The name will be “Nikon DF”

The new retro FX DSLR camera will be called Nikon DF. The interesting part is that DF will stand for "Digital Fusion". I also have two new bits of information:

  • The AF system of the Nikon DF will be most likely the same as in the D610 with 39 points.
  • The Nikon DF will have settings for 1:1, 3:2 and 16:9 aspect ratios. The strange part here is the 16:9 ratio since the camera is expected not to have video.

I am now 100% sure that the D4H specifications I posted yesterday were 100% fake. Sorry about that.

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  • Jon McGuffin

    As exciting as this all is for I know many of us, I hate to break it to the DX crowd but if this camera comes in *UNDER* the D610 in price, we may in fact very well be seeing the end of the Pro DX body ala no D400. That would still be a bit of a surprise to me, but clearly Nikon seems to be putting it’s gear in two camps
    DX = Consumers + Prosumers
    FX = Enthusiasts + Professionals

    • FinchBug

      D400? Did you have a look at the new Mac Pro? Computing powers real estate becomes smaller and smaller very fast. With all the FX-lenses Nikon is producing, full frame makes more and more sense very fast. (The same is true for phones as cameras)

      • Jon McGuffin

        Then we are in full agreement and you are backing up my point. Those wanting a D400 camera may be in for some disappointment as the FX push seems to be in full force right now from Nikon.

        • Ian Dangerzone

          Frankly if that’s where Nikon is pushing me I’ll gladly take this DF over a d400 that may never show up. I’m happy to go FF if it means not buying a d600/610.

          • Jon McGuffin

            But will the camera be up to the task of the same rigorous demands the D300s was capable of? Sports performance? D300s was nice because it was a machine of a camera that could take a beating and just keep going. Not so sure this camera will offer that kind of ruggedness. But maybe it will.

            • Ian Dangerzone

              I suspect the build quality will be excellent, possibly even pro quality. I expect it to be quite rugged, but as you say, the proof will be in the pudding.

      • Jorge

        MacPro? Seriously? With no HD’s only SSD? I am a shareholder and Apple user but come on!

        • FinchBug

          I am no shareholder. And its not about Apple, what I said. Just an illustration.

    • Phil

      I agree, because who would buy a camera with 24mp, 8+fps, and 51 point AF costing less than $2k when you could buy a Nikon DF that has 16mp, shoots 5.5 fps, and has a 39 point AF for (most likely) more than $2k?

      • Pat Mann

        And who would buy a camera that would put 24 megapixels instead of 6.8 on the bird in the DX frame on a 400mm lens?

    • flightofbooks

      I think this will end up being the bridge between the DX and FX lines. The D7xxx line will become the king of the DX world. The DF will become the entry level to FX line for prosumers, and a backup camera for pros shooting with a D3 or D4 who don’t want to use a DX backup and don’t want the higher mp range of the D800 and D600 models.

  • Homeros

    Another brilliant job by Nikon of protecting its sales of the D4 and D800 by crippling other camera bodies.

    As someone who has both those cameras, I am dying to add a FX body that is smaller with excellent AF, metering and face detection. This is not close.

    Apples camera commercials are not only wonderful, they also reflect the experience of using their cameras. I’m not going to put on my Billingham photo vest and take this camera into the Cotswolds. This seems to be another effort to upsell the DX crowd, and other hip, creative individuals.

    • Jorge

      LOL Good one. If I did have a pretentious Billingham I ‘d be afraid of putting it on the ground!

      • Ian Dangerzone

        Don’t feed the troll. He used Apple and Billingham in the same post. Impossible to take seriously.

        • Jorge


      • Homeros

        I live in downtown Manhattan, the epicenter of hip, creative, individualists, natives and visitors. When I wear my Billingham photo vest, I fit right into the crowd staring at the people who line up since 5:45am to buy cronuts from Dominique Ansel. 😉

  • ronin

    I may get this. But I’m gonna wait a while.

    Nikon has obamacared the launch of its last two FF models- side focus on the D800E, and something bad that I am in denial about on the D600. Based on that track record, a fatal flaw will be uncovered on the DF, and Mr. Hogan will write about Nikon’s intransigence in acknowledging it.

