Weekly Nikon news flash #226

A brand new Nikon Noct-Nikkor I-S 58mm f/1.2 lens is currently listed on eBay. The price is $8,999 but you can submit your own offer. There is also a listing for a refurbished Nikon D3 camera with warranty for $2,499.

Adorama has an exclusive deal where you can purchase the latest Adobe Lightroom 5 software for $99 for limited time. Use coupon code S987654321 during checkout.

Lomography's Petzval lens reached over $1 million on Kickstarter (more info on the lens can be found here).

The high-end Zeiss 1,4/55 lens is scheduled to be released at the end of the year.

Amazon's 4% rewards deal is back for a limited time.
Tamron is rumored to announce a new 16-300mm lens for APS-C based DSLR cameras by the end of the year.

Nikon to exhibit at the inaugural Photography Show, taking place at Birmingham NEC center (UK) in March 2014.

Nikon lens repair cost Nikon lens repair time
Some interesting observations on lens repairs form LensRentals.

Nikon Coolpix S31-blueNikon Fieldmicroscope Mini
Nikon Coolpix S31 compact digital camera and Nikon Fieldmicroscope series recipients of Kids Design Award 2013.

Head to head: Nikon Coolpix A vs. Ricoh GR shootout (via LensVid):

Interview with Nikon in Lisbon (D7100 & COOLPIX A):

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  • neversink

    $8999 for a nocturnal. That seems a little high. Granted, it is supposedly “new.” But I purchased my beat up copy for under $500 many years ago. Their were no scratches on the glass, but the original owner had severely dented the front, so filters couldn’t be put on the front of the lens. It also had a number of scratches on the barrel exterior.The focus was also a bit tight, probably because of the dent. i recently had it overhauled and repaired and it still is not as pretty as the one that is pictured in the eBay ad, but who cares. It is a remarkable lens.

    • robert

      what hes asking and what he’ll get are 2 different things.

      for that price id wait and hope nikon puts out the 50mm f/1.2 or 60mm f/1.2 and get AF.

      on another note. dont know why tamron would make the 16-300 lens. its obvious IQ is going to be horrible. not expecting anything average even.

      that zeiss has some amazing rez, but crap what a price tag.

    • Mr. Mamiya

      That Noct-Nikkor is a “collector’s item” that will probably never see any use aside from a few test shots on a golden plated Nikon FE. It will stay in a cabinet, a bizarre parallel universe, for its entire life. Actual photographers will buy something else for actual photography.

      • neversink

        it’s a great lens — the 58 f/1.2 nocturnal. I have used my beat-up version quite a bit. No coma! No spherical abberration. it was designed to be incredibly sharp wide open. The corners at f1.2 are not as sharps as the center. However, the contrast thorought the lens, from center to corner is incredible, even wide open. You wouldn’t beievel the contrast at 1.2.
        Unfortunately, collectors have ruined it, as most people won’t ever getting a chance to experience this awesome lens!
        I have used it a lot in various situations. If my copy wasn’t so.beat up on the exterior of the barrel (glass is perfect) I mighty be tempted to sell mine. I saw one in NYC in mint condition a few years ago with an asking price of $3500.

  • lefantome

    The lens repair time statistics are stunning. This is an indicator for both tech and service levels.

    • robert

      whats stunning is it takes them 20 minutes to fix a d4


      but something very simple like a lens mount, weeks and other easy things, even months.

      • groucher

        Not in the UK. I had the AF motor replaced in my 300mm f4 by Nikon in less than two weeks. Lens came back in pristine condition. Cost a fortune though.

        • robert

          you are in the minority my friend. on the whole people wait way too long.

          did they send lube as well to compensate for ass raping price?

      • lefantome

        Oh no. If you read through the D3 repair manual, you’ll see how complex the system is. After a massive disassembly and repair, it will be much much more than just put the machine together with screws. The whole system needs to be calibrated and adjusted with specially designed tools. It won’t be easy or quick at all.

        IMHO the 20 minutes repair is just for show, or it only involved some minor issues so no calibration was needed. In fact even during the Olympics sometimes NPS needs one or more day to repair a camera.

        As for the lenses, Nikon lenses don’t the modularized internal structure like Canon; instead it’s like the designer just put the components here and there with no overall planning (of course there is but they are not simple or neat enough)… and that’s absolutely less convenient for maintenance and repair.

        In one word the Nikon lenses are slower to repair by design, BUT I still believe the major reason for such slow repair is people.

  • Wout Konradt

    The eBay ad says “unopened in box” how did he take the picture then of the lens next to the box?

    • Neopulse

      Well you do need to see what you are buying. Then wrap it back up. Or could have been a reused photo from an old Nikon sales advert.

  • Arthur

    Replacing the shutter mechanism in my D600 took 4 weeks. When I complained on the Nikon facebook page it was suddenly repaired the same day..

  • Calibrator

    The “Nikon Coolpix A vs. Ricoh GR shootout” is a cool two months old…


  • Neopulse

    Would love to buy 2 D3 to resell them down here. But people down here don’t know what’s a good camera unless it’s the latest thing.

  • Steven Wade

    Am I the only person who actually read Nikon’s warranty? Their warranties are non-transferable.

    • Anon

      I dont think anyone’s buying it for the warranty.

  • Spy Black

    What a gorgeous piece of work that Noct-Nikkor is…

  • In the interview in Portugal, it almost seemed like he said Coolpix B and Coolpix C models for the future. Perhaps it was a slip?

  • javier

    what happen with nikon 300 af/4 g vr ????

  • javier

    Stop building useless lenses!!!! what happen with nikon 300 af4 G VR

  • Onnik J. Krikorian

    That refurbished D3 is listed as having video which it doesn’t. Anyways, that 58mm f1.2 would be interesting, but…

  • Rasmus

    Any news on this lens? I was going to buy the nikon 18-300, but hearing that this one was in the pipelines, i decided to wait

  • Rasmus

    Any news on the tamron 16-300? I was going to buy the nikon 18-300, but this tamron might be a viable alternative…

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