Where are all the new Coolpix and Nikon 1 cameras?

Future Nikon 1 concepts

Nikon 1 concept products that were never announced

I do not know if you have noticed, but Nikon announced only two Coolpix cameras last month. This is a significant step down compared to previous years when we usually get dozens of different models. There is also no word on any new Nikon 1 products. We know that Nikon is concerned about the shrinking compact digital camera market and have reported very poor mirrorless sales in US and Europe. The future of those two product lines is uncertain - it seems that Nikon has put everything on hold until they figure out how to proceed in the future. At the same time pretty much every other photo company is announcing new products around this time of the year. As of today, I am not aware of any scheduled Nikon press conferences. Maybe they just need more time to develop a meaningful response to the current market conditions. In the meantime I have scheduled several guest posts to keeps us entertained.

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  • onlyme

    They will have to be quick to decide what they are doing. The 1 cameras will be hard for shops to sell after Nikon announced they didn’t know what to do with the system.
    The P7700’s replacement is what I am waiting to see. I hope Nikon drop the 1 system and start to make compacts and bridge cameras with the 1 inch sensor.

  • Piggy Snow

    I cannot tell much, but there are 2 cameras to be announced very soon.
    One mirrorless, first of a kind, and one advanced compact.

    Be patient!

    • D600 Owner


      • stephen

        Nikonrumors.com 😉

    • I’ve heard all kinds of “magical” things about this advanced compact. If half of them are true, Nikon will have a winner.

      • D600 Owner

        can you give us a list of these magical things even if they will partially turn out false. Just to give us some possibilities to keep in mind.

        • I’ve heard about a waterproof/underwater high-end compact camera, another rumor indicated a retro design, something similar to the FM2, other information point to a digital rangefinder type camera, a new mirrorless DX model, etc. The one thing in common is that it will be a APS-C camera and not full frame.

          • Oh want! All of the above. Especially interested retro compact, even DX, and waterproof big-ish sensor.

    • F-Mount

      Is the F-mount a good platform for a new sort of mirrorless camera? Or should they use a new one. One important aspect for such a system would be size and i don’t know if the F-mount can offer this. In this case new lenses would be necessary, too.

      • Spy Black

        The last time they made a new lens mount, it was the Nikon 1. Pray Nikon is smarting enough from that to make such a stupid mistake again.

  • Jeff Shapiro

    I was waiting for the Coolpix P7700 update and it was due for an update in August?

    • Yes, nothing happened with the high end Coolpix camera.

      • AM

        Is there really something called high-end Coolpix?

  • papadulo

    keep going! you are the best site out of here! we are with you, and with nikon ofc… (if only they make a D400)

  • cgw

    Nikon seemed oblivious to the huge dent smart phones made in compact sales–like what did they think caused it??? For N. America, the Nikon 1 system was a bust. Camera store staff didn’t know how to pitch it, went back to flogging DSLRs, and never looked back.. The company appears rudderless–scary.

    • But they did not announce any new Nikon 1 products in other markets either.

      • cgw

        Point is, again, the Nikon 1 system was DOA in their biggest market–N. America. No amount of typically-pricey Nikon accessories will alter that. Deep discounting didn’t do much for sales, either.
        They need a Fuji X killer MILC–quick. Canon’s already shown them what NOT to do with the failed EOS M.

  • PeterT

    So disappointing… Perhaps Nikon should make a full stop and restart with MFT. They could be selling as much cameras as of today but much more lenses if they concentrate on the high quality end.

    • Aldo

      The offerings from other brands like sigma are becoming “high quality” all of a sudden and caught nikon off guard.

      • Gly

        I have no doubt Nikon lens quality could be better but they have a history for holding back and its finally come around and bit them on the a*s and its not just lens quality. Look how long it took to update the 80-400. How long will it take to update an already aging lineup of lenses? I love the D800 but what happened to the step between the D700 and D800? If you came out early and admitted to problems with the D600 dirt/oil issue, maybe you wouldn’t have to remarket the same camera as a D610. I love my Nikon gear but you’re falling behind. Make some moves and get those patents of the paper.

        • Mike

          Agreed. People have been asking for 300 f/4 VR’s. or 50/55/58mm f1.2 or 24-70 VR’s. No one asked for Nikon 1.

          • D600 Owner

            tamron 24-70 VC. paint over the tamron logo if you want. It is an amazing lens. Try it out. Tamron’s VC is superior to nikon VR as far as I can tell.

            • JoeJo

              At the end of the day, I have to get my best bang for the buck. The Tamron and Sigma camps are coming on strong and the grass does seem sharper on the other side.