    The second reason I’ll wait is just in case Nikon V1s the price of the DF, throwing loyal early adopters under the bus.

    It will be just as fun to buy 9 months from now.

    • Jorge

      Obamacared. HAHAHAHAHAHA LOL

    • Waiting is usually a good idea with any new product … unless you absolutely need it right away or your ego needs the “status” of being the first kid on the block to own the latest gadget.

    • flightofbooks

      “Nikon has obamacared the launch of its last two FF models”

      I’m just staring at my computer screen trying to figure out what this could mean/how you thought it would be meaningful.

      • ronin

        You’re right, it was a little unfair. The Nikon FF launches weren’t THAT bad.

  • BlueBomberTurbo

    For everyone complaining about people complaining about the 39 point AF system, there’s another issue to contend with: low light autofocus. The 51 point system is noticeably superior. My D7100 very rarely hunts in low light, where my old D7000 would fumble around. It’ll focus on things I can’t even see through the viewfinder. Considering the absurdly good high ISO image quality from the D4 sensor, it’s kinda odd that Nikon would gimp the camera in one of its sensor’s strongest areas…

    • Drpeachfuzz

      Right on. My D600 AF can’t hold a candle to my D7100 in any light. Unless you’ve owned one of these you may not realize how much this AF module can’t focus for $h*t… I could care less about number of AF points just make sure they work. What good is great high ISO performance when the camera constantly misses focus?

      • dyun27

        My D600 never misses focus in great, good and decent light unless I screw up. In very dim light where there is barely any contrast and where my eyes barely see contrast, it does hunt until it finds something to lock on to. That’s where I imagine the 51 point focus comes in handy. I’ve shot musicians in dim bars and didn’t have issues. As long as there is a little bit of light providing some form of contrast and you pair it with fast lenses and calibrate them to the body, there should be no issues. Or maybe I just got lucky with my D600.

    • flightofbooks

      Maybe they’ve worked out some of the kinks in the d600’s af system. Also, I have a feeling a lot of people are going to be shooting this camera with manual focus lenses. Wasn’t one of the rumored features of this body that it would work with pre-AI Nikkor glass? If that turns out to be true, there’s a whole market full of people who could give a damn about af speed.

  • per

    With the benefit of hindsight, it was a mistake to put the 39 point system into the D600, something that is now causing problems further down the road. Crippling camera bodies is like lying, sooner or later you get caught up in them.

  • pwmorg

    just give me a bloody D400!

    • biff


    • flightofbooks

      that basically seems to be what this is.

  • Eric Calabros

    Dont be sorry for invalidating that $3000 price tag

  • The_RazE

    If they’re trying to keep cost down by using the not-so-incredible 39-point AF system, wouldn’t it then make sense to use the 24 MP sensor of the D600/D610 as well?

    • Jon McGuffin

      D4 sensor is manufactured by Nikon. Nothing keeps cost down like cutting out a middle man 😉

      • stefmusic

        I don’t mind the D4’s sensor… that’s fabulous. What isn’t so fabulous is pairing up an amazing sensor with great low light capability, with a shabby 39 AF system that hunts in low light. Why do it?

        • Jon McGuffin

          I don’t disagree. I for one would be happy/fine to see 9 or 11 cross type points spread across the entire frame. That would fit in with the “retro” feel in terms of limited focus points, would still provide adequate coverage for fast moving subjects, but still be a bullet point for people to consider “upgrading” to a D610 or D800.

          9 or 11 cross type would be great.

          • Sandy Bartlett

            No FF with a mirror can have a full spread across the entire frame, no matter what the cost. Physical limitation.

            • Jon McGuffin

              Well, I don’t think I meant truly to the far edge of the frame. More or less covering as far out as possible to the left/right/top/bottom as possible as opposed to the silly D610 with the points in the middle.

        • Sandy Bartlett

          You obviously havent used a D600. Their is nothing shabby about its AF, compared to anything.

