Samyang to start producing autofocus (AF) lenses

A quick update from PhotoRumors: Samyang will start producing autofocus (AF) lenses.

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  • Dpablo unfiltered

    The temperature has risen again.

  • The only reason I am with Samyang is because of the Price….
    I hope they can keep the price down in their AF lenses compare to the other players.

    • I’m starting to notice the Samyang price creeping up already as word gets out about how good these lenses are.

      The 14mm 2.8 I bought last year for $419 now costs $499. I know I can get it for less online, but with the quality control horror stories I’ve heard online, I really think this is a “try before you buy” product. Mine (nikon mount) is the sharpest lens I own. But other copies I’ve tried (all canon mounts) were a bit soft.

      • Stan Chung

        the premium for getting a good one is worth it?

  • Louis-Félix Grondin

    If they make a 14mm with AF at 500$, I might cry.

    • Eric Calabros

      You want AF for crazy wide lens, and yesterday another guy said he wants D800 AF in D5300 body! I’m waitin for the third shock

      • phil

        Df gets a firmware update that unlocks video

        • Blacksyrium

          you make me laugh hahahahahahah 😀

      • Louis-Félix Grondin

        Ok let’s settle this stupid myth that AF on a wide 2.8 lens doesn’t matter. It’s true that missing focus on a wide lens doesn’t completely ruin your shot as it would with a 85 1.4, but it’s really tough to nail it when you have a bad eyesight (furthermore, the focus confirm is not so reliable on this lens) because the depth of field is big it’s harder to judge what is in focus and what is not… And I care more about the 14mm because it is the only samyang lens (other than the 24 tilt-shift) that I really care about.

        So for events where I have to move fast I’d like to have AF on my 14mm lens that I use at 2.8 and that makes me waste some moments because I had to take more than 1 second to focus. Either you’re really good with focus or you haven’t work with this kind of lens (wich would make you an ass for laughing at something you don’t know shit about).

        • Eric Duminil

          You don’t look through the viewfinder when you manually focus with a 14mm lens, you just look at the distance scale.

          • Louis-Félix Grondin

            That works wonders for framing + I don’t have a ruler in my eye.

        • JW

          Louis, If i want to shoot fast i set my my 14-24mm at 14mm and the hyperfocal distance { just under 8 feet} pretty much everything is in focus from about 4ft to infinity. This is on my D800e

          • Louis-Félix Grondin

            I’m not talking about landscapes here, I’m talking about events in low light situation, group photos, portraits (when I have to get funky). Good luck with that hyperfocal technique at f8 if you shoot something that’s less than 3 feet away from you…

            • Eric Duminil

              T’es têtu.
              Then set your distance scale to 2 feet, and use your feet and arms to keep this distance to the subject.

      • kparseg

        I’d love to have a Nikon camera working with Canon lenses + AF without any adapter. How crazy is this? 😉

        • Mat Miller

          Your talking about a standard mount. God forbid something that could save resources, create better accessories or even save consumers a little money…

      • Ric

        D400 will be announced at CP+

    • RMJ

      I would cry too… and not for happiness…

  • Duff

    AF Samyangs will be more expensive, more comparable to Nikon’s/Canon’s offerings. The ‘bargain’ factor will be lost.

    And there’s also the question: will their AF be precise? Quality control on AF lenses need to be much higher than with manual lenses imo.

    • Karlo Vuk

      Does it really matter if you can calibrate it on your camera? Only takes a couple of minutes per camera.

    • Tomo

      Erm, so you are saying that the new Samyang 85mm 1.4 autofocus will be the same price as Nikon’s 85mm 1.4? I am sensing that you really don’t have a clue what you are talking about.

      • Duff

        Get a dictionary. Comparable does not mean equal.

        • El Aura

          ‘More comparable’ can mean two different things: (1) Closer to it than it is now, or
          (2) Closer to it than to the price bracket it is in now (ie, closer to the Nikon AF price than to the Samyang MF price).
          And I think the second one is the one implied and the one questioned.

          • Miss Taken

            Omg! Somebody is wrong on the internet!

    • JW

      The Nikon 35mm F1.4 costs £1257 here in the UK the Samyang is around £400 , even if the price doubled { I don’t think it would} it still br hundreds of pounds cheaper. The truly excellent Sigma 35mm F1.4 with AF comes in at around £600

  • Spy Black

    The plot thickens.

  • RMJ

    bad move from them i think. the only reason i would by them is that they make decent quality and cheap manual lenses. AF is so last year that i don’t even want to touch them.

    • Spy Black

      Who says they won’t be affordable? The only thing we’re hearing right now is that they plan to make AF lenses. They’ll have to compete not only with OEMs, but established makes like Sigma, Tamron, and Tokina. That’s a lot of competition.

      We Nikon users are luckier than others with Samyang. We’re the only ones who get automatic chipped lenses. Canon users need to stop down for their lenses, and Sony and Pentax are somewhere in-between. Going AF means a wider market for Samyang, and it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re going to stop making MF lenses.

      • RMJ

        Affordable and cheap are not the same thing.

        But yeah, you are right. Maybe they will continue with MF lenses but that’s not so sure. Most of the manufacturers didn’t continue…

  • AALL

    Samyang, could you make Adaptall like lenses? Everybody will be happy. Except you, maybe.

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