      • outkasted

        yup the 35mm/ 1.4 is a Beast on my D700

  • John Chea

    How about they focus on the progression of new ideas and more available technology to the average consumer than on predicted sales of non innovative products?

  • Aldo

    Compact camera topic… perfect place to talk about the d400

    • Could Be

      Exactly……no need for compacts in the smart phone world….hundreds of thousands of folks are waiting for the D400…It’s obvious ….try to push uninteresting consumer BS,and you loose….give us what we want….or die a slow death!

  • otaku

    Now that Nikon finally got serious with the amazing 32 1.2 lens for the 1 next step must be a real premium V3

  • David K

    Nikon is smart not to plow ahead with every category of digital photography product … or worse introduce products with significant design flaws. What recent history shows is that there is always a market for bigger sensors and ever higher resolution cameras at relatively high prices, followed by more cost effective versions for “prosumers”. For example D800, D600. History also shows that one major design flaw, for example D800 focus and D600 oil spots, can really impact sales and hurt the company’s reputation.

    • samanthasmom2001

      You r what is wrong with the Internet…if u say it enough times the lie must be true. By the way the Titanic didn’t hit an iceberg..Titanic hit..Squirt the sperm whale.

  • decisivemoment

    Aptina said something about the first quarter of 2014 being the launch date for cameras with their vastly upgraded new 14 megapixel sensor. So that might well take care of Nikon 1. The Coolpix situation strikes me as a retrenchment. And Nikon 1 will end up being one too if they don’t learn how to sell it. The new sensor will be the test, in my view; Aptina’s claims are quite aggressive and it sounds extremely impressive, and it presents an opportunity to reboot the “1” brand.

    Also, Nikon has to get over their sensitivity about segmentation of the market and cannibalization of sales. Nikon 1 works in a very complementary way in my view to a high-end F-mount system; when it comes to where it should be in relation to a base DSLR, a Nikon 1 is simply for a different kind of photographer from, say, a D3200 or D5200. I think Nikon is incapable of conceiving of different kinds of photographers; in the Nikon mindset, everyone follows the same pattern, people get something basic and then keep trading up, up and up. People only followed that pattern in the past because there was no choice; now that there are serious competitors to the 135 format, they can move around much more. If Nikon does not change that mindset, and realize that some might only shoot “1” and some might shoot F, and some might shoot both, and some might switch from D800 to D4, and others might switch from D4 to D800, and some might even switch from F to 1 and vice versa, if they don’t figure this out, they’re going to lose a great deal of business.

    • I think they were talking about a new compact camera: https://nikonrumors.com/2013/08/03/aptina-compact-cameras-with-1-sensor-to-be-announced-in-early-2014.aspx/ Of course it could be for the Nikon 1 as well.

    • Wayne

      A guest novice here. I own the A as well as two V1s. The thing about Nikon is that they offer no other reason to buy from their modern product line, in my view as an “enthusiast/amateur” than the fact that image quality is fantastic. I guess that should be enough; but I wish they would pull their collective heads out of their %$#s. I would buy both Nikon cameras again, at full retail, if they would just install articulated screens.

      I am repulsed by the Df, conceptually, but something inside tells me it may be the way I finally go to FF. I just wish I could do it without holding my nose.

  • BroncoBro

    Bear in mind the length of time it takes to develop these cameras, get them into production and onto store shelves. Then compare that time with what is happening with technology products in general. It’s got to be perplexing for Nikon to say the very least. Hard to pull the trigger on new products that won’t hit the shelves for a year when you can’t predict what will happen in the marketplace during that time. They are no longer worried about just other camera makers, it’s phones. I don’t imagine their marketing department has the same level of expertise in assessing the phone market as it does cameras, so it’s a steep learning curve for them. Canon has to be in the same position. The business challenges are extreme. How do you dismantle a $9B company and transform it into a $4B company? What gets shut down? How do you reorganize your distribution and sales? Who do you let go? Or, do you go for broke and try, as they’ve hinted, to expand into other consumer products where you think you could apply some of your expertise? I’m rooting for them.

    • Art Pollard

      I think that there is a huge opportunity for Nikon that is just waiting for Nikon (or anyone else) to jump on. It is for them to open up their cameras and allow people to write scripts to control the cameras in unique ways. For example, a Python interpreter could be embedded in the cameras (from Coolpix up to the D5x) that would allow for both auto bracketing and focus stacking. Wouldn’t that be cool? There are all sorts of things which people could write “apps” for — things which Nikon themselves could never imagine but for which Nikon would reap huge benefits.