          • stefmusic

            Sandy, I do not own a D600. That’s true. But I did try it out when I was shopping for my current body… and opted to stick with DX and pick up a 7100. If I go full frame, there’s no way I’m settling for recomposing every shot – at this estimated price of $3000. I agree with Jon’s response below.

            • Sandy Bartlett

              The difference is exagerated by many. An actual overlay with a D800.


            • umeshrw

              In fast and low light shooting that minor looking difference makes a difference. What makes more difference is 800 acquires AF faster in lower light. (I have 800e and used friend’s 600 )

            • Sandy Bartlett
            • umeshrw

              I am quoting my own experience and not somebody else’s.

            • Harvey

              That only makes your opinion more valid to you, but not to anyone else.

            • umeshrw

              Ofcourse it does make it more valid to be. Better than making anyone else’s . I once bought 16-35 based on other people’s(very knowledgeable so to say) opinion.(Nominal and manageable distortion my foot) I still curse myself for that decision.

            • Drpeachfuzz

              I believe the D800/D7100 AF is spec’d to -2EV whereas D600 is -1EV. Makes a big difference the way I shoot. I will take any number of AF points if they are reliable and give adequate coverage. I hope there is more to the story here that at least the AF module has been updated somehow…

            • umeshrw

              Exactly. That is why many people have picked 7100 over 600.

            • umeshrw

              I am quoting my own experience and not somebody else’s.

          • Drpeachfuzz

            Disagree. Bought and sold 2 D600s for this reason. Shooting fast glass wide open? Forget it…D700 and 7100 kick the crap out of it. Now if you somehow got a “good one” I applaud you, but my experience has been quite the opposite. Classic example of Nikon’s inability to listen to customers that actually buy and use the products… Look at how many people in these comments alone that wish the 39 pt CAM module was already in the scrap pile

        • flightofbooks

          Manual Focus exists, you know

        • Sahaja

          D4 sensor is not manufactured by Nikon, who don’t have and sensor manufacturing facilities. It is a Nikon designed sensor, probably manufactured by Aptina.

      • The_RazE

        Well, if the D4 sensor is more expensive to actually manufacture, that might negate the no-middle-man advantage.

    • smn

      It wouldn’t be a special camera anymore.

    • t8t

      A split-image focusing screen with microprism collar, please.

    • flightofbooks

      But the D600 only has ISO boost to 25,600. The D4 sensor can do 204,800 (and get reasonable image detail, unlike the 5d mk.III) which is an ability that I for one have been dying to see in a camera under $2500 (which we all hope the DF is). I’m more than willing to sacrifice a few megapickles to be able to shoot in the middle of a dark forest with nothing but moonlight.

      Also, given the issues the d600 sensor has had, Nikon may feel that it could potentially hurt sales to have their new baby associated with that model line.

      • The_RazE

        It wasn’t the actual D600 sensor that was the problem – rather it was the shuttermechanism (which has been fixed in the D610).

        Also I agree that the D4 sensor is superior to the D600 sensor with regards to ISO performance. I just thought it was funny that they would put the presumably more expensive D4-sensor in the camera and then skimp on the AF system.

  • biff

    I like the retro-style concept, but I hope the 16MP spec is wrong. 16MP just seems a little low for any full frame camera today. If it is only 16 MP that could be a deal-breaker for me personally and I would look at other full frame alternatives. Am I the only one who feels this way?

    • Jon McGuffin

      You might be, honestly 16Mp is essentially all anybody would need to print perfect resolution on anything about 16 x 20″ or smaller. Even getting larger than that isn’t difficult with the great new interpolation tools available. Bottom line is that 98% of all images are viewed on 2Mp LCD monitors nowadays anyway. 12Mp seemed to be just fine for the D3/D700. 16Mp is great.

      • Jorge

        I have gorgeous 30 x 20’s with my old Finepix s2Pro which was a 6mp jpeg or interpolated 12.1 megapixel RAF file. That was in 2005. And those 30 x 20’s are still in my office today! 16MP is MORE than enough if shot, and processed correctly in my humble opinion.

