This “Nikon D800x super kit” camera sculpture is huge

Nikon D800X super kit 7

It took a Nikon fan from Taiwan one year to create this XL version of the Nikon D800 camera. The creation (sculpture?) is called "D800x super kit" and has a detachable battery grip, 14-24mm lens and an illuminated top panel.  The camera, lens and box are all hand-made. The details are amazing - from the images you cannot tell that you are looking at a model:

Nikon D800X super kit 5
Nikon D800X super kit 10
Nikon D800X super kit
Nikon D800X super kit 3

To get a better feeling on the size of this D800X model, check out those pictures:

Nikon D800X super kit 8
Nikon D800X super kit 11

This is how everything started:

Nikon D800X super kit 6

Additional images can be found here.

Via Mobile01

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  • Dr. Evil

    Ohhh Interesting.

  • Charles

    Did he also made the bag to go with it :)?

  • Noora

    HAHAHA looks fantastic . But stop posting stuff like that ( WE NEED POSTS ABOUT D400 !!!!!! )

    • cool guy #27

      completely agree with your first statement. completely disagree with your second statement. this post was awesome! thanks admin 🙂

    • there is no D400 for now

      • Photoretouchpro

        D900? 😉

        • No, I am thinking more like D1000 and another D4 later this year.

          • IslandNature

            You’re thinking the 18-140mm might be a kit lens for a D1000/bottom level DSLR?

            • I don’t know – the 18-140 is too expensive to be a kit lens for the D1000. I was expecting the lens to be cheaper.

          • Sahaja

            D4s / D4x we can understand but just what would a D1000 be?

            • Martijn

              the rival of the Canon 100D. a very small DSLR

            • An even smaller DSLR camera – just like the Canon SL1.

            • Matthew Fleisher

              A downgrade.

          • Matthew Fleisher

            It would have to be a D7200 or D8000.

            • Sahaja

              But the D7100 hasn’t been out very long – so a D7200 makes no sense at this time.

              If a D8000 came out above the D7100 then it would effectively be the D300s replacement.

            • fred

              So we’ll just call it a D400 – and everyone therefore happy!

            • RMJ

              There won’t be D8000 anytime in the near future. Nikon won’t use the even numbers until it has to. It can take decade at least. If anything is introduced above D7000 line, it will be D9000 line. And even that can be in very distant future.

              D7200 will be introduced in about 2015.

      • Sahaja

        If not now, then ever?

      • KT

        I think the fact that Canon is putting off the 7D mark II release till the second half of 2014 tells you all you need to know about the D400 release date. Canon and Nikon are in lockstep and since the D400 and 7D II are positioned to compete against each other, there won’t be a D400 this year. Just look at the D800 and 5D mark III, both cameras were announced within 2 weeks of each other and it wasn’t by coincidence

        • I agree. There is nothing that supports a D400 announcement in the next few weeks. Of course this can change, but for now – no D400.

    • Vincent

      Any post on NR always has comments about D400,
      Move on…

      • Sports

        Ok, we need posts about D500 🙂

        • Vincent

          Gotta think out of the box,
          A full frame D900s/D5s would be a treat with built in switchable gps, wifi, & radio trigger & infrared sensor, 4 xqd cards, built in 256/512gb ssd for disaster recovery, 64/128 gb large buffer, full uncompressed 8k video, 3.5 inch touch screen retina display or ipod touch instead of the nikon lcd, built in evf, 2 expend sensors, 12 to16 megapixels is good enough
          oh with a body lil bigger than d4 im sure they will have enough space to put all those in a lil bigger body
          Then i would say here nikon take my money and gimme 2 of those he he…..;-)

          • umeshrw

            In D800X ?


          And about a D600.

      • Mr. Mamiya

        Next year Nikon will release a D3200-style entry level FX camera called D400. That will finally kill all those commenters by heart attack or suicide.

        • Matthew Fleisher

          I already preordered mine…somewhere….

    • Sparkplug

      Please shut up. Thank you.

    • Sahaja

      Now if it had been a real D800X ….

    • Darkness

      Yeah, like the world needs another DX camera..Want 36Mp D600X please!

    • David K

      Boo Hoo! Go out and take some damn photos. Use a d800, D7100, D3200, V1, i-Phone, whatever!

      • Jorge

        +1 I am TIRED of reading about the Damn D400 and a DX replacement!

    • Jorge

      Let it go already! THERE IS NO D400

  • justasc

    so what. If there was actually a D800X it might be newsworthy right? Otherwise, it’s just some Japanese chick that wasted a bunch of time.

    • cool guy #27

      what’s with all the hate?