      • BroncoBro

        Yeah, interesting idea. Apply that to a phone they build in collaboration with a phone manufacturer that is a bit thicker than the gadgets we’re all carrying now. Remember when cell phones were the size of bricks? What is is that says we all want a phone that’s an 1/4 of an inch thick? If it could have a REAL camera in it and be an inch thin, a LOT of people would opt in. It could still be sleek and sexy.

      • I’ve got a Canon point and shoot with the CHDK hack, and one of the most useful scrips is a “sunset timelapse” setting, where each new exposure is imperceptibly lengthened ever so slightly, slowly ramping up how much light is collected through the entire sequence, so your shots at the the end of the sequence when everything is pitch black still look bright and vibrant so they match the look of the shots at the the beginning of the set. I would love it if camera makers opened up their hardware.

  • jmb2560

    The “1 family” is just not very attractive and I still don’t understand why they did not used a DX-size sensor. I bought a Fuji XE-1 instead and don’t regret my decision. I was a candidate for a V camera; I am still a loyal Nikon DSLR user but for the first time in 25 years, I bought another brand to try and feel mirrorless. I did not want to but… the Nikon 1 family just did not work for me. I think Nikon product marketing just screwed up big time with this line of cameras.

    • Mike

      Agreed. Why they didn’t include CLS capability either is beyond me. Nikon’s issue is that they essentially created another camera brand. You had to buy a flash with a new hot shoe standard, buy an adapter that cost as much as a lens to be able to mount your existing Nikon DSLR lenses to a Nikon DSLR. The 1″ sensor was too late to the party. If it had been released 4 years ago it would have been ahead of its time. But it was released along side (figuratively) the Fuji X100. To enthusiasts it was still born. Everything about the system was incompatible or annoying to make compatible with other Nikon systems. If you make it hard for the customer, it won’t go anywhere. It had a lot of potential but fell on Aston Kutcher’s face.

      Ask Blackberry or Nokia about how people stay away from dying brands.

    • MyrddinWilt

      Because they understand optics and you do not.

      It is the size of the lens aperture that determines light gathering capability, the angle of view how much of that light falls on the sensor and the sensor efficiency that determines noise. The formula for depth of field is dominated by the angle of view and the aperture. The sensor size is irrelevant.

      The reason people get so confused is because they work from focal length and the focal ratio and ISO numbers which are figures that are all designed to make comparison easy for a FIXED sensor size.

      FX and DX are a special case because the DX lens has to avoid the FX mirror sweep so that the early D1 etc. could use the same mirror mechanism as the F5 and to avoid a catastrophe if people fit a DX lens on an FX body. So the DX lenses are compromised at the wide end by an even more retro-focus design than the FX lenses.

      I have the V1 and the D800 and they both work great for a particular purpose. The problem with the V1 is not the sensor size, its the lack of wide lenses. The resolution is a little on the sparse side these days as well. For birding there is nothing as compact as a V1 with a 200mm on it giving a 500mm reach.

      The other big glaring omission from the Nikon1 lens range is a micro lens. It should be obvious that to take good pictures of small stuff you want a smaller optical system all round, including the sensor.

      • jmb2560

        I may not understand optics as well as you do (and certainly not as well as Nikon does) but that’s not the point! You may try to justify your acquisition of a V1 but that’s not the point! The truth and the matter is: this line of camera is a failure for Nikon. Blame what you want. I blame the sensor size (and resolution) as most people do. Other brands have done a much better job with mirrorless cameras. If Nikon is smart, they will let die the 1-series peacefully and introduce DX or FX size mirroless DSLRs which will hopefully be successful. Enjoy your V1!

  • What you need for a successful mirrorless system:

    Just take a DSLR, get rid of the mirror and the prism, keep the rest, and shrink it down so it fits in a pocket.

    DX sensor, pro-level DSLR controls.

    I want a convenient camera that is good at being a camera, not a pointless fashion accessory.

    • stephen

      Also, vintage design 😉

  • Nikon V1 User

    Well, I and a few friends benefited from the soft market for the V1: the pre-V2-release clearance sales allowed me to put together a nice little system. The V1 is definitely a quirky little camera, but it’s fun to use, easy to take along with me more places, and produces some nice images. I’m glad I got my hands on one before they gave up on the product.

    • Will

      Agreed, I love my V1, incredible camera!


    Never mind “where’s the trash” what happened to the all the good stuff that was supposed to be on the way for August?

    I aint seen no D400, no D4x, not even a red D7100………

    • tertius_decimus

      …and still no D700 replacement.