        • flightofbooks

          Not to mention the fact there are drawbacks to higher megapixel sensors. I like the idea of being able to shoot at 100,000 ISO and get reasonably usable files, which is something the 16mp D4 sensor can do that the D800 and it’s 32mp sensor can not.

      • Eric Duminil

        Amen. I made huge prints out of my D40 just for fun.
        I was impressed.

        • Andrew

          And the further back you stand from your print the sharper it becomes. Most people don’t notice this but get close to your monitor and you will notice that the letter “o” – though nearly too small to be read, has about nine pixel dots in it.

    • Eric Duminil

      16MP is more than enough 99.9% of the time, and is the perfect FF resolution IMO. 36MP and the lack of sRAW is the reason why I didn’t buy the D800, which is great otherwise.

    • flightofbooks

      It all depends on what you’re shooting. If you’re doing landscapes for large-scale output, then the d800 and it’s gargantuan file sizes are the way to go. If you’re shooting action/lowlight where write speed and noise are major concerns, then 16mp is all you’ll need and all you’ll want.

      Past 12mp, more megapixels doesn’t necessarily mean a better image or a more useful camera. The idea that more MPs is always preferable to less is a relic from ten years ago when 5mp was cutting edge technology. It’s no longer at all a correct assumption.

    • The D4 sensor is the thing I’m most excited about.

      All the new Fuji X cameras are 16 megapixels.

      The gimped focusing screen is a big turn off for me.

  • rhlpetrus

    16×9 actually makes sense if one thinks that more and more people will display their images, even in exhibitions, in LCD displays.

  • Alan

    If this caming out at $3000 I will get another d800.

    • Ian Dangerzone

      It’s not going to be 3000.

      • Alan

        I will buy it at 2000-2300 range

        • Ian Dangerzone

          I probably will too. As soon as it goes over 2200 though I’ll just save for a d800e. Hoping it’s closer to 1700.

        • If it has thd D600 focusing screen, it’ll have to be well under $2000. I’m disappointed.

  • itcrashed

    No apologies, NR. Rumors can be true or false – keep up the good work!

  • ronin

    I get it now.

    This IS the D400, in “retro” drag.

    Retro, in the sense that they are calling the new Sony A7’s retro. In the sense that every new camera launched in the last two years is called “retro.” In the sense that it’s just another digital body that even a caveman could tell apart from any 70s camera.

  • stormwatch

    Hah, so now the things look much more clearer. This is gonna be an expensive toy with old Expeed, old AF, old sensor and without video, the only thing which would be a fusion is dedicated shutter knob and aperture ring on the lens….for 1099$ very good, but for 3300$ as mentioned an INTERPLANETAR FAIL!

    • Andrew

      You know you can get a Coolpix A if your budget is only $1099.

      • stormwatch

        I don’t think about bying something like this for 3000$, everyone who would give that sum of money for the old AF, old sensor with 16mpix, old expeed and a camera without the video is just below the Coolpix A level.

  • Aljawad

    Is the meaning off DF= the mergence of “D”igital and classic “F” technologies?

    • Andrew

      The Nikon F camera was Nikon’s first SLR camera introduced in April 1959. This was a film based camera. The Nikon D camera represents their digital DSLR cameras. So it makes sense for a retro camera that merges Digital technology with the look and functionality (without the film) of vintage Nikon F cameras to be called DF.

  • blckcat

    Looks like it’s going to have an integrated vertical grip, by looking at the man’s finger positions.

  • Harry

    Why Nikon why? Why put in the 39-pt clumsy AF system AGAIN? D600 and D610 were a no go for me just because of this, now you are dong this again? seriously the points are small and no cluster at all. Not to mention the cross types are all in the center, what’s the use of that? The camera can have no video, less performing sensor than the D4, less FPS, less battery cruise time, less well built, gps or wifi. But two things a digital camera cannot miss is the buffer size (no D7100 because of this) and AF performance(no D600/D610 cause of this). I need these 2 features to be competitive for my work…

    • Alberto Puertas

      Totally agree.
      With this poor AF points coverage the camera is useless.

