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Nikon Nanocrystal set “on sale” in Japan

The Japanese store Map Camera has a listing for a Nikon Nanocrystal set that contains the D4 and 20 different Nikkor N lenses for  ¥8,000,000 incl. taxes ($82,700) which equals to a saving of ¥769,100 (almost $8,000). For comparison, the same kit in the US would cost $89,800.40:

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We are spoiled: Nikon D70 vs. D600 ISO comparison

The Nikon D70 was announced in 2004, the D600 in 2012. The above video by Kyle Clements show how much the ISO performance has improved over the past decade. Yes, we are spoiled. Via Reddit

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Weekly Nikon news flash #226

A brand new Nikon Noct-Nikkor I-S 58mm f/1.2 lens is currently listed on eBay. The price is $8,999 but you can submit your own offer. There is also a listing for a refurbished Nikon D3 camera with warranty for $2,499. Adorama has an exclusive deal where you can purchase the latest Adobe Lightroom 5 software […]

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Nauticam announces NA-V2 underwater housing for Nikon 1 V2 mirrorless camera

Nauticam announced NA-V2 underwater housing for the Nikon 1 V2 mirrorless camera. Nikon currently only offers the WP-N1 underwater housing for the Nikon 1 J1 and J2 cameras (another head scratcher: no Nikon underwater housing for J3, V1 and V2).

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Nikon’s stock hit hard

After Nikon lowered their future full-year forecast, the company’s stock plunged to its lowest level in 19 months: “The Tokyo-based company plummeted 14 percent to 1,726 yen in Tokyo trading, the lowest close since January 2012. The stock has lost 32 percent this year, compared with a 33 percent gain for the broader Topix index.”

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Nikon to release new entry level DSLR camera, “revised” compact cameras

I guess at that point this is not even a rumor anymore since Nikon mentioned it in their official financial results presentation – the company will release a new entry level DSLR that will most likely be positioned under the D30xx line (probably it will be called D10xx). Expect the announcement before the end of […]

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Nikon cuts forecasts due to poor mirrorless sales in US and Europe

Nikon published their latest financial results and cut their future full-year forecast due to disappointing mirrorless cameras (Nikon 1) sales. The Nikon Imaging division now expects to sell 6.55 million units instead of the previously planned 7.1 million. The operating profit forecast was also cut to 65 billion yen from the previously projected 85 billion yen. Nikon blamed US and […]

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This “Nikon D800x super kit” camera sculpture is huge

It took a Nikon fan from Taiwan one year to create this XL version of the Nikon D800 camera. The creation (sculpture?) is called “D800x super kit” and has a detachable battery grip, 14-24mm lens and an illuminated top panel.  The camera, lens and box are all hand-made. The details are amazing – from the […]

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