  • Larrry

    The sad reality is, Nikon has nothing on it’s plate while the industry has grown around it. Nikon1 essentially required you to invest in a new system – flash and all – that was hobbled by the sensor size. If you have to invest in a new system, then many alternatives exist. Canon botched the EOS M, but rumor has it that replacement, upgraded model and M specific lens will be announced soon – Nikon, nothing. Sony actually did well with the same 1″ sensor in their RX100 and generally well received, but showing increased development in their NEX line, including a rangefinder style NEX 6/7 with built in EVF viewfinder – no DSLR hump or secondary attachment. Nikon, nothing. Panasonic about to release a similar with viewfinder, and the advanced Canon M is rumored to have the viewfinder. Nikon…nothing even rumored. Panasonic, Olympus, and Sony having some luck with pancake lens to enhance the compactness, primes decent, zooms quirky. Nikon…nothing. Fuji develops the premium end…Nikon response is to price the V2 to compete. Reality is, the higher end Fuji, Sony, Panasonic and Olympus all sell for more than the intermediate level DSLR’s and they sell. Now if any of them can perfect phase detection focusing, DSLR would lose a major advantage. Nikon’s response…yawn.

    • Other than the extra megapixels, what is it that you find attractive in the Sony RX100?

      • Larrry

        I don’t. The lack of interchangeable lens kills it for me. However, it has been a solid sales success for Sony, and the newer version should follow the same acceptance.

        Wife wanting to upgrade from her P&S has 1 demand – a viewfinder. That is further refined to a “rangefinder” style as opposed to the DSLR ‘hump’ style – which I had to return. That rules out the V2, Panny G/GH, and Olympus OM-D plus the slide on accessory for some Pen models and Sony NEX3/5. The short list becomes the Sony NEX6, pending introduction on the Panasonic GX7 and probable price drop after intro, plus the rumored 2nd model of the EOS-M.

        The issue is…Nikon doesn’t have anything like that even rumored. Interchangable lens, rangefinder style with EVF is not too much to ask.

        • The RX100 was well received and reviewed by bloggers and tech media, though it has not quite been as good a sales performer as Sony hoped. The second version attempted to address some of the issues. Often what is reported in popular enthusiasts media does not give an accurate representation of potential sales success. Thom Hogan is quite good at pointing this out.

          Seems to me that the Fuji X-E1 would meet your requirements. The lenses are generally better performing than equivalent lenses from Sony for the NEX line. It appears that Canon was worried about hurting DSLR sales with the EOS-M; I think Nikon probably has the same aversion to such a move, despite that enthusiasts like these cameras.

          Generally clueless consumers buy far more cameras than enthusiasts. Quite often megapixels is the number one consideration, followed by size and price. Cram any more megapixels into some of these cameras, and smartphones, then diffraction limits will become much more obvious.

          I would enjoy seeing a Nikon version of the Fuji X system. The trouble is that I know it would be expensive, because sales would be small compared to nearly anything in the Coolpix line-up. Leave out features to bring the price lower, and I think the performance would suffer, as it has on the Canon EOS-M. Just look at the pricing of the Coolpix A, and it is easy to imagine a higher price point for a “rangefinder style” Nikon. Of course then all the blog commenting enthusiasts would bytch about it costing nearly the same as a D600.

  • Scott

    In the cell phone market (which we can draw similar parallels), Nokia lost major market share in just a matter of three or four years. Is Nikon going to meet the same fate? Well, players like Sony and Fuji are catching up big time. They better innovate soon.

  • samanthasmom2001

    Oh Nikon pluuu eze. The whoa is me story. Nikon introduced a brick. No wait two bricks..with the ever massive 10 whopping mp. Whoa Nikon..not so much..u will confuse the buying consumers. Add all the bells and whistles..to the over priced brick…oh it comes in White..a hot seller with the gays and metrosexual’s of Tokyo…it comes in over 1000 plus. Now where can I find a high mp..that has a bigger sensor…Samsung, Sony, Fuji…

    While Nikon and Canon played circle jerks…the other guys…are producing better products.

    • PeterO

      “Woe” not “Whoa”. That’s what you say to a horse.

      • FredBear

        He was on his hobby horse at the time 😉

  • sebasporto

    System 1 is a total fluke, something that people don’t want in my opinion. Casual shooter will just buy a compact, enthusiast will buy something from Fuji, Panasonic (big sensor). Nikon needs to come up with a decent mirrorless system that competes with the others, pretty much a bigger sensor.

    • BroncoBro

      I agree. I just can’t figure out who would be a buyer for this system. Anyone with $900 to spend on a 50mm lens would be buying it to put on a camera completely different than a V1, 2, 3 or whatever. The sad part is that it may spook Nikon from making a more desirable mirror less system.