      • Harry

        It is nothing other than the Canon 5D mark II back then. center point is used most often, side points are inferior for intensive action. I don’t see why Nikon can the 51 point on the cheap D7100 but not cameras that are leading the mainstream now, or that are in a price range consumers are comfortable to purchase

        • R!

          I ‘ll be happy with the fantastic F6 AF SYSTEM!!!!!!!!

    • Derek Smith

      It better be sub 2k with that poor AF system. That is one of the reasons I am in no hurry to upgrade from my D7100. I absolutely love its AF system.

      • Harry

        Yea it’s a shame. I had the D7100 and it’s AF is clearly superior than the D600. However I never got to keep one in the end, the 6 frame buffer trolls me everytime. The D800 can easily do 16frame+ there is no reason whatsoever why the D7100 cannot have the same or better buffer.

    • per

      Nikon’s problem is that they had it figured out in the DX-world: 39 points is consumer, 51 points is pro. And this worked well. But then they mindlessly applied the same scheme to the FX world, not realizing that the 39 point system is not cut for this frame. And there was no Steve Jobs at Nikon who could see through it and step in and say: “No, this won’t do!” So now Nikon is stuck with it. Like Nokia, they have a model for every focus group, instead of being bold and trying to make the greatest possible products.

      • moreorless

        If there was a Steve Jobs at Nikon it would have just one centre point AF with the money spent on the ad campaign instead.

    • R!

      I hope they are not recycling D600 unused shutter that’s all!!!!!!!!!!!

    • indi

      FULL ACK!
      D610-AF-System => thx, no further specs needed => Good bye Nikon DF

  • Kim

    AF??? What the f*ck? I have 800 for AF. Where is my split screen for MF???

    • Killroy™

      I agree. If these don’t come with split-prism focusing screens then Nikon wasted the whole development of these.

  • Bukaj

    So it is a normal modern AF DSLR just with a more angular pentaprism housing and a lousy grip to feel more “retro”? What I want is a pure manual focus one, with bigger viewfinder with splitscreen and true groundglass, smaller body and traditional controls:-)

  • I knew that “D4H” info was BS.

  • Steven Solidarios


  • FM

    39 points again? When shall we have 51 points, in 2020 maybe? always with the same expeed 3? At least spread those points into the entire f***ing frame!

  • Arne

    Time to buy the Ai lenses, missing in my collection.

  • drevo

    all 39 points in the center?

  • Cuculain

    Thanks Nikon for having built a wonderful, affordable Camera, which perfectly suits my needs: The D700.

    I just told a friend that I will sell my D700, my D300 and maybe one or two lenses to by this Nikon DF. I won´t do it anymore, because of the autofocus system. Am I disappointed? Yes, very much so. On the other hand I still have my great D700 and will continiue to enjoy the good work Nikon did. 😉

  • rich

    as long as the $3k price was a fake price from yesterday. something closer to 2k please.

    • flightofbooks

      that had to be fake. there’s no way this camera makes sense for much more than 2k with the kit lens.

      • rich

        I sure hope you are right, but it is a d4 sensor… Rumors are conflicting. I also read it can do movie, but not with low battery (very odd statement too). At 2k I am getting it, at 3k I am getting a sony or fuji for cheaper.

        • flightofbooks

          I don’t think it’s the sensor is what makes the D4 so expensive. I think it’s the battle tank build quality, the high power burst shooting, the huge buffer, and most importantly: the fact that the people who require these capabilities are willing and able to pay a premium for them.

          To put this in perspective, recall that the D7000 and D5100 had the same sensor, but the D5100 body was half the price of the former.

  • where_is_my_D750

    If this DF has only the 39-pt AF and no video, all of a sudden D610 looks like a very good deal.

    • flightofbooks

      meh, I never shoot video so I could care less. 39pt-af is plenty, so long as the af system is fast and accurate, especially at low f numbers.

  • Theodoros Fotometria

    At last… an alternative square frame! This should work with DX lenses too!

  • henry

    I am wondering why they would put less than a 24 MP sensor in this camera?

    • BroncoBro

      Because more is less, grasshopper.

