in this case. I think he just gave one example of WIFI but there are lot of things Fuji is coming up.

            I have personally switched from Nikon to Fuji to shed tons of weight and I see many people are switching except PRO where you need 70-200 etc lenses.

            • Naval Gunfire

              What new innovation have Fuji come up with that nobody else has? All I can see is a line of good entry/mid-level cameras that aren’t that different to other entry/mid-level cameras.

    • Avian

      Huh!!! I have been using my D800 w/battery pack with a Nikon 400mm 2.8 AFi on a carbon fiber tripod and gimbal head since the D800 was released…combined weight is about 22lbs. As a bird/wildlife photographer, I walk with my equipment for anywhere from 4 to 10hrs a day depending on the time of year…I do get tired but I have no problem with the weight. I’m not a Pro (don’t work for someone) so I don’t have deadlines or anything…but carrying my Nikon 70-200 2.8 with the D800 would be dream if I could be getting the same reach as my heavier setup.
      Yes, I will be getting the D4s when it is released as a compliment to the D800…as I am finding the need for more FPS when shooting birds in action.
      As for Fuji…Umm…what??? I’ve never seen anyone use one, let alone a Pro… Surely the lens department must be lacking!!!! Nikon not being innovative??? Then why is it they have most of their top DSLR camera’s in the world listed as such by critics? There is a reason or their top cameras being large and heavy…it becomes a balance based on the weight of the lens you are using…most of the time. You do get what you pay for…in the end!!!

    • decisivemoment

      Then get yourself into shape . . . or accept 1/180th flash sync with 200 base ISO and forget about fill-flash, not to mention lens selection beyond the basics. Fuji has some impressive plans, but they’re nowhere close to killing anyone, never mind Nikon.

  • whisky


    Nikon D4S 24 Megapixel HD-SLR Camera with 36.0×23.9mm CMOS Sensor, 11 FPS, 51 Point AF System

    if it was a typo, why haven’t they fixed it yet?

    • broxibear

      Hi whisky,
      I just emailed them to ask them…let’s see if they reply ?

      • whisky

        maybe it’s “discontinued” because they’re renaming it D4x?

        • broxibear

          Hi Naval Gunfire,
          Nah, if that was the case they wouldn’t be showing a D4s at CP+

          I think it’s just someone at Adorama playing silly games to get more clicks on their website.

          • broxibear

            OOps, sorry whisky…disqus is doing strange things.

      • Nikon asked them to remove the listing probably.

    • They removed the listing.

  • photographer4

    Its also says We’re sorry, this item is no longer available.

    • John

      D4s is the new poster child for vaporware. If you crack the glass at CP+ it turns out to be a hologram.

      • photographer4

        We are all holograms 🙂

        • photographer4

          Sorry broxbear that should have gone to John

  • RPac
    • John

      Well, he says the D4 has 39 focus points. So…

      Actual D4 brings what he wants!

      • Stenward

        D4s will be 24mp and retail at £5800. Believe it has 51 focus points as well

    • broxibear

      Only if the D4s is in a modular format which allows you to add custom parts when ordering. So if you wanted the D4 body with the D800 sensor you could click that option on the Nikon custom D4s maker, if you wanted 2 CF slots, or 1 CF and 1 SD you could choose.
      What I’m trying to say is that there is no “what we want”, everyone wants something else and makes a compromise when deciding which camera to buy…rarely is any camera perfect.

      • neversink

        That’s why film was the best format there was. Every camera using the same film size basically had the same sensor.

        • Naval Gunfire

          Except that different types of film of the same size were not equal. I loved Velvia for landscapes but it would be one of the last things I’d reach for shooting sports as it was too slow.

          • neversink

            I realize that. But that would be the case for any camera you decided to use. So actually, I will rephrase. Each camera of the same format, had interchangeable thrid-party (Kodak, Fuji, Ilford, Ansco) multiple sensors that could be used in any camera of that format. So, one could use Tri-X in a Leica M series or in a Nikon F series or in a Nikkormat body or in a Canon AE1 or in a Pentax body, and these are but a few. But then you could switch and put Velvia in, Ektachrome, Fuji Chrome in any of these bodies. Varying sensors manufactured by competing companies.
            On top of that post-processing was much more versatile. One could take Tri-X for example and shoot it not only at 400 ISO but at 200, 320, 800 or 1600. Then you could develop it in a number of different developers and use different dilutions and chemicals depending upon your pre-visualization. So you could use HC110, D76 1:1 or 1:2, you could use Acufine or a number of other developers. How long you developed your film, and at what temperatures were other variables that you could regulate.
            Of course, once you developed the negative, you were stuck with what you had and had no choice but to move on to the print, if you so desired.
            Anyway, I think you get my point.

    • neversink

      In the first paragraph you mistakenly state that the D4 has only 39 focus points. I hate to inform you, but it has 51 focus points. You need to be more careful if you want people to take your blog seriously. Good luck.

  • jvm156

    I thought the whole point of the D4S was it was gonna have the capabilities of the d4 but with 24mp. 16 is a bit long in the tooth for a flagship

  • broxibear ,a pro dealer in the UK, has no D4 bodies and doesn’t even list it as of today…there’s no D4s page…yet. are now listing the D4 as “No longer available”

  • new_photographer

    If I could afford this camera I would get it. How do you D4 owners feel about this new updated camera? Is less than 2 years typical to replace the previous model. (Nikon D600/610, Nikon D4/D4S)?

    • neversink

      To answer your question. It’s nutty that Nikon discontinued the D4 before even putting out the D4s. It’s even nuttier that they consider the D4s an upgrade. It’s nuttier that they couldn’t do any of this with new firmware. But I will wait for the D5 to upgrade, and only if there are substantial improvements. I am happy with my D4. Of course there are things I would love to see, but I am not the CEO of Nikon. I just take pictures.

    • Naval Gunfire

      The flagship Nikon digital camera usually gets replaced roughly every four years (not including the s/x iterations). Mid-life minor updates are roughly every two years. The D4 situation sort of follows this previous pattern.

      The D600/610 situation is different. The D600 would probably have been around for longer if it wasn’t for the apparent issues with it. The so called prosumer cameras seem to have a 2-3 year life cycle and the lower end cameras are refreshed every year.

    • decisivemoment

      Not too surprising, except that they tapered down production of the D4 so prematurely. If it’s what I’m thinking it will be — slightly better high ISO, more cross-type AF points with a faster capture rate from the new processor, across-the-board 60p video, and, dare I hope, better WiFi support, it will definitely qualify as a useful, if fairly typical, mid-course update.

      I have to say, though, this launch is a shambles. When you consider how slickly and efficiently they rolled out the Df, what on earth is going on here?

    • AN extra stop on the ISO, nice!!! whatever else they throw in is fine with me, . . . same price, good to go, as I need another sports shooter, so I have 2 of them, 1 D4, and then the D4S, . . . i really hope they are in stock before the end of march

  • John

    It’s back!

  • Stenward

    My local shop is taking pre orders for the D4s. They have been told it’s 24mp and it’s going to sell at around £5800

  • Stenward

    The D4s will have 24mp and retail for around £5800. My local dealer is taking pre orders now.

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