      • sebasporto

        I hope the have another go at it, with something better, I am big fan of Nikon DSLRs and always wished for a decent mirrorless from them.

    • saywhatuwill

      When the System 1 was being created it truly was new and the market wasn’t large. Unfortunately for Nikon all the other manufacturers had similar ideas on a mirrorless camera system except that they used a larger sensor. That part caught Nikon by complete surprise and by the time the cameras came to market it was already behind.

      If Nikon can bite the bullet and eat their FX DSLR line they can bring out a mirrorless FX camera and probably be successful. I certainly can use a silent FX camera that takes Nikon lenses.

  • Spy Black

    Nikon should just freak everybody out and make an FX mirrorless along the lines of the Nikon SP. 😉


    • The Oracle

      Yes please. For all that is holy and sacred, yes please.

      • groucher

        Yes Yes Yes and no face recognition, no scene selections, no in-camera editing facilities, no Internet connectivity, no clutter and no rear screen – just a classic photographic tool with a FF sensor please Nikon. I have money waiting.

        • Spy Black

          Oh, it would be a modern camera, just with the same form factor as the the SP. It should even be able to mount SP lenses. 😉 Instead of wasting valuable resources trying to re-invent the wheel with the Nikon 1 system, they should make an SP mount FX mirrorless system and give it all the decent stuff they put into the 1-series like super-fast autofocus. Make a 28, 50 and 135 lens and call it a day. It should come standard with a 50mm f/0.95 lens. 🙂

  • Funduro

    Release a D400 watch the sales soar.

  • stephen

    Mmmm, time to try some Canon gear… :/

  • wanna new dslr

    I just hope Nikon does not over-react. Like a few others, I bought one of the $299 V1s last Dec, and I have to say, it is just a fun camera. But the chief problem with the Nikon 1 system is price. No one was going to spend $900 for a V1, and on one is going to spend $1000+ for the Coolpix A, especially when you can get similar from another company for much less.

    Nikon can either lower the price of the Nikon 1 up front, or lower the price during fire sales. It is a lot easier to sell 2 cameras at $500 than one camera at $1,000. Nikon cannot use it’s DSLR reputation to filter down to the Nikon 1 – it must stand on it’s own, and to do that, it needs to be priced competitively.

    That might mean redesign and “cheapening” the cameras by going away from magnesium bodies, to something more competitive, I don’t know, but I still think there is a market for the 1″ sensor should it be competitively priced (Sony RX1000 for instance).

    And the 32mm f/1.2 baffles me. Who is going to buy that?

    And look how many old DSLRs are still around. One walk into my corner Sam’s Club and they still have hundreds of D3000s with two lenses for $500. Get rid of that stuff already.

    You want to build market share? Discount the older DSLRs to build a customer base. As fine as a D90 is, no one is going to buy a new D90 for $700.

    Nikon actually has a golden opportunity here. The are actually making good DSLRs; the new Canon 70D only rated #80 in DxOMark sensor scoring, which is behind the Nikon D5000! So apparently Canon is now making dogs instead of DSLRs. If Nikon is to gain market share, they need to figure out their marketing and pricing strategy.

    Oddly enough, Nikon’s L series bridge cameras seem immensely popular with first time buyers – but they are just so-so cameras, which I think turn a lot of people off. If you make a good entry level camera, people will buy your upscale products in the next cycle.

    Another thing that needs attention is high-end DX lenses. Other than the Nikon 17-55mm f/2.8, the DX user has to turn to Sigma if they really want the best DX lenses. I see Nikon missing a huge opportunity here. They have to figure out how to make high-end DX lenses, at a competitive price to Sigma. If Sigma can make a 17-35mm f/1.8 zoom for under $1,000, Nikon should be able to do so as well, and it should not cost $2,500.

    Nikon’s shake up needs to be in marketing and pricing strategy. But as conservative as they are, they at least recognize the problem – which means they are a lot further ahead than the other companies in fixing that problem. I just hope they don’t overcompensate. A bit of tweaking is in order I think, not wholesale re-design.

  • HN
  • Nikonnut

    They need to partner someone in the smartphone sector. Sony has made huge bounds with their 20 ish megapixel xperia X1 as well as announcing an add-on to smartphone device which uses the RX100 sensor and lens. Nokia has their pureview technology with the lumia 1020 which has a larger sensor than even the newly announced P series. How about a smartphone with interchangable lenses? By default it would be a very flat pancake and when need be, put in a telephoto!

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