    • John

      Well it certainly is not because my MF glass can’t handle 24 or 36MP – I have plenty of MF glass that could use more MP if needed (though for sure there is a lot of old glass that is pretty poor on digital, but not all by any stretch). I think it’s a combo of marketing and battery size/power requirements to move all those pixels around.

    • BroncoBro

      It’s an exercise in file size, buffer size and physical package limitations. Like the D4 is 10 fps and the D800 is 4fps. 16MP sensor vs. 36. And a WAY larger camera.

  • Barfly

    Piss and moan, piss and moan… what a bunch of sissies. Nikon produces a product to the best of its ability, and to make a profit. The decisions of scores of engineers and marketing people are based in complexity that you cannot even begin to understand, though some of you phonies pretend that you know what you are talking about. Focus points, ya-da-da… Shut up and see what the camera offers. The essence of being a photographer is problem solving. Hell, you guys are so lazy you can’t even focus your lenses manually, let alone do simple exposure calculations in your heads. None of this is rocket science. You like it, you buy it. You don’t, then don’t. Simple. Just remember that if the Japanese engineers didn’t make the gear, then you couldn’t pretend to be artists.

    • Richard

      here here

      • Jorge

        Hey, that’s my saying! LOL

    • 103David

      Amen, Bro. All I want is it to be fast and accurate and to tell me what, exactly, it’s focusing on.

  • LolTrolololol

    Can’t wait Nikon DF2

  • Craig

    This photo reminds me of the photos of Big Foot and the Loch Ness Monster 😉 I have greatly enjoyed all the comments about this new camera.

  • rosshj

    In case anyone is wondering about the AF points…

    • John

      Excellent comparison. Yes the D600 points are pretty clustered, but if it has an EVF and on-sensor phase detect pixels it may not be much of an issue (depending on where they put those phase detection pixels). Heck I use the center point on my D800 most of the time anyways for what I do. Though if you are a sports shooter this camera (and the D600) would not be for you anyways.

    • Spy Black

      Nikon F6. Get over it guys…

      • Killroy™

        I rather have the F5 since its cheaper and a lot faster. Yes, heavier but no-girly-man need apply.

      • Weapons Grade Fox

        another camera with an af system developed for DX

    • Nice, clear comparison. Thank you. They all look more similar than different when you crop the FX models down to a DX area (and ignore the misleading outlines of the focus point areas – look at the real corner focus points – note that the corner points are missing on the D300/D800 system). Hardly a “deal breaker”, either way, IMO.

    • El Aura

      So, your point is that all FX cameras should come with the maximum practical AF coverage possible because even that maximum is barely enough (D800/D700/D4/D3)? In particular because we have gotten used to the good coverage that can be achieved on crop cameras (cameras with a sensor smaller than their mirrorbox would allow for)?

  • The_RazE

    Do we know when the camera will actually be announced?

  • Tore Hansen

    yawn I have used Nikon since the 80s and my next house will have Olympus OM-D on it. The size and tilt screen is well worth the system change.

    • reality

      micro 4/3rds is good but nothing on full frame

      • Tore Hansen

        Heard that one before, but then again im taking pictures not measuring DOF…something more people should try one day !

    • Kyle

      I own both D700 and E-M5. E-M5 is very light and compact. Sadly the fact is that its IQ cannot be comparable to FF at all.

      • Tore Hansen

        Strange since a reason display of my pictures was 50 / 50 Nikon / Olympus, has accepted over 80 % of my Olympus pictures, several of my clients including an well educated photographer/musician liked the Olympus colors and pictures for CD cover over Nikon when took the same pictures with both cameras.
        And maybe im a long trip out in the woods here, but maybe picture quality and the result IS more important than the size of the sensor ? The D700 is very old in this digital age…

        • stormwatch

          “The D700 is very old in this digital age…”

          You sound like the D700 is a film camera.

          • Tore Hansen

            Great comment on the only none important line in my comment, but then again film cameras worked fine without sensor !

            • genotypewriter

              And the rest of it was important, really? How?