      • Dominic

        “If you don’t have it, hate it.” 😉

    • Jim

      Dude! She is from Taiwan!

      • ohn

        Do you really think justasc cares? He/she has so much else to learn. 😉

    • ohin

      And your comment is “commentworthy” thanks for regulating the internet. Would you rather this site is quiet between announcements and rumours?

      Judging from the fact that you are on the internet it seems rather ironic you are so concerned about wasting time.

    • 103David

      Hey, lighten up, bud. Like your time is obviously so valuable?

  • Calibrator

    So this is truly a “full frame” camera?

    • umeshrw

      More like double frame or MF.

      • Rikard

        I would call it Large format!!!

  • Scott M.

    What a tease. But a good tease.

  • Bonetti

    Take my money!!!

  • Photoretouchpro


  • Homer

    HAHAHAHA Yes, agree with Noora, we are waiting your post on the D400

  • Dixie

    Nevermind… Where is my D400 🙁 🙁

    • Rob

      This guy will make one before Nikon does.

    • tertius_decimus

      I’m still waiting for D700 replacement. 🙁

  • Markus

    You had me! It’s like an April fool. 😀 I really thought “big surprise from Nikon”!

  • Jim Huang

    I’m just going to introduce him a bit, just for those people who can not read mandarin. 🙂 Sorry about my bad English in advance. 😛
    He is a Nikon user and working for YAGE Image House Car Art Studio. He spent his time after work to make this lovely “D800X”
    The lady holding the camera is one of the sales person in his favorite camera store, so she is not the creator. Just for that extra info, she has one child already. Lol
    He also makes 1:1 scale model for cars. 😀

    • Thanks for the translation!

    • bucklemyshoez

      who care if she’s gotta a child or not! da!

  • Rob

    Sensor size?

    • Mr. Mamiya

      It is a prototype of Nikon’s rumored 18 x 24 cm LX format camera.

  • Sports

    “Uh, the D7100 is too small for my big hands.”
    Now, stop whining, this is for you!

  • Marcel Speta

    🙂 ok…. in my eyes wasting time, but finaly its her business ….
    Personally i am rather spending time with shooting …

  • Aldo

    For a moment, before I read anything, I thought I was looking at a new dslr… talk about trollololol.

    • I tried to make it clear in the title: “camera sculpture”. My intend was not to fool anybody, but I agree – this would have been a perfect April’s fool joke.

      • Aldo

        agreed lol

    • Aldo

      On a side note… I love how the lcd panel lights up. I’m sure it’s cheaper to make it they way they did on the D800, but I miss that blue.

  • Yeah right

    Heh. Looking at the pic with the Girl and the D800 and realizing how small the Taiwanese people are, now I understand why the D3100 exists.. ;D

    • Aldo

      agreed… Yao Ming is pretty short… though he is Chinese.

  • bossa

    I’ll take a D900e thanks (D800EX?).. 54MP will do for me. 😉

  • bossa

    D800EX (54MP) 😎

  • I AM Bemused

    Should have built a D400. It’s the only way we will see one.

    • Jorge

      Let it go! for crying out loud!

  • Neopulse

    (Golf clap) came out awesome

  • NSXTypeR

    40,000,000,000 megapixels, here I come!

  • Cesar

    Of course it looks like the real thing in the first 2 pictures. The pics are practically black……

  • Shaul Boilov

    Does the flash work? 😉

  • Funduro

    D800 body + D600 sensor = D800x.

    • KT

      and what is that going to achieve beyond cluttering the inventory and shelf-space at Amazon and various retailers?

  • Nikonian

    I believe this one has 2000 MP. The new King of is born!

    • anon

      processing will make computers burst into flames

  • Photdog

    @ Admin

    This is a report about the economic situation of Nikon in the online version of DIE WELT, a major German newspaper

    • Yes, Nikon published that few hours ago. I will cover this on the blog later today.

  • Evan Richardson

    That’s a pretty strong tripod to hold that…styrofoam/whatever or not. that camera/grip is huge.

  • Arthur

    Funny post! Like it 🙂
    Very great job by the artist who made this!
    And that girl is cute

  • Val Thor


  • 103David

    You know, I used to own a small camera store… How small was it? It was so small that all the cameras looked this big…

  • 23

    I prefer this over my D4 since it looks to have a heftier feel in the hands. Does anyone have any high iso noise samples? I hope Nikon can sure meet the demand….

  • Kev

    Awesome post. Brilliant work of art. I’d proudly display that in my home if I owned it.

  • fred

    In the 3rd pic the flash contacts on hotshoe are missing. Could have drawn some in. Good effort though.

  • eulo

    Imagine how thin the DOF can be.

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