            • Tore Hansen

              Because ! But we can stop it here, 5 SB-900 charged together with D700 and out to photograph 2 amazing cool models. It’s a hard life but someone gotta do it…

  • Tracht

    Hoping the camera will have a control on top with a swing out lever to advance the frames.

  • nikonseller

    I have learned from an EXTREMELY reliable source that this will NOT, repeat NOT be a high end camera.

    • flightofbooks

      So it’ll be Nikon’s first consumer-grade/entry level full frame body? Cool!

    • Sebastien Girard

      I currently have a D7000 and would like to switch to FX. Maybe this camera will be mine!

    • Drazen B

      That’s exactly what I heard as well from the contact in Nikon Australia.

      • That means it will not be expensive. I have no problems with that, I will still keep my D800E.

    • Pablo Ricasso

      Me too. And my “contact” laughed at rumored US$3k price. He nodded his head and commented something like “close to half that”…which is great news for all of us keen on this camera sometime in the future.

    • Rogers

      That’s what I heard too from Nikon’s office in my country. They just hint me that the price may be irresistable for many people.

    • Read the FAQ

      That sucks. I was hoping for real quality. I’m sick of ugly plastic made in Thailand cameras. I want Leica build quality made by Nikon that can use 50+ years of Nikkor lenses with state of the art Japanese electronics (and not German unreliability.) Nikon made some super well built cameras in the past. No reason why they can’t now except for the fact that they’d rather just force obsolescence down our throats every couple of years and make money that way.

      • tap0

        I am glad that Nikon makes cameras for the masses and not for the classes. Ultimately, it is the end result, the photographs that we take that define us as photographers.

        • Read the FAQ

          Well, duh. But that doesn’t mean we can’t prefer quality that can potentially last for many years of hard use. And don’t give me this ‘anybody can use anything to make a photograph’ routine. That’s just being sophomoric. Of course I could use a point and shoot for the rest of my life and still make award winning images (I’ve used disposable cameras for documentary work for specific reasons.) But most people who are in this field as a career prefer to choose quality tools. They want top reliability and products that will last. It’s actually cheaper in the long run. A proper tool is as equally as important as is that gray crap that sits between your ears.

          Go talk to a furniture maker or any good crafts person. They tend to pick top quality tools that do indeed help them produce quality products. Even if it’s something as esoteric as “feeling good in their hands.” Those emotions are actually related to creative thinking. It has nothing to do with class, sorry.

      • Sandy Bartlett

        So buy a D4, D3s, D800. They are all REAL quality. Nikon top tier cameras have alllways been high quality. And cameras like the D600 and D7100 have always been above there peers in quality.

        • Erik

          You’re quite right. It might all end up with me buying a D4 instead of this camera.

        • Read the FAQ

          I already have a D3s and the D800E, so why but another? I also bought the D600 for a beater everyday camera (it’s actually held up pretty good despite my rough treatment; and of course the file quality is quite good.) But a new body style advertised as some kind of ‘return to analog’ experience is not a camera that I assume would normally be marketed to a novice user (like the D600 is as a FF entry level camera.) This is more like something for those who have been in the medium since day one (i.e., using the film F system) and might have a full range of MF Nikkor lenses (like me.) People like us are looking (and willing to pay) for a very high quality body that is not the same as a current D4 in respect to use, ergonomics, and size. Yet it would also be something that would accommodate our existing D4, etc., bodies.

          I never said that Nikon doesn’t make ‘top tier’ cameras, quite the opposite. But if they are bringing out a specialty item (which they hint at with these teasers) then why not try something truly, incredibly unique and daring to the market. And if so, then that’s going to cost more than entry level goods.

          But if it’s just another entry level camera made of left over parts from the existing parts bins yet disguised as a small footprint style camera only to compete with other manufacturers (and sold as an inexpensive entry level camera with the hope of gaining a little more of that dwindling consumer market) then it no longer becomes very interesting to me, personally.

  • iamnomad

    1:1 is great, no 5:4 blows.

    • Retro-guy

      I still don’t understand why anyone would like to have different ratios in the camera. Why not just crop in Lightroom instead?

  • flightofbooks

    Not surprised the “D4h” designation was false. That really made no sense at all. Hopefully this means the price will be comparable to the Sony a7.

  • Spy Black

    I was at PDN today, and the guys behind the counter was playing dumb about this new body. Claimed not to know anything about it. They did have the 58mm f/1.4 there, although I noticed some nasty fingerprints on the inside element. I didn’t have my D600 with me today, but I’m going back there tomorrow to fire off some frames with the 58mm to see if how it shoots wide open.

    • What was their response?

      • Spy Black

        I had my video running on my little Canon S110 and I recorded their response when I asked them about the new camera:

        • Killroy™

          You got me on that one!!!

    • Most of the time they don’t know either. If you get some pictures from the Nikon booth you want to share on the blog, drop me a line.

      • Spy Black

        Will do. Hopefully I can clean the lens surfaces on the 58mm before I fire off some frames.

      • Spy Black

        Unfortunately Nikon wouldn’t let anyone take pictures with the new 58mm f/1.4, because they were saying it’s still a pre-production model. You could only look at it through a camera viewfinder. As far as I’m concerned, WTF is the point of having that lens at PDF if you can’t really see what it can (or can’t) do.

        I did however get to fire off some frames with the Zeiss 55mm f/1.4. I mostly took shots at infinity wide open at point lights sources to see how the edges handle that. I didn’t have a lot of ideal shooting opportunities at PDN, as it’s essentially a nut house, but hopefully I got enough to see how the sucker fares.

        • The 58mm should start shipping next week, do they still expect to make changes to it? Typical Nikon.

    • Groosome

      You should fire off a few “shots” at them for not recalling the D600 🙂

  • Sudharshun

    It supposed to have 51 focus points as in D800. instead D610’s 39 point focus

    • This is just a rumor, I could be wrong.

    • I hope you’re right.

      I would even take the D7100 focusing system.

  • jimbo

    O.K. Let;’s look at the Nikon lineup. What model has to be discontinued? The D300S, of course. It is very long in the tooth and represents a direction that Nikon has, for the past two or so years, indicated that it has no interest in pursuing with respect to anyone save the entry-level tyro. Oh, and for all of you dreamers hoping for a D400, well, ain’t gonna happen, no way. This having been said, where is the hole in the Nikon pricing lineup? Not at the top, that is for sure. Speculate on, my friends.

  • Davo

    Anyone get the feeling these are cleverly orchestrated leaks from Nikon.
    And that may include the fake specs that was quickly debunked.
    Now if the camera falls below the false price of $3000 then we’ve been primed to think, ‘phew! at least it wasn’t $3000’. Of course it could just be a troll having fun with admin (and all of us).
    The first rumours also appeared shortly after the A7/r launch to divert some attention away from it.
    The hype machine’s in full steam… haven’t seen this level of excitement for a long time.

  • Yohan

    If it actually features D600/D610’s focusing system, then it cannot be offered at pricy level. D600’s focus is mediocre.

    • Johnny

      Good news: I agree with the price offered.
      Bad news: The D600 focus is not impressive.

  • jk

    I was taking a couple of weeks off from my work, and did not go online often , so I did not know this rumor until this evening.
    oh well, it looks nice. but I would like to know if this camera gets 60p at full HD and some sort of weather sealing?

    • Rumor is no video at all, and nothing about weather sealing so far.

  • Pete

    The aspect ratio fuction is basically a ratio crop on sensor. I have no idea why we need this function in a camera. We can crop in Photoshop.

    • Mr X

      It´s not in camera crop, it´s guidlines for this formats when using live view. Guess admin got this a little wrong.

  • DF = Don’t Focus?

  • marinamusic11

    an FM2 with digital back should be more than enough..

  • Frank

    Looks too big. FM-sized was what I expected.

    • Factchecker

      Too big, too small, just right? Can’t you ever be satisfied? Specs from a prior post put it 15mm taller and 15mm thicker than the FM – same length. The new FD would also be larger than the old F3, taller and thicker, approx. same length. Weight would be the same as the D600 or the old F3 (~).

  • Nate

    It’s a manual focus emphasis with a split image focus screen with an option to auto